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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - 07-09-14 - Red Sox Worst of the Worst Edition

Jul 9, 2014|

We go back in recent memory to find out which Red Sox team was actually the worst.

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And holing the. Yeah. We'll in the abundance when Michael. Whether the good old days. The battle yeah. The bad old days. But isn't. 44 brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. -- -- Okay market to put their hand up to build up. Not ever -- we actually tournament Michael brother to about two or swaying from side to side which is an Atlanta I don't know what. Our let's get started let's get it started here. Governor called the bad seasons. For the Boston Red Sox last thirteen years at the end you'll rank how -- those seasons where we're gonna start in 2001. Button. Jimmy Williams was fired. And then they went seventeen and 26. Under Joseph Kerrigan. It watching it all over the past couple weeks felt it was in the best interest of organization. To make a managerial change in order to reenergize the team. And focus the club on the goals of the 2001 season. I am pleased to introduce to you. 42 club manager Joseph Kerrigan is a highly. Capable. Dedicated baseball man. I hope I have this many people my way. -- a hot topic. I think I believe we have 43 games left. Our goal is to get into the playoffs. That's all we're concerned about to get into the playoffs. Yeah I laugh now doubts -- which silence of -- Stewart. And it was probably stick the things we're gonna go so -- diamond deal. You know if it is slightly -- -- 2001 Red -- like we're talking about Victorian there are relatively quick so well and I. This studio didn't exist. The term pink cat didn't exist. 99% of Red Sox fans had no idea who Theo Epstein was -- -- that was -- -- John Tom and Larry that was coattails and all. Should note there on holiday with David Ortiz. -- David Ortiz got here. So -- 2001 Red Sox I'll just read it yet it patriots nose ring -- put my balls for about an -- demand. Yet to rock and you rock -- -- people with. I mean it was a bust your fault it was missed game. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what -- fake. -- -- great -- and a hat. That. Is fake distress yes -- there really it's -- I I I I was in Vegas last week went to a store sure salt account. Like that and it. Came with the -- NA solitary. And -- so if somebody forgot it. And -- didn't put it on yourself that you actually block they came model or they saw soaker coming and it's like it's -- my -- if even got Bakes what's being done yes. Whole nine yards got it it's crazy number two of them. You ought to -- -- we are 2011. Great team going into September and then they collapsed they didn't finish disease in 1972 but all that is remember. Chicken and beer. New -- Yeah. How many know. Today. -- -- -- Mr. Clinton has done. And nine game lead at the outset of September it completely gone and. Come up short. My favorite daughters. Weeks. They've blown it completely gone but you know to value it doesn't -- Wanna go to 2011 Sox -- that straight days doing it. Start overeating. Drinking and constant. -- and what the bat can't. Lost their potential loss of talent that went bad. They work I mean look at that team at the end -- all -- the -- that was a damn good to -- the great thing at the end of August. And they just start and and they lost it came on and know what -- don't know what -- -- ever saw that coming there wasn't even active. Lakers struggle they could go off the rails in September. Nobody foresees for Soledad and I was terrific at that they're damn good team they appeared to be a damn good -- clearly they wire. And and you wonder if it was just. You know bad luck that the atom or that's what -- -- You know I'll -- the latter I would die with -- and McLellan. We can just -- I think they gave it to him I just don't think that they did very well and dealing with. A little bit of difficult they want to resilient team as we saw. And that makes more. Like. Yeah I think they they there's a strong candidates so far. I may have -- a clubhouse leader with number 33. After the 2011 September collapse that brought in a new manager. And they went 69 and 93 and finished last -- at least under Bobby Valentine why don't we hear about Kirk Gibson didn't. Ed how many of the players don't like him or about Jim Leland. Ed who's upset would you aliens pitching moves. Luckily we've. That you're still in the infamous San Francisco airport for the but this Oakland coliseum. And that there's the and you play. And have a good news media or the way they bought me some people think you have -- What are embarrassing question. I put -- -- -- particular well that -- nut graph but it won't forget the other little ones that agreed to use the middle of bottles. Oakland tell -- much. Of it up and actually I was absolutely right anyway that you know and nobody's dead boot he's he's he's he's. I don't issue I don't -- thirty. It's not about the ballot W got side you're unity I thought okay. You know maybe second -- little and I don't know he's -- he's got back. You're like thirteen years old and I got to get a from the airport thirty -- -- to workers will be assessed by the downturn in question. Short of the Troy Brown with absolutely obsess. We're Bobby Valentine 2012. Having her baby don't patriots Monday. And in Beirut after I feel that tell me about the third quarter of that game -- got swept under the sun belt and a question. Of -- so I think Bobby V. Yeah obviously it's just it was everything. And had everything it was a plus ultimately an agreement aren't done it was a bad baseball and reality TV and -- -- the fact is when we were down here. Bobby Valentine from. We walked through that door. I don't know who's gonna hug me kiss me slap me kick me in the coconut whatever I think now and I cannot enjoy it. You know the great -- you have three different options so far you have a team of pre dated anybody really expecting much that to me it was status quo that season. Then you have the kick in the nuts in 2011 and then you have. The random. Embarrassment humiliation. That other franchises have to deal -- you get three disasters to choose from we have we. I'm a little more than secular arguments that recognize those that -- number of people out. -- Time now for the AT&T Red Sox disappointment of the day brings us to the 2014. Red Sox win the World Series last year but they're currently. 