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Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale and Holley

Jul 9, 2014|

We check in with John Farrell for our weekly update as the YOUTH MOVEMENT has begun.

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Are back on the dale and Holley show built on vacation he'll be back next week Tom Curran if you're on the -- excuse me Greg Dickerson. And now the manager the Red Sox John -- John occupy our dollar insurance I'll spare tire. And Mohegan Sun John and I think -- You know a lot of rumors yesterday it. Jake Peavy was going to be going to the Cardinals Jake Peavy be a member of this team and into the week. Well I think the want to get to categorize rumors is just that says this time a year when that's been really start to. You know. -- legs around the around the game no different than here where you've got veteran guys on the team that you know we we've got a hold of the out of so. My full expectations Jake Peavy is in our uniform will remain there -- to sell. In fall with guys who lowering trade promise you talked at all or just let -- be this time. I mean. You I'm not -- -- not privy to every conversation I've been is having with other teams in and if our guys in our clubhouse summer. Park or central to some of those conversations but. I think you start to get a sense of veteran guys -- depending on their their status with us -- contract you try to put their mind -- -- -- camp. And that'll grow all the way to the end of this month where the deadline starts reproach but I think more than anything is. You know you try to be consistent with guys and try to make sure that the you know their focus is in the right spot. And -- the same time there's always so much that day or week can control in the situations so it's it's a matter of staying focused on today and put in fourth best effort. John you mentioned last night after the game this home stand looked at a pivotal. Ten games stretch and hadn't played out so far exactly you would like -- That that dynamic changes don't do what you mean that. Well I think he based on the conversations we've had internally in. With the trading deadline looming we felt like we had to make a little bit of a move. Northward. Who with a gap between us and Baltimore took -- close that's somewhat. For us to have more clear cut path from what the remaining two plus months of the season is gonna have in store so. I'm not that the we're trying to put anymore added pressure on a ten game stretch but it has a bearing on on some decisions that -- and others gonna have to make. So when you look at this -- game stretch of what's gone on so far I mean you get to a point John we've saying okay. We're either gonna trying it north to where Baltimore is what we're gonna start to look towards. Next year building people bringing people up but we at that juncture yet. You know I can't speak for Ben but I can say that you know we're getting to the point where the trading deadline is is nearing record so. With that in mind we you know when Ben is doing what's best for our team what's best for the organization and if that means changes are are forthcoming. Beckham -- in case. John you guys led all of baseball last year five point two runs per game. And not that you can anticipate the play it seems like a play like a and got you can anticipate this coming what did you think in the off season. It's gonna be difficult for the robust offense to continue did you anticipate any type of drop off in in last year's production. I think there was there was going to be some natural pull back because of them and the personal changes that we went through. And then we also have the most productive left field. In all of baseball questions that have to be a platoon system between Daniel -- Jonny Gomes so you're asking for a lot of those parts. And and a lot of players today not only. Repeat what they did a year ago and in some cases direction a little bit more because when Jacoby and and and salty and and then obviously with -- not being with us for -- that's where you look back a month ago or six weeks ago and say you know what -- our production against right handed starters dropped off because of four left handed bats that one line opening more and Daniel -- having. And now who's come back somewhat to his normal performance there was some struggles early on that and those factors all contributed to a -- where we. I struggled against right handers so some pull back yes but to the point of going from first to where we are today didn't anticipate that. I guess I don't you when you talk with us usually composed and you know you're not flipping out -- wonder and look at your -- from us you ever ask yourself. Why it's so different than last year I mean I think why did you ask yourself a question and. And what the answer that question has been worn out my mind. And you continue to look for ways to. I'm Marcus and refocus because this this isn't -- situation where guys are not focused this situation and seemingly every break. For every decision everything that's on four last year when favor. And yet last night if you look at the second is almost snapshot of what we've gone through. Where bases loaded one out situation that Jonny Gomes at the plate a guy who's had tremendous success against left handers even this year. In which he would unfolds grumbled -- plate -- the inning. Many many opportunities over the course of this year have. Somewhat turned out like that. We -- I think overall. Have done a decent job not a great job at a decent job of creating those opportunities in the cashing in on him or. Finishing up opportunities with those. Rose story tonight. What you liked. Out of what you see not cancel our workmen in the Rose. You know the biggest thing is he's come back to us one being for your further -- Tommy John surgery last year was almost a physical exercise rehab. This year he went out no reins on him terms -- pitch counts reproach and -- down pitched. His changeup has become much more weapon and I think it's been -- by the bottom line was incompetency shown on the mound and he's good and very good places Compton himself. I think in five starts and made prior going down and -- coming back to us. There was a greater understanding of how he's to use his -- best against certain -- and certainly Major League hitters. So it's. To answer that question has been a few things happen development change the overall confidence and use the stuff. All confidence. Is that cat half the battle with young pitcher. Well I think it's have to battle that employer. Regardless of there's you know other Asian and that status in the game revolves -- competence and and how guys -- about it boxers stand on the mound -- there's players feel good about themselves that much more relaxed and after blues play. When if you could put myself. You have to have some kind of evidence that proves to you -- things are going right I'm having an inning putting things together. How much of it -- on. He's managing mind sets and making sure guys despite the proof coming back it you're not performing at the level you should be. You're still a good player how much do you have to when your coaching staff managed mindset well that that's where you and and for talk about someone specific -- is in a -- -- -- -- challenges he's facing right now. One we've got to be consistent with him -- we can't shift gears on the message that is being given him from a fundamental standpoint things he's working on the set upper swing. That has to remain consistent. He's got a sense that -- get a sense that stability. In at the same time you watch the body language that's going to be a window into what's going on the mind and if