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The Red Sox YOUTH MOVEMENT has begun in 2014. How's that make you feel?

Jul 9, 2014|

We vibe off the news that AJ Pierzynski has been DFA'd, Christian Vasquez is up to catch, and it looks like the white flag has been waved for the 2014 season.

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Artist -- college program deals on vacation Tommy Karen is here so is Greg Dickerson. We got kids to talk about kids -- kids here kids here the kids are here -- present he has not gone. Are all there are lots of whispers guys about AJ Pierzynski all season long about how he wasn't -- with the Red Sox. -- polarizing presence. In the clubhouse at even Morton that are really getting it done at the plate. Or behind the plate that was an -- strength. Handling the pitching staff John Ferrell -- two the and is always defended present he had said look at the stats that he's handled. On the various teams that he's been on he's handled some pretty good staffs what. 254 batting average for present which is like -- slightly in the lead on this team to 54. On base under 300. He was the first pitch guy that's what analysts -- the first pitch. But. Could never get on the same page with the pace of the team Jon Lester. And and I'm sure there'll be some stories coming out now. Some more specifics about AJ Pierzynski but what do you guys think the youth movement had begun cleared John -- can't say it but let there one of seven. On this homestand. And you look at there you look up and down their line up. There are a lot of guys start the season -- -- double play her AAA in -- here what I think prior to the -- to start up to you what's up Brian. They I think they might call the rob I'm in response this this year it's similar -- might have like a month ago I called him. I think if you -- feedback saint Pete and and you had -- -- quantities -- -- upbeat and things just didn't work out hot and everybody would be up in arms about anybody would say why mess with some network. The document into supporting here it's been frustrating a lot and knowing that actually might not going to be going any competitive people the most part -- -- a little frustrating but. I think yet in Egypt he accord that. You know I just made a runny head and did and guys that -- and all that together I think it would yeah it really hard to come into this year make some changes. And got what seemed to be really good chemistry about. And -- the same result being -- -- -- it took an insult you know reportedly played out but I think he got. -- at night and say you know we had these guys they -- -- -- we have a lot -- Actividentity is and you know a -- I do again and I'd get that worked out. I think that's a fair point I don't know what you guys I feel about one of Bryant's comments -- that spot on and talked about. The core. Of the Red Sox -- the Red Sox have some things that a lot of teams in baseball don't. And the Dodgers have a huge television deal. And and the Yankees obviously have more. Media contracts and anybody else in baseball in more money anybody at the baseball but the Red Sox have. The riches radio deal in baseball they've got -- and they've got a packed house every night the high payroll teams so. When some teams bring up the young guys you know it's going to be three or four years you have to wait for those guys to grow together for the team be competitive with the Red Sox they -- young guys. But they still have the ability to spend some money in some of these guys. Are coming up the books. Next year so you can have young players and you could still be aggressive and create. And you potentially have somewhat of a foundation. In your pitching staff. If Jon Lester -- signs if the F. That is a big gift what Lester Lackey. Buckles. You've still walked into next season if all those three guys come back and you -- yourself. That's a pretty good front right. To work with with the rest of -- one other benefit. Of these guys coming up please. They've become again there are already chips in treat everybody has to to -- extent. But people are going to be able to make an evaluation if you or someplace else about the prospects so if you want to make a deal to get a bigger name world. Figure out a way to do something people who have real Major League level. Clubs to use from these players not just projections. So you know whether it's basket as. Bogart or anybody else on the road you'll have three months of appearance is the Major League level from which to -- what you think about players opposed to just you know Gulf Coast -- Pataki Portland wherever. I think you're right I don't think people are going to be upset about the our little talks are not it it in gonna be upset about this and you. Look at. Look at the production. You've gotten from these veteran guys I mean why would you why would you hold on a -- you get one. Just to say well we've got a Major League veteran. On the roster we can't we can't sign that we don't look yet yet so we gotta have a got to have a 38 year old guy happier whose. But not really don't know much we can -- a major leaguer. I'm -- -- -- a common in the Jake Peavy rumors started yesterday. That's gonna happen eventually. As I've mentioned in training mountain and from and that beam Robinson are running and UT I dot com says it may be time -- Koji. I don't think. Are going to be up for discussion today is what a night July 9. It's got a few weeks before the actual deadline but the but the Red Sox got to be active. Long before the trading deadline on the bureau mean. Dramatic. Manny Ramirez like. He's three. 