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Producer's Podcast- Episode 3

Jul 9, 2014|

Sam and Zach discuss the lack of World Cup rioting, predict our reactions for Argentina-Netherlands, and talk NBA free agency. Then the podcast gets its first guest: Nick Friedman joins the program to gives us his observations from the NBA Summer League in Orlando

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We Sam Tucker to reasonable voice. The move to the -- of crazy. Yeah well. Welcome welcome I don't do she's nervous. Show whenever we -- it's not that I'm more of what's your batting order slightly -- faster. This year in addition these particular believes I like to think Cunningham. But. Mostly I can do none of them all hope. Com Charlie hustle on the border this area just in port Austin private -- of Boston has been a lot of -- Just -- that is I'm going to jump -- you know skin tone says it should make sense of triumph and on the assist man John Stockton style. Yes. Of course -- that is looks just like them you look just like in the beard and everything. This is the third episode -- -- his podcaster according today is Wednesday July 9 while we're giving away. Gave it away America. -- -- last enough night guest last afternoon yesterday of massacres in Brasilia. They -- of Germany put us mentally and on the I was driving in the car for a twenty minute period in that time Germany scored four goals and Mario. Never happened those like historic. It's just disappointing after so many close games it was shocking but kind of not -- at the same time -- Brazil like reportedly. Alexi lawless told tells me that they just played pretty -- for them world barely got through Costa Rica and the first knockout round through -- days. Barely beat Colombia. And now. The Dolly it just looked like they had no defense it was crazy watch in the ESPN broadcast afterwards because they were also like. Careful of what to say because they were they literally fell later about to be ranked. They're kind of the Italian they were like feared -- -- -- if I was kind of disappointed there were -- settles raining so that twelve being here. -- -- Al's wondering what if you're at I'm writing a little rain stuck it out today that's as you think they didn't write because of the -- ass beating they receive it thinks so I think just tell if they'd like to have -- of the whole second have to Alex Sink in -- -- We're doomed. And it's hard to -- like you couldn't there's no like big call their set with this -- like they have to take their ass attitude and doesn't ultimately. What causes more rights there mean their failure they lost -- bad PK again or is that worst to lose -- like a last second. Even if it is their fault did get -- speed. War would win team will cause the most for a basket to ride the biggest rise -- if they want -- they won the whole thing then the second biggest know probably the biggest -- would be. If they loss on like a terrible like. I call via. And that the cause and -- and that -- there was more anger that right in this they had it can only be angry at the team. -- they had eighty minutes to process it because they were out today pretty quick pretty quickly pretty quick I -- like all the shots of all the personal fans cry in the the old guy who is how in the World Cup's that you with a mustache. Used the -- I actually saw credit though took another picture of him handyman World Cup statute to Germany and. They did you take that we are just so first run right there it's a three picture series is rather than to lose. First -- he's like proud -- and a Brazilian flag I believe this is during National Anthem. The second -- him hug in the World Cup. The third one lives in passing it to a German. I saw one picture of a guy Brazilian. Woman crying and she had Brasilia and green make upon a staff. And again I was behind her red you know rubbing her tears away with the German flag. They're. If -- like Germany can't do anything. Without -- just immediately been. Costs and -- -- -- differently how long primary and -- from under which. Shouldn't they probably don't deserve it but how long until Germany as a victory in anything it's like oh. Blitzkrieg joked about it and yeah. Twitter Twitter. -- Twitter to be fair where's the worst like the lowest common denominator every single thing that was the most tweeted about sporting event history. Expense plus in that -- is all -- like arguments in the past two weeks of like oh well it's a soccer so popular and analyze it rising. The Internet -- realized that people have every crazy access to everything now lake wind. In the ninety's if you wanted to watch very good soccer here in America you couldn't -- now you can just Google like the top ten minutes Eagles -- just anything so do wonders soccer's -- -- all of -- Premier League games. We have technology and no one has mentioned that I