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Cavaliers clearing space for Lebron, 7-9-14

Jul 9, 2014|

In a 3 way trade with the Celtics and Nets, the Cavs cleared the space they'll presumably need to sign their former superstar, Lebron James.

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45 minutes -- -- of sports talk to your west good days and feel right now is -- to -- 11 o'clock hour since Ben's numerous phony Christian -- and 937. Monday Red Sox headlines we do not get into and trending now another setback for Shane Victorino which we're gonna talk about. Coming up at 1130. Here on WEEI under the -- -- radio network but he basketball talk. As us. Intrigued today and we spent a lot of our discussions before the show launched today about while Jake Peavy might be go to the cardinals -- the Major League Baseball trade market but it's the basketball. Trade market that has everybody buzzing. As -- point out a few moments ago here in Boston there's an angle to work as to what Danny Ainge is doing acquiring these assets. Yet another first round pick. How could this be par related Kevin Love since those rumors have jumped back up again -- in the last. 48 hours the national perspective though is what the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing. In an effort apparently to woo LeBron James back home. Is it going to work. This with the backdrop of Pat Riley meeting with LeBron today in Las Vegas as Riley tries to keep LeBron. In Miami. We've set a couple occasions guys what if he doesn't go to Cleveland now. How much of a screw job is Vista the cavs on top of what he's a hearty ton to them with the decision and his eventual decision. To leave as you just grow with them for fun now if these. Flirting with -- is this just a big get back. -- -- Gilbert do you deem that to be the case or does he wind up they're now. -- this latest move by Cleveland clears clears cap space. You're on -- auditors say. I -- it considering going back to Cleveland then you have to be a 100% certain about something that you would possibly want to do. Because there's like you said if you're gonna flirt around maybe doesn't care he's. I you know I think it does though I think he does in this in this situation. Because they would not be doing all the stuff the Cleveland -- will not be doing all the stuff that they didn't really believe that there was a chance for him or don't do and they give away Zeller. They gave -- Jack. Both guys. Really did biggest cleared -- -- one million dollars caps because they don't get LeBron that you get somebody not so big that would be the second best thing go to debit if they don't get him they're gonna get somebody also maybe they had to do it anyways. My thing about abroad is that if that is the case. And you're already you and lose and lose I guess example of fans there would even go into the game there was support them. If you went back there and you'd do need to be very careful. Well according to -- -- -- -- -- of a basement hasn't done they've they've opened up to upload and get 24 million dollars in the cap. -- he says is a bronze match do you will be twenty point seven Chris Broussard also does tweeting out that. The cavaliers are interest in acquiring Rleal -- your friends if you. Stole you know they are full court press here. Okay that to me is a little bit more indicative of their doing something for LeBron specifically in just unloading themselves of Tyler Zeller and Jarrett Jack mean Jarrett Jack is a ten point per game guy Tyler -- -- numbers went down from your one. Two year cue this -- forget Sergei -- Paris while that changes everything we mentioned him. A lot because none of camper out the name I just for storm going with that is they did you should LeBron feel that obligated to go to Cleveland just because they -- these no these guys that. I doubt these are efforts to be made to get LeBron James there but it's not like they're taking their roster and crumbling up and thrown in the trash can. Just to get LeBron these guys are pieces -- spare parts it's just it's cap money I ought to try to do the trigger but she got a the got to clear a space and then I'll get appetites Christians assessment that you know there's some sort of obligation here now -- not a making all these moves not I think that you need to be I think LeBron and it's just a player as a as -- as a reputation. It is at the perception. The need to be very careful because basically. -- you broke with your girlfriend the heat and you guys decide to -- -- all like this today first it was a divorce from her after not a so yeah. Not good sport and life they've they've mixing in the draw your own analogy based on your own experiences that's -- out there. 617779798370. What are your from basketball fans on the LeBron James angle to this nationally or Celtics fans specifically. A what you think Danny Ainge has done here to start moving or perhaps towards Kevin -- -- But -- -- my biggest take from this three way deal is that the trade with the nets just keeps on giving I mean we thought this was a great deal before. Now when you look at the fact that they had this trade exception of ten point five -- point three whichever one it is that was set to expire on Saturday. Now's the any spoken about it before HR Blake that the overcome guessing a lot of teams so -- -- they just don't even use it because it's it's tough economy and -- it sometimes it's. This PLO peace got to fall in place. Well it was gonna expire on Saturday. And that trade exception they got from the Brooklyn nets. So now when you look at that -- we look at KG pierce and Terry in all the players pick up back which isn't really is stuck with much Joseph Walsh -- contract. Future first in