57. Of every minute until the deadline actually what's gonna happen I don't know what's gonna happen no you gonna know a lot. In the next week or two let's talk to Louis Louis and New Hampshire with -- -- Take Geico because analysts. I don't -- make double -- on -- the world. I mean he does seem kind of remind we will let your -- like I really wanted to be able war. In that reporters are somewhat older people like you know fourth quarter. Mark -- or Bill Miller got an alarm and for the most part they had almost career here you know I mean -- what we want series. The same thing happened let it recorded. Johnny golf reporters know relatively under no. People and that they're really exceeded expectations sort thank. Equivocal you know we're gonna get only one after -- -- -- preacher. -- -- But what I wanna get to it well today and sitting here. I think what you're right thank you bring up young guys let them play it out I want in -- all in particular trial they'll all over the country and elsewhere in Boston today I'll see you. Definitely I think gonna tell you that on the media I'm talking about. If you can be and you're behind in their. Vehicle like ten games second. I wouldn't well now I do endorse the debris a young guy. Well you know Lou. You just at two separate things. I think it's a two separate things the first article I agree with you run the same page 100%. It was it was time to it was time to do something else because the -- working at -- lines lines on -- tomorrow why it's gonna be on tomorrow. So we got an afternoon game and it's -- -- we get -- and -- it's -- four hours. Making Steve lions just apologized over and over. For saying a couple of days ago to make a choice that -- -- threat they're allowed to baseball teams Utley went well all over Steve very loud on other not. Pretty well. They know their lousy that's why there active. That's why they're doing this they bring it up more kids they're in they're getting rid of the veterans. One way or the other I don't think AJ Pierzynski. -- much trade value obviously. So designated for assignment Jake Peavy had some trade value. You'll be traded. They'll probably talk about Koji I don't know what you'll do what Stephen Drew they know it. So I don't have a problem with bringing him but the -- -- like I can make after games fifteen cannot make up and it. And my school they can't wait where where does it come from what he says. I don't like them bringing up young guys but. Baker still make up no you can't have it both ways it's one way or the other -- give up on the season. And you play the young kids and you trade off is many popular veteran assets as you -- Ortiz they -- what -- out. An incredible way and it. -- the media. Look. If you are working for the team working with the team understand you're in a pretty typical -- You are your calling games. Games you know as always thought you know I -- Excuse and no I'm saying I understand if you are if you are somebody to buy it and I had not acted he -- other -- other -- -- and Roscoe those -- -- that. But he's got it. Opening it got. I can understand you my eight. Hesitate for being critical of the team but. Auburn team have no obligation to root for the team to cheer for the team but he said the -- and media give up on the job the media to cheer for the team. Well I think that there is an element that's accurate in what he's saying because. We have become accustomed not only an immediately in the fan base. To the highest level of successes. Among all the professional sports teams since 2001 yet which is good but you also have to realize. That when a team isn't gonna win a championship. It's not a complete now object failure this team -- -- Munich of course to a championship obviously. But I think his overall point. The people have a tendency to you know all the records say well is useless and I -- more -- -- -- about the patriots dynamic in the dynamic now. With this team it's not the media's point mean team is clearly -- to -- threat. But I do think that there is -- a tendency to look for -- The stray clouds someplace in this guy that's otherwise generally Lou. It's eight point out that next I mean is it does that mean in that immediate thing or in New England thing. Well I think to doing something that didn't exist prior to 2001. You don't think so now. You know you don't think no you don't get I don't know people doing cartwheels. When some of these teams meet the playoffs back then. The gold standard was much championships. From 1986. To 2001 -- it was playoffs. Yes it was to win a world there is because. That's set for Saturday and Michael -- -- to make a billion dollars. Because I've never done it but I wasn't gonna do that either but when you have a very narrow incremental expectations. And the expect expectations are much higher now which is terrific teams have done well. But I think of it's always been -- I really don't you think about. That the whole narrative here do you think people are excited 1994 about the New England Patriots when they came out of the doctors with. Drew Bledsoe and Bill Parcells yes sure they weren't happy then connecting was about to leave -- they were. OK but they weren't happy then or happier than I night fourteen and 22000. They like in 1995. Next year next year it went six yen. And they were passed and the European Bill Parcells got criticism the great Bill Parcells. The whole thing with the Red Sox was on now now it's up to eighty years if you want another -- -- they know -- they are there you're putting our summer. What I'm saying use that you have to have an incremental expect it it is new. And you're the good part is that expectation if you can't get. Other big topic I don't let you make others that got -- -- one you know. -- guys here when you know don't tell me what you mean make