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The one and only Mr. Skin 7-9-14

Jul 9, 2014|

Mr. Skin joined the show on all things nudity.

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This is exactly. The same as -- right now. This happened mr. that you get better and do think at the top ten -- Showers and what you think of that today. Don't put this on me. I'd dammit we're -- need to do is think of a new. Idea that Villanova -- -- piece -- an increased maintenance -- -- I think just because this exists. We are so it won't work there. But the problem there but you know well for sure. Of course the famous scene from knocked up and references our next guest joining us NE TT like the first time on the idle wild -- back. Mr. -- assisted did you know that scene was going to happen before the film came out you first aware. Yet the year before the lawyers for particular remembered out those Paramount -- universal let -- -- those 2007. This summer before. Both lawyers from them contacting me just say because -- did forty year old virgin his next movie he wants to put mr. skin back commented. Is that OK and I was like. Of course I mean it was a big hit a forty year old virgin and I I knew instinctively. It was going to be good I didn't fight it or ask. You know for money to put mr. skin back -- in it and it was obviously great decision because bad. You know to guys like -- our favorite movies growing up work. Animal house sir Ken Eddie shack the young guys today it's back up in super bad in that and those movies so. It's a pretty cool movie to have your web site mentioned in. This is how we wanna try to get you want to yesterday at the start of the show for some reason the old TV show dream on came up the conversation. Almighty guys how can our guys are. Above my age I think. The guys all right that was our first real glimpse at it on HBO we got cable television and for gold so we're trying to figure out with a. Until of television and cable but three ballads like oh my god this is going to be good. They were that was the first showed me where are aware that you -- great nudity that the television show. On cable TV. Who stands out from that show you remember we're trying to figure out through the review some kind of draft. Although it's interesting that were so many women. That went out to be famous that were nude on the -- -- heparin -- a great example. Early acting with pride in 93 or 94. You know before she hit it big and Jack she was an unknown actors and she did a great. Nude scene. There. The that that's one but there's so many different actresses that. You know where I'm reminded that went out and the big things then and it is a great show but just nudity in general the show was fantastic. Now mr. skin out of the state of nudity in theaters and cinemas. Is it is it better or worse than it was in the glory in our glory days of the ninety's what you want to. -- -- as good as you know the eighties in the ideal -- nudity was much better that there's so many more. Blockbusters. PG movies now that's with a big money isn't when that's the PG movie and -- they have nudity but. The big differences television. With cable. With HBO or showtime Cinemax the -- network even Netflix has original programming with -- the new black. There's so much more TP nudity now than there was in the eighty's and ninety's that over all -- fan of nudity and hit it on movies and television celebrity nudity in general so much more now than there was in in the eighties. If you ought to call mr. skin as well some new questions 617779. Starters doubled seven -- -- gets dumped gets up this -- say this. You would if you have -- remade vacation today in 2014. -- -- play Beverly D'Angelo was not get naked twice in the movie the world mr. skin has changed. If you remain vacation today whoever played the Beverly De'Angelo character would not significantly -- the engine -- vacation what happened. Yeah you're right because they try to make it into a PG thirteen -- he had and that's that they like. Vacation is a great movie that. I'd like us we could quote the wind and all that but they weren't the good Beverly the -- on the shower which. Really cemented it is a movie that we all love break as we bet that's seen him by the way that happened at the ninety minute marks and wondered. Peter's very upset Roger Ebert documentary didn't. He could tell us otherwise so -- The but what is their right to it right now. -- -- Well -- -- -- that off now -- this is the lay up this is a layup got that this is an homage to characters he the other few weeks ago I few months ago. He text to be -- in. Jury Alexander did -- -- the obvious that's the -- the that's the teller that's been that's going to be when you're nude -- the year. Yeah I think so -- when I saw a true detective which by the way I loved the show I was watching this with my wife and I'll never forget