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Sox struggles continue as Jake Peavy trade rumors swirl, 7-9-14

Jul 9, 2014|

The Red Sox lost again last night and are now 11 games out of first place. Jake Peavy spoke to the media after the game about the trade rumors and, in a way, said goodbye to Boston. Also, Lou explained to Christian the difference between a cutter and a slider.

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The only question I have about whether or not Jake Peavy is delta Saint Louis were somewhere else is does he get to safety Indian with him. What is the cigar store and you get to stay in the locker that we come to think of it actually do they want that Indian or CB -- on horseback harm than good karma. Bad luck now. Was great like last yeah. Yeah I don't know -- age you'll Alexei -- at issue getting divorced right. So you might have to negotiate what stays and what goes but optic in my I'm -- -- -- -- and work. I -- -- in my age gap got to polish yes. Got lacquered everybody they'll let you put a lot of sweat equity in that. Got to move on. The and he was right for the time they'll be moves on to be another -- moment I believe. -- the leader behind a sort of at an all ought to take it easy. To -- business owners or executives and he's a special challenges in divorce court. -- this commercial makes retreat higher and it just so what's different about where the way I should have gotten divorced but the whole another topic I called historical -- -- -- -- -- not -- is the absence off and -- and and -- sophisticated strategies such. Left out anyway as a PB keep -- here. You can't -- -- review we've opened up the ball to your past that announcement if we share here -- -- -- being a new program people needed not things went before you go on the airwaves -- I gotta I gotta leave that for the three for all that's what that's -- I've heard my soul and and I give all my personal information it's like a therapy sessions which you guys to have doctor -- and abducted him. -- -- talking up the lead judge -- are deep inside -- -- question maybe with direction -- life element of real what are really try to accomplish you know. Red Sox fans going to be talked off the ledge after what they saw. Last night is that just went wrong in so many ways where it's a little bit more about that as the show goes along today when there was in the field of play -- on the mound. And it just went haywire in so many different directions against Chicago and to use the analogy again we've been talking about -- probably hit rock bottom along time ago and other leaders being thrown on top of them. But at least one guy might be able to get away from the -- being from and who knows him back into a playoff chase that's Jake Peavy. The starting pitcher for the Red Sox because afterwards when the Red Sox lost yet again this time to Chicago last night eight to three. John Ferrell sure sounded like a manager who gets the impression that changes coming to his roster. Vote when we start of the homestand we felt that this ten game stretch was going to be pivotal soon. Some internal decisions that are to be made. And we fully recognize where car that doesn't mean we're not committed to through this year and and were always can remain optimistic that's a competitor and all of us. And at the same time that this homestand has not been what we anticipated coming off the road trip. Off when -- -- thing right I mean down -- that's this there's this homestand was everything. You know and that's why a couple days ago were just talking about it it's like it's over right we came in on Monday. Me you swept she gets swept by Chicago need to locate a Baltimore right in front of the only way you gotta come back now been swept by Chicago is going on a ridiculous run going to break last and they use two -- three from Baltimore so that's that's not exactly what we're talking about -- what a sweep of Baltimore come back three out of four from from Chicago come back. May be sleepy used their to a lot of three and finish that they elected 82 run goal of the break up again swept by Chicago while it's not happening. And an eagle -- this is Sydney and now what one in seven at all. Mainly I think about it leaving New York governor home it was. That the team knew the front office knew the manager knew how important is homestand was proved to me that it's worth it right now. We get thirteen games going in at a break before we all sit down for three days in our offices trying to improve this team. Proved to me that this team is worth investing in what proved to me that this team is worth selling off. And I think they've done at the players have done it the players have given everybody in the front office the answer there one in seven. They're 1011 games under twelve games under 511 games out of first I mean it's just. It's beyond right now so you've you've got to move on and go to plan being. I've just learned to count -- does not expect anything really even even during a game and won the bases were loaded moved -- Betts was up. -- like this this is is not good and well it just it doesn't answer not a little -- Down a person first base line and he camped out it looks pretty quick though that's a that's an upside. That backed -- for a he's really fast. I you know what I want to games it's just there's nothing there and it's not like this even a bad team is very likable group. It's