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Rob Bradford with Dale and Holley: Info on the Sox "Youth Movement"

Jul 9, 2014|

We talk to Rob from Fenway after the news of AJ Pierzynski's DFA hits Boston.

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It's at that point in the season as Tom brought up in a minute ago that you start to look to. Invest in young players and looked. Take advantage of their games remaining force and and how. We look to players that might be here beyond this season. And that case -- Christian investors whose bond played here tonight. The future is now the future is now at Fenway Park John -- earlier. On the young pilot program with -- current and Greg Dickerson. Announcing AJ Pierzynski has been designated for assignment Christian Vasquez as the manager said. Is gonna be in the lineup tonight batting ninth catching ruby Della Rosa. Another young guy. Third base Zander Bogart's. Not again and again guides all over the plate that they don't. Last time World Series champion -- fumigate locker room so quickly after a championship. Well well well in. If greater affect what Florida intentionally or not and cannot expect these teams and not -- that has sold not. We didn't happen now. -- and maybe maybe Iraq -- can provide some insight on this Brad talk about it. Movement is here give us some -- first of all why did the Red Sox decide that day today to -- presents. Well I'd -- it -- girl that you guys that hit the threat yet to make the judgment call a burden that. That's been awful but now they got the break to -- all you have to start -- that but. Or what's going on here is there they're -- about it. Apps are currently over you start your idol last night. At. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Game and I -- the ability I don't know all about accurately they felt like the app that they've really had very bad now I don't. But it back a bit. Arguments and argument historic keep hearing that but I need some specifics of what was -- and he just -- Is he just an annoying guy to be around the pick fights -- people me what was it about AJ Pierzynski. That made it such a bad fit but the Red Sox. Now you go out to be what -- -- now what about all day eighty I'd be all out. What the key is what we -- This paper out it was about. All you'll. What a terrible -- and had decline. So what happened was get this guy. He sort of respect to all our jets are a lot beat. And there's maybe it's out there and should dial it back what it happened. As I -- a receiver where I want what art first reported threat I'd -- -- she went out. Here's what we're all what it. Wanted our respect. Pat -- -- don't think I'd they're prioritize. Well all out to -- -- out speech earlier this back property or. All right what Bill Lester obviously it wrote off. I'm happy this without. -- -- -- -- -- How about art when you are or are baseball and thought it would prioritize -- or those that are about to. Are you aren't a bit but -- this guy at third party your goal. And you as well but it got up all the it. If you want. That way to do about it. -- refresh my memory if AJ Pierzynski was playing you're out. More plants eight BC and. Well Carlos Luis -- way. And he's done. -- watch you'll watch it and it will dip but their ability. What you're not Navarro I thought it better right back guy up auto. By a good thing and I don't just -- the -- -- -- them -- while I I don't go to watch. Actually that it if -- -- What a lot of sense that back up for which -- opera all aren't offered him. Dramatically overpaid fourteen billion dollars I understand that but he bought or are there was a perfect idea yet the basket. Left the theater which is a big -- aren't good. But hitter with the pop. -- -- got better I think if you want I want to over pay out watching her which she got all of our. You why -- or that he should. -- depicted that probably. Is it charity and then rob that you would say okay he's the one -- swung and missed on agent present ski and in the end. One to ten obviously they have bigger issues going on but. How big of a deal was the swing and miss on Pierzynski. Yeah where are we don't abuse shark is still value that that that suit this and it wouldn't. All players most familiar -- Air and -- I bet. If you didn't -- I think what happened -- -- That is where regular route all try to pick that OK we -- -- -- -- -- -- that's what we. -- that you got though they'll understand. What it be done out of Barbie -- or about so. They'll be able you're right Iraq. -- that I beat out it worked out there are the terms of how big -- today I. You -- I think it was a fairly big one or don't want you feel about that -- wet out but it. Certainly which a lot of up produced our guys were use our guys you're garbage out. You know eight about. You know Iraq there there at an interest in crossroads with these kids coming up and I'm thinking about not just the remainder of 2014 between fifteen. Now they have sent mixed messages about. How they feel about long term contracts plastered on Dustin Pedroia to -- very long contract extension so. Long term contract got a problem there it's been a sticking point that Jon Lester negotiations. Got some kids up here now this to the Red Sox. They can afford to be very aggressive in free agency and hand out more long term contract to play with the kids where do you think they'll go. It's when he fifteen because. There roster is all over the place in their options are plentiful. Well there are political but the creation marketed by. Eulogy reality. Should be big debate -- power bat and the speed board right now. Arctic the best option -- through yup we are I'll go -- it off a -- No where else are they got wanted to crop abort. No question about they still are not out there. Our track of -- or the lead they're starting -- April under the ball really good at. Because you're black you an -- -- all that -- rate jumped up out. No they write about like the building by I don't know what the agent mark I think what do you -- last Barack. Idol picked up to replace them -- there or what or probable. Yeah -- creator and spread it out there -- that -- -- -- -- well you know pick up the ball a ball out I don't know that this could be hurt it hurt our players that are are. It I'd respect it. Doubt I'd buy it. Buying up the year -- -- -- going to be here forever and it EP wit and ability now. -- its interest -- -- by the way I appreciated the reference you got nick of particles piece that few days ago he mentioned you. Without mentioning your name do you see this Jon Lester has been telling media friends. That are being. Our. Own John is that going to you know let's just -- -- situation is confusing on one hand he says -- when to talk about it because it's a distraction on the other hand. He's telling -- yeah. He's a friend didn't and it really aren't to your name you're a bit different and that's what you are. I I haven't heard that it court wrote about acted very. That they acted very close -- -- That's good stuff. All right rob thanks rejected it meant. I care rob Bradford WEEI dot com follow WEEI dot com for all the latest Bradford Alex here. Those guys are all over AJ Pierzynski. Designated for Simon we got --

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