listened to use. Hours of our program is station another radio station to no one's really mentioned oh. One that we're an age of new technologies and you connect it -- -- say anything else. I'm not dale here that's neither here nor there. We have up on all on the popular soccer. So it's Adam let's go back to our predictions for him oh lead day. We where we are way off -- spot on. We predicted it. Was the first game we had Colombia we handled via -- The new man in Germany France -- for France wrong. Than we have Argentina. Belgium. We actually before there on the Netherlands verses coast Rica. Unit mystery I I necklace and and in those three as -- strategy of just. We're not good drive and scored to them and the American way. And in Belgium lost and yet we -- Well Argentina please. The Netherlands and should be a better game in us -- rains. That are from the batch. That -- and the Argentinian. Ball. Travelers. By the time the podcast it's released scheme will probably the overs so icy we record. Versions two versions one if it. One of Argentina wins and one that. You -- -- -- the art uses. If our our reaction if Argentina one. So Argentina. -- yeah. Yeah. Like god did you see that quite messy here it's a beautiful game it's a beautiful beautiful game. After the Brazil Jeremy and you think you've seen anything as crazy about it. That Argentina Netherlands game I mean Robin kept on coming back with a died calls I'm kinda. Narrative hampers the had a big influence on the game. -- -- just nasty message displays the best player in the world he put the biscuit in the proverbial basket every time and it's just like what are you gonna do about it. -- -- run so fast the bylaws and I really like the way their uniforms looked as well. -- whether relieve. Impacted my Geithner paid him back I would say there's definite impact from against any number of dogs editors. At least -- effective back and I'm just glad to that the touched on because I've -- that. I don't like the cruel guy who comes in just starts talking well it delegates that -- We'll get to that on the second versions so Argentina. -- There's room in the final. And he got a America -- here. The big clash clash of titans got a contest go to Argentina I go -- best player in the world as he displayed in today's game. Beautiful beautiful stuff from messy there currency got -- Argentina over there -- -- the Germans looked at in Germany. -- -- -- -- World champion -- Nazis. Rule never the Twitter yeah. Hopefully now. Since it accurate nations Argentina for me in the finals. I now if the Dutch would've won. -- So you have that was the dogs that I just go out school. I should cease and he's -- in his wooden shoes -- now they're called clogs and they say all these things about -- being the greatest player in the world but it really really fell on his face when it came time to come through age ist was. It in five and the final would put the best in the bats and -- doctor to struggle rooster just it and chick in them votes yet in -- -- you know these -- watch the book. But it actually. Back -- keeper. Came in big. Even if the -- yes they wanted to indicates the crew will cave etiquette and -- -- PK it's -- is just messing things that are out miss that big goal. And called it down to one shot by -- He dismissed in this is terrible I mean it is a close game all the way the Dutch had their chances I thought they're gonna win I mean Robin. He did as Robin things he dived there's that other guy and Percy rove and all over the place who's their third star action item action I got Wesley should say that. He has some excellent chances in the first half yes. He at the posts. Around the gold in the goal was all over the place. And that's just kind of outpouring final islands Germany like yeah European European clash in South America -- -- -- the those statements -- corporate bigwigs know resilient than it does lead to a third please -- that they have a third place match -- -- yeah Argentina Argentina Brazil -- the -- era kind of mobile case. Have you got Netherlands Germany. At the Dutch. The Dutch go all the way in their first World Cup. -- all time. Yeah I -- Wanna. They are quite strong is that this stuff like these displayed in the in this dominant performance over Argentina that went -- stop and -- -- -- -- performance. It is an excellent job in our grants so Dutch make into the files. And that leads us perfectly in two. Perfect fit a pattern do you unofficial sponsor and. Yeah. So I'd like take this time to tell you guys about a friend of mine corporate friend of mine. Stamps.Com. Now the unofficial sponsor we haven't talked to them they certainly haven't talked to us. This is post office in your pocket you can go home. Yet it's postage anything you do what a post office keeping you from the comfort of your own. Never go to the post office again. Good -- dot com go to the top