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Celts help Cavs clear cap space for their Lebron push, essentially get something for nothing

Jul 9, 2014|

We discuss the news of the NBA trade involving the Celts, Cavs and NJ Nets.

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What's going on everybody it's a beautiful day the dale and -- program and figured -- on vacation will be back next week standing and today. Two intellectuals to titans. To icon so let's -- one. 11 which ones -- icon at times Tom Karen yeah icon and the intellectual. Log either OK I'm news like it both. -- can -- -- guidance tiger on both sides eleven icon Johnny -- did you hear that argument I can't. Drink -- correct it. Greg Dickerson is geared to we got mad imagines it around your beautiful day at Fenway Park. We'll talk with John wrote to thirty day -- day at Fenway Park it's sunny of people watching right across from the house of blues. Up the pretty girls walking buying. A scantily clad I mean it's been honest from the real. So. To. Get rich. Not -- but -- OK I don't want anyone a million dollars of the money. Million dollars. -- 100000 dollars. John Lackey says -- everybody else yeah. -- thousand dollars that's what happened to the Boston Celtics today in the air desperation. To bring back the prodigal son. The Cleveland Cavaliers are shrine everything they can't just clearance pays off the books out here to hear the call the Celtics. The Celtics have to use a ten million dollar plus trade exception by Saturday. Well they beat the deadline to use it to day three team trade with the cavaliers. In the next. The cavaliers just clear -- at all look at it any change got a phone call just laughed I don't I can't. Wanna talk serious trades almost been talks -- You know Brooklyn Brooklyn picks -- Jarrett Jack. And and a prospect. You know international prospect. And the Celtics get market Norton. -- ability to score streaky but he's a more stable more Spain. Jordan. That's woody at all that it that the guy can generate some -- it Tyler Zeller. Actually -- -- on the they had won last year. The tour. It'll it'll and without knowing that he he he's got size but he. Yet -- -- -- legitimate government lets users share with a with a good scoring touch seventeenth overall if it is -- if he can play in college with. In college he can -- it will approach 123 year what you think you're missing -- first round. Don't forget -- as the two biggest pieces with these two play. -- Marcus -- eight million dollars. After it after this year but buyers expiring contract Tyler Zeller what 23 million are buying expires at the end of the year. Right now the Celtics have somewhere around. Got to think it's 1920. Million dollars. Confirmed for next summer. That's -- haul low in under the cap. They're going to be a year from now with Syria to get that kind of got another guy under count in his contract year and who everybody Rondo on -- -- -- You guys -- -- -- him in basketball but -- weasels except we're talking Oscar Robertson in the lower priced around now like you know. -- game triple double was great idea which. Let's stick with this they'll. How much to give immediate guide to some aspects. So the trade exception had they not used at the Celtics by Saturday -- would have gone up by those -- they have used it is there any way in which they missed having. When he missed that. So good they've used it on anything at all yes basically what theoretically look at they have done with it. Just what they just it paid -- tonight they just said okay we'll take back ten million dollars salary. Here's his trade exception -- Cleveland you can you can now use for a year. OK you know what it is it but it's. And I hated to do this much I think -- a lot of. Secure like that I can't talk MBA stuff we're saying that don't get their people out there saying what does this mean what is. Today I imagine it's an imaginary player. They traded an imaginary ten million dollar player. Perfect thank you and that's what they and they got an imaginary play -- like it might have. My imaginary friend and they averages seventeen points five rebounds and -- last. He's got in the community and that's kind of to a one year deal looked like they're just parking space right there I know you don't see your car there and acting very guy. Think a real humans back and they got well. Just a bit. They did they got a real humans back and then a future pick. Okay that's what goes real -- when their contract -- -- you guys are doing this and their contracts expire you talk about the twenty million dollars they'll -- who you talk about the the money that comes off the book about eleven million -- That in turn becomes. Collateral to pursue whoever you want to I eat at a lot of he doesn't go anywhere. You know have a lease -- million to add on whatever all the money you clear Roger Rhonda go someplace else. What you what you are now at a position like the Miami Heat