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Rob Bradford rips A.J. Pierzynski 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

Kirk, D.J. and Meter discussed Rob's column.

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But god. -- or. A what's going on boys I yeah I kind of love -- a Greek or I'll tell you I am like. It's the mood today and what to do a Little League it at the -- -- hand and there's -- agreement. Really know the game -- it quiet when I was here and years ago. Just game is willing no we -- subsidy to no one's Dickerson was. The original substitute no one I think I -- that go across from you look at. How would you be. Definitely -- -- -- WB I mean generations. Which are right you coming here I come area SE but I am -- we're gonna have huge minutes. Benihana Arnold would be room if it was a good show. I mean is that for a team now that that's the bruins' first line why did you and I had a sensibility you know from start we did a nice relation we do we did I got you. Right you were a big proponent of well we appreciate you I bet the push Hewitt Dino -- -- and he still he still says that the day there was a guy last night the Red Sox started by row. The first time since when he. Was five guys combined not as old some guys so sunglasses I've kind of got a -- I. Should highlight of the game on the question deal ball hard -- last. The sunglasses. Movement around between every pitch angry not the front row you know that you know he is. Terkel watered what we're we're you know -- -- why would you. It on your depth chart this is the week of the what go to jail has more -- he's got as he. Of that and the other block he's doing though it looked in the Michael OK on the yes I was understated and I used to play the guitar the advantage digest is Bernie Williams. You -- you that yes networker. Locals around there who will be coming out of over the -- that's. While Jessica. Larry David let -- -- with like the past and never have liked him. -- Jeffrey Lyons. Structures. -- they -- you know it's like. The Red Sox went last night. That's what kind of at the cut at the ones who residencies that's why it was about two incidents in the position. I can live with it. IC that's running around it -- plays its basket throwing guys -- -- it was thing and the one -- actor Bradley. Catch of the season right in focus and my guess ten minutes to oversee it whenever you Elizabeth if you've ever seen it might I was thinking about that last night I mean I know Fred -- it was. -- -- -- -- mandate every game ever. 9877 primary savage -- has that -- that -- all right Gerri. Maybe you win on now one apple investors to the season in my top five Red Sox -- podcaster operatives in the order that would be rightly see. Which normally that's true the festival's job. I'd agree on a great job you like him as I do election or change -- repeat question it's not as nice shots at the standard museum. I disagree I think very. But you're right -- he's not in the Catholic that night but he makes. Plays both regularly all the time the package through -- that is the in my in my data -- very hand eye coordination a cat is out of that even -- -- in equity. The rate of that's maybe not so good from six of six the -- the the big news today rob Bradford -- -- in your seat Egypt the last three days. Has the AJ Pierzynski source of the Red Sox BofA. Pierzynski -- he's gone that's fine -- it was the right move. We all understand. And I think everybody knew that nobody here really like -- since you heard whispers widget that brought to him. -- whole urban use an a hole coming in Bradford. Makes that clear. Farnsworth Bradford. It is in the fourth paragraph of his must recall on WB I dot com and that's what we're starts meter. According to multiple sources within the Red Sox clubhouse. Pierzynski had become such a negative influence on the team. Players Pro Bowl right talk. All the Sox coaches and front office to address -- comet being expressed with the -- seeming indifference towards his teammates and a common goals of the same organization that. It relied on all wanna quote when 2000 and what's your microcosm of present -- -- mentioned by more than one of the backstop former teammates. Rebuke patsy this can be significant amount of time looking at this Omar does walk during game one of -- particularly rough outing which is starving pulled early in the game. To be found staring at the phone. -- -- -- gave up the appear to be an emotional -- should you be the way it's that paved the way to at least want to point management on. Millennial. Through changes and never. Never happen in this new media don't look from -- I don't I never mind about it definitely I don't ever at best Adobe it's here ever -- -- -- -- Not at all which. But president to a couple things does your -- in the movement but the baseline for global re -- a great job Rob Bironas. And cherry had noted AJ Pierzynski was right. -- and then Jerry can do is due diligence this talk rob talked about your cold various players in the -- -- your brain regarding Pierzynski. Ultimately relaying along the way to miss that would be on him. -- -- I mean the end of the day. -- he. We knew Pierzynski was and there was no what. Was established would you like. Not that there have lost. Some reason I brought him. Turned out to be healed didn't. -- -- -- -- It is it's a kind of move it makes you question if -- and is -- good enough general manager -- -- -- -- -- one World Series last year you see this evening what I was as I. Did you use your -- looks at -- You look at the numbers it's now or is said he just does not that rents are trying to ready to yeah I mean grind it -- right. I mean the the obvious take what years -- -- that are that he's an a hole that once considered to be in a whole personal career so it's not -- so you'd think that if you bring him in that he's doing something else that makes up for that. And offensively -- train -- then problems temple right rob goes on in the -- towards the end. Resist these personality wasn't conducive to what the Red Sox what the Red Sox way of doing saying what you want it to where we -- Are you aren't you won the editors side and I need to scrub whoever's working there. And agony moment I think it was Gene Siskel what are your opinion -- get we -- get to agony he did that through good. Is it personality was a conducive were the Red Sox way of doing things but it's written props that is -- that's what's. Gordon -- say what he wanted when he -- without much regard for the greater good from the dugout you would yell across the field at the up position really you want partner briefly -- Meet many rank this wasn't the Red Sox waved away which World Series wanted to -- -- -- -- point your point that's the resisted. It has been a stab -- a -- produce -- Apple's coming our president's given imagery three years. Or or a little more on that and in thirteen the guy's been around a long time so I think you know which you get to present -- to do -- for some reason he thought this magic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Veteran guys and keep them like your old timeless that the other. Teammates like the opposition. Opponents in the case now will say this -- universe ever really fought his teammates asked her yet we're gonna have robbed on at some point oh Obama won the studio hours from now would ask him it's always frustrating DJ you're in the beats me it's better -- news. Rob you this week. You know I mean why why why do you guys ever seen whereby and I heard this month why are we saying on the radio whereas the blazing -- where's the guy who's going to run three or four right I mean that's what they say about Hamas sees you were at home a month ago. It is read all easily go and next thing they are so sometimes I do wonder I do feel like smear campaign begins when a guy up Larry I don't blame -- I'd better read and you don't want to go in the next day and not only. Player that you -- Doesn't want to talk you could probably are finally ending early anyway right now also teammate as that you bring that sort of up in there when they don't want I don't think. He -- one of these stories brokers and they -- -- you believe which is why the communicate their issues to management throughout so bring it out once he gets. And accurate is the way I don't know what the office Robbins went to these are this. If we knew that it would. They are capturing Al besides health. Finally now I was terrible a terrible yet the -- -- standings also basket -- now we could get them to. I think they wanted to get abortions or that yet all right woven you know -- because our lives -- Baskets off that money at noted that -- bet more that wanted to get bounced right Brian ever understand. Understand the philosophy right now though there mess and I know this is I said Stephen Drew sharp and worst movies. It's not this is worth it never made sense to at least talk the -- drew. The reasoning. -- And second one said it's been and and you know it. When it when we heard the -- yesterday about Lester. And -- Jon Lester signs a three year ninety million dollar deal. Or you know who he can take thirty year -- that short dot track. Will make you look like geniuses right not a white do. He's gonna have to with a million. Tomorrow like I don't know I don't know redirect but I'm just -- I doubt it's going to happen but you know that there's. There's a lot process that we need to do stuff that right just to engender some goodwill it's important note you know we thought would never you know. What happened he said was that was off -- They have a very busy morning schedule today yes so Larry bailed on the Red Sox won that on this -- -- to Nazi right -- it's a while on a chain. Again -- a -- like -- -- Jack about. Mr. skin yesterday -- -- jacked about Larry the candidate and -- we tried and you know I would say that. You know there were twenty games over 500 it -- morning. I would say -- this idea that. -- -- Clearances doesn't know when the going gets tough by these guys come on here and answer these questions in here somewhere usually does that. Well to get ban on or somebody on the walk through this -- it's keeping an -- to talk about it yesterday we have some sound right. The only thing that was. Surprising there lacking I guess was. The offense wasn't that what we expect that they. If nothing else happened they do -- surprise. He's. Probably says something along the way that always. You know people across but that's nothing new in this -- expected to be. You know went into the season. Knowing everything it if it wasn't an -- on the scene. So there's the damning evidence so there's -- even surprised that they knew what he's going to be. In turn to be that it's like notes would -- -- -- -- like that make use of the dumb it's your fault not careful. They really mean AJ Pierzynski is woody is he's -- is not coming here and -- -- -- to -- welcome. Felt like maybe that Jonny Gomes of one who would get right -- -- the right Napoli and the other right at the room but they have this they say in hockey. It is it would somehow make him a different verse appears as he thinks that he thinks he's the guy in the room changed the other thing that's -- It's that it's looked to have some of as their rotation -- from -- -- needed job back. What present should do wizards were tired they'll believe you boxes -- here because he's not a bad -- out of because of the personalities got the you know he's got that spent hours. Right right that's what we like death and our broadcasters it is amazing. If so events and now the question is what's next. And start doing -- what is the very next move. The red stuff here is against our trade and yet another one left but nobody has. -- Or whom I mean I still go through this team and I say of the guys that are in walk years. Movable the -- Busters that guided you eager for the long term deal with it mean Koji. PV whomever or alternatively the prices are -- out really