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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Roller Coaster Accident

Jul 9, 2014|

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building. A better network. We have an explanation from Chris Curtis about our producer mr. skin which I -- right now mobbed by an actor. Freaking country. And those who is the central time zone out audio that it Curtis comes and habit. During the break flustered -- Says. -- Tech operation I. Just get the guy on the on the god in short on the easy confirmation or some more -- -- I mean we're going wish there was little camera. Producer poll on the -- that we which option it. Scrambling. -- was scrambling to just. Deflected play defense is I think. Watch there's both good guys capable guys like Campbell personally that's in that respect them. -- you know -- if you don't practice that but I was I would just I would just say this we promote it. They don't look like. -- -- We we do we do you know it's about -- that is my job that is probably. That is right that is my problem now much mr. skin as you know. Jackie Bradley junior -- why don't you know we wanna get mr. skin on the promoted master's in public debt but mr. mr. skin disease rates -- -- Perfect summer gas on every week -- that congress on Monday mr. -- on Tuesday what we should look for them sausage it is. Mr. mr. skin is mad dog Russo and Steve Aureus or yesterday ACP. Radio fight delegates and I -- I wanted to about and I also want answered -- MLB network talked about this at all because everyone who tried to get sound from him. They are a lot of people -- you sound from the U2 green says that about rookies to me it would it would were not cooperating at all. But it it just ignore because I don't William Graham LB network and don't know that's worth examining. You can if any and -- I mean if you wonderful. This was a fear we were -- we went to. We remain last week when the days -- this cycle means he's -- it is -- again again splashed -- fund local court. But not a -- last place that you don't I'm loyal to water right habits like a water country place it it's not a big. That's pretty big visit its size is a new must be new -- the -- of the water park great wolf -- -- the heart I tip my daughter couple hours ago. Com past. Several coasters there. Actually like roller coasters the one -- a straight up and out of fine. Not a not a world not rob -- I hate crime you know shy now now we know I don't like -- now like motion. My ice rocket with the top of the you know like the motion and yet Obama Geithner. We want to double into the top of the tower and tower I was. Paralyzed with fear of that there was a music it was a war but I never thought that not to have a glass floor at the top and it came in well. So you don't know a thing -- it's just like any other floor but if you keep. You do not wanna stop on that -- okay ago. If I knew was a floor I don't so that. But I still Pakistan could not walk across -- if there's an earthquake there and little kids like rolling around a ridiculously -- -- -- -- -- a picture of this Turkey's clinging to the residential pictures of the construction guys in the building those. Hours way back in the skyscrapers and watch auto I didn't understand it is -- else and I sit at the craziest thing. I don't like rights. So Tuesday. Fallen tree branch obstructed derail the roller coaster at Six Flags magic mountain Valencia California. Monday Ben is 61. -- two passengers including four suffered injuries were stock precarious position. Forty feet in the year and ninja coaster for more than three our kill kill me now. It's like the one -- you know universal Orlando the thing got stock while peep or upside. How hollow for over two hours. Made. What I would I would lose my mind you know what was the vomit in to become a citizen there was a lot of calendars safely back at 5 o'clock -- -- about 830. Pair pastors are taken local hospitals precautions when last year -- elected ought to do it a bit like Larry David when he gets cut the chairlift. Absolute right. I panicked I really wanted well I would I think now it's. Yeah I just go I was man. -- Definitely would lose the data back. You. Highway combined I only like to think about it was -- you are your kids like it's been years daddy and he later with a six that went to Six Flags -- -- story land. It's a little cushion that story that we're gonna Orleans underrated and we're gonna go. On -- -- on the splashed on fun times there's two does four does those patterns. Says those solid with the wanted Disney. Not space mountain -- with one knowledge I I would not do that and it's a great ride I heard it was given lost a splash of this rational. Alex flat -- there would be sea bass welcome Beers they both closed down the park forest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- the ballots like ninety seconds with that with them -- Park was. The area Markowitz either. -- -- More one of the greats music has -- me. Just ask -- offense they behind the line and hit threes he could -- huge yes he played you played -- can he -- and he -- -- -- now you Spiezio he played you one bass or. Perform bench and what you did you play BC now you played -- -- to match. I was back in the -- did you take Donta bright off the dribble no I did not in his normal. -- The a fourth of July hot dog eating contest in west -- the coach -- tragically contestant choked. Well recess at this happened here that -- Celtic I watched. I watched the Nathan's. Got this Walter. Eagle at the tail 47 of Custer died and also -- Thursday after attempts to save -- the scene failed. Custer county sheriff Rick we were told racquets did you. It there was a do what you love life was a serious and it added local competitive -- It is there a line in the story says he used he died doing -- you know I believe that I believe that yet here if you are competitive leader. You mean listen you you wake up go to Toronto -- that you love this yeah Joey chestnut. One is for -- 61 hot dogs in ten minutes short he was what was the weather. Whether effectively the win. Honestly rainy. Effect. -- -- on the -- I used disrupt about the elements I think so yes yet on -- who died doing what you. Fox25 has hired you persons from the station you've heard of I -- growing businesses. His name is. Greg Kelly no Integra tally had deserved Cisco -- or perhaps I think -- -- Tom report moves to Boston -- Kelly's account it -- right it these killings guys moving out there. Since its inception and before the last I was running stations are Cisco may have some notoriety. A publishing this is what happened. We have new information now also on the plane crash -- he was just learn the names of the four pilots who were on board the flight they are captain. Some king Juan. We eat too low poll lead food stuff and a bank can gain -- And the NTSB has confirmed these are the names of the pilots on board flight 214 when it crashed. We are working to determine exactly what roles each of them played during the landing on Saturday. This guy Tex has that report -- -- -- and six and three counts in game one on one to eleven. Winner gets the -- his wife for an entire game plays -- man. I mean in fairness -- -- competition music a stroke if that's true but -- and on and I that you should do that -- picture first. It. Am I I probably -- doubles doesn't do -- wants. To talk is the guy who ate a whopper for fifty bucks us at that point. Netstat and I had one of these challenges once -- -- -- not a white rich and he fires flop now it was it was model wife swap. But still -- -- the child was. I cannot catch a pass from Scott's own locker and a pass for five to do it. I dropped the last one had to be consecutive -- we did it outside in the courtyard of -- he tanker. -- rain snow on the ground as far the ball was really but the good news it -- issues sponsored that -- source added that is unbelievable -- only this note about what it is by dot to -- on here -- all's well that he's as cool if it's someone confirmed that it -- capture something called them said -- with this we confirm in and they did it. Don king of long. It's so it's not more so for all the public it -- did fox. Do do -- bit different -- need to loan. That's headlines brought you by AT&T cover more than 99%. All Americans 617779793. -- your phone number I've got the Red Sox -- was still waiting for mr. We have a response from tripled to poses an email criticizing -- discussion about the Golden Globes. Aren't I loved him ball -- call. Figures in London but like -- get a data gaps that subtle jokes on -- Us who read that response and trying to Vietnam we get. Bank named Al.

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