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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: A Wedding Story 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Well we got the numbers yesterday meter in Egypt and it is confirmed headlines is the highest rated segment on WB. That is now actually it's an absolutely no longer to -- Highest rated segment on WB -- and is brought to buy our great friends over the key to cover more than 99% of Ballmer and they are building he'd better yet. Congratulations. On a number well I mean all right hold that -- it's. Oh great. No no no they should. Know should watch it -- America. When you know it's hard when you have think about it it's not a good cause her for sixteen years sixteen years were the cultures will mix man. EJ you ever think that somebody would ever marry you -- no. I think he was -- -- I don't want him that I don't wanna marry them don't have kids and they'll be doing the reality hit like -- Outside the marriage life. How did a I -- I. I bet I'll get married leaders normally I particularly don't take me till I had a really good -- take place -- -- 34 -- a good results are told like -- married and then like it won't be someone normally. Or eat your words like by people. Like it -- pop. Like him and you know I'd like he had used much known as they whatnot but I am cautious. Right yeah I understand is another message on him talked -- talk radio's by the way. By the way I way I don't know what you're listening to the words that I'm saying would you yeah that makes sense -- -- -- -- a little too -- Told -- he said. Some might might -- best friends get married next week -- was or not why such a point that sits next week -- so -- when it sold. Here's your body hold you I'm 26 he's 27. And he's met lovers like they're great together awesome do you whatever the way you'd like said. That is a growing -- in electrical now thankfully -- you to tell me. Once -- and now -- are always several spreads entrepreneur. Yes OK -- -- actually -- that's what they did but do you like at the Emmitt PH now like now all are getting Mary I -- -- really -- -- to meets up because after who won't DJ II. Told you -- I didn't think. In my life other my kids him -- billboard reports I've I've went. Once gone my door and down that's weird -- -- -- bearish -- reported dean knows that we won't bite out of performance. I in my body the mind. I am my brother's wedding -- -- before and as I said I don't want any. I don't wanna go to the wedding again -- -- yet but wonder has -- done when you're almost like at weddings are fun you get to -- open in the why don't to me I don't like there's no I don't dance don't drink. So you just sit there -- hold her off. I -- you but I had to -- you know -- off. Boy when they played. They played well those great second excited I was I was a bit -- -- for what I -- it out an album of the year I know right now. Africa and Roseanne Roseanne it was believed single -- the question is the world's shortest way. A Saudi man has said through divorces wife on the night their nuptials -- gimmicks let's pictures of his bride -- former lover. Court a local reports -- -- the story by religious preacher Sheikh Ghazi bin Abdul Aziz polish Amare. Newlyweds are celebrating American hotel in the group received bouquets of flowers for the memories came in -- and photos there was so -- and their -- matter there. On this off. Too nice -- where you're from the F you got -- he got a note that. Girls -- with them you know -- married. Some people like. Sure do just heard one on but I'm not. Which you get married again -- -- say god forbid that oh you are. Before you answered yes. You have -- If I were to get divorced my next move would be to get married and divorced. So then I could make jokes about like cult of the my first wife and the like I think that. Multiple divorces Huber is the -- Untapped market like I have friends on a divorce also expensive process whatever -- -- -- as to how we started selling Claritin can't play it's good for yet but it also -- it -- like I -- I was on the the -- one time and I heard a guy talking like that -- so I don't my headphones though nice though listening to a guy like everything was like sounds like my third wife and like his buddies -- -- That's -- off -- -- all want to. Saying you know -- And he was there last night was watching a beauty when you get America which is say. Doctor. Probably Alec I was you hope to do. It it it's just such settlers. You get to talk about your first wife are at now with had a purpose oddities of the note and do -- there are Americans are tired of having my own -- blood is true that. I'm it's great obviously it's wonderful by the news. -- possibly endlessly. Negotiate. -- little bunch of times you know I I think it as like so my generation is pushed in -- -- in everything you know I get the feeling notable -- we try to think outside the box and think that like we're progressive and do it. With what. Like it's cool to be -- -- get -- every -- to -- what else is. Probably the I mean that's you guys everybody jumped on me but you want to look at this OK I would not rise in the next 34 years if like Mary comes like classy thing -- like that -- -- like having open marriages will be that they were like -- you commit to