it was a second episode of true detective it aired on January 19 of 2014. And sitting there watching is that there are advantages -- the Dario who was. This girl and Percy Jackson movies I -- I watch capital watch one. The month before on vacation with my kids that would never watched that movie but they were watching and I saw this girl and biggest. While integrate -- all the sense is that like this does this nude scene -- never been naked before. I am I put my wife that will be the best nude scene of 2014. I don't care what happens and so far I've been. Proven right here we are halfway through the year -- We have one question you below roof from CSI Miami anything. Yeah I could have heard. Guys that. That a ton but enough and a lot of people are in the -- into the problem is with her she's just. More but he beat babe in the in the movies she's been and armed unfortunately. She's never been naked so. He doesn't like underwear and bikini allowed itself. You got bad like one movie even the barbarians which is weird movies from long time ago. She was in bikini in their underwear in the -- but never naked but she is sexy. Who has The Who is your mr. -- holy Grail right now Scarlett Johansson had some pictures that were on line for a while she's been close right. Is or somebody else. Actually great -- and coach Hudson is for so if you would ask you this the year ago I would -- said Scarlett Johansson right now has to be. The girl we most want to -- doing nude scene as far as -- know celebrity status and her body in the fact that she hasn't that make it but. -- coming out next week I am Blu-ray is a movie called under the skin in which she makes her nude debut with the release. Tough movie to watch very little dialogue art party type of movies she played an alien but she stands in front of them here. Completely naked and it's an amazing scene in fact it's been backed by the most popular scene. Of the year to our web site we actually. Have. Had the pictures and clips that mr. is that -- have for the last few weeks. And it's -- -- user from the rough so guys are really excited about that so now we've just scratched that one opera bucket list I would say. This is a weird one but I'm telling you based on traffic to my web site. I would say Jennifer Love Hewitt would be up there -- -- -- one guy really wanted to be doing nude -- who hasn't done one yet. Yes and the party of five generation that we all love so much a -- for my northeast -- -- you're you're glad you're bitterly that are really cash these and that. Another girl very well endowed in the chest that that has yet to do a nude scene and it's it's -- -- and and for some reason I've watched this that. I watched the actresses who are popular their site with over 44000. She's always in the top when he most searched. I have to think it's Jennifer Love Hewitt did in the lead it would be big news here's. -- to -- spirit is here's Chris Vermont North Carolina -- not -- to the question for mr. They -- they don't. That today Michael. -- but it it has ever been inaccurate that the nude in three different decades. Decline. And I got one better for you. Pop pop out and actors that's been nude in six different decades. The government like like Ted Williams is rookie year was 39 in this. Less excited for that statement is way low and a guest list America American actors are now. I had no issues from the UK that you know warm very well. -- here in America call first. Movie she was -- it was called agent's consent in 1969. She was naked in that seventy is obviously who would get 80s92000. And men. She did a movie in 2010. -- love ranch. With Joseph -- where she was -- up pretty impress -- to -- 708090. Thousand and the six decade 2010. But Jennifer Lawrence. Never naked but that that was one of the most popular. Actresses in the world that they actually yeah and so you -- tying their you don't have American -- movie. Her to rest was you know such that you saw a lot of side boobs and cleavage so I see nudity and her future which is that it had been. And need to see more Kirk and I are on the same page we need to see more of Lizzy Caplan off from showed up disasters of -- lot of masters sex. Do you say you will come because -- -- dissects the second he's going to be starting very soon and showtime and that's one of the cool things about television another great thing about the TP nudity. Is it that extras and nobody's that are doing the nude scenes yeah of course there there's so there's a lot of -- but. The stars of the show -- -- does without are masters of section. You know that it is she's she's Virginia Johnson on the show yet she'll do. Great nudity along with all of the other nobody's and actresses that do nudity and everything with a million Clark -- -- -- Emmy Rossum. -- -- you know equity true blood. That's what it's so cool you become fans of these actresses from the shows