applying. The expectations of championships have risen since 2001. To a point where people expect championships. Prior to 2001. They were not expect what that -- that's the war tonight we expect. Now they expect champion oh yeah. When you want -- chimneys 13 -- and sing and I'm yelling you work you were yeah. Well that's -- aren't. As we -- know we can't I don't want to. I don't wanna get a law. My secret hold -- And it. Was felt much. -- resident Michael wants. But I don't know what area. You know I'm here. Ed what they think it is good I mean always been heard about it all these prospects every parent and a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- been. -- it's almost been hampering the red sparks from making moves by the beat these guys come up. So again these guys up and contemplate. Can finally do what we -- and it's income floor. Yeah I think you know the Red Sox an expert -- I think a lot of people are that the Red Sox -- in good position. A rare disease. When you have a when you have a youth movement like this is just happening during the season times people are just. Think people are angry. Since the anger. Anger at the rats -- we can't let this the other day there are disappointing. There are surprisingly. Disappointing to this degree I mean I didn't expect to win the World Series this year. I thought it would about night games to 197 last year but the drop to about ninety not gonna win ninety games. They're not gonna score a lot of runs scored. Over 88850. Runs last few minutes columns when you -- angry at the anger comes when you're not realistic about what she -- It for instance 2000 through the bloody Valentine season. They were frauds in the locker room they were frauds in what they talked about the affront to what they portray themselves and bloody Valentine. -- -- -- -- Hence the dislike was more intent who can eat and keep pets who -- -- -- -- Bogart's. You know you can't kind of registering candidates like this disappointment Figueroa had just some ruined. Yet. But no it did not dislike of Carol what it's like. To get the feeling a bit from some fans I know I certainly felt this way going to be years. A locked single World Series yet thanks I was an expiration date -- -- law yes they Cain. From behind so many times they won so many one run games potential look at -- -- As Tom -- and it kind of an aberration. Not talking about Red Sox 0407. With a juggernaut. A lot in the last years and I think the majority of people went into this season that. I don't know that's -- back to back I don't know I don't know the etiquette the same race this year that they have last. I tell you would be against this I would say let's say you are a she's -- And so you're paying a lot of money. With this now it's it's better for the better for the franchise. For them to do this right now it is not better for your bank account. Where you paid and you probably had -- you each season ticket holder you guys tell me you probably had to pay before. The 2013 season and it is how it works yet there -- -- up for the next year so. -- -- But you have to make a commitment before you know what team so you're going and taking part 2013. They're pretty good -- the Boston Red Sox -- high payroll. They got superstar David Ortiz Jon Lester Dustin Pedroia a lot of money. So that put out a competitive teams I'll pay a lot of money. To be a Red Sox season ticket holders -- -- top money. For a product that even though it's gonna help in the long run is hot it is not a good Major League product right. And if you're if you're a season total assets and technical yeah. A lot of August and September and you'll get wanna see them continues trot out Stephen Drew and AJ Pierzynski or you wanna see that this -- away. What's a bad situation it's. -- -- but I felt like the last of two people young it is half that definition of a dilemma. Because if either one you pick. It's is going to be one you know like they can sell you hold the hotel you putt which when he fifteen saw bets you saw like -- had in August. Against the brewers who have -- where he had you know an incredible night. You know you can sell that there's only fifteen you can't sell Jake -- need jeepers it's beat so is crap is it will be to watch. At times over the next couple of months at least of your season ticket all -- you'll see you know what. Next you would probably be better I'm well wouldn't say that the guys. I hope if not buying figuratively. But quality but I mean I actually. Pay. Championship team here last year amid the stunning turnaround talk about that were war. With a stunning turnaround from this year this time July 2014. Like 2013. And it you're paying for accuracy your that'll -- with what -- -- your thoughts on -- that he. Designated -- I'm Jake Peavy trade rumors out there Mordechai on absolutely. One of them -- -- and I reached. WEEI Tommy current directors Michael. Are not -- -- college where apparently parked Red Sox play tonight. And in the story. And -- you know you're a bad team when your games are not the story right. I. It's really dollar -- on the mound tonight. And if if they win the game and not the story you'd think it is what it wants and how how -- -- look. The Red Sox are now about. Development. Individual individual improvement. You listen when guys go three for 42. For. Just like five but. Keep these. Hot streak. At two games. That -- batter roomy and pretty here. Away. Corn and pan. But in terms of winning games. Games outsold. It. In ethnic. I mean in all -- back in the fact that they're boring to watch their boring to watch because they can't score. You know I'll watch it last night based -- a few hits to get a five decent stats and on the drove the