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Buster Olney, ESPN: Sox don't have many veterans with trade value, 7-9-14

Jul 9, 2014|

Buster Olney joins MFB to talk about the Jake Peavy-to-St. Louis trade rumors. Buster suggests that the Red Sox don't really have a lot of veterans to offer at the trade deadline. Also, more talk about Lester's contract and Stephen Drew's struggles.

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Join us right now to mix in some baseball discussion is buster only brought to us by Suffolk University Toyota Nashua and Mohegan Sun because there are lots of trade discussions surrounding the Boston Red Sox as well buster. Is Jake Peavy gone to Saint Louis or not. I think he's gonna wind up gone to Saint Louis I think probably there's. You know -- situation with a Red Sox might be trying to extract some value out of this is opposed to just pure salary dump where they're eating some dollars and in moving him out essentially create spots for the younger pitchers. And then -- might be -- in this thing but I think eventually he's gonna wind up there because the Cardinals. Need starting pitching you know they don't know when Michael rocket's gonna pitch again because of shoulder issue they've got some other issues on that staff. They needed another veteran and you know wide. I remember talking to Jake a couple of weeks ago where he felt like. He was starting to get back physically. And I know -- with a Red Sox staff they'd seen contained -- and it would be better. And I think he can go to the National League and really help out that staff. You know -- okay here in the name Allen Craig associated with this deal but I'd love to have near Boston traffic light makes sense for Saint Louis with their offensive struggles that -- here and. Yeah -- well and I haven't heard specifically that they are tied and it seemed speculation on that. And how would you -- the Cardinals were pushing this at all out there like -- -- up great for Jake Peavy. There and they have on the Red Sox legal and -- why would that be because he's a guy and I know he's not having good years this year. And you guys remember the foot problem that he had in the postseason last year and there's some thought. Among the doubt that maybe this was an issue early in the year I sat -- about that he's -- now. He didn't think that was a factor. But you know he has -- not a good start but you're talking about a guy who hit. Back to back to back 300 season coming into this season he was an all star last year. In his contract. Given that that -- history he's really good he's -- 25 million over the next three seasons after this year -- make it to seven this year. So the Cardinals are really actually an interest in doing that type idiotic and I have no information that they are that would scare me. And they would make yet to real hard questions about exactly what goes that on Woody Allen Craig. They bust as a bank -- to came out yesterday and basically said listen if they determined that ten point five. Game deficit in the AL east -- is -- a -- looking to trade assets. At an effort to bolster their chances -- -- And take Jake Peavy what else can they do to bolster that team for 2015. In theory you could put Cody out there but I don't know hate that necessarily Smart move because you guys note you know most of time Petrie to prospective free agent. And then try to resign him in the wintertime -- don't think records been broken name rarely do you guys come back and they're gonna need -- closer for next year. You figure that they wanna keep the door open as long as possible with Jon Lester. So they don't necessarily. Have a lot of marketable pieces among their veterans. I think it's more. You know emphasis on who plays and you know what their focus it is in terms of putting guys in the right place. Stephen Drew is going to be an interesting -- because on one hand. You know it the Red Sox decided -- -- did turn the page. And trying to contend in 2014 preparing for 2015. What do you do with them because he certainly hasn't hit. He's not playing especially well they have a lot of money invested in them. And it does seem like this sort of that understanding with the -- actually solid and that he was coming on board and get an opportunity to rebuild his value. I suspect that they were to try to trade in the that the whole Lotta money -- he's an interest in got to watch I think it's more about. Making sure that you get the players in place that you gonna try that. -- build around going toward whether it's you know I'll bet getting to play everyday -- the most important thing in my mind for the Red Sox for for the rest of this year and going into next year is. Whatever is going I was in -- Bogart did it right. Because clearly is regression of last month has to be big concern. Yet buster the other thing -- and you actually mentioned bitten since I've told myself. I was gonna discusses anymore but -- up you mentioned it Jon Lester I heard you say his name. Any movement at all on that contract. Not that NL I do you know that you know the Red Sox definitely as we talked about last week they'd they'd tried to re engage him I think he would like to re engage in months on deal. I've spoken with the officials. From other teams and they you know watching very closely because of Lester becomes a free agent. He's going to be one of the two primary guys out there along with a Max Scherzer and the whole market. So people that it seems -- wondering if there's going to be an opportunity when Lester. And they think that once. We get -- this season the Red Sox are kind of out of the race or. If we get an October they're not in the postseason if they did that would only be the time when the Red Sox. Would try to get back into the Lester and it's gonna cost them did no doubt get to that point he'd only be a month away from free agency. And you've got to believe