fourteen minority used sixteen they can swap in 1718. You can add. A future on -- up protected second round pick going out. Because that trade exception and bring in Marcus Thornton eight point five expiring contract Tyler Zeller any future first round pick from Cleveland. For nothing basically put just. What you got out of that Brooklyn net deal I don't know these any of these future picks -- pan out but this is the potentially be one of the great trades in sports. When you look at. Want your -- seems to be so much of an emphasis put on LeBron and here's where Agassi. And what he needs to do with this move to further cement his legacy. Then. What does he need to do from this point going forward since it was -- so much room for him to make people happy. I don't think you should make a move just to make people happy now he's not gonna do it anyway he goes he's gonna alienate the zone and he's gonna lose. Out to a larger segment of the fan base and talk to basketball fans he's gonna lose out to a larger segment of the fan base nationally than he has. Make people happy by choosing whenever he decides to choose so if he decides to go to Cleveland. Then people are gonna say he's just going to Cleveland to make it look good because it left in the first place. We decides to stay in Miami it is could be a bad guy because. Cleveland's got screwed by William and failing death so I don't know what does he need to do to make more people happy what I think -- What would be the most. Beneficial decision for him. From a public opinion point of view and should he care because I don't think he should. Now I don't think you should I don't think there's a right answer I think it's a lose lose situation as far as perception based on that and -- -- people Miami will probably get over it quicker. Because there's so much out of stuff to do that I mean a commodity it's sunny year round to get the beaches at the they've Bailey's sellout that arena anyways. You know so but no the it's a no win situation room someone's gonna be here -- summer's going to be passed. What I think he's he's he's very careful. You're dealing with their variable global. A suitor in the Cleveland cavs out yet been hurt once before and they are coming back to you. And there -- and they're coming back with open arms you know they all is forgotten hey I'm Dan Gilbert and that's that letter arrow. That guy. He's -- -- crazy around crazy times of the entry. That's just still one out publicly available except that I still think there's an emotional people. That might still feel like they don't want the -- back up what they did -- But as far as public perception if he doesn't go to Miami I think Clinton's -- body can go to -- runs doing another team people police say okay he's going back to Cleveland. You know he's gonna try to make it work there and now wonder how much pressure of the cleaver what you said just. It clearly based this guy how much gilts rather heavily on my god yet Cleveland wins either way here because Cleveland either eight gets LeBron James or be what might be even better makes LeBron James look bad. And that's kind of what a lot of Cleveland fans wanna. See terrible Kevin Love -- in what does that have any ties into. And it's our tweet up there from Jon Karl's reds army has a blog and on the on the Celtics is great job with it you Briggs a -- point. You know if -- it's the cavaliers acquire LeBron James. Is their chance they flip -- for -- And now you've got carrier Irving LeBron James and Kevin Love. I mean that is an interesting game plan there because you are talking about LeBron James and Andrew Wiggins and say okay how does this. Mash units according -- wonders weighing art for five years yeah that wonders ring for five -- get out of them you know it's six sold -- he's in a movie and have up. You know a hybrid like 23 able those guys on the court doing that sort of thing. But what if they would switch that straightaway the number one pick and Andrew Wiggins. Took it to Minnesota for Kevin Love -- nice to -- -- squad. Yet and it added that it doesn't happen for Cleveland they've put all their cards that they were there going to be acting like Brazil. Like I Brazil they committed -- doubt I'll have a collect a 101 and he's already demonstrated. It's obviously I want abroad now to go back to Miami I wanna know -- haven't heard anything whether that. What the future pic is from Cleveland yet we haven't seen it whether it's protected protected the 2016 I don't know. But if it's unprotected LeBron says. Thanks for coming to go back to Miami. All -- carrier -- wants out of Cleveland just like the direction. I'll take that -- -- so there's a lot of basketball fans out there a lot deployed judge jury and executioner when it comes to LeBron James and his career. So what what LeBron. -- here to make you happy what would LeBron do that would allow you to have respect. Or his decision 61777979837. -- would think you should do I -- expert to answer your question. I think that LeBron James staying in Miami to me. Would further validate what he's done. In Miami because now the whole thing's been busted up the whole thing's been blown apart he's allowed any of those teammates to go wherever they want ago. And if he comes back the big. Bitch the big right that a lot of people that would LeBron. Is that he wedged in Miami with those other guys just so he can win titles he didn't do it organically. Well this would be organically then if bosh goes elsewhere they don't wanna bring back wade or even if they bring back wade they're gonna do in a limited capacity. This is now more than ever just -- -- is it not. Well I mean. That whole organic part I just totally disagree route because it was done organically