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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston: I believe Rondo will be traded 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN Boston to talk about the Lebron James Saga, the possibility of Rajon Rondo being traded, and the future of Marcus Smart.

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Today. Chris tonight doing your best drive -- -- proud as promised. And they've gone back to all the quakes of Christians high school days of your. I think we've kind of accomplished that have we -- figured out a figure or -- it would be. Non cash now know Joseph is more like me. Gold did rally nobody else will you be read fear bullied don't like to be like a bunch of different music he didn't like just. -- -- one style one group he was like I was listening to heavy medal match. If he was all over the place and values and hit a great name. How could you not like a guy whose name is Joey. Hey hey nobody gives you -- wave you know he's not real physically intimidating so you got to be worried about him beating you up to be called them stupid he's got away on that Joseph -- -- And how did you not like a girl whose name is Jackie Jackie -- joins us right now Christian reported him bands from ESPN. Boston is judgment on hi Jacqui ally and it. The trio are doing great Jackie what's going on out there you. You you are constantly look controlling Twitter to find out the latest and greatest from the NBA basketball world. A little bit like detonate before we get started a Christian vulnerable to -- -- you my arm on the aren't listening McCarthy it was yesterday I was -- along. You know of Rain Man. Fishing yeah I dead. I did I write a list I can admit I just. Pulp fiction and I just tonight they get it. And -- man I was young the we had nothing else to do we decide to see a movie it was now we expected it to be but we decided to leave. You should see it again I have I have I have condition myself to be patient enough to have to wait out for those movies and I and I love -- -- fellow pole pictures now. Blooded and I love and kill bill volume one and two even made archived reference earlier Jacqui if that makes you feel better it -- Since Jackie was going -- LeBron and blue. Affect the Celtics at all when the dominoes fall after LeBron. How will the dust settle in favor or against what the Boston Celtics want to do in this off season. I think that would affect the Celtics -- to deal that you saw made yesterday. With -- and Thornton was the cat. Clearing cap space. Hopefully they they think it's -- LeBron but in May turn out to be something else think if you. Ever doubted that LeBron James is the most powerful guy not an NBA that maybe in all of sports you have got edited here. He is literally holding the NBA hostage while you make of this mine because Carmelo. I think now finally we'll go ahead and do what you want to do what Chris Bosh its future tiger Gordon Hayward. -- I don't. Jack's future sites who everybody excited because all the moving parts we'll -- start moving until he decides where you can land well. Jack Jack gray area and sort of part B to my question there was going to be that these guys that were required clearly you're right in an attempt to clear some space for LeBron to come back to Cleveland. All these guys ever see the light of day MA Celtics uniform or they can be par elated something else and won't hold that something be if Kevin Love winds up in Cleveland with LeBron James. Right but that's in the is that. I can't -- all the scenarios I just don't see how they they get. LeBron James and Kevin Love their cap wise and otherwise means yet declared so much play so much money I. I can feel LeBron get there -- I don't know then how much you have worked over to -- catalog theirs well I mean the Celtics are still trying to get a lot of that we know. I don't know I I bet on ESPN yesterday you have to be naive if you don't acknowledge that Cleveland is what this is a legitimate an aerial. But my gut still tells me he goes back to Miami I just can't imagine being a room with Pat Riley for two hours and coming out of there. Thinking anything differently. I might be wrong. But so far all the talk a lot of these guys flowery. Cliff Lee Anthony all these big names there they're all -- up where they started. Well what about what about you since from a LeBron topic real quick. -- that aspect of him needing to apologize the aspect of the notion that he's go he would go back to Cleveland. Because he needs to be loved because he needs to be appreciated again that's he needs to I guess to fix the situation based on how elaborate. Yeah -- -- no question that there's a component that his personality I have in the past -- scared him. And it's a little unfair to Alex Alex Rodriguez -- in this regard he tried. So I don't have everybody like him that he and then I think you played at right. And now we need that it needs is not -- like A-Rod as far as we know we had a broken the rules the way Iran -- but he had that sort of you know I want everybody really likely but I think much more than that -- -- -- I do you know I had this argument with my -- -- are the other day about LeBron played she. And how it will be viewed its impact does the -- that I think the large majority of the population would love it because they're healthy they eat so much. And they would like that coterie of like a happy ending all that. But I think is also a segment of people in and I think they fall into this that says OK let me get this straight. You know you're the best scene thought it will be one of the best team ever. You win two championships you you get smoked in the finals it gets a little traffic now you're gonna walk. Really he's like O -- well I feel like -- well I guess I'm old school I'm also I keep comparing the key to this -- the -- it's got smoked by. And how the bird last year we declared that locker Ginobili was done -- he should retire that Tim Duncan was too -- to -- anymore it was time to break up that team. And they all that no. We're gonna keep this group together we believe each other we're gonna come back we had young players that we're developing a look what happened. Well you mentioned old -- so Paul Pierce he is -- freeagent go look at for a lot of money now looking for a long term deal where the odds of him coming to Boston. Well you're looking for too much money and the only way that I could -- kept all of your comment about the what is Kevin Rudd came here to. And you actually had a -- and you could put together and had a chance to do something and I just don't see that happening but guess what more money than I thought I mean these soccer and the ten to twelve million dollar a year range he's quite itself out of the -- -- and -- I mean -- critical that they can yesterday at a price -- -- -- -- his roster works. -- the that in the price and the nets are gonna just trade him away. That they're -- they're not they're not trying to accommodate the clippers here would you take a look at that type of money that you -- -- to a million dollars somewhere else. Well I think again he's another