right hand or don't use our name we don't have any affiliation with them. But there's a number of other podcasts pretty much of ESPN podcast. Any popular podcast to put in their name and you can get discount into account. I know Mike and angry. He knows first MIT. Uses -- dot com we used in stock and doesn't he stands second to its owners can listen to tie everybody listens every reason I thought if you listen to podcasts used -- -- -- that's an all out assault. In the post office. Knowing your ear drums rolled since the outcome I mean we're talking misty -- -- -- we are affiliated with the threat of stiff dot com a thousand times since that account. -- All right now we transition into. And be free agency big news came out today. The trade between the Celtics the nets and the cavaliers. Essentially the cavs trying to clear cap space or they can offer LeBron James the full Max. The Celtics basically getting Tyler Zeller Marcus Thornton and have its future first round pick. And the nets and up -- Jarrett Jack. Alliger Jack. Consists solid player but if you can give them up to get LeBron I -- really salute he's going to leave without what this move signifies TO yet they gave up -- another. Foreign guy and check in now they have a perk basically exact amount they need to offer LeBron for Max. Do you think LeBron goes there as the team's stance. Indeed continue to bring another piece AK Kevin. I think they're gonna try to love but I think LeBron with carrier green Dion Waiters. Anthony Bennett is a solid enough. Anthony Tony Bennett's comment that aren't there any event I'll -- -- and it's come -- -- is in the running for the worst number one overall yeah that's all he wants you to think. But and it calls -- up from behind and people obviously the wrong guy and especially if LeBron -- there he'll have no pressure on them the other thing is what do they do we have the Wiggins now. Wolf LeBron I think if LeBron comes weekend. I think. That we we we can -- Boom and might be a part of may be a sign and trade with Miami is LeBron made it very vocal that he went to Max -- on the one taken off from Max contract and they can offer him in terms of years but they can still owe him money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why is going to clearance for its image not know what to better basketball situation better situation in Miami yesterday at a point guard for the past three years and he's getting it one of the best lakers in the league. In the east and in the east no way he leaves the east eastern conference's two -- And if you leave Miami team they're no longer contenders and we team LeBron gone is the favorite command -- So this is an -- And then -- it's depends weird thing -- -- if he goes to Cleveland. Net interest in thing right there is that would open up almost bombing in the aftermath. But does Miami want it or why would -- wanna go to my a LeBron was clear will he keep. -- and man lot dominance W estimate until LeBron and a he's old enough free agents I know it's fantastic he's the real power play him like oh yeah it's just a strong showing how yeah I am the most important part of the sleek and whatever I do dictates the actions of the entirely to the total power move. And I'm all for governments. Street you are a fan of power the big power. Here is so I bet I bet. Carmelo and that back in New York. Agassi is all about the money all that paper bosh once LeBron leaves takes that -- offer guests from Houston do you think it's still there. Oh absolutely. How long -- into LeBron to figure out team apps are moved from before LeBron makes the decision to run decision is coming down tomorrow. Tomorrow. Oh yeah a lot of people probably haven't even heard this before they've heard. -- there today before is this like they're gonna say well that Sam was a real spend jolly laugh three and out of -- Now it. Interest in interest in some bold prediction one day more seeds since you're such Nostradamus. You go to Cleveland Cleveland. You tested. At this point if he's all these rumors coming -- he's like 90% in Cleveland if he's 80% said that. Some sort of Internet folk but it does that to Cleveland again. That's actually kind of now I don't want to go to Cleveland is that whole areas if he would just. Basically blue balls hampered twice in four years that would be fantastic. Vehicle one. Oh -- are now now I wanted to go I don't want to go back to the heat say kind of averaged irrational hatred of all Miami fans. So if there's a magical thirteen to be in play but now I don't want to go back to Cleveland has that would be just funny. And I'm -- for urgency and staying in Miami now. No I just say that I wanna -- some other people that quickly I I that's a great deal by it's speak and I big in my opinion later particular Avian. -- that that's what I wanna be on live radio so why there's more come repercussions for