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Kevin Paul Dupont on newspapers 7-9-14

Jul 9, 2014|

Kevin Paul Dupont joined the show to discuss today's Globe sports page.

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Segments ago was -- glass -- talk about the globe verses and Harold in come a little bit of the debates about that. Rob Bradford is very strong and -- -- dislikes the Boston. And even more I love the Boston yes well they ego I'd tell you I do like embossed. Temple. And he joins us right now. He's still on the job that was a Major League struck up big guys are you could easily plug them. I am not I got home late Monday night. I did okay. They want value you emailed our producer you read some some points of contention with us which I like where would you. I don't know I would at a -- and which guy I found the discussion fascinating guys were having not not so much for the elect -- or Harold because here. You're allowed him misconception I think. But. That the point what the point that I like I I love this discussion because. I don't have it every day in the office but it's almost it's it's it's an ongoing and I suppose I hope. Hopefully it'll be a discussion that goes on in perpetuity but I I doubt it. Given the state of what newspapers but. The whole point that I made to Chris was point of emphasis and discussing what what deserves to be the lead you guys didn't like Brazil on top. You want more Red Sox instead. And that discussion that goes on all the time and sometimes quite aggressively. In the office in that was true at the New York Times and over there and -- do it. It might point to Chris was as long as newspapers exist. That discussion will exist and I think when papers go away and I'm sure they will. That discussion -- way so for the moment. Newspapers are still. Framing the discussion on what is important and what -- -- line. You never have that discussion online and part of that is the but I think -- night. I don't know I get my regret that it is transitioning because. On line and I found guilty as anybody -- maybe even more guilty I go to what I watched. I don't look at the larger picture which is okay they're presenting the eight stories. There are conveying what they think is important. I disagree and move on -- pick my pick my point was that they can go online -- and you'll find out about Red Sox and find out opera and find out about Celtics. Well Kevin -- say this is that I think it depends on how the web site set up. And because you you have these Bleacher Report web sites where are you seeing more and more where stories it is posted and get pushed down. But you all use our website for example. That we still have to decide what is going to lead decide what images going to lead decide it is not that dissimilar. Then what is going to lead eight the front page of the sports page. So so I know that there are some sites are set up differently I don't think death toll going away. I probably won't go away and today and I think as the whole Internet experience evolved in the beginning and -- tabloid. I'm sorry. Popular tablet or not your hand held. All the Apple's very but for now what I find is I would say much of what I'm doing not all of them much -- -- -- -- more more on the Smartphone. And what pops up on that tiny screen. It's not the same experience for me maybe as you. A dollar and what it's like a discussion that we had his -- comparing the globe and herald today. And I was shocked by the front of the globe -- nine -- understand we talk about his debate when these things happened in -- we lead with. But the front of the the globe today. A -- the full which you know this is the bread and butter there's a headline and a photo of Brazil and Germany. That's and to a two stories -- right and -- right right shot -- I. If I think what you guys that you felt I was pandering. Like I IT IQ that's yes I think that's I think they're trying too hard. Blow to look like she would -- Michael the Twitter routes to try and win today. So people can say well you know again that -- -- they get in the globe gets you know they're doing they're doing the right thing they're going to -- it would the world is now appreciative -- -- of the world. That -- which idle the I gotta be honest at once the US. Lost in the World Cup I think the majority of the readers of your paper. -- why they care more the Red Sox think I get that so whatever that they care more about the Red Sox and the care more about Marcus mark I think that you more about Jon Lester. And they do about the story. I would agree with you the Red Sox were actually in it right but -- don't buy my -- Red Sox season ended about three weeks ago. And you you know so I would go the other way I'm not disagreeing with your point and again it's all about -- But I look at the back of The Herald tonight and I don't want again to work better than ever has because really that's that's that's -- a no win. You know that's that's really for the consumer to decide. But I I think. Going to the back and leading with the Red Sox now that were -- -- nine in the season it effectively overrule waiting for the next to connect straight but. You know clear out some of the -- -- I'm sorry I'm I'm tired of that story where as if I look at. You know I got hurt on a personal level I probably wouldn't go on wall to wall with the photo. And the whole -- after the page but again that's part of the passionate debate you have been there. That World Cup game was astounding. Is that you know. Yeah it is now suggesting. That may be the game was -- Well if he's the right. That should be paid one across well -- -- paid -- but I don't think there was ever -- yeah historic lets us. But again about what you -- throw out as to it and I'm not talking you because what you do is different than what we do but you throw out fodder for discussion. That they hint of now. The World Cup in the greater lopsided. Result in the history of the sport suspects. That's what you do and I think that's great fun but it's not what we do. I would I would just say that if you're gonna dedicate the front page of the physical globe -- one itself to the World Cup and then beat top of the fold. In the sports into stories if you take it that seriously. The -- one -- either. And not many papers have I'm surprised we haven't especially given that our -- owned owned. Right the team in any I'm surprised we didn't cover it we also have. Arguably the you know. The best the best international sports -- and our staff and John powers I didn't know there are the good ones Christopher -- and your country's tremendous. And so John has done it for forty years I'm surprised and disappointed we didn't. But again that the budget issue. Money comes into play. There's there's there's a whole lot to go to that