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Chris Rose, MLB Network, talks about the Lebron James rumors, 7-9-14

Jul 9, 2014|

Host of "Intentional Talk" with Kevin Millar, and noted Cleveland sports fan, Chris Rose joins MFB to talk about the big trade with the Celtics to clear space that happened earlier today, and what that means regarding a possible King James return to Cleveland.

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Well it's -- shed salary to create. Even more salary cap space to aid in their pursuit of the broad game and they struck a three team trade it. Would Portland and Boston actually got to get rid of three Valerie. All the talk about LeBron going to Cleveland cavs didn't have the cap space to giving them back so we know he wants the Macs now. They do. Advanced. Good days and it deals -- that story first about the freeway trade involving halves. Celtics and the nets. You're just question us in on your dial we haven't heard the news Tyler Zeller Marcus -- first rounder coming to Boston. In a three way trade. -- involving Cleveland and the New Jersey Nets is well. Boston only gives up its protected second round pick. In this trade and means there's all sorts cap space available for LeBron go back to Cleveland has been a hot topic of the day and join us right now on WB. He is the broadcast partner of our friend -- law are here are the ship in the star of the show the real star of the show. It's Chris Rose an intentional talking Major League Baseball network noted Cleveland fan. We asked this of buster only before Chris what in God's name are your Cleveland Indians -- to do to keep up. Would join hands on the browns and now potentially LeBron James coming back to caps. Yeah and you forgot about Josh Gordon. Brown you know. So they're gonna have to have -- you know some guy off the wagon the horror. I don't Omega trade paper Miguel Cabrera or I got -- right -- -- -- something big immediate splash -- go away I think we get -- out of the way I didn't receive permission from the -- fortunate to talk to you guys. A lot of times -- don't let your face all fortune be sick of that yet. On the you know after awhile you just get numb to some things I don't even noticed -- on on around you. -- encouraged -- we're here to help you know the Celtics week absorb some money you wanna clear space LeBron we're for you. -- and that's the way it works well you know except LeBron YouTube scorned. I never understood that all these morons. From Cleveland right we'll -- -- cookbook Cabrera at. Yeah but the like the same people who tweet mean things that -- because they've got big Internet possible. You know if they were put it in big debate within in the way they'd be like -- of that but he immigrated to what you do that the people are idiots. Are. Let him four years ago what I disappointed that you left the campus of course once you see the best player in any league lead your team. But the only thing I was upset with was how he did it. I you know Pete consulted with it if you talk to -- per second here's where I was -- upon you gave it great seven years. Later brought up except that one game against the Celtics in the playoffs. If you believe I get. You're 25 you never lived anywhere else you probably don't think given a support system here I get it. Just have a one hour press conference in Cleveland. Say I wish I'd gotten it done I'm not a ticket questions for an hour and then tomorrow night and -- -- you have in the decision at the Boys and Girls Club and try to raise some money. I would have done it. -- -- Don't -- that hire me your to your to busy work and saw there was some definite great advice. Let's talk football with Johnny Pope also Johnny -- Zell. I so listen he's all over the country he is -- seems like Vegas is a second home. How distracting. Or how much longer is he going to be able to get away with this report really start to become an issue. I think it became an issue with the last picture. I would actually on board with him doing whatever -- want to you know he's getting an early when he can still branding himself. And although there are guys like myself and 42 wouldn't. You know if we were given that invited to -- what you -- few games in the NFL do which Dylan. But this is -- he -- and that is how he's gonna make his money for the first two years. But the last picture in the bathroom with a rolled up paper I don't know I've thought probably ten all the in my life. And they're all record regularly -- One it is in the shape of -- cylinder. So I usually don't have to roll up my money to put it in the air. Usually just goes flat. So as far as I know what I understand -- -- the only one. Reason to do that. Now I'm not say then but I am connecting -- -- more importantly the NFL looks at that photo. And there's no reason for you'd draw attention. The big boys. In the off season with a sort of epic right. I hear I area iron acres throws where this from a potential partners are based on network and noted Cleveland fans were having Chris on large parts talk about. What's going on in the city -- in the polls of the Cleveland sports fan with the news that LeBron James very well may have just had a big path cleared for him to go back to Cleveland what with the tradable in the Boston Celtics having Chris what you're talking a look at -- ESPN. And there are re playing the montage of the witness. Poster getting torn down. The burning in effigy of the Cleveland cavalier LeBron james' jerseys literal pictures of drunk girls crying in their beer and then. The immediate hard cut to Dan Gilbert. What's he gonna do you like did you know him at all or what -- out all gonna be now. Now. And I thought it was. I hated the latter there were some Cleveland pit road you'd -- to -- that wouldn't rule stand up person you are willing. I mean I don't get as I can get four years ago when he put the letter out. Was some guy. I played out of the entire contract. Just because he was born forty miles from the arena that means he owes something to people. Well I never got that I never understood that I actually think LeBron that can beat a