there's changes and that and that there might be time to. You know maybe give a little bit of a breather which we've done with him -- on occasion. But it's important frosted continually created teaching environment one that's positive. And the one that upbeat there's inherent pressure. Every day every minute when you're coaching or managing a Major League Baseball team what's what difficult what do you feel more pressure doing managing in October. With a World Series championship on the line or managing in this now. Which which is what difficult for -- but I think there's a different type of challenge in the you'll Wear -- situation or looking to turn things around so you're you're looking at trying to create little. Confidence is a group little bit of momentum that we can start to. Seemingly build on and that's probably been some of the frustration we -- -- a New York -- went to a three feel like this homestand referred to. Is chance for us to maintain and build some momentum. We've felt we've had that's and start quite a few times this year and that's probably been. -- the more the frustrating thing of this entire season. In October yeah there's there's a different focal point is a different set of pressures. But you've achieved to a certain level that. You put yourself in position and I'll be in the postseason but it championship and finish which is what took place Leicester so. I think the differences this is the one here now. The one before we could talk about it with the end result. It to. So to me that the the bigger challenge is the one you're involved in right now John Ken Rosenthal is reporting that AJ Pierzynski has been designated for assignment can you confirm that report. He has been. And that's been -- on a little bit earlier today. And in what was the what was the reason for the designation. It just it it's at that point in the season as Tom brought up in a minute ago that you start to look to. Invest in young players and looked to. Take advantage of their games remaining force and and how. We look to players that might be here beyond this season. -- Kasich Christian Vasquez -- -- played here tonight. Is there who it was air personalities who heard a lot of stories about how. -- AJ Pierzynski was on the on the same page as some people on pitching staff and moves at different kind of presence in your clubhouse was that a factor in his he's a designation. No no not at all and I think if you look at some of the performance of our pitchers. That AJ is handled John Lackey is thrown very consistently very well. We talked about -- Derosa and is AJ had. Some contributions in ruby's. Adjustments and the performance he's had here I would say yes he has so. This has been a matter of us taking a look at internally. One of the players -- we're going to be can do to build forward with and we've started with. What's taken place on a -- so you've. Got I had been we know what the homestand has been it's been unsuccessful. Got Vasquez behind the plate tonight got -- a -- on the mound marquis Jets appear Jackie Bradley and devote art. Is it fair to say that the Red Sox not to waving a white -- but you're looking more development. At this point in the season than you are at the top of the American League east well. Were work turning the page in terms of investing in young players and part of those players in -- case and in when you when you look at his situation particular he's come up as -- as it right in the bat for the often too because -- in victory situation. Smoking is advance to the minor league record. And we've had a number of young players in starting roles for the vast majority of the season. So I wouldn't say that the the white flag has been a wave because since our clubhouse that that I can honestly tell you that feeling does not exist. This is a matter of how we're gonna go out and beat Chris so tonight. It's the club off when you let go -- like AJ Pierzynski. You're starting to go wrong with your veteran players. How does that work out and that I don't think you'll. Well -- he is it's probably a combination of things and it goes back to you know when you asked earlier as the trading deadline comes. Closer how does that affect individuals and what can be done to keep their mind you know focused and in the moment. At the same time because they are veterans that probably been in situations where this has happened. To them before or we're two teams they've been on before they were that young guy at one point in time that they came up that in this situation like this. So. It's a dated a conversation with the individuals based on their current status. And that's where we are today. We know that famous story Billy Martin once but to -- and the road this lineup when team was struggling. I don't know if you're doing that tonight or what what is your mind while we've got a young -- about an -- tonight there's no question when he -- you know you are top 45 remain the same as it was last night with -- Pedroia and Ortiz Napoli Gomes. And and get into Bogart's Bradley bets investors. One through nine times now the question. With the manager Daniel and challenge for us. -- -- so many young players on the team do you spend time working with them. -- you leave it to members of the coaching staff votes combined effort beacons for instance today when Christian Vasquez walked in. There's an initial sit down with him justice. Outline. Not on the expectations that we have here which would be. Somewhat right in line with the organization. As he's advanced to the system we've talked about what is what the outlook is for his playing time. What the database structure would be with our meetings and -- -- so. That's just an initial meeting but -- at that point it -- oppositional. We're in all of Angie and won the Davis will handle him in terms of giving him up to speed on the game plan and they and they. The advance scouting report -- in the plan we're gonna look to execute and intimate implement tonight so it's a code it's a concerted effort. And then there's always going to be. Things that help pick up on -- and feedback given by veteran players it's it's a complete concerted effort. But before we let you go here's one quick question you mentioned Vasquez. Obviously that night tonight so not a lot of pressure on the guy in his first Major League game but. Heard a lot of love basket behind the plate if I can and he's really an impressive young prospect defensively. It is there anything like after that scouting report of him by I think for those who have. Not seeing Christian investors this is the compact quick. Exceptional throwing arm he's a shut down catcher in terms of the running game. Over the past year and a half he's really developed as far as the offensive side. At the levels he's been out. Not easy easy going to be more of an impact defender at this point yes with the ability to handle a bat and that means the ability to hit and run and he's got some occasional power to Hutus poolside. So this is. This is it. An opportunity to take a look at the kids who could be a front line catcher for a number of years completely Q is he ready or did the situation accurate right now make him. Be on more of a fast track you've got a couple within a young player there's going to be a transition face we feel like this is a Major League caliber of Major League ready prospect that is. Now here Tuesday. John we appreciate a good luck tonight thanks adjustment time OK -- parents John -- the Red Sox back to more of your calls your observations you heard the news. I AJ Pierzynski has been designated for assignment Christian Vasquez. In the lineup tonight starting that night Sports Radio W yeah.

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