ball. And that's. Like. For -- to -- in the desert finding an ice cube that was note refreshing to watch. It was unbelievable and then you go back to the same slog. At bat after that after groundout after groundout after you know fly ball after strike arguing that it's it's -- want to. I think the toughest thing to take at least from -- and promotes rights expert answers. And it's boring and that is they are. So -- -- -- rest the teams in front that makes it worse makes it hard not it at that they're making -- because you look and you say. The -- of a mediocre lie if -- in a row and seven out of ten. Challenge some of these to catch up and that's what makes economy but. I think we all city or believed that that is not one thing that they do well safety of these phone line that they'll be fine. It's not one thing that they do well let's say that -- predict. -- -- -- -- Consistently yes. I expect that but then I cannot really mind that is much use you know they have Lester Lackey and buckles to came back but he was complete embarrassment primarily. So I mean I'm I'm not buying as much on that it is you guys both I think if I think that is their default. That's the default the answer that's what they do better than anything else but I still don't think that she would say hey this is the strength that is good is the top five or six teams immediately talk. On the they had the number Joker that media now say there are I think they'd be right up just mediocre hitting records -- stuff has been. And that good -- with its excellent 7779737. Let's talk to James games. Have. -- -- And they are underway and arm possible fan reaction to love your children. And I know they'll be -- ticket holders. Superman discourage some of -- some people that'd be so down on it but for the most part I would -- that give me three championships. -- -- last -- years. Now I've lived a couple of it will make you know a lot of watching your movement that I'm a bad team is AJ Pierzynski who sees Jericho. Bag I don't know. But my biggest -- Is that we're gonna play all these young guys that can result Gupta is great farm system quote unquote a perceived great farm system and what they don't pan out. Now we don't have these young players will be we had and we have no trading chips. But at least get to grind out yeah -- could Wear and also got money. That's one thing you have to you have to stick with this this is not. This is an unusual. Rebuilding situation. Who you are used to seeing the Yankees and Red Sox do this because they haven't had too. They've been so good for so long. That win when -- in this position you're you're you're bringing up kids. Double play. -- you started this season high ball he's here. Double A triple A guys. When you see that generally mean -- there weren't for something really -- Delon it's gonna count our but it is enough to pick them along with teams. And have a lot of money and a passion to win even last year for the Yankees. Bad year for the Yankees don't want 86 games and it's not like they were they went 66. Out of it and -- 86 games. You called up before and asked for season ticket holders. I can't for the life of -- expect this season ticket it'll its a pest. I don't I don't like -- AJ Pierzynski I don't wanna see the young Q what do you want you wanna watch disables sloppy -- -- -- -- what I -- -- You know what if if you -- on any thing. Besides the money it would be. The -- off season. It was a -- offseason and I have been trying to think about it. -- -- you get it to go back in and get to Tom's question earlier about an hour ago. What should it happen I mean what's happening in the offseason -- legal position by position. And we found out about one of those positions today catcher. -- get -- done something differently catcher maybe it's Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Maybe if someone else did you bring in major presents he got a reputation. Well earned reputation from all the years of baseball a big pain. But you bring him in any -- in the picture philosophy this is not exactly gonna continue to bat that's -- back in exchange for. So that's that's an area they could have changed and you just go around it what they've done at third base. Maybe too much straight enrollment Brooks and at the start of the season. Shortstop. -- bring back guy he gives the you know I don't know which can -- Stevens and Stephen -- situation. I declined to qualifying offer. And thinner field. I think that -- debate went to catch -- -- not -- not -- I'm talking about it that replacement for Jacoby you have two years from being harder on a great harder on -- field. It anywhere else yet too weird to think about that you -- Jacoby Ellsbury -- coming back and that most. Sufficient replacement come up with that great besides. That's pretty unacceptable. Well I think if you look at it. Now you said he had two years to understand that he wasn't coming back -- at least at least. What would you have done agrees that. And I know it's tough position -- -- you know GM you know look at him but what would you have done personal. Of the name that has been because Jackie Bradley junior was supposed to be the name next for a -- as of April 2013. If you know. Call them -- you recall that. Mean just the number one story is heading into western and then that was mentioned girls junior the name that was meant to most of -- appeals product news. A rod. And at the very would not that he the great player but at the bear at least you've got a guy I. It's plated baseball league baseball last year and the year before that the year before that you really taking. A big chance and I don't mind taking risks to me that is as great. But that hit the you're starting