this person but like we're only human value effort which I don't like that wanted to friends who have an open marriage. No you. Know not that I note are obviously a bright and it accused of -- Olympic I could become cool he did he say that so that is say here. When your best friends who would do better though you or your wife wanted -- to strike when best original book that anyone want your best from his wife by -- and that the -- -- you know. All star talk in the you've got to the bed and you shall burn your wife what's your different. You go back dancers and it's likely -- -- over I think life is. But that's waste. Be a little -- little hard -- better -- 48 hours. The going to be comfortable. -- -- -- She's joking of its wings up and -- these. Because while we are -- one right now oh yeah they don't look like shows on HBO. Now what are you kind of across like -- like real sex forty Saturday hours away from the couple years like he was so excited he told like you're out -- -- around with that he had an -- in like. Okay looking kid and I was like I'm terrified that origin like what the other part of that I would think but none of us were happy -- double. A Brooklyn woman spent three years living in the -- are -- dead mother. Proper grip -- the dinner table every night for the next two were scale. Poster. Child restraint when he even dressed like -- we're missing black opened shoes at 61 year old Susie -- all have a machine died to see right out of -- this is one that we use cases ever seen a -- -- said. Side -- her bones of the trash bags in the kitchen of their heart. Portions were said the slumber parties drag chaired the egyptians -- or even when recovered -- that he. -- -- you know it's going to be consistent conversation at a at a point you know which yet. Yeah you from a soccer ball that's you've probably heard about it probably like you guys you -- that's almost impossible -- -- you wouldn't get yourself editorial Arabs say if they're really people like. You read these stories this is in your posted. By far you read this. I was just. Gets up to work. You went to work. You went home she did she had resumed friends like maybe not disconnect. I don't like how he's not happy are out -- words right come back and tell it is dead. Collection of bones if you pick -- college of tomorrow's vote. It's right -- -- I have always you assume everything in the minds of these wonders massive range. Raffle how big you need to donate your your brain to be you. In person that's going to endear her she she and hopefully not burglaries Marbury I think your process now of what we're. -- bit while a lot of stuff going on bad movie rebate Roger you're the rumor around nobody has any in this half Rio evidently adjusted -- Nicholson rule shy. He read that -- -- live in some original light shining -- is so overrated agrees to -- is the overrated. You watch on a move on the movie love -- on in Hershey dinner and a program you'll never dinners no. Now that's you've missed so much about a movie lot on the overly -- Likud to. Yeah but that was. The to the press junket interviews you do with the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it would take. It would be honest about to host of the board and GM. It was it was a dog we now some video from the they would talk about 38 programming. You in the I would have arts and letters from listeners. -- Or Barney Miller haven't seen boarding a couple months and I would say. Syndication ran. Record in the fight of the entity we might opt for the -- -- maybe because. Oh my god they're pretty down so that would -- -- your -- The -- to -- is I finally know what happened where they want to fish or what happened eventually. What should restore is only then -- -- I'll tell you why. We can we show them the next few. That's a show they should bring the WB yeah I ask Kevin Graham we talked about two and I'm wolf. We should -- checked at every three weeks we could talk about the new like wide disguised gone and all that I missed this who I was called about you know I would just -- she'll like it some way out. Yeah. Did you have -- -- on the -- yes -- I just don't see it being fit. What was that like it's all right if he -- -- and -- He's kinda jumpy guy anyway settings just kind of nervous and -- he inmates. I don't do this that does portrait allow you guys are the most talented individuals like that and you -- maybe the most headaches and never got to myself okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It looked like I think if you that he likes and he was that -- with not like you guys in the hall there's no evidence or numbers you can. Kirk got like fifth and charge it. Flexible it was dead Mercury was -- through what Denver not not regret about the -- you to. Whose daughter I believe married injuries. Really. -- of about that for a more meters. Didn't I didn't that's headlines brought do you buy AT 617779793. Separate job to -- 9 o'clock -- with the Red Sox -- -- Pierzynski is kind of headed -- the guy was on top of that last night -- Brad and get back into this again. Patient in here we're gonna go over the this spread called a record as -- WEEI dot com telling you behind the scenes stuff disaster. That was AG presents that we return.

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