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Three For All: Lesbians, 7-9-14

Jul 9, 2014|

Christian read that Portia di Rossi and Ellen Degeneres are about to break up, sparking a conversation about your favorite famous lesbians that you wished played for the other team.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate. Renaissance man -- -- -- -- three or wrong I'm never afraid. Of psychiatry three full raw red -- It's 34 brawl on these days with him half beat. -- -- -- -- -- -- is back making god these. Accelerator. Our sponsor -- -- -- symbolic instruction if you needed their -- they've got you covered. Okay acres and tell us about lesbians. Well I'm not really gonna tell you about Lesnar is that I really don't know anything about autos that they like to think things I do so we got to be friends at some point lives. But now must -- For all the we do right revenues of the light zero the favorite I just saw this external my computer today and I see this thing about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi you know maybe potentially breaking up. They never like I remember I had a crush -- Portia Rossi was wanna might you know like top five you know I have a top five -- latest but I haven't I know I'll never be able to get what that an apartment like obviously the minute relationship. But -- have a wish list you know. -- you know this that we can they be -- them. Just I don't like atlas but got like a lot of hot strong. Physical man I don't use it and let -- -- -- now I wish that let those that would drain anyway so I went man. Portia Rossi in the it's a -- She's a lesbian -- I wonder. -- -- girl out there that you guys had crushes on. Better lesbians that you wish they wore -- I think it's Johnny -- here's here's here's a that was Johnny -- -- -- -- -- but Johnny -- basically turns amber hurt who's an actress who came out 2000 attend as a lesbian and answers it paranoia with terrorism board and machete kills reserves -- nobody ever saw. But she's hot blonde she's a lesbian. Johnny Depp had that power. Johnny -- convinced her best beamed as he was bad in British used to be straight so that was the kind of power Johnny -- I don't think I have that are. Does a good portion -- sir there lesbians out there that you notice. But you think -- I wish she was straight. Well there -- very Tim and I went to lesbian like dot com and step up. They don't load. Isn't this the success and honestly. I couldn't I couldn't find them by every time like the name popped up it was what she's not lesbian she's like dry but agent out of -- Game off I mean I think -- You know introduced to the lesbians by now Martina Navratilova and I did I. They're elected as a lesbian because of a drug like what's that right I mean I'm just that's a man -- accurate I couldn't find everybody was like why they should Porsche. Don't Gracie Allen -- wife -- you elect or do they push a sudden he's got he's not okay you know -- make your list -- I know make that list but I mavs go through it and it was just. You don't outings not Rosie O'Donnell before. They -- reports -- -- that development. Alli Alli McBeal. Yes you have you Calista Flockhart is actually mayor here supporting you think she would've been elected but note forces prompted early hot blog. I -- one of their personal one if you want I'm not gonna say their name on the air but there was a girl who played on the Pittsburgh passion was -- why would you not their name and passionate about it. Archie I don't know she's actually out so well this outer half. Sort of I would know or anyway -- about it here's a wide receiver had told Russia and I have a good friend who -- -- -- that he'll sleep it says the author. So much fun that president and she's -- now. You're you're barking up the wrong tree she plays the other team not -- for your team know she waits for the other and your general manager that's going to acquire yes but why was on lesbian life dot com Christian. Deliberate intention. And. This is. This is John. It's left. Turn off right -- American lives here now this one is also a movie reference -- giving Corky you know record he was. Course up I know I do. Produced movie artists go with it from from -- judicial -- from life goes on your body that's the thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It ain't gonna say -- don't know that was Gina Gershon on character in the movie balances. Did you ever see bound. You watch hyenas really an action that is so not something you have to download from the Internet was a real movie. -- bigger shot and Fallon who also the match. It doesn't matter how. Jodie Foster -- I did but I don't think I don't know actually come out or not but -- have a hard time funny. But -- And -- its past. Do you ever shot at this Tuesday the big question I'm fairly straight I kind of wish I could be a lesbian. So many girls come up to me all the time and thank god I should be a lesbian but unfortunately. I'm straight. That's from lesbian life dot com about real life sorry -- ministry but she played a great lesbian thing is -- -- about before sounds Orleans. Yeah. I don't know if you're just one here objects -- -- I'm -- -- are actually deter. The widow Jodie from the I don't know that it I don't know I don't know I told us. It's -- -- I just wonder -- decide Jodie Foster parent element. You're pardon never having gotten -- -- in a pack went out with another illustrate that and to stay true blood actor. -- -- tackling for real yes not -- she's not on me that she might try to out onetime fighter like him but. Not that -- -- -- to begin with lesbian life very yes it's about whose turn your eyes turn your life around you have a new website to check. I -- well let me add at this at this point they couldn't date I didn't date is given -- -- him to the death so for the past. I don't know. For our naked I visited I later none I debated for for the past -- recent -- has to I have not and so any -- as -- we I'd imagine that's it I've been like searching and lesbians for the past three hours so the thought about it when they eventually take it all out for me -- can check out what would you be looking at. I mean it's monitored a daily. Now they don't realize that they're gonna wanna back and also it transvestites or did they are well and -- just one thing you know she's got happiness. We know is -- Christians new computer -- -- -- transvestites. Lesbians Peter song blood doping. Steroid a lot of that oil coconut oil -- oil I regret -- I -- I'll bet I'll lower at its laurels. That's the entirety of your web browser like. I just got Derek divorces that it happened because web browsers -- some sports stuff on here like what they're some Jake Peavy trade talk -- -- Let the contract doesn't put it up. Did a Google image search for our for our intern but it went. Well -- well that -- -- me -- -- computer. And thankfully there's no it's not for -- and yeah. Far Federer and let me -- goggles of coffee makes -- golf club extra copies makes him copies what you've done a. Gotta hope that people maybe it techsters can help me -- -- -- -- seven night reset in the movie balance if you're looking for lesbian action that you know you don't have to go to red tube to see. That it would -- shot that's the way to go as far as officers -- Christian if you need a little bit of -- dom good. -- -- now I'm good when we come back in the 1 o'clock hour. In the days and it be Chris roses in Detroit and Cleveland is at a fever pitch about the prospect of LeBron James coming back. Also Tim Welsh was great last night. On Comcast talking about everything that's swirling around the NBA as a relates to not only LeBron thought. Carmelo why he supported his decision making process. And what this all means for the Boston Celtics we'll hear from him as well this is 937 W media. Questions and ask me. Ask.

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