center and he is their starting center fielder it's a great risk. If he's a backup outfielder if he's your number four -- outfielder going in you can see that during the season's start up and center field instead after a few games of only. If a circular. What more overlap. Movement right move to the bench. In a designated for assignment. So I think if you're upset about anything it's if it's about the planning. That happened in the offseason it's about -- as a -- don't try this at home boys and girls. It's about disasters in what you do but disasters at a -- or. They're rich old -- The disasters. Are us. No Red Sox doubt disasters. That talk about it report for -- rank them. And the last. What 1213 fourteen years surprisingly -- at least four of them coming up next well. We're turning the page in terms of investing in young players and part of those players in Lucas case and in when you look at his situation particular. He's come up is that as a right handed bat for the -- too because chain victory in a situation. Smoking is advanced to the minor -- very quick and we've had a number of young players in starting roles for the vast majority of the season. So I wouldn't say that the the white flag is being a wave because since our clubhouse that that I can honestly tell you that feeling does not exist. This is a matter of how we're gonna go out and be Purcell tonight. John Ferrell. Earlier when WEEI if you missed it. 545. Got the managers replay and man did he say some stuff today that you had your. Average sleepy summer day today. At the start of it that what's going on sports what's what's really happening in the Red Sox lost that and the USA is out of the World Cup match against like it wants the Netherlands and Argentina what's really happening then -- Celtics make a three way trade with Cleveland and Brooklyn they get back a first round pick. They get back Tyler Zeller sooner they get back market aren't what they give up a trade exception. It's an imaginary wire under my content my -- a particular. Just. Arbitrary. Cuba saying. He can't touch it. Intangible something they were gonna lose in about five or six days yes they had great. As part of -- had to use it by Saturday aspects of my giving you a lot of money to get to spend this. That's been as far as chatter Williamsburg out of the -- to look. At all that's that that's what they got Celtics were doing and and the Red Sox. Designated AJ Pierzynski for assignment he was when the big guy guys that got free agency at the time. We thought the Red Sox didn't need much -- After they won the World Series he didn't think they need of much value we were or what in I don't wanna I wanna speak for you speak for me. How naive I was. Because I didn't think they'd miss Jacoby Ellsbury as much as they missed them and dammit I'm gonna say yes they have missed him. Sure -- what we knew I did say they would miss him as much you do and think they would miss him as much. Laurel resident dead or any. When he went to the net when he went to new York and and think oh what a devastating loss I knew -- aggressive there's no doubt they were gonna master at a delicate time. Yeah I did I did believe that bites the what you pay them what the Yankees game. Zero -- -- -- -- they miss him but there's no way you came back to sell. That for a guy who has very little power to policies. When someone has ruled. Or a barrel like you know you're gonna miss them which are not going to be able to pay with the other team is gonna pay him. It is doing it's it's it's a loss it -- you you write that off as a lot yet that's you'd miss some you know you're gonna miss some. You know Wes Welker for instance -- the loss was mitigated by the emergence of Julian settlement. Which goes back to the ability of the of the quarterback but. You missed. Having him because you had to unnecessarily lean on join settlement to replace him when my name and no it didn't. He created a little bit of chaos it has created a little bit -- they have a better defensive center fielder taking the field they amassing -- might they may have an active they're gonna go the better arm. They get a guy who's been excellent speed to cover. But they don't have somebody top of their title top of the line -- line -- that this these. Confidence do you think you under the entire lineup when you're at the topic can produce. I was looking it up last week after I update the numbers that haven't. Like the Pillsbury last couple days then let them up last week. -- the last two years. Was on the 75. Of 82 -- -- I -- bases caught seven times. What do you think about that the -- -- techno speak. So not only did not have a a legitimate -- and I didn't matter but they do when you got a guy like when you got a guy like Jacoby Ellsbury they absolutely because it makes you go to the plate faster. Let's get -- your phone calls -- 617779703. Officer rothmans talked to David David and Florida asks formerly of New Jersey remembered it was up David. Apologize. I asked. -- I apologize for. Almost anything my -- Apologists like what do you matters period that put the report and make it but it's been at. It. Comes to. Because I compliance. -- a complaint. And -- prepare a report and -- missed it our all of them scripture again. You know compared to the patriots and the difference between the -- and getting -- locker in the -- getting rid of -- outbreak in college and cracked. Because I mean -- didn't -- well or you and -- and and Smart coach here who nobody you do it how it. They are still able to get that championship game with -- with the progress. Election. So let's look at stated I look this may want a World Series last year despite John Farrell. And mentioned. -- -- -- -- -- If