bigger man and that. His legacy can go through the roof if he goes back to Cleveland just win one more championship. If you will it be state and Miami logos anywhere else and what they win two or three more and ends up with five in his career. People go -- OK amazing top five player of all time but if he wins just to -- and one of them is to go back to Cleveland. Then that will live on for ever. In my opinion. Yet because we're just -- a -- note in Miami can make more money but you know as far as ever else the same Max deal. Tankan is a chance you know go to Cleveland maybe they can build Toronto of justice hits Miami without him to win. But is it more than that I mean do you think that there's more to LeBron James want to go back to Cleveland isn't about the perception and how he's viewed. Yeah I don't think your question about it he's been really really bright guy. Who understand branding and legacy and all that is important to make should be. I mean that's that's great. So like I said -- you do the math. -- be in our society is more than three but not if one of the three. Create a better ending. Right but it is because Tim Duncan got by -- And we don't even. Compare him anything close to Michael Jordan. -- -- -- Chris what people see this is contrived -- would I know what you're seeing your ripe with this same people who never let LeBron have a moment without criticizing him anyway also see this is contrived on purpose to try to -- -- -- Some people might. Some people but I I don't know how you can't get so much it had to go on to even get to this point I mean look what the captain had to do -- Mean they were terrible for the last since he left. I've watched it on a game in my oldest son of the huge -- and and so we get to sit through and watch an awful lot of bad basketball. And they got a lot of hype stick and there are some intriguing young talent. On that roster right now and so now it has it given them enough that they can. I think seriously think about it. But yeah I guess some people say yeah OK this is the way he played about the entire time trying to win as many -- in Miami and then bring himself up when he's thirty years old and we'll do it all again. He out but a lot of things have to go exactly the right way in order for him to get back there and it looks like media at. -- and Chris don't you think. You know that you know here is LeBron James I don't know that car from him or just general media are people making up their own decisions based on what the -- do what is as far as. -- cap space. But the risk of of the broad showing that he's generally conceding considering going back to the caps PR move would everyone say it. But now he risks really in raging. The fans all or get if he decides not to go there. Yeah but that's and that's the end ball that well LeBron James is ball. His job is to do what's best for him and his family right now and his legacy and everything else but I'm from Cleveland. I want him to come back I love this city. -- all my heart. I've never seen it a championship and I'm 43 years old in any sport it's been since 1960 for the browns beat -- At the last what we're talking about a half century. So I want this to happen. But at the same time I can't let myself emotionally gets sucked into the story we're back on meet. But there's going to be a certain group pitted. Are you did this to begin with why you do and it will you people are losers. It that -- you'd think. Shame on you shame on you not on him. It move forward you're gonna go back here to Johnny -- no real quick because. Obviously a lot of attention we -- but the biggest of the the picture that's out there and a bathroom. What is the sense there I mean you're you know you're Cleveland fan is -- one of those things take place some football first or people just on board. They'll be making excuses that don't worry about it I don't care one bit what he does up -- Well I think. Like they got a visit from a personal front I didn't have a problem -- -- until the last photo because then you'll bring in the lead into this whole issue. And maybe you get yourself into the system eventually they've got an -- out Gloria you know the deal with all that stuff. I don't know -- it was on the Internet that never had that issue. I know you have it but now you're right it does that put all you just -- one. I bring it. The lead into. Place on -- like the rest that I get like. The browns should never be all right what what is journey do NYT acting this way it did you notice it you -- -- for a few years at Texas Stadium. And wouldn't college scenario why in the kids' pockets with a couple million dollar and all the but he's got all the freedom he doesn't have to go to class and he's not. Insulated in that bubble and he's got free rein in need get in the you know incompetent private jet and go and hang out at Bieber poison. This is kinda like I'd be surprised if he was in -- -- studying. Just as opposed to doing this stuff. Well Chris thanks operative now has retreated went to heaven joins us on Friday will make sure it's element is a lot to live up to have this -- Daytona is -- to by the US argued. That we this morning to save his chest or what you do when there exists has -- Brian Giles. Well but all -- it -- Yeah. I mean I don't even understand that we eat he. He -- was putting up at 5 AM Austin time. And I know why we're we're about ready to keep an expert show -- in 45 minutes about the Kevin violate that runs during the all star break. So what's gonna happen is he's coming in off the golf course he minutes before the show Ayers so he has all the sheets printed I know that would happen again and yet. It's just awful the coffee and everything is that waxy smell test well -- tomorrow Chris bicycle ride it out and put it right up my dark for the morning. The judges and good luck at all this look at. You've got a guy I think -- good evening and thanks for clear and the space for. How -- here for -- Chris -- -- -- -- MLB network the united -- seven WB I upon further review when we return this is not a 37 W media.

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