when you say okay. We can do at least one Max contract maybe a second. And then we can release on Rajon Rondo if he wants to stay with a capital of at another place so -- shooting -- pentagon right now. It's an easy deal if you didn't have to get any credit for that spirit you didn't have to do anything now. It's it's. The downside of that there is downside is that there's not it's not a basketball. It's not this is a basketball storage place in the Boston to weigh station I. You want something okay you wanna get it we got guards just coming off the assembly line 64 guard which export guard you want. You like 64 markets Smart do you want to export market store which markets you want Smart report. Which which combination guard he wondered you know kind of like undersized two guard got Avery Bradley a swing guy we got James youngster that net net. At that neck gets -- laughs yeah whiplash or they're saving him for another -- -- -- got Rondo. Another guy another guard. So they're not they've got they have them on all levels they don't really make sense -- the Johnny. This is not eighteen they're not building a team that just collecting assets and we didn't even mention all the other stuff in the ball that got this number one pick. That you just picked up from the cavaliers future. Number one pick that it is protected until 2000 what nineteen. Then 1718. Its top ten protected by acting. Anything you'll need a lot -- protected depicted issues if the cavaliers they -- that are have a top ten at the cavaliers can use it. In 2019 no matter where it is the Celtics don't expect -- -- use. And and that may happen and that may happen if the big story of the day in Boston I think this is huge story. That the Celtics were able to pick up even more stuff. It is going to be a long road for the Celtics let's get extremely lucky they're not all all the free agency talk that's happening in the NBA the Celtics aren't a part of it. Congress Carmelo -- ago not here. Where is LeBron gotta go not here where's Chris Bosh and ago not here ought to not so we're not a part of that conversation this is a part where we're part of the. Assets. And exploration it's still makes them viable players Capital One got they really want Gavin while. They're still in the Kevin Love discussion. And sweepstakes you're right LeBron. Weight loss mellow. Pie in the sky they're not cut but for Kevin Love there's still possibility. -- get Kevin law. Is that if if the Minnesota Timberwolves on what's on others. Bring this guy in camp. Electric chair and bring him into camp and play him during the rest of the regular season that is value go down well down what it. Is value went down as soon as he went public as Kevin -- Republicans said. Or or let it be known he didn't actually say it but he he let his agent. Or some sources tell -- sort carrier -- he did not that story down. Then he was seen here where we are right now at Fenway Park hanging out. -- all over the city of Boston so he let it be known that he was available. It so that took away use his value there Minnesota you know what this may help Boston. I -- Minnesota once established players. But -- The summer goes on we get closer to training camp. And nobody makes a move for catalog. You know Flip Saunders may be forced to look at Boston and say look. They are there there there there persisted they're offering things that nobody else is offering and I wonder the Celtics would go this far. They offered these things without assurances from Camelot because they get -- I think they've already basically come out and says Michael -- -- -- change came up this and I think about a month ago that it wouldn't preclude them. Opt for dealing for catalog even a -- that I'm not willing to sign an extension now he would take the. The chance in the -- Tim Welch made two -- -- -- last night on Comcast sports net sounded pretty much rooted and grounded nick waited turn. However big your -- some pretty much rooted in in knowledge. And not conjecture that Kevin Love would be certainly willing to come here might not be his first choice but he -- certainly willing to come here for a change of venue. So that is the big national story for all this. All this activity today as the cavaliers. Trying to get in position to bring back LeBron James. Bringing back LeBron James to Cleveland. -- -- that they they have the ability to offer him the Max so you put LeBron James with carrier Irving and Andrew -- Anderson bears are still on the team -- Now they're talking to Ray Allen and Mike Miller two of his pinky will come along with them. The Cleveland is that even realistic you'd think that that LeBron James. Would go back to Cleveland because it won't think that this is stands out to me one thing they haven't done. Cavaliers. Dan Gilbert hasn't come out yet that you don't want. I was so stupid and I was so petty -- so disrespectful with that letter I know there's that decision but in the mind LeBron