you go in and they didn't call me old overestimated. -- -- -- -- -- Even know. What do you chalk it up with the target about. Don't you think you're an artist took your -- well and so David it's okay. How library and elude current and elude the start of the market he signed -- -- -- -- do you -- and they don't know who had put. Would block it all they don't know too. Oh cool do you look you don't even tax -- that's going to support what is on the brink and boy wandered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Initiative by the site. In particular and important right and you could -- a world championship team. You know what I have expressed in this one question that they've -- that and it just got a blah I blah. You'll be around our bottom line written that down that you definitely that they not make the correct move. Like signing -- Victor Reno last year last year and bringing in other guys yet so they made correct decision a year ago. Obviously they made some -- decisions this offseason. But -- not willing to give them credit for fitting in -- a year ago that got them to the World Series at one level. I don't know if you guys no no people like this I would describe David that's where that's -- affidavit from Florida formally majors now David has called for a long time. David is one of those easy I would describe him as a Red Sox don't like the right. Now on it even Fall River. A look at. David. David used to call. It also called 2005. That your actor. You know Francona and the Red Sox -- work he did like Francona never let them -- pocket like -- championship with him in like Leo. Joseph on John Ferrell in -- -- in the -- if you expand. But he -- like. It happened. You. Know that you mentioned the river there are a lot of folks out there like that I. Live my life that way -- I don't know be happy don't they enjoy like the little guy is -- -- two rounds ago it was it's. You find all that green grass and injury it worried about I can keep the -- fine crab -- appears on the line. You know -- in and you rooting against aggression just pissed off the grass -- pissed off the line because it turned on. It to her while the -- -- because you go to capitol. -- -- I'll buy it well not a hobby. I would try to get it then it as comparing things that they -- -- -- not -- -- I wouldn't be surprised that he -- quality -- being free. And we won't help. Yeah you don't want to get the -- I just you know my video yeah that -- ever again. With the that that they -- you know basic and then. They actually -- it. It don't go that OJ. What about it. But they picked by -- -- and back this year and the reports -- out there. I don't like computer right around -- And actually in Korea that that while spoke. I looked at the start out there and there because people out there and poppy. Thought overall but that happened and I hope they they they added that the thing. Well OK but you know Mike brought up something and and we heard from last two callers on it differently in my -- Little more containing composed and David David was all replace he's been sitting on this for a long time been -- this for years and years. Are we allowed to do this making you do that when he said the blue jays pulled a fast one and Ferrell is is not quite there. Can you will win that when the team is when the team is struggling like this in last place. Now continues saved the blue jays were right -- you skipped a year. Do you have to -- news -- 2013 and just say. All right he had a bad record rain and wind despite -- Farrell had a bad record Toronto they want to let ago. Wasn't working for them they were happy to get rid of them. We're not supposed to match in 2013 -- now does the clock start on job -- only have to look at everything has -- been perfect absolutely not -- at some. Really strange decisions. This year in games and he is he's got to -- thing going where he will. Above and beyond he would do whatever whatever he can most of the time to protect his guys and when not criticize them publicly. But overall I mean if you look at the first two years of John Ferrell can you say that. Is that it be now and I think -- Which talked about with with coaches here's how how much time can you buy into your program -- your success. Emanates and I think that he bought time. With his performance in the team's performance in 2013. So Murray can't -- in audience you have to. The whole thing works on a scale. And you can't have too many seasons like this one with a scale starts to tip down the negative and I think that he but that amount of time now how well he manages this is really as you talk to us. At 230 about this is really the challenge that's where the pressure comes keeping confidence up -- players like Bogart's bets. And Vasquez and -- dollar rose keeping their confidence up fundamentally teaching them you know in -- them into Major League team. And the expectations and then get some of them next year if you can go from a veteran Lleyton team. An aberration and winning a World Series which he didn't 2013. And followed up with a nosedive in 2014 at the beginning. But have a component there. Vick can be good next year. That's that's a damn good coaching job because you've done it in two different ways CIA post. Responsible. For the Red Sox struggling this -- -- John Farrell. Warren is or is it a combination of the number of players. I eager to read I talked about this the other night yeah we go to the season expecting David Ortiz. And Dustin Pedroia to be all stars in which are all stars we cannot expect Clay Buchholz if he's openly to pitch well. Hasn't pitched well how does all of that filtering to the blame on John Farrell does he get the blame for those guys not perform