and it was natural viruses that he was using taking advantage of the situation and and and god bless them for doing it most guys don't get that opportunity. But I guess I'll never got a begrudge a guy for for doing what he what he wants to do what he has the chance to do it. Doubt the situation that just product. In that could be possible in Cleveland -- -- effective -- now he can afford it out -- opening of love Irving. Ray Allen and LeBron James. I mean there is. But he got a Big Three yen written with what it was third and LeBron and Kevin Love. -- that makes a hell of a lot more sense than what people were talking about forty hours ago which is Irving. LeBron James and Wiggins has to me that's a lot to -- you put Kevin Love and there it's a very different financial. And it makes more sense there's more balanced -- yet you don't want -- trying to win with the with the with the rookie. I guess never play in the league before that has a lot of talent as a huge upside but I'm waiting for him to develop. -- as you don't know -- got to develop the article please burnout. This is Danny you know it's too wouldn't trade the draft now you're saying you know and we talk about trusting -- Ainge and I trust Danny Ainge was I -- -- not I thought. Every day job that -- we've got that. At this is what it's all about race here this is you know what they did the chip chip they want and 07 wasn't just because what did know six it's what they did -- 3045. Or six to get to that position. And he's just right back in the that mode again. It's gonna nick and. Foxboro inequity -- about this LeBron situation. -- -- -- I got the pocket or not swaying public opinion is bigger. But in the way. What -- I think Eric forget that yeah paid all the -- are. And I'll let let all -- all without -- culpable. All we've got stripped Flickr pick of the -- they're pretty accurate I can't say they are. Struck trying to get back it would obviously trying to get back and I'm hoping it's okay look at the order a -- extra ticket back at that. Political -- aren't we should block it the Big Apple apple apple thing if they brought away that -- Well I'm not -- nick again this comes back the phrase no win situation how well -- supposed to do it I mean he's gonna visit all the teams that are potential suitors hear what they have to say. Then make a decision means -- doesn't host another plus Alessio what's he doesn't host another TV show like he did the last time. What would he be doing wrong by entertaining offers his wife became a free -- the first place. That would probably panic and they are dragging open -- -- -- it's a -- can't make the big debate about 28 point something million. It's a paid -- Yeah but they cleared space this is the one I was making big cleared space. And that's all wise they didn't blow up their roster they took away pieces that work all that great work gonna help them win anyway. By these kind of space for the -- now get more award to pick Adrian awards are asking Yahoo! Sports. Tweets out that. The ordinance -- obviously coming and 2016. Protected pick from the caps. Not protected top ten in 201617. Or eighteen. Unprotected in 2000 in nineteen. So. It can't be a top talent you know obviously they get LeBron it's not going to be a top 101617. Or eighteen in the a protected pick in nineteen at their LeBron. Probably not worth much either back in 2019. So they don't get LeBron. Maybe you know projected 2019 that's probably look at -- I believe in Danny Ainge I I had I had my -- there will be fireworks yes acquire the assets standing. -- worms -- next stop this Robert is hi Robert here and -- seven. I don't guys -- this -- if -- on the same page -- me not Errol where LeBron James go to just one of the brother don't be a real quick. I'm not -- I'm not on that same page because where he goes dictates everything else. Including what happens with the Celtics you don't see that. So I don't all of the technology the game at predicting that and it's already irritating to the Celtics the Robert it's. I'd already it's say they're actually they're able to pull off a deal and used the trade exception is gonna expire on Saturday because the team is trying to. Clear space for LeBron James and -- took full advantage of that team. And listen -- he's in acquiring all star players he just acquiring an expiring deal a useful big and a future for. 60% of the NBA two thirds of the NBA basically is going to be affected about what LeBron does maybe not directly with LeBron staying in Miami. Well LeBron going to Cleveland. But there's dominos that fall to just about every other team. In basketball because of this yes that's why it matters and also matters because. You know what is LeBron James and he's the single most polarizing player in all believed if you don't care about where LeBron James goes in you don't care about basketball. On a professional level which is fine they -- -- to me personally I I could care less and I think it's between two teams that you can dream. Miami or you don't carry ya know I don't I really don't have a dog fight I think it's it's. To what it's absolutely worried all my god yes it's it's great because now you have yet Pat Riley the great. The spectacular Pat Riley. Really an -- baking position. For lack of a very candidate coming in today because he really has to. This is pagan pander and tried to get the broad. About the moves that the heat I've made I haven't seen anything. Any evidence isn't that an in state. You know -- -- ends up is the greatest the greatest player in India. And he's a free agent who opt out of a team and now he's out there as -- you go back to his home down at the U Carey plays that he dissed. I care trust sportsman goes yeah. Okay authority