well last. You can't sign him to a deal and you feel like -- -- until July 30 or this argument is that you don't trade him and then you know what -- can bring him back next year to humiliate him but I mean I'm -- like -- people keep bringing that up in the fact the only guy can think of who's done that recently -- like Sydney -- own right with the the -- that -- guy that brought back. Like I I don't think that would value -- it's about it. I don't think that would happen it was as high profile probably got as much right you know unless they're not like -- in -- you know and I know I know it's unlikely. And all right let's go over the list -- -- get this pitchers that it's not long term deals and hand out all right we do not have arm injuries. Mr. Tanaka. You're next on the that you might have Tommy -- in the next two years -- -- stuff right now that's why you have written this before sort of action ribbon. Roads -- -- but signing Josh and looked at the and I wrote -- a couple months ago why they should sign mustard guys in their thirties hundred million dollar plus contract it has never work out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Number what is that goodies that is the winning is between. Trim mightily. I'd enjoy that you joining us in the AT&T hotline says the comments he can only do now. -- probably not true. Is rob Bradford with the. -- like always you know what you're doing now. I have to go back to -- -- The human element I would call us nine goals. It's -- the open that really makes it because not tomorrow is called -- 900 -- what the call and say yeah after. Oh I thought well first of all well done we -- the smear campaign was to begin on the dynamic AJ Pierzynski and you're the guy to do so. I talk to your drive in yesterday and I got the sense you have to reach -- this this morning how long have you known. That these guys did like. You know it's a fair question and I didn't know I can honestly say. Told of that story I did not know how about it wise until after the deal last night. And you know who -- -- we've talked about this before word. And you know the news that a lot of this stuff it's as Serbs written c'mon you're a great story a lot of its surface that -- Why is that the total -- story wise. This was a lot worse than anyone could've imagined. Admit it when I'm walking back up from the -- out last night. That's the first -- right felt that was it to that level after after. But you did for you personally. I'm guessing you didn't like presents from the start -- right and he just gave off an a hole by. -- united he's brought one of the guys that go on with the -- I didn't really deal with them by a good start. It Bayreuth service -- others that I mean. How is he was -- courtyard or -- I didn't care might. You're hearing was that aren't I watched him play I watched. It. From from day one I -- thought it was a terrible that he wasn't a really good player. So our I didn't understand it's running at a time they did it. And -- on all -- that you'd say well this isn't getting him -- this is getting any better off and are update again. You know I can understand where people they were white what this story written like three weeks ago. Honestly I did it did not note the level of of problems that was. -- -- -- Rob what was the story written three weeks ago. -- -- -- Very good Sperry and ergo Bruins aren't -- or other capsule everybody in the world of their. This. So that the headline is that it's worse than anyone could imagine would really like. Wasn't this just par for the course the the stuff that he pulled and really it was the obvious we're right scenario like the the only difference between what weeks what happened. With that he didn't hit. By US army we realized you were ready yet behavior early that's kind of what -- -- expect great. Are you would be so this gave each. Problem. I guess the greater. -- yeah army is. Rick Warren is that they certainly use this aren't you want to win then yeah he can be raised to. Wise ever I have it pointed out that when the biggest difference between him all we'll mark you is that there was a dealing within that team yet Koppel -- you walk in the game. But he was Pawlenty would view is in that it. Exact opposite. We'll always look forward. Rob what took him so long what are sharing in so long as I'm guessing he -- a month ago that this was in major issue. -- -- -- I mean army. -- Would we. Read it right I think or robot that to borrow a month ago that maybe it was time in. And it was clearly aren't just because of performance I think what we're probably took so long. Is that you have -- terrible offer these and this with a one of the you guys had a terrible and so maybe. Having some sort of opera production I think that's what got them around for the long absolutely but now -- -- -- -- say that. That judging by the reaction from players out of the game last night judging by the reaction in the feeling and everything else. That there is opera production or not there's clearly should've been done awhile went to the players. Start known to management in points -- one. It's spring training it. You know we see here are. All all you technical fixes everything you know there are they all work out I was one of the big. Things right is that this is this or about this team to. -- has foundation. He dialed -- -- get it to give it may be late man where you have some people start going to people. And although we don't win that. That -- the story was written by about a pretty powerful story you know bring in you can not start about it but I don't think. That there -- a lot of darn right club out there ever really say very dark heart did you write that -- in. At such a rarity when -- -- -- That let's get our program that thank you. The that's start the talk -- the picture that was emotional -- use it you feel it was that -- colts in Atlanta. Darted her at all. Are they are you know what I can't deny it was buck ultimately. I do not deny any David Ortiz wise