and -- -- the guy who provided you with the players because it is a three way. You know it's a troika the players the manager it's the the general manager. Well I think you would probably get to sharing through before you get to fairly iconic. Because you talk about the -- -- future you you have to figure out he had to figure out the the difficult most difficult thing to do. Hey I got a team that wasn't supposed to win a championship. It won the championship -- -- as it -- as a general manager have to figure out is. Is what I saw last year real. Or not. -- won a championship but the light armor building on also be repelled it. We have the number seven pick in the draft in the same year. We won the World Series from his perspective you look at it that way. Pick up Trey ball a number seven and you win a World Series that same year it's confusing. The numbers today and Tommy courtesy here the aberrations 2013. And everything else is reality in reality says. You're rebuilding. So -- Tommy Karen. Or -- believe in my heart's. 2 I believe. What -- telling me and what John is telling me what Thomas tell me when I saw right here in October. So he believed what he saw in October and he got fooled by it and it marks in Seattle so mark. Take it happening I'm Alison describe the Red Sox at stake. Almost by tradition they have a good young third baseman. What a lot of potential to have a perspective that it's up. But as to strike out a lot they have a good young -- they have done a good young pitchers in line they also have great top of the rotation pitching. Good prospects in the -- for pictures. And that's pretty good description threats that other than they'll have a second baseman yeah opulent young outfield. It also sounds a lot like the Seattle Mariners and operate it seem like it's -- what Mary that it but the big difference it's. Yet I don't see it are now three years and that there are currently -- and I just wonder if the -- in and had the sanctions. To wait 23 years -- it's really come around and reach their potential the most ought to expectations that people in the hospital. Well if somebody that to answer your question -- -- say no. Don't do most Boston fans have the patience to wait wait two or three years absolutely -- fourteen. To report for young players to prove they belong in the major leagues now. They barely have enough patience to watch them for one full season perhaps these people already. Waiting to get rid of of guys like -- will -- -- world a year ago. Jackie Bradley junior people lot of people are done with him. And now Bogart's Lotta people are down on him as well it's over that happens. -- not a chance with the option due to stay away in droves. And we -- of people -- having the patient what will they do. Well for three years -- they don't have to commit its its Cadillac of false question because. That that doesn't happen. In markets like this -- does so they don't you don't have to wait three years what you have to do that at worst is what's happening right now. He shouldn't here in the in the first week and a half of July you know your team. Is not condone his knock and in the division your teams can make the playoffs and a bunch of kids out there and I don't watch him from July -- September and then. In the in the offseason comes. Because of the Boston Red Sox and because you have expectations saying okay. Get back architect architect I guess that trade for him trip for -- -- have come on -- -- -- -- like -- do that but if they don't do that and they say you know what will we soft from July through September of 2014. Is enough to indicate to us. That this is the group we wanna take a look at. Until July 2015. Well and you could be treading water. One hour from now you're gonna hear some really good stuff and John throw you missed it to charity. -- some news AJ Pierzynski has been designated for assignment. We yet another kid highly regarded catcher Christian after a season a lot of tonight he is batting. Batting ninth at the Red Sox take on the White Sox and try to score some runs and try to win another game on -- -- -- They played eight games in this homestand and they've lost 7UP. It's crazy it's supposed to be hosted. They've got them back to the race and then and instead of the homestand that -- convince them. That they are out of it. More of phone calls what your thoughts your observations -- -- next -- 1779737. Sports Radio W yeah. For those who have not seen Christian investors this is a compact quick. Exceptional throwing arm he's a shut down -- in terms of the running game over the past year and a half he's really developed as far as the offensive side. At the levels he's been that easy easy going to be more of an impact defender at this point yes with the ability to handle a bat and that means the ability to hit and run he's got some occasional power to Hutus poolside. So this is. An opportunity to take a look at the kids who could be a front line catcher for a number of years. As John Ferrell earlier. On the DL polished you know. On a very surprising Wednesday Tommy counts here Greg Dickerson as you start off days in what's going on in Boston sports. Little this little that an -- -- to make a trade Red Sox designated AJ Pierzynski for assignment they got Christian Vasquez. Up and in the lineup tonight no pressure batting ninth. Jordan great Fenway ovation. When it comes up for the first time but. Carol says or not he's not waving a white flag fellas and that is a franchise but. The evidence seems to suggest. Something else that -- a lot of your phone calls here Allison Hampton was up now. So was familiar and now doing. Good they -- it up a little bit about the red -- in the these. Fund the current is