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Brock Holt after the Red Sox come back to beat the Chicago White Sox

Jul 9, 2014|

Joe and Dave talk with Brock Holt, who drove in the winning run as the Red Sox come back and walk off against the Chicago White Sox

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-- Rodrique before the game here this year remember his rookie -- release the terms of age and while the youngsters got it done tonight yeah a great game you all around best teammate called it game you know. They -- it reasonable to think that Austin. You know I guess they'll out of there and and that we're book you know for the -- -- -- is there anything to the building of the momentum in the eighth inning getting three runs there. And then the crowds up you've got the guy on the ropes -- gets a huge kid are you energized by that to the point where might even be difficult to concentrate. -- yeah I mean obviously I was energized you know their crowd was not. And -- parties got got got to tune him out a little bit much here -- -- You know policy the ball well off him obviously the other night -- you come on the at that point purple you know. Was able without that one off and they get baffled that it you know fortunately you got in the outfield -- were. How about that we'll keep that through the infield double was. Something you very very rarely see where I was a heads up play and I think it really sparked the the whole offense that -- yeah I think so you know it's it's to be that ground ball out and it it to notice you know real quick that that it was at second base and to get there. Was huge for us you know we -- able to get more baskets in romo's second base and nodding at the job done in -- and obviously he had in. And Davey came up with a with some big hits. Finally Brock for me. Did your Jersey make it did you shirt make it through the celebration always a torn to shreds. I think I think it made it actually I think some guys are trying to if it's that they they want in this so not I think I'll Wear tomorrow agree fully unlike few in the ninth inning did you get a right on the -- -- so much for doing right. -- right back at your first possession every shortstop tonight. The Red Sox winning here five to 43 in the eighth. And two in the night as the kids get it done.

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