list. I'm -- -- that's why -- like that looked like I know get a private matter that he's got a public ought. -- not -- it was not -- democratic sorry I bet you help. -- it was -- on the night of the decision that letter is public like if anything if it -- respect you publicly. And it it's memorable. And I'm going all out and I am talking about you and you and you and you beat on baseball captain. I haven't -- okay audit and I haven't shaken or vodka and I'm over you publicly that I can you privately. You know great. -- up about. Is -- don't think LeBron plus some way disrespect it gave Gilbert and Cleveland organization like going out. The whole decision -- -- why would -- Gilbert see anything now like why would he say anything to bend over backwards -- -- put the rose -- out just to be stiffed again. That's gonna come at the introductory press conference. When he apologized but if I would being Gilbert I wouldn't want to bend over backwards and say all these medical was and I was wrong and I never should've said that just to have him do the same thing again. All my actions speak a lot of the words and then I'll attach my words too late so another words. You'll only apologize but come back absolutely. -- believe it would and again. What they'll run and doing it. At. All. Practically but yet but once -- -- yeah Gilbert have to come out and publicly I'm telling -- I guarantee you know. That's guarantee I'd like -- Ares I but yeah -- good restaurant I guarantee -- department it is a sticking point there's no there's no doubt in my mind. What Dan Gilbert did that. Night -- regret the letter the other day letters over the top of its pretty worked I guess the -- was -- I don't just. Share. Angst and anger at owner of the basketball team you've got a no matter how much you can have -- -- -- -- out and it was on the web site work. For years and we kind of had a. Why -- apology the other day. We've -- on the website. Four for four years because you know we changed our. Our starter differed certainly had warned it would an old link between Warren where probably -- -- -- -- -- -- and and we figured out we had to close a loophole. Blah blah blah blah blah you had out here on your website. He was proud of it. Spurned lover but it if you have a disagreement with the any body in -- and think it shouldn't say most people with a little with a tiny moral compass. And in any conscience saying you know what went too far my and they take it back he handed out their report years if I could come. You fight come to you would say as a PR guy for your basketball team that you won't and I say -- the best thing to do now to make this better. Mr. billionaire who want to basketball team and as a business magnate as well. The best thing -- do now is to apologize. For what if I apologize now and he does the same thing too was again what does that if not the second but this thing. I think. The -- -- on the arm and I mean that's I think it's a great story goes back to Cleveland. But that logic there. Which make me pause before -- going back only -- if Gilbert Dionne to muddy the waters -- doing it again. Before the decision was it was a bad idea about the bad idea to go on national TV and say. I'm leaving my franchise that go somewhere else sorry Cleveland and got great ratings for the decision. So enjoy it you'll remember this forever great TV moments. That was bad. He's doing now we are creating this. Create this we had a story. Out the rich pol has spoken -- The lakers he's spoken with the count and he's spoken with the heat he spoke with some friends. Rockets. So what I need to do and he doesn't play for the Cleveland Cavaliers OP side after doing his research or after picking -- -- I'm all about -- about. LeBron James so what's best for me in the next 45 years and besides what's best for hand it to stay in Miami how did he do. It again to the cavaliers well know let's throw out his wife's tweet. We -- Akron. Please throw records so thing. Timing was interest in our season was right after the end of the season. While I'm at the end of you know idols are. If she doesn't does she do that at the unit received no I don't I don't follow it and I don't -- about what is that to assess what it wants to one point two and three trio. Three real I don't remember that last year I don't know about you guys I don't volatile Savannah. Princeton Jeanine well -- to -- -- better change -- -- or aids program that is. Like you don't I don't gotten my circle. You don't think that LeBron James has intimidated enough that he wants to go back there and he's certainly laying the ground work to go back there so that. If he doesn't. Cleveland in Ohio and Akron. Are all going to be pretty pissed off again and going to be pissed -- OK now they let me just tell them that's so then why apologize before he. Comes back. If you -- open. Because if you feel like you were wrong you probably should have apologized three years ago. -- -- not