correct yes you aware that aberrations. -- before that -- and now it's what they. You go back. Over that court for the off season the Sox did not make an attempt really I'm a big thing. Often the players but they're right handed bat they assume that that last year the was gonna play well this year they are you then. A guy he will be built complete act he lacked -- -- reproduce the same thing this year. That being said. Yeah I can understand call up all the Red Sox rookie -- what they gonna do the rest the year but if they think that. Team would hope that Jackie Bradley junior -- players are gonna make beat every gate big leaguers. And they want red rock -- to go to and waited a deceit minor leaguers play in the big leagues I think -- -- but -- an army hand. Which I don't think it will probably watch what we're gonna do into the -- and see what they got -- I would be surprised if I'm although there are what fuels. Players wecht traded will be packed. My dad probably probably and I think they were naive to think you're naive. Because they just won the World Series. And they had an incredible run differential. Know over 850 runs last year. Gave up fewer than. I think it was like six certainly the 686. Figure -- is looking up the other day great run differential. When the American League east. Dispatched Tampa on four games. Dispatched the talented Detroit Tigers in six games simulators St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series in six games. So I think they look at their talent. And they thought they were better than they are -- You really believe -- can I think I think that's what they -- hot curling up with Tom and I think it 2013. Was an aberration. The world lucky in some circumstances. But they also made their -- locked in some circumstances. But that being said. What else could they really had done. In the offseason. Maybe what they camp to -- bill that would Greg if you think it was an aberration. And I man who called earlier operation which is kind of cool to acknowledge that it was and I like -- would make up work it was an aberrant unnatural work. The award goes. An aberration in an aberration but if if you feel like it was an aberration you can't say what could we have done. While it is an aberration they should be doing this this and that's because what what you just experience -- not real and I think what would have been more convincing. For them. And for us if they want 85 games. If they have in the second wildcard. That they had struggled and scraped in and Claude. Their way to the World Series and won it in seven games it was unbelievable. Then you can say -- Arctic and they wound up winning the World Series but. Over the course of the season and almost won three games in a row and they're doing all the things tonight that said. It's hard to stay out of not real it seemed real. But I I. If you feel that with -- -- that probably tell you the God's honest to God's honest truth with what we're saying. We kind of got lucky it was an aberration. We probably should -- one right where we were a year or two years early so my point being is the Red Sox just. Fill some holes you were there. As opposed to making that big huge splash. I don't think was necessarily bear what is the pinks Blacksburg to move. They quoted major on the Nazis Nelson Cruz -- that's my opinion and you knew that Nelson Cruz now I don't do what he's done -- Not listen you're asking -- -- splash was there and that's and it would have done it but there are some guys out there -- -- they can of us on that Carlos Beltran would you like to and that's another wanna make that vote and that's another one another garlic and have not not not not doing well but you're you're you're asking you -- both sides of you ask me what what I've done at the time and now you know the results. What would act on at the time without knowing the results it Carlos Beltran would be interesting. And so would Nelson Cruz Johnson -- jobs up. I don't they don't break. Not a regular employment John Farrell it's -- -- parable remind me of when the whole plane Jim Caldwell pig anymore. Remember her way to the and that's what people -- going down they go -- return -- -- -- much young kids that are proven militant you guys walk in Iran blamed -- so he can't -- You know it's funny I'm not sure that the level of of tanks tenure teach him with his team news is that hot you might feel differently. John. I just don't I think that there are a lot of people who feel as if hey this is what you get this is what you get when you try not that many young players this is what you get. -- -- your best players are 37. War. Avenue Mike Napoli news Jonny Gomes or you know you have. Players -- if you lose a guy like Jake Jacoby Ellsbury I mean. I don't think the irritation level -- that -- there's a lot of apple epic there's a lot of apathy with this team and I think part of it you're right Tom as you go back to last year. And people will say and realize. We got lucky last year we stole one we want a World Series we weren't supposed to win. -- -- got a gift we gotta gotta get is that apathy or is -- indifference. -- is that the same. -- partly because if it's if it's apathy if -- -- hey you know maybe I can. Maybe acting comeback didn't come back when the team is is more successful. Its indifference. To shrug your shoulders. Whatever how hard is it though -- get angry. After winning -- world -- can't ever winning your -- World Series in ten years how hard is it to get angry you can't but David from Florida yeah. -- You feel about it final hour of the show coming up taking your phone call 6177797937. Got Celtics on the table. And Red Sox.

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