but the -- But I thought you were gonna rent there are -- -- the -- Via all the brewers third they're right aren't god of war are now why why was. Christian Vazquez if you keep -- we just talked about this before you came on. It's Vasquez is ready now. Why was he ready I don't know three weeks ago. -- I think it's. Left above basket beeper or are we would mean that it is more about president. That -- the reason -- practice you can. Returning after it was really good in training. He was our went on record he's saying this aren't Major League ready right now by -- -- -- -- -- you know in this sort of they are written in these are present. Imprisoned he was there ever give him every every opportunity. Though I think you're gonna ride out present you -- they. That's regarding current or reason yet yet or -- -- of -- -- or. But you know in the in doubt that the department of morally the -- of the ordinance say you know or -- well you're right he wrote that doesn't make it that. It it's scary to me from a Red Sox fan I'm scared about this whole movie going to be as it does remind me in the way of the Ballantine. You knew exactly which -- going to get the guy getting long track record in the past he went. He did exactly what you knew he'd done in the past and you act surprised about it's a troubling signing by you're right I was rusted -- the -- signing by charitably to bad timing still this one makes me question. -- -- the first time I'm actually wondering if this guy is good enough to do this job. After Mickens who -- I mean I really -- -- Heard there's a horrible year. That's the -- party base and -- because all the others writing. You might argue. Their case or it -- that this was this was right you know -- I -- around all it may notes are aren't aware of them trying. I'm well up with an hour and across or -- whether it. Throw the -- -- -- the united that this. -- -- -- Turning to you really this guy is gonna props where -- -- or pitch it around our own reading 37 years goal. Well but while his personality change that 37 years. Or three or I or I -- that at all warm right. You are -- broke our. Right there are as we're. Why. Aren't in all -- aired her daughter or get -- -- -- That our property buried -- -- -- as though -- where you currently are trying. Right. In there were Robert. Not say that I got to. Our our rob what your -- dollar by. -- maybe a little and site. Rob I was saying before you came on that there's a lot of cases especially in this town of GM's to kind of get caught up in their own success and feel confident based on past seasons they can be big. -- mix of borrow a phrase from your thing around it bit me square hole if the Red Sox head. Say he missed just miss the playoffs are lost the first round or something eating Turkey would admit to signing. -- You know of course of course thank you like. You have you're you're are you are right it. Without it may serve -- short term deal. And -- it from the left side. They -- to offer it felt like. You or are off of the all we'll mark you. That go to the aide who may or and when you men are Carlos are we -- plan B I remember sir during the -- -- drug -- -- It was -- he apparently it was. Land the worst seat though it Eric our RIA they use what they want it maybe they would have done it no matter what Ron on another -- what was the number -- we have a -- number what they offered to bring you. Definitive monetary. Number they were worked part billion dollar short right. -- -- not to. You've got to go over that five -- -- rational for a -- -- clearly a better head of the Mike Napoli is yeah or. And I think they're white or or -- -- -- It's -- -- if you. You. Well. Early. Does -- -- year knowing when or. But now you look at that they obviously. You -- your. Lance -- a whole lot. Last question rob you know John -- describing him as a share this is tough guy won the World Series last year again that I that the it's our respect by -- so feared by players like to read about. You hear about. Why -- -- -- -- lounging around them in the locker room during games on his own when clearly players don't like him complaining about how does -- continue to have. All that you are -- to. Are -- I couldn't answer the dynamic so what was said who won't want it to Howard responded that the drug Errol. -- -- You going I don't know -- he knows afterwards I mean these guys talk to our our our salute our school. Are -- Oh Barbie the whole thing -- are where the I don't know. I did I do go to. That you are due. -- the way we do around here. You are way more what may -- way it works -- -- because he was that's regarding our. I'm in certain ways marked as an extra. It or about or about it. What are also. -- -- Russians are which weren't. Our guys and they were ever our or our last night. They were no hope. That that they were they'll open it from day I would actually. And yet never doubted. I got a bad job or well. Rob rob Bradford WEEI dot -- 6177797937. It's your calls we -- back -- you the that was one of the greatest all time -- that. You haven't got a lot of text them. Doubt -- -- as part of your initiation yes I just do not. You as a child he's. The I just lost -- organ there's very. But the person I've -- true -- You know I don't know why what did you look Michael was right. And it's it's not like you look at a solidly or you're -- -- players on the lets you look in the gulf. I'd -- like it could see you on the LP how apps with it up there -- it's. But it just reckless speculation exactly what it was is what it is and on the it's the camera so I have a haircut. -- undercut on once on this side of the dime on this side. Little lesbian type player hit a six -- 7779790. Through seven your phone calls we get back I don't know rob get a good job outside -- a failure by. -- and I was thinking about it's a failure by Ferrell Hitler reacts to this guys John when he and that's it proceeds to walk all over terribly your phone calls.

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