become not a terrible time and basically apologized that there was no. Formal apology maybe left that lateral collateral left yeah on the web site but he. And basically said. I overreacted yeah I overreacted and you don't wanna talk about circular webs that cavaliers -- how. -- Well. OK if you are British -- you hear it you want me to come back and it was only get more. More this isn't equal relationship that the Rodney cavaliers are the cavaliers and LeBron. -- if. I'm thinking about it myself look you wanted to get me Max money. -- That partly -- an all star point guard chat. Got a great young players in April Wiggins who quit net -- Kevin Love chat. Okay I'm ready and underdog. And I also have options on the best player in basketball. I can go anywhere I want I don't -- the Cleveland Cavaliers today. They need him all the rocket the lakers. Are defined -- the latest report any team in basketball including yours. Your Boston Celtics. Any damn team in basketball would change their universe changed -- landscape to get LeBron James Bigelow. -- -- -- -- a couple of guys with salary Andy you said before talking to Mike Miller and talking to right now he's in the driveway. They've opened the front door they pushed open the screen door come into the living room. Agreed if things and then you'll get what you want in terms of an apology. But you know you don't you you got them where you wanted to stand on the front porch scream I'm sorry -- got to understand it. Can he can do all that they have to do everything. He doesn't have to he doesn't have to go back there LeBron James earlier this is so important to look and what you believe that our public apology is so important in this whole aspect to -- Roger I guarantee you. I guarantee you it is it is sticking point in the heart. The -- there is still a lot of there -- no hard feelings on both sides. Between Dan Gilbert and LeBron James that's an issue let me ask energy if you wanna talk about the issue that actually. Top two or it's like a top to issue with LeBron James automatically and accurately. As part. The rocket which sucks I'll start ever apologize or how far have they gone. Do you think LeBron James has told Cleveland Cavaliers who like to go back -- if you I don't that he had so I don't think he has said I think what and I wouldn't apologize to him I think it's in a million years if he was doing this and not giving anybody any assurance I think that that's kind of the that's kind of the tricky situation I'm not -- -- and apologize and I'm not -- with Phoenix that's the quandary. That reason because if you're quick it is if you. If your thoughts are the same thing Gilbert's thoughts on LeBron James that there are. So this guy. Said on lay's self titled king and and I betrayed my hometown and betrayed the franchise and -- get all this up and he called me out and there's the curse of LeBron and they won't win a championship. I guarantee when he goes down south he won't win a championship on and on he -- all these things. But the only way he'll apologize to me is like come back complaint form. OK in that top -- If you if you like you did something wrong you don't wait until it beneficial to you go to politics of the well. I run now knows now if he's trying to extract of if you re -- himself for an apology. Then you're asking for disingenuous apology which is worth nothing in the first what I wanna know where you stand. When and where you stand before even think about coming back here. It. That we have the calculation collateral where there will be everything off the -- Eric has that has -- business per day until. -- -- -- Tremendous business for him or anybody in the NBA they have LeBron jeans on their roster. Imagine the franchise value for anybody. Who get the project you know we can look it up the quit the Miami Heat were -- before LeBron James got there -- they were now. He goes to the -- you've got to work on the money that goes out absent. Apology. That means he doesn't go there what does Cleveland do with all they've. Cleared my question -- the comes. Kevin Love as the great white whale with the Anita is pursuing. Kevin Love them becomes the most attractive piece quite possibly to win in Cleveland. If I'm a Republican at the Camelot thing I mean I understand being Gilbert and Andrea he wouldn't I don't know if he were to LeBron James. But they've quit all this space my concern yourself expand right now ways. That you're going to lose out. If they do not sign him because it every all the dominant right Greg after ball and then -- all the dominoes fall to go to a certain place. So will Celtics be left having done all this and no -- And all of that -- that doctors. We got -- broken up and talked a lot about the Celtics trade and what it means. We might be talking Red Sox trade soon to including its rumored peavy to the cardinals -- last John Farrell about that much more next.

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