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Gabe Kapler, Fox Sports One: Red Sox have to consider trading Lester 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

Gabe Kapler of Fox Sports One and KapLifestyle.com talks about the benefits of coconut oil, the release of A.J. Pierzynski, and how to fix the struggling Red Sox.

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Today -- Christian Fauria eluded you -- on vacation per day or two. Things -- -- Red Sox win last names you heard big news before the game AJ Pierzynski. What -- catchers brought in this off season. Joining us right now to talk about all sorts of Red Sox related matters you know and as a former Red Sox player of fan favorite Christian I know him as the king of coconut oil. From fox sports one it's Gabe Kaplan gave us. -- have -- -- I guess how aria. -- recruit without him so good to be always be -- if I hope you know how much Christian has done to advance the Coca medal well phenomenon here in Massachusetts. I'm tired of doctor continued the rumor out with the UN I'm Amanda it was difficult for you to find enough to challenge you here you know. You can stroll into Trader -- or the whole foods I'm not sure why you're going store to store looking for the enough night -- hard to. Find none though went to trader -- with three different Trader -- -- and the third one I wanted to I say I don't I've been to two different Trader Joe's. He's a I think what's going I think there's been a run on coconut oil that's no lie. That is the God's honest truth after our show laughter you can rely on two weeks. And and -- not play at Ohio and I didn't have a whole foods near me so why finally went to one -- had a there. The other two Fabio loaded you've restored it and cleaned out coconut oil involved in. Based on the WEI and your love. Right and through your connection to cap lifestyle for people who don't know the back story you wrote about the virtues of Coca not all well not just in terms of how you can use it for health. To cook. Things of that nature but also its powers as a lubricant. And I liked the way you. -- fully intact Foley left that open ended for everybody else to figure out on their own game but. I'm looking at quite a few comments in quite a few all our web traffic about that -- -- last Albania. But oh no question -- you -- you leave it -- lubricant all of our means to the consumer is that a slippery yes you might be good enough you know the door handle try to get the stops we can. You know you might be you might use him for a traditional reason -- played the KY jelly and other blog I'll be open and honest and say it. But you don't know your people -- household items for a number of different reasons but go check out to uphold the count lifestyle dot com. -- a little bit more about the virtue Cotto because it alters that it. A great product that you can not only used for cooking but also for a myriad of different reasons. Well we didn't he coconut oil too greasy. AJ Pierzynski before he became in Boston Red Sox player and did you live up or maybe better said. Live down to the reputation that was already in place that we've heard I actually would just say whispers about we heard a lot about before he got here. BI agent and I were teammates way way back in the old Hawaiian winter league you believe in 1997. And I got to know him well and you -- with individual. Big heart sweetheart of a guy I know how the propensity to rub some some folks the wrong way you know if if things are going well -- and I think. That's the most important thing to look at -- you were having his worst season ever offensively. I'd -- -- runs created plus of 69 in what I mean for. The fans out there that don't follow advanced -- is an all encompassing statistic offensively that measures offensive production. Against the league average what 69 essentially means that he was 31%. Worse than league average isn't part of the equation and it. Irresponsible not to illuminated that the -- what you've got to act tough defender and I could shut down the running game fairly big fan. Actually all of baseball the big fan and anyone refute that I can do behind the plate stopping the run into. So so gave what how do you think John Ferrell is doing as a whole as a manager immune. This is they're getting into a tough stress -- you were a manager four per year and he hated so much against you decide to come back and play. But how do you think he's handling it based on the way this that the role that this team is going down. Well let me clear that -- -- guy out who we -- -- -- up and I had. How my body felt fully healed and I'll be able to get back on the field the Major League play there at some point on -- back to managing my boys are up and out of the public think. I think I'm still doing a fine job look there's a lot of things have gone wrong for the wrong for the Boston Red Sox last year there's sort of playing like superhero versions of themselves. A lot of them have to have regressed back to the media. And you have a group of guys is particularly in the lot that aren't doing a very good job of scoring runs and their fans laughter. And the lack there hasn't been a whole lot of dependability in the starting rotation the bullpen has been a pleasant surprise in a lot of different ways. But you know -- -- -- Still can't walk in the batter's bought them and holed about for these guys and until they are scoring runs like -- like we thought last year it could be a