the dumb things that I say. Now this record it now play it later stuff that doesn't get the full effect which were really got it and the -- and -- -- However. -- where you want to go. I want him to go to New York. -- In a year in the problem is -- year can't do anything she. Next year -- comes off the books. And they have a lot more leverage. Money. So the goal is to get LeBron. Some wiry opt out next. And then go to the next with Carmelo. And they can even better much caps. That's insisting that is why that's my idea all -- dominate from Oregon. Like like why would anyone -- any. I don't. Exactly -- right now -- of the Tibet best policy to -- yet again until Jackson you know he he wants. Phil Jackson to to love implement your program after. And leaving -- to be closer to Michael at the same coach size tedium. I wonder if he Derek Fisher higher had anything to do it. I wonder if -- -- anything to do with anything I don't know in relation anything. There December story today that Iran artists trying to sell -- hunter Fisher today it's all. We're just basically waiting for the dominoes to fall them -- when LeBron makes is -- which is going to be Thursday. -- program. Then everything else well that's the first day he can officially signed. Tomorrow yeah Aaron yeah that's a free agency was open -- berries and now reassigned to non signed officially. They've all rumored deals. The rumors were all sitting here waiting for Domino's and as a former Domino's Pizza employee that's never gets into whenever ought to be waiting for one of the worst pizzas in the world. Did you know the cheesy bread is just the pizza -- folded over and she's in the middle. I mean it makes sense to hear the same mistakes this is the -- today hopeful that over with had been put on Meeks and -- let's reverently to -- rhetoric that about it but I will make it about it that. Makes it's all the same stuff it's gross I don't I you don't go there. Well or losing sponsors that regaining its can't us. If you get -- help pay for dominoes and stamps. That -- hi Katrina action -- pretty. Leads us into our first interview and oh yes my my eight year old friends from -- five years old now basketball expert has been. Taking in some of the summer league down in Orlando Rick can you do it. -- do well doing well written during the Miami weather and and -- Our let's start by your credentials now Y -- what. What gives you authority to tell us about summer league basketball. Well two pretty random reasons right now -- currently. Individually training Brandon Rush former and -- JR. Who is currently in freeagent cities or -- they -- and this isn't. For the well being and then like -- Earl Clark who -- the lakers and and the fact contract with Cleveland and wave -- you yourself. And I was able to in the action on Saturday. Which you know quite an experience of that next impressed and I am not realizing it and let. That's cool you know it's typical venue lot of in just being -- on the game's been prospect about it. So is that -- killed here in America and that thanks to meet you so you learned -- -- Now some of those rate for a second. They are. Okay so you're taking in some some really -- Williams right now. Who is -- most impressive player you've seen on the court so far. Well I mean the obvious yet they GDP. And it is -- well vote. He's been as the but he just you know chilling out I've ability is perfecting your guy in. You know ordinance but pretty impressive. Numbered the darling of the creative ability that it pull up jumpers from pretty much anywhere Lauren. He'd been but spot but Brett is. You know are really liked what. You know even though he's struggled he does can send arrow set most of that will be the next level of it being -- struggle to I think -- He's just so heady terms of any situation he faces on the floor and you know implement shot but really setting but. The guy met the boy this is there. Semester Chavez do you think he's going to be enough to keep LeBron and not. Miami. Actually I. I really am not a fan of what they've. I mean just thinking that -- Robert and Granger you know you're in the -- get brain injured notifying it that can. And make Robert they've pretty you can't please speak. I'm just really not like they're doing and it just seems like. She boxes and take that up -- -- and that's what the rumors are down here and there and try to you know go after mellow but Cleveland got the upper right now and in. Just seems like I -- the partner boy band and -- Bennett and Britain content -- for Kevin Love. And thrown a pick there I mean if you're Minnesota -- you inevitably gonna leave so. Haven't you know that new victory. I don't know can't stand out from -- I think it's definitely a possibility I think you see you see the cavs haven't signed weakens the heck does that make him on -- for another thirty days that if -- -- -- their options