makes this time differences a lot of different things. But personally. I'm surprised or not there. -- -- two to one in favor of Germany yesterday do you think they still go that full page headline no. Right now I don't I thought that was what I -- on the right. It was I I do I disagree with you guys and I think a lot of people are talking about that game beat because of how lopsided it was because of -- profile. Because the with a semi final one of them going to be in the final. I think it deserves to be above the fold like do. I out of a personal level I would have not played the picture wall to wall and I would have moved another element of the top. Kevin you we we also discussed in regards you went to Wimbledon. And and you're right we all feel that probably if the unit played this up as much you producers since someone in Brazil. Do you agree with that allocation or or if he'd take us behind that decision of okay we're not gonna go the World Cup what we are gonna go to Wimbledon. Pretty crazy it's the court I agree with -- hip pockets. That's for the and I've been doing Wimbledon and so I think 2000 and so over the course the last fourteen years and then. Our history that was always have but Colin there was the second person for the second week. Blood hasn't gone for the last two or three years. I have done over the course of fourteen years probably the nine or ten there's a couple of years I haven't and we haven't staff there. And -- essentially because of and I got so caught up in broad coverage they want an eleven. They have been a long run last year and it just to be to be frank about it I was beat. So that that this is that that's a longstanding decision in place and we do -- we since the it's in I mean I know interest for tennis has fallen but that that comes and goes as you guys know. I covered the Bruins for years when -- I heard was no one cares about the Bruins but we -- every game that every practice. So that that's a long standing item that that I hope doesn't go away when I go away but. It also wouldn't surprise me if that was the case. And more whispers about what the heck happened to Serena Williams and did she in fact I start questions she effect does not wanna play the match up that was the strangest thing I've ever seen things go out in my life. Are there is who wouldn't who wouldn't trade on the volume that the strangest fifteen minutes of tennis she's never seen. What goes around the table -- it -- your take she says virus woody do you guys that. I say no way -- Isaac says she just didn't wanna play and I was trying to figure out a way not to do it Irish I think it was a deep I think it was deep acts yeah desist its agrees it was tool that I was. Yup my gut is exactly what yours is my gut was this is a woman wants to go home. And you know what told me more than anything go watch the body language and how much tape payroll on this here. -- sixty as a rising concern now. I I have to say if if that was my brother especially especially given what their relationship and beyond just brother and sister you know the professional relationship. You know there -- hundreds of millions they've made together. If if if you know she is exhibiting -- it. You know it well on the face of it she's exhibiting some. As if he's having a stroke. If that's my sister I'm up and running and hopefully that's all I'm not sitting there just constantly looking into Iraq. What's strange about that is if she just withdraw before the match and says she is the flu she gets a little bit -- hit for for an hour on Twitter and and it's over me I don't know why I don't know why she went through his legs to do it. Yup yup she's that if she is there a she's a prickly characters in New England she's in the things that when she's in the interviews sometimes you just give one word answers she'll roll -- -- that documentary. On her sister made painted the repeated her and that exactly that like even though is. Propaganda for them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And talking through this this and why try to discuss. Discussion you guys are having an up and and obviously I hope newspapers go on forever we have these discussions forever. So we about that all three and I still read -- physically old school newspapers every single day I don't want a story and USA today. Now go to the new -- pick up a broad topic. -- hold of the competition to big teams the big -- everything first the attention span of readers it. And and Twitter came along in -- thanks -- appreciate. Bad -- that that's another part of this year which is to consumers brain has been changed. Just in terms of and -- ability to read the ability to read is there but the the temperament of the reader now to hang in on the story of the longer -- or -- so and so what's happening in in that transition. The writers brains are changing too because the writers -- younger and you you can tell it and it it you know that was a real emphasis when I got in the business in the early seventies. There was a real emphasis on on pros and trying to wordsmith. Some analysts were lucky from the -- misunderstood from the student. There's no it is virtually no attention paid to that now and there are times -- -- A reference to this terrific story and I'm here to go read it and from a from you know just just the working toward standpoint I I rarely see it anymore -- deviate and committed and part of that is. The consumers and all that interest to the net and a lot of times I think the writer isn't isn't skilled enough -- doesn't make the attempt anymore. Right we appreciate your time give thanks a lot I got myself back to impaled upon the Boston Globe kind of the -- to. Newspaper debates and gas portage great summer spot -- it and we could -- it's a whole another conversation the great congress it is really fair about it you -- guys that you he's a level how to guide the you know that we get -- and we get on our website we get it wrong sometimes but today -- We we talk about what should have been on the front of the negative impacts up in the back for the now because I didn't put this picture but -- -- media that's an amicable that's that's the conversation right for some I guess that's -- board in all but if you're talking about though. Brazil Germany aboard we're talking about our second story our -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- cal and I point to Kevin's point also not to get a point also is not like there's one person make these decisions that are Rocha and and a Smart people slow. When they do something like that there's a reason behind it in we can disagree 6177797. Had a 37 we goes we always do from Kevin ball to point to mr. skit we believe you would join us and tax -- and interest.

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