domino. Let's wait and see how things -- with these guys all go by the border -- doesn't go anywhere abroad doesn't go anywhere Arafat's days what happens the World Bank. It was going to be left with a lot of cap space and then they'd be willing to spend on a veteran like pierce but it would have to be a team that close. Two women that are you don't and that's not the Celtics in and that's well I don't think it's a good fit for -- here. Check -- -- -- is -- this from ESPN ESP embossed into men's Christian Fauria -- an FB MW EI. -- one more Celtics related items specifically I do wanna get back to one point that you made about LeBron and I thought was really good if you if you don't mind of the blessed Celtics thing I want to bring up was about Rondo and if there dominoes to fall the way your hunch is telling you that they're going to fall. What becomes of Rondo and what did the Celtics look like without him if you do you think you leads. Funny Rondo is one of those second -- guy that again is affected by what LeBron and Carmelo and these other -- eight. And freeagent do or don't do and it's so ironic in amusing their pockets all become one of the coveted free agents on the market -- I don't like she I mean you really had great value to so many people. It is not a guy that's waiting to see what everybody does. I really believe Rondo is going to be traded I have no reason to think he isn't going to be traded other than finding the right place and a place where she was going to play because he can walk on them after a year and funnier place where he can financially. It makes sense for them in for him and I think that's going to be a bit of a tall order for Danny Ainge. If it goes clearly it's. You know -- you've seen its market. I just about to say that he had zero on the do you handle the point then. It took a lot to ask. Markets like I just finished at 2400 word story -- market settled here on espn.com. Boston.com live probably like tonight. And I'm intrigued by him executed really tough kid who had. Very interesting background. I need to relentless defensive player but he he does he remind me Rondo -- many many. -- number one he you know is you like to dominate on the defense then it's not a great shooter is never going to be a big time. Scorer in the NBA which you know you're number one guy have to see which is why Rondo can't be your number one but could be your temperature were number three. I do like what you bring it way too much to ask him. You know you you can't and that you got weakened if that's Parker you could -- indeed but I think it's a lot as market Smart to do that. And finally Jackie -- to jump through the microphones. Through the phone -- to give you a hug after you say what you said about LeBron staying in Miami because -- apparently you and I the only ones who feel that way I'm of that same opinion my preference would be for him to stay in Miami and my theory -- I wrote on WEEI dot com I had an -- up there at south leaders like your -- Smart piece. That it seems like LeBron James or whatever he does people are gonna pick it apart scrutinize it and use a decision. That he makes against him probably because the first decision that he made. But I get the drive that if he goes back to Cleveland. People will say he's just doing it for the story I would think that he might just be doing it for the storyline. Not necessarily for the basketball reasons that he goes to a team. That has -- -- in place and they do wedge in another superstar I'll law what happened in Miami with Chris Bosh. Has he not just done the same thing again and we just want to gloss over because I happen to be Cleveland where he went. No I agree with you I think that'd be very similar scenario that's it into it -- Leo you get carrier ring you've got under way in there they add LeBron and you start. You know all of sudden like I've seen at a partial season ticket package to the public also not accurately cast the right then what does that mean you're gonna win a championship. Because those guys had exactly zero playoff win those two guys. So it if it's a very interesting thing I don't think LeBron doing it for sentimental reasons I think keep doing it for marketing reasons I think keep doing it could be seen the young. A team that had a chance to do very well. But when they say all that out loud I look back at the blame me I get accurately and he -- yes that's spent by this earth I get that. But there you couldn't if they go back to where they work you can book it right now. Right now in the Eastern Conference final no question that okay that's gonna happen. Why would you walk away from that and why would you walk away from Pat Riley in Dwyane Wade who in the wake of all that negative criticism. Stood by you stood next -- Maybe they're as comfortable and is palpable as possible you may do the player you want to be gave you the opportunity you've been waiting for. I know I turn you back on those two guys I I couldn't do but that's why I'm not a superstar and the impact. -- you are in the media -- yards superstars. I don't know there you have it on its -- thing. Not me man don't -- -- we were trying to figure out what would Jackie beside you know a little bit more about your musical taste. You know still face are very diverse accountants. I I'd like growing up I am I -- our earth wind and fire in all our you know Marvin Gaye and column that music but I also love the you know eloquent though. I loved -- it was a big Bob Marley and -- I -- UB forty's I have and but you know I picture in my bucket a butcher of the big Joey Christian bucket then we're there it's there now that tell you got Aerosmith on your playlist but I'm not heavy metal person. At all and I have to say I'm trying so hard and Republicans Iraq. But like some of that and I'm just about blanket you know and get rid of and then hopefully this -- chip -- Obama -- like turn that off. Ha ha ha ha I don't hot. Dog gone good dog it's not good mark again this perfect I'll live -- -- showing nice job very. Jacki thanks so much appreciated. And I got -- great weekend. We just get jacket -- in Iraq. I guess that's about as close -- he did and didn't see Jack he's got a name like -- died today. Hey Jackie Jose. Hey guys and how are you may not like a girl named Jackie. Perfect -- -- -- used to be that she did surprise me with the Bob Marley reggae and -- you do like Marley and on the golf course and -- -- fire. I mean Marvin -- I mean she's sort -- the classics right there and I'm surprised him bust up The Commodores. Have been those things you know little Lional Richie before it was Lional Richie had -- Put that all metal -- came on you know handling on the ceiling and Richie I -- The Commodores. You ever go to The Commodores I've heard The Commodores yes but can you hear the count orchestra. Can win here and there wasn't wholly original and those of hope -- I didn't. No that's actually a -- -- can jump at the white men can't jump the line that's more of you know Jimi Hendrix yeah it was an injury -- you don't you -- over you can't hear Jimi Hendrix.

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