reward you -- don't want to go to Cleveland okay. Yeah I -- it it does I think there's great theater either way I think if he goes to Cleveland I think there's story lines -- we will not want for issues to talk about it Eagles back. The Miami. Appealing to the same same thing because it's -- yet and it's -- -- -- the boss leaves it -- days and now you left you know some years you're you're you know big portion of the Big Three left in the high you get a -- to react I can handle it. Went the final four years in a row. You go to Cleveland. I've read and heard a contains a multiple different ways I think to -- goes back clearance for one reason and one reason only it's a PR prodigal son story legs on the -- And naive and now weigh out my wallet but -- you to base your decision. Fine. Reception. People like add up of bands of particles that bet because there's a lot of foreign knows if he's in a row and make it good when you win. Because it never there's never not championship when you win -- -- like crack you're hooked on. You want another one bucket so it it it's so it's all going to be based on. Where he can win because the money is going to be the same. I just the social the money's going to be essential because the Miami's gonna get a -- go to Cleveland he's gonna you gonna Max he's already set that Tony's -- Don't come I don't come talking militia com at this number. Well LeBron James Hardy won championships. -- Do you think what people think about him matters to him at all. Not I think he's actually changed everybody's perception up to him based on how we handled the situation in Miami what how we do that must still trying to change the perception of himself a means one champions not everybody looks and was the greatest player in the NBA that. That's -- and that's a fact. Believe he's won two championships she's been a -- now a Miami. The only thing left for him is to go to Eagles back -- Cleveland he can win more championships but that changed the perception I think is very important for him I. We're not I think I think that they'll change the perception thing comes when you're -- two years lautner and your career not not and such an important. I'm in my prime making a decision. For the next 45 years to make a nice little run. I don't I don't think you can allow yourself to use perception. To cut away into your decision all sales figures underscore. All say is I think you underestimate some athletes that careful people think about let's go to very very important to a lot of people wanted to if he goes back to Miami. It's it's it's kind of a non story. Maybe if other people -- how they gonna rebuild because back the Cleveland will be historical return data that I believe particles on if he goes somewhere else. It would be a huge story it's -- Chris in Connecticut hikers. Editorial. I don't think you know Obama acted decision -- yet here they -- huge embarrassment to the Cleveland organization and I think. And I -- well the drama and nothing really happening treatment is dominant clearly following LeBron. You to Wear it and I go I think -- great -- team America. Greatest print. There there's -- there that's for sure I think the thing of it is intentional call Chris you brought up the organization I don't know if LeBron cares all that much about what he did the organization I do think there's a part of him. Especially with the fact. They still got ties in Akron. Now wants to make things all right with Cleveland with Ohio the community I don't think cares about the organization particularly with what happened with Gilbert. But I do think he's cognizant of how he's viewed that -- Yeah I still think he's trying to he's working to change that perception from the decision. I think any reasonable -- can look back offensive that was that did not go well. Hi I mean you put it out there and ESPN -- year old Decision -- -- -- speedway was promoted the way it went down. He is still trying to fix. What people think about him and I still think that's the only ongoing battle that he has left in his career. Is it what people feel about him and I think some people it matters a lot. Heidi what you achieved so much so they don't think that that the ways in doing it it can't you can't allow it to do away well he wouldn't be considering Cleveland. He's considering Cleveland because Cleveland has got to make a pitched so he can win it just happens to be cleanly it could be if that was the Celtics it would -- the Celtics. If the Sacramento Kings had come to LeBron agent and said hey you know what -- clear enough cap space to get LeBron here. You'd think LeBron when given a crap. If it was the best personal -- in -- excellence and noticed my what did billboard off because nobody really wants politically politically and OK so so I guess at -- if there may be eight had bid but. I think that the fact is that you're you're trying to use. Him going back home as the reason why he's going back there is every -- and why he would have interest listening to Cleveland. Okay all right so he's gonna listen but his decision is not going to be based on perception. He's not gonna make his decision based on what people are gonna think about him I think that's -- -- knot winds in the hunt that will not play at ball into his decision. The fact they used to play there and he has he's comfortable there he's from there. He has a history there that's great it's easy to go back home again or were late so hold on that -- is -- this brings I never wanted to grocer. 617779793. Senator text a 37. 937. Also it was concerns. That I twisted serves little -- situation and of Shane Victorino is back. We'll get to that next this is not a 37 WEE.

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