pretty tough. Tough road for them. -- gamblers read this from fox sports one and -- website cap lifestyle dot com former Red Sox player joining Christian Fauria meet him -- WEI. -- you said that he was a harmless individual with a big heart from your days in the -- -- -- -- is that just because it was Hawaii in everybody's in a good mood all the time because there's always been coming out in the oh the hours is not even a day he had in the hours since he's been let go. I'm sure your time in baseball you're seeing things like this happen work writers journalists talk show hosts -- certain things about certain. Individuals a locker room and when they're eventually dealt away back so when he comes out but. As some of the reviews of AJ within the locker room near Boston have not been positive and it's not just about his inability to frame a pitch it's. In his personality. In the locker room. Yet we ought to be careful not to kick a guy on his way out right now I think it does it. That the common thread at the easiest thing to do and while I think there was certainly an element of -- about chemistry and his ability to connect with his teammate. I think the bottom line here is that you do it didn't perform. And that's what Boston Red Sox. Front office members wanna hear the guy come in and perform and at some point you have to say look we don't you just getting better and -- I -- I would AJ Pierzynski. The first being the guy is batting average on balls in play. Basically what's happening when you put the bunt play and he was basically what you've been over the course of his career. When the ball in play so you can't make your assertion that he's going to get a whole lot better based on the fact that you've had bad luck because he. Quite frankly have not had bad luck in the defense will not -- Did a good it'd been over the course of his career to this move. We're not the way they've proven he brought to the red talked about through about performance and about being back at. So what happens next for the Red Sox so good luck to kids five rookies played last night -- have allowed rookies contributed to the win. Now is this a trend that we're -- -- sit back and hold on and just wait almost like we're watching our AAA Pawtucket you know team appear so. What do what do we look what what should we expect for the rest of the season. Well you should expect a very small chance that's what our team turned around and end up in the playoff the big. You come to terms with that as quickly as possible when you find out how can you get better -- there are other pieces that you can move. I look at this is this going to be very unpopular bought them but I can get back at least consider if you can't get an extension that would laughter. In in looking at at what -- airport because it. There's no rule that suggest that you can't go re signed Jon Lester in the off season upon -- laughter. I end up on a contending team for a couple of months I'm definitely gonna come back. And look. To potentially put resigning but we thought out than in 2013 with Francisco Rodriguez you know obviously I was a great closer for the Milwaukee Brewers right now. He's with the Brewers prior got treated to the ball memorial. And then after the -- went back and signed with his former club it does happen there's been a lot of instances. Over the course of history -- together. That doesn't work and -- -- the red if you wanna try to find a return for a guy like Jon Lester they're not be able to sign him the danger is you lose your draft pick. But at the high upside potential that you you -- that a couple of quality prospect going forward. Game -- it is here in 937 WEEI. Tim -- Christian Fauria -- off today you'll be back with us. Next week I want to follow up in the Lester appointee just made their game because my stance has always been and that if you don't. Have a -- you still have to go out and get an ace if he does get to the free agent market and a team like the Yankees. Over pays for a Jon Lester because they can you're still left where you're overpaying for somebody who's just not quite as good. So I'm wondering. Did the Red Sox have to take on the role of being fiscally responsible for the entire league. And try to drive down the price of starters in to -- dare the other teams to take. Jon Lester or did after all and does Jon -- to feel the obligation of taking a shorter term deal for more money. Unless a paradigm shift the curse here within baseball the Red Sox might find themselves in a corner in the situation. -- you don't much did the -- -- -- -- to do is put our personal and much or shoot -- why would do on that cannot wait until you -- he beat me. His best season ever by all accounts -- walked into -- career. Bet -- -- way of his career but he's leading independent pitching of his career which essentially removed defense from the equation but doesn't matter what happened. Behind in my defense but that is focused on how many home runs the guy give up how often he allowed the runner ordered to reach base via the base on balls or they hit. Are you -- -- course record -- hit by pitch. So you know the guys -- in that you were statistically. What what did you win a couple of months -- -- -- the pride there's no reason for him the time extension right now I think you know that I think the Red Sox know that. You know when you're thirty years old and you are absolutely dominating the way Jon Lester. Sort of makes sense you know to to keep on bullet in