39 and 51 of the last place in the elites. Is it a World Series hang over them. There's a ground ball to the shortstop. And -- -- the second half past the ball game the Red Sox who shot out for the ninth time he's here. They faulted the Chicago White Sox in the opener of this four game series for the company. Red Sox you know won and six on this homestand -- we go again and listen listen. -- -- -- -- -- Video -- knew who we are getting new ones to know that -- mr. little. Because. As much as you -- here that pain and agony. In the voice of Joseph Castiglione you know make it better. Video on WEEI dot com. The ninth inning we should play here you're got it right you don't like we envision to. Is Joseph doing that well as a ground ball short and he's got his papers together that -- -- -- -- glasses off please put him in his case. I that's -- you know and you know it's more like this it's more like when somebody gives you this thing guy or like that talent that twisted that. Look at this completely right here he's got that look on his -- reason. On it grounded weakly that you are -- just expecting Joseph at some point in time gracious Duluth that. There's not just -- -- ground ball was short and it's still a Red Sox fall portal 100. Up. Believe me believe yeah. You know accurate. He's done it already. That's why we don't forget about the video on the ninth inning I got another that -- is a great feature on W dot com Bradford. Got a report. -- we can call it. After that game went jokers think Leo so they lose in the video just days with jail for five minutes. That's the real. And I told. Guided them go outside it the audience. I hit. A cute dogs but. We have after the in appearance game. I told -- before their -- in the World Series. Street Louis and I -- -- -- -- -- all I mean he was just read. He was ripped up the game Erin Lee couldn't get sloppy. Sloppy play ball back at it and operative. -- the art. 2003 Aaron bleeping Boone. I felt Sergio did look like a relative died he was so down. They I think. And that's forest -- 44 family 2014. Takes the -- you don't want this team hasn't had a jackass moment yeah. They all the other stuff. All the all the other disasters you can talk about. Either Jimy Williams or Joseph Kerrigan and 2001 Carl Everett 2001 had -- -- jackass is 2001 run 2011. Chicken and beer easy. 2012. Bobby Valentine. People were mad at Dustin Pedroia. You know that they were they were upset at the team he was unlikable. This is about what this morning on this -- an -- offensively crappy team absolutely you don't you don't hate anybody on this team you hated. At least one person on each of those three teams what are your hate on this to order a mat that at this team well I added everybody in those you know. All have the candidates is it's a surprising. Now because your there's a guy who has a candidate to beat. A guy with a candidate to be. Even. Or. Maybe -- is too strong but that guy David Ortiz. David Ortiz has been in the news with the official scorer he's been in the news with the with with the rants about. The -- -- of these -- can shove a novice that he met his contract at the start of the season. Coming coming coming out of spring training and you take that sort of stuff with the greatest idea Ortiz got that comes out in every year OK I do. But surprisingly. Every time he says something very easy maybe it's a vocal minority. They're very vocal. They have a lot to say about David Ortiz on tires wanting them tired it's always complaining. And get a body hair and I don't want him showering the young guys anyone. It's interesting you bring that up because knows just on Twitter and such yet and tweeted out that big copy media tour update David Ortiz will be on MLB network's MLB now. At 4 PM to discuss -- quote free pass comment in his 2003 test. Additionally today David Ortiz in the clubhouse prior to the games and I still believe we're gonna do what you think that. So. While Jon Farrell's here indicating that. They're moving on the youth movement is for. David Ortiz -- and I still think we get a big -- So what does that say to you they don't get that big battle -- what David Ortiz mindset may be in late July early August. Probably not that great probably prone to -- in a thing or two sets to me he's a great slugger but not a great general manager. Well not only that but what kind of -- does it. Kind of signal when I was kind of trying to leaped up that you brought to John Farrell is how these veterans don't want to react if you continue this youth movement. Out of the god like Ortiz react out of the -- like Pedroia. -- -- -- -- You think so yeah I think until we find because. He's day. Whatever the team says he's going to be done is he's what's going to have -- -- -- on for a he's also the ultimate competitor so of course your luck going anyway next year much of Ortiz is. But he knows in order for. This team to get better during an easy year tenure here at least. These kids have to play now David Ortiz is a guy who CC's. Mortality around every corner I think at this stage of his career so he's gonna have less tolerant. -- -- but you know we have here today that we got two trains running to her building trains running at the same time. The Red Sox started their rebuilding today officially. They got a veteran out. They they designated -- starting players you wouldn't Grady Sizemore -- great Grady Sizemore was designated for assignment. Wasn't a starting player for the Red Sox he would play but he went to Iraq their guy. AJ Pierzynski was there are starting catcher they designated they're starting catcher for a time that they brought up. Kid and that gives and it kind of start it would -- -- bats but. -- -- was you can explain that with. Shane Victorino was injured that's why he has to be here -- that he didn't have to be designated they felt like. They needed to do that they felt that way. To start the rebuilding and for the Celtics. They're rebuilding and they started last year but he continued today. With the trade where they just sat there and took advantage of Cleveland's desperation Cleveland is desperately. Trying to bring back LeBron James. And they are trying to clear as much cap space as possible offer LeBron James the maximum. And bring along some of his friends so the Celtics were able to take advantage of that they pick up market store and they pick up. A 20161. Round pick and they pick up the guy can't believe -- is on the -- -- at the like. They needed. Tyler Zeller. 'cause he's got size and don't have anybody was -- the -- senator although not a balky senate but he's a true center. Is a better version correcting some blocks shots and I think he's I think he's much better instincts. I Steve's he's back he's better and much less like you're not a torture remember your -- -- domination he Tommy says he can block shots like Russell might argue with Tommy I was just talking about the time. -- You know you look at the -- using it trade exception to remain dollar trade exception imaginary player on the turn your entertainment dollar -- -- -- player. To get the assets to rebuild in the Red Sox are doing the same thing -- feel about it. Rebuilding. The Boston Red Sox and Celtics we talk about it next month seventh and -- a nine. 7937 Sports Radio W yeah.

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