just. The baseball Izturis is just boring Anders whenever they get some sort of good situation. Opportunistic situation they can't finish. It's like driving the ball the length of the driving a team the length of the field. And then throwing an interception. Suzy down to first in first and goal on the one that's what it feels like you just you'd best that emotionally you -- you're -- -- -- -- Al -- IDS are all over yet. While that interception were never currently called what was the play again your touchdown play either out to be why corner or why option. Called -- -- option and has brought to -- today. -- -- -- -- I've -- I'm ahead. Now it might expect if you don't but I mean I I make fun of myself and -- -- thought you know I don't feel bad I haven't gone there since like this first second third shall not how I see you got the report we just. You know it's that it's elect rabbit now -- Eight mile is not know -- and I'm gonna come -- -- quick appoint you to the lineup they're like it. And -- tonight nests in quote if we can't close the gap we have to be honest with ourselves at some point we may need to be realistic and focus on helping the 2015. Team. We are not at that point yet. We will never be richer seller looking for the future rush to be about re loading for the very next year so that Pat Riley -- -- -- the general -- Think about what apple year old in her -- Monday you know play in the Chicago Cubs. But I think third worst team intimate and National League. Team actually offensively is worse that you elect every category. You were five games in the loss column out of first place. Five games -- you figure six out of Seattle but -- five games with a ten game home stand. If you are one of seven. And you're now eleven games out. I mean you lost six games in the loss column in the the last what 88 games six. ME a year in your -- what ten games out of the wild card. I -- all that happened in a week. Now in this it got ugly Kuwait this thing in this regard it as an apartment where like they -- to sort of hovering right they're just there hovering -- you looked at -- okay. Because that could have been reversed. I mean that's the reason why people always have opened their optimistic because that went 71. And it's a losing game six games in the standing may -- game five games in the standings or sixteenth in the standings. The CEO it's not over yet. But I think this homestand is putting the nail in the coffin for this 2014 team. The answer seems to be making a trade or Q and part of that answer appears to be Jake Peavy in this isn't exactly breaking news we've been talking about the prospect of PB being dealt for quite some time in fact -- the destination of Saint Louis. Seems to be repetitive theme but it really seemed to manifest itself yesterday to the point that Jake Peavy was even. In essence giving a good bye speech after the game. Always wanted to do what's best for Boston. All of whom were actually about what was so special last year was the brotherhood I have with. Terms of guys in this team and I take -- only an amendment. Oh boy aren't around to see me cry like a baby because of that day does come this can be tough for me to. To listen guys and I'm not know that I'm going to be the only team. If it is Saint Louis loose some people are seeing Allen Craig could come in return we had heard that a couple times brought up by. Callers it's been in the Twitter sphere that might be your return for Jake Peavy it didn't seem possible at first but now might be coming to that. The odd part about this though is even though here in Boston and it seems like a natural fit. Or JPB to go to Saint Louis and that's almost the destination of choice Red Sox fans -- he's going to the National League. Other seems to be a bad out there that could come back it's a farm system that knows knows where it's doing and as a good reputation. Maybe they can get some good prospects in return if nothing else there is no Allen Craig. There's appease the Saint Louis dispatch that is saying cards have interest in adding offense not PV. -- -- -- -- -- Well I think you look at their team and -- mean that he offered their struggling you know offensively if there from. The bottom in the in the National League I still think it's a good fit you know when you lose. Michael lock up. Saudi rotation Tommy Garcia get a couple spots calls Martinez then nice job and a joke Kelly's coming back -- -- -- to come back -- right to their rotation as well. I just look at us and possibly called up before but Alan correct in Saint Louis and they've got a lot of -- a lot of young -- We go off to the virus that just a young kid that try to work -- -- vegan advocate the -- don't AAA. That they could use -- well but the virus is come up and look like a rookie knowing that we've seen this before a great talent. Allen Craig to me is a good hitter from the Red Sox yeah I would be trying to get out correct. You get three years left 26 and a half million dollars is a club option at the end of that -- she could haven't for four years. It could be that guy out left -- it -- that rating and -- -- -- rated hitter at these are great hitter at the injury last year remembered a World Series the kind of part of a little bit numbers this year at their. I would do that a second but it's gonna take more of Jake -- I mean second to be near Jake -- straight to be in the eat all the money. Still pleased to meet -- for -- I think you know throw in on not now one of the great prospects this organization has but -- got to throw some and then. Figured -- Craig and I just. Still doesn't make sense for me for the cardinals to give up on a player like that -- the kids -- half game out of the wild card. As was written by Alex spear on WEEI dot com 23 games start to the season Craig was hitting 170. Out of the gates. But since then always the last 63 games anyway hitting 270 threes got six homers along the ways they might be finding it a bit is a good hitter. Let's I think but then why -- they trying to get rid of -- -- to look for offense or -- start to heat up. 998 document language you know I'll never lets you know what's what's the other moved to think enough. You know is it could be the first piece right get a comic and put this back in this rotation. Again it's her about the trade -- breaks albeit maybe it is and they got an -- on somebody else but. -- -- -- lose a guy like I do think that peavy will be traded or maybe it's not -- correct but exit Lewis is a good spot form. I think that less -- a pretty good indication you know we talked to Jerry -- said that before the game. That there's a chance soul. I think he's gone. I think they're gonna move on from him. I think -- -- a player sits down with a general manager -- a situation in the player comes on after game but you said almost talking about a good bye speech. I think it's just a matter of time put Jake Peavy and if it's not today before the game might be tomorrow morning. Red Sox fans what do you think of the looming Jake Peavy trade 61777979. 37. The other angle to this story that dovetails into it is what happens from here for the Red Sox in terms of their rotation ruby -- -- will come up. And start next for the Red Sox but should peavy go. What do you think -- -- is it wise to it. Maybe not right away but after the trade deadline will be later in the year I don't get a look at Henry Owens get a look at one of these guys a little bit more of a project. Lowers their visit to scan the same names we've heard about. A couple times over now filling out the rotation. Be bringing guys up there yes it's got. I -- -- goes down to me because they could get -- down last night. The PB you know we literally wasn't medalist last time I think you know what it was. Guys get sent down but he goes before even a couple starts ago. Thanks a Wal-Mart because it could work some Allah PB over the kept ruby -- up here all week long. They had an extra pitcher they were down a position appointed yet they kept -- appeared the whole week. Before they had to make a decision to sit him down and here we are again with -- I think it's the same situation. You know they just couldn't find a hole for Jake Peavy last night saw it -- I have no problem with -- -- It -- got a question right because you couldn't get a moved on what can you do we got to wait this thing out but I think he's sitting down Britt worked a lot of people scratching their heads saying okay -- up that's good but. A wanna see more -- work which opens the that the season we're gonna have the rest of the year. Yet Brandon Workman actually. And it's I guess terrible kind of missed. On which should be a -- that should be put every -- popular desperate the Red Sox the gutter huh huh. That's the bottom -- Op bit below another -- I don't. I had a brother Conner and what you hear he missed his spot on the cutter a jobless got a great -- makes the Carter it's not just it's so. This and I know it's the new it is odd to me it's I guess the new page you know look at at all army -- I don't -- -- I manipulate its temperamental. I mean next thing you know equipment orders the cutter yes -- the mistress you know it's love you like crazy you go to the well -- you know bites in the -- Now let's get a great cutter -- that's how he pitches he pounds fastballs and varieties those cutters in a -- -- diet the other it's like an error when I play the allied always had a great cutter but it did mean everybody to step. Miller explained the cutter to reduce the non baseball people waited for football talk. -- a couple of feet and to start because the baseball season we don't know when we all -- -- Rob Gronkowski can't really does our but it just fix it quickly it each year you're you're you're. Your ad lib quick. It is -- what's the cut. OK a slider is not contacted. You wanna throw a slider down a way to get some swing over to mr. -- to be looked bad big breaker good depth down and -- GAAP. I hit a cutter -- a product that necessarily swing and miss it too realistic critic -- you throw it down that back foot. It's a bad it's a contact pitch to me you know it's to get bad contest. When he misses. How how would it be he's missing right in that strike so right in the distant right now at right to batters wheel house where where is he trying to send it -- as he tries. Trying to show you a fastball in her half that you think you can drive. The eyes wide oh yeah this is the pitch I'm looking for -- Internap undated just dropped the barrel on this thing in smoke this thing. And in the last minute most of all three inches and it doesn't it to barrel its hits the -- believe bad breaks you -- just. Google Mariano Rivera everybody else. He's perfect idea is that's what he'd made a living on he would show lefties that inner half fastball meets -- got home. -- the last ten feet Ford at the plate -- break report riches and bats would be shattered. To to meet the Connor is just more of you know. 102031. Hitters eyes get big but it's also fastball inner half and it's gonna cut and -- -- jammed the guy I'm gonna get bad contact. But it's at Lester does a little bit more back foot the he's got great cutter don't try to mimic Lester -- if it's not -- -- -- arsenal. Not a hassle of our Cadillac. Make more enemies fastball curveball the thing is -- -- balls -- with a good changeup you have to have a cutters nice thing to have. But don't deeper by your worst -- Way or curse he raised the point. It's boring to watch. So let me pose the question Red Sox fans here what do they need to do from this point going forward to keeping interest. And what has. Has to be done to keep you interested because competing doesn't seem to be option ABC or. And last place or close to it and division. So if Jake Peavy is one of the few things that can be tree few people they can be treated and the things that come and return our. Along the lines and Allen Craig at best is that something that keeps you interested or are what keeps you glued in what keeps you keyed in. Moving for the rest away 6177797937. You seem to be a mystic about the lack of entertainment value so what would keep order which. Want to tell you exactly what kept me interest it was a fifth inning. It's what low key interest it is things that they can't do. They got hits in the fifth inning they got runs in the fifth inning. Rock hole hit a triple -- -- -- -- -- hoping -- COLT keeps his streak -- he keeps getting hits and that I'm looking for. I mean I'm a -- it can milky bets. I mean how quickly can he run -- first -- were on the telecast last night. I mean there's really nothing to talk about it they're given props the bookie bet for being in center field and calling for a -- a fly ball flight got a good side and center fielder and our guys don't take command of the senate the army. I know that's part of the progression. Of a young kid in center field. Fifth inning that's -- I wanna see that's what keeps me and -- what that you brought up the broadcast one thing in my keep me interest is to make fun place for fifth guy. Lou they put you in the middle -- been a -- -- out pure -- with a mascot out of one guy near long club or one dug out one Geithner and other dugout did you guys the play by play Booth -- this. Please free somewhere -- -- -- -- up like that I was gonna curious how this like you know. Third analyst on the field thing would work and a that's in discussions this offseason and it did it because work. And I personal things and more it lasts and how was awkward and you know what else I gotta get the lions gave -- but boy strike ski on one side to get lines in the other and get -- all and and and red dog in the boat. And and it's like I was -- for Wally I might kinda threw her. The Los Angeles. Say something and -- not want to talk correct me would jump right on it thin and in line to jump back on the revenue jumped back on the go to strikes. You -- up in the stands and it was just. Well -- -- prefer to listen to more added people who would you figure does a better job -- reliance -- who do you do you think gives you more for your. Your blog well it is that deserve our daughter originally could telecast now. I do radio I think I think -- Doug is good job you know I think you always done a good job but I think he's actually been better. You know this this year in the last couple years it was kind of -- and quiet times -- I think he's been better this year. The cycle going that a couple times but I think -- listen to reports game's fine. I just think that that hole. That whole thing of lower -- dog in the book that lines on the sidelines. To a whole football thing you don't mean I asked did you anybody else feel like it was a told. Of no that's no that's not go to -- this what's going on no outside you'd already tell you that it -- that was Ehrlich a little. I that I you know they step on each other couple times -- -- we do the pre season games like that now so now we have. We have you know I'm in the Booth with Dan -- we got Matt Chatham on a field. Week. The two guys up and we columns doubts doubts Stadler Waldorf yes and about -- So we have a lot of people and everybody wants to talk. But it didn't really bother me that much because I'm I'd I'd like listening to Steve Lyons and I agree with you on red meat. He's he's doing great I got. During shuttle because -- -- think about the NFL if you had a guy that did the color for the patriots for like twenty years. And he just it -- gonna throw the new guy on the sidelines. It echoed out -- but boy Roy like net -- at everything we get that more. When I stood there thinking OK is he trying to take my job right lightly there at the -- -- that are trying out and -- star on the sidelines and you work your way up to the -- that's usually how works. You know -- trial basis you know at night here at night here in there for full time exactly and if you -- other Tony is anemic real -- be a leader stated I would it would be a -- match it would be you know one upmanship I could do anything you can better. And part of a strategy might be you've got four broadcasters talking but he -- an -- Then you're not talking about the game go a little things have been going to me that's like almost every that -- you.

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