the gun for now. Do you think that the Red Sox may have. Messed this up by not coming with more money earlier I gave in spring training. I think I think the Red Sox worked exceptionally Smart -- relate to how they evaluate players and what they think might happen going going -- they don't have a crystal ball. So while they you believe may have been pumping the Jon Lester was going to be good maybe you didn't think you -- be this good. Did a great job they -- in working with Dustin Pedroia to sign him to a very club friendly. Contract. Don't -- they're going to help them huge hit the big home -- and now commit to go on the way but in no matter what they do their homework and we have to give them. The respect and the admiration that they deserve for putting in the hours that they put an end for making a lot of good decisions along the way -- make. There -- deal with a lot handled thought it was from my perspective one of the best made in the last five years. They -- what about John -- got. His next series making 500000 dollars. Up for the year and the word is all a lot of speculation going around that. Is -- gonna retire. Play Japan always just get -- -- you know played out would you think he should do what do you think the Red Sox should do with that costs because he's -- play well also this year. My my understanding yes he's got a great year my understanding in the John Lackey did not -- Japan in the not too long he's under contract with -- a Major League club which you which you will be. But I'll tell you that they need each dollar deal to John Lackey signed. And that the Red Sox can get -- look at you know if if you go to under the knife is going to be a factually not playing for a year so. If that happens we want that credit back and I thought it was a good deal for both side. Did Jon Lester some down side of protection and they gave the red thought the comfort to know that the guys in pitch per year they would not pay him on on the back get. And I think from my perspective you want -- that deal you know however you up on that -- you wanted to get back on the field now like John and John -- you're going hungry anytime soon. On the 500000 dollars is probably irrelevant to them but it is certainly not as if he hadn't made a load of money in his career. And lastly did before -- ago or since I know you love your advanced metrics all right we had this discussion right before he came on with the way things have gone to the Red Sox people are now throwing the blame all over the place and rightfully so GM deserve some manager deserve some and obviously the players deserve a lot. What kind of metric could we possibly look at two qualifier sorry quantify. What a manager has had in terms of an impact on a baseball team and how we use that to determine how good of a job John Ferrell is or is not doing. Good question I don't think we have one that is is useful enough where we can depend on yet. I think there's a lot of research being done. By the pocono I think and -- in baseball perspective in. They thought the bond dot com to get on -- -- but I'm not sure we have the data where we can that we can lean on at this point because once we do. You're gonna see managers getting fired let them -- And he's learned and hired in a different -- know who cares if if if you have all of a sudden. -- like war that becomes super dependable but it it's around managers. And and the manager is costing your team X amount of wins per year he just simply can't hold that position any longer yeah. Is gone and there's a manager war of any type out there already. Not that I know of no I mean I've I've actually -- specifically for that metric. Just from my own curiosity in. And I think there's been a lot of work done on it but there are there -- a little bit of a consensus about who -- the good managers. And -- the former managers around the gimmick if it's more speculative. And I don't believe there's a metric yet that is all encompassing enough to depend on the when I find it out of your way. A game before you well hang up here wants to give people a quick plug for the website cap lifestyle dot com we can see next on fox sports one. -- -- wiped out dot com that is basically I do countless hours of research -- try to prevent. Evidence based information in the digest the hole and entertaining format. Guys you know this guy -- by the get short cut and supplement that -- I'm not a whole foods and don't compound -- -- which Christian and you know about these. Dead lift squat except the most importantly try to communicate what I've learned over the years I've started out of the pro athlete focused. Are getting bigger stronger faster and since I've gotten older I've shifted my focus to helping loved it I just wanna make that information acceptable to everybody so. The top lifestyle dot -- JP ally at the -- YLE dot com. Dave thanks a -- been -- talking me and it goes but are they scared -- that is a cap or former Red Sox player here and I threw seven WB I love how he directed that ready you. Christian you know about doubtless. I don't -- steer that right away now and right now you I don't though -- stomach exercises that I hated I never like to do that and never found any purpose for -- -- remains -- of -- actually great. You know evidence based research not just hey -- this that'll make you feel better while -- the made me feel better will tell me why break it down for me authority does.

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