open. There's -- a Twitter rumors swirling about deals in place and different things like that. And I'm skin jump back summer league right now tell me about them in Ireland's Noel make its first NBA appearance and impression of him. -- ever met for a quick. To every it's good boys they got to -- -- -- -- -- -- But yeah I love. Narrow that criticism is like fully back in order and he's as good at guarding people. Just being able to guard guard then recovering as I've seen at a young big in his sleep. You know they they showcase some little bit and help them out tech game that you played but. He -- everything in sight just -- the show went -- possession yet yesterday spotted a damn bird -- Granted back into our bank the board and that -- urgent transition. The agency created in -- is voters thought about it seems like you want to learn he's willing to learn. And I think it's going to be you know you've got to -- -- Learn a lot ostensibly in the vote. If you're -- like -- got you misunderstood the question he asked how he looked like has the flat out. -- -- -- -- Flat boxes -- a lot. -- -- -- -- -- got stuck at the style even though he's on a deal for hello. Black on on match -- He was in absolute total and a. RA let's get were kind of a Boston podcasts or skip Boston centric have you seen any of markets not play. Or Kelly only -- with a stupid pony tail. At at. Yeah -- there are ugly game when Charlie went. He just plays in his own speed which as you know quality you mean he shouldn't. When you are ostensibly. Real adjusting you know he -- apparently. When their reasons or agreement to kill them boards but. You know. Would have preferred that -- -- agree three. Well and that he's in twenty -- to have thinkers to two inches last year. But yet. Well everyone if they -- did that draft Greek freaks probably top two top. Maybe top pick overall after army media after GW is that we can it -- Any time he get a Greek freak I think you have to go into that. That's the good restaurant I would I would go to a place called the Greek -- The real hairy guy like behind steal it just like -- inch warm and gyros that people. All right we did they did -- -- -- Smart to me that mark the Smart. -- -- Defensively he's more than capable he's he's -- of -- ready to go right now offensively. Not exactly. -- Knowledgeable these should be that you pick and roll and exploding out of it. You really you know struggled from the perimeter and then I'm happy I don't know what has responded is going to be -- made very much of anything. We know that this is personality and -- there -- they're sitting for the city and you can give it well it got in yet -- I think it does -- -- -- -- right now I'm a bit of -- Jane young. I didn't keep report acute herder -- get the -- is about. Yeah I think they're holding him out for extended period right now from. Any -- thoughts from summer league that we don't return it done -- questions on this and. Look -- -- allowed they might favor white -- the other is its intrepid Peter from. Philip happy with the Oakland -- I think you believe it all I'm thinking inflation. That guy has like an 893 point raiding into UK I draft him all the time he is a great player off the bench. Regarding. The in the draft class that I import. -- and you think he's going to sting you know -- niche in the right system ever put the ball well more than two girls but. At an -- that those -- -- I I really really like that without prompting you told me your favorite way player. -- -- -- -- Paper prospect for one of one of what they're brought their ability you guys keep the game you know. I try to you know you quiet lead the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like what eat on its last politically unappealing offensively. I get a little side note. All right well thanks for joining us life for Miami. And -- wheelchair incident leadership on. Our thanks Rick. All right that was the third episode of the producers podcast thinks. To remain in Rick Friedman for -- -- on talked about summer league. Don't Google them don't Google and there's another new treatment out there -- I guess you can Google them you're gonna find a guy -- a hot college -- It was move that he was the inventor of college hunks hauling junk. And college -- movie that is not the guy that is so although he is clay -- yeah as -- -- but. It's good for him. I am Sam Packard you can reach me on Twitter at that's that guy that killed at that held. -- today shipmates. However I have to think the few people who like we're actually re tweeted a link I don't remember your name right now what I beating it yeah yeah we've got some athletes keep keep in common than it does get on liquidity five. And we'll get through them on ID 100 followers to. Now restarted with -- they were building it here -- will -- its. The next.

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