that at this point. Eight as you might be looking you know 120 million dollars in -- that otherwise. Let's just gonna have free agency right in front of him but I don't have any information about the end give going back and forth in recent days. Buster -- with us from ESPN an espn.com. Good piece about the gays and -- margin that -- -- up online also. Apiece from Monday about CC sabathia. And the Yankees if I could for a moment -- buster -- with the Red Sox for the time being in. I just get your opinion on -- debate about whether or not David Ortiz gets quote free pass when it comes to steroid dealings all that got kicked up in the wake of John lackeys comments after the game against the Baltimore Orioles were Nelson Cruz were 55. I don't think so I think it's yeah I mean you see it brought up all the time whenever he has success believe me on Twitter get a thousand tweets from people saying. Look well hey you guys don't mention the 2003 New York Times report. How can you guys talk about that more I told the guys that -- the one that when David comes up for the hall of fame I think it's been that that. Based on what -- happened would need suspicions. -- -- that well I think it's gonna ultimately hurt David chances at all fame mean you guys know my pants on I -- Roger Clemens developed Barry Bonds etc. I will look for David but I think it's only writers are using mere speculation or more than that. To not vote for guys I don't need to preach that at all. -- a market for AJ Pierzynski. Now I think I I seriously doubt it. You -- just talking evaluated the other teams. That they look at it catching is being an issue and he's not hitting and so if in fact you may in May be at some point the Red Sox just cut him free and and that paid him off the rest the year at some point. It's something we're desperate for catching maybe they would take on. Take him on the minimum salary but beyond that I can't -- teams -- at the -- certainly won't give up anything for. He also read a report out Colorado talking about Tulowitzki you know -- point to -- kind of but the detail was a really -- in him as much as the other guy at the mention Carlos Gonzales. Does that look at the Red Sox as they could trade away pieces to find guys at the roles but if that hitter is there -- can solidify at the next 34 years they can still buy is well with their prospects. You hearing anything out of Colorado would either one of those players been available. And -- especially because both those guys to power hitters and when you look at the red that's going 49ers in -- ballpark is not a big power hitter in debt is not a big power hitter Jackie Bradley junior is not a power guy Christian Vasquez isn't. That's going to be the big issue for them going -- fighting power hitters. On Tulowitzki. -- speaking with a victory today and they basically said look. If you're sitting and other front office and they -- he's actually -- willing to talk about Tulowitzki. Who their franchise player in any kind of trade then he should be scared. Because that means Iraqis are worried about his daunting injury history. And would be trying to get out money to contract and and Carlos Gonzales has the same issues he's been constantly on the disabled list back in force. And so while I do think that. You know it's possible that those guys to be out in the market this winner. Especially if you know Tulowitzki particularly come doesn't that look I'd prefer to play someplace else. But the room did what happened at that point would be is that the Rockies who won a boatload of prospects and if you look at the number of injuries. -- probably would be a lot of teams saying okay we'll take Tulowitzki. But you're getting a lot of money were not going to be nearly as much you want to. Obviously is a big name has some margin the biggest name though it's going to move rethink before and it as the biggest moves been made already busters. Now I think price is going to be traded interestingly. Last week Oakland actually had a chance to trade for price the choice was between a deal for price and -- Russell there. I shortstop prospect that they traded to the Cubs. He would have been in the -- deal but they decided you know what we want a volley in the pitcher's. We get two guys -- that line so they bring it to march yeah I was around the rays over the week and. And they're definitely still and wait and see mode because they see that mediocrity the American League east. And they are hoping to make up more ground that you think they want to get the all star break they're going to reassess. That. And if the Dodgers. Continued to develop need for pitching you got to adjust back to one on the -- at the inherited and pitching as well. People all around the sport -- inevitably there's going to be a deal with the Dodgers and the race. Because they've got prospects to make that deal happen to this point they have not indicated willingness to give that up. I've -- and we know your baseball guy but can't help but pay attention to this this whole the brawn James. Territories that -- so were you alarmed ago busted all me. Baseball guy yes yen. Extraordinaire. Cleveland or Miami. Cleveland are you kidding -- totally -- -- well I actually think LeBron when you watch him play he's such an unselfish player. You know I know he had the answer all that -- and and that certainly wasn't necessarily well thought out on his part. But I think he's great if he went back home and I do you have a great time and be a great way to distort -- The Indians could do to keep up the men's -- over with the Browns L LeBron James goes back to the cast a week yet. It is irrelevant. I am allowed to bring back a little I mean what's gonna happen. To be honest there and that that -- my Cleveland sources like -- Thanks a lot most unfortunate. He got as buster only from ESPN and espn.com.

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