and they do nudity which is great so a lot. Also don't listen. Right -- -- and Edwards and Dodd experiment just to set a a lot of white homeland -- Marina park -- at all well -- go up. -- from principal by the way this -- I haven't -- and the neighbors if we have a front page. Google's partners another call Craig in mainland USMRS get a question -- has -- -- questions tried stop this guy. Unstoppable to upgrade. -- -- Our commitment to -- got a question real quick. That really when I was twelve years old that blew my mind changed my life forever call. I would -- I can't remember the wages and an -- -- That she there into -- you know on the Middle East and that the -- anywhere. Kind of people from that village or watching and stuff like and orders should there and a woman on a course like. That end up a good note and -- magnate. If I remember correctly bet they that was a movie from the eighties that article on. I think it translated does the hiring needs are correct sir I don't reflect who nobody. A studio would note nor should view. Had amazing -- -- -- I gotta say this in the history fifteen years prior have been due in the psyche here on the radio -- Everett's. I'd -- -- got it right let's just remember this from cable television yourself. -- to -- senseless act out oil cable yet. Yeah it's it's just stepped -- Really obscure movie but yet there was tons of wild team unity and epithets. That's like up for a -- as it was French -- Italian movie but great question. I love our listeners. -- deep desire he fees. Yeah I like it said he never had a thing where he -- have a great question. Sarah so -- heat. Sarah yeah Sarah oh yes Sarah soggy who is enormously Sears over the years you don't get parents. Let me just place this girl is so beautiful. I first noticed -- on the L word. The end. And try to think for your audience how like that. She's got a TV show called person person of interest that might be one people might -- from -- in the -- -- you know what are and The Sopranos. She did the -- he -- Tony Soprano. Oh yes yeah. It's gorgeous gorgeous girl it's if that's if that'll help music had to visualize their. I'm -- did the outward. It's fantastic. Nudity like who didn't on the outward and showtime but check out also movie called bullet to the head from 2013. I'll bet might go to movie. For Sarah -- is gorgeous gorgeous. Very exotic looking they've been big editors this woman be obvious Christina Hendricks. -- -- -- If you ask me what my personal. Actors that I most what does he do it Nancy it would be Christina Hendricks does have a huge -- of mad -- And I just gotta think if that if those were unveiled. At some point it would be just some of these pictures like it hit it hasn't happened yet. But if Christina Hendricks that a new team I'd be very very. Natalie Portman got a budget Texan border. Yet she's been naked action that does sound that's one of the weirder. Nude scenes because it happened in a movie short which. -- just pretty. Famous popular actress guys you know everyone knows there who never did -- nude scene and then does the movie short hotel Chevalier. Which was like fifteen minutes long it was a for equal to that start -- limited. That movie. In -- Movie short at fifteen minute -- short she does her. By the fire bad news C and it's up here Natalie Portman and yet attract that that we do have a that are web -- I don't know. How easy it is to fight -- but it's out there and if it's a great great but Chatham Natalie Portman. I don't think Lacey should bear has been new yet as she. It's common. Not. Well. Listen I wish yet there was yes but she hasn't -- she's been in. Our bras and underwear and different things but she's never. Been naked but a lot of guys like you hit and hope she had I hope she will in the not too distant future she's still. That the climate I would say -- about in her early thirties so 32 or 33 so I hit it does. Oh that's what's most surprising nude scene from like. In a cup like a legends like -- -- Julie Andrews or. It up you know the little kid watching the Brady but -- -- Marcia. From the Brady Bunch seven years after the shell landed into the movie complexes lightning -- hourly minute then it's like that in my old room. That is the movie where Marshall was smoking cigarettes and swearing so right there when I was watching cable in the eighties I was like wait a second what's going back. And at the hour four minute mark here -- the debris being nothing. Crazy but it was march of from the Brady Bunch I think the more modern. Version that would be my hourly rate while whoever when members in the in the eighties. In about 95 so about you know eight to ten years after that haven't died down. -- she did a movie called malicious. In which she's. You know would -- some guided the he's as she plays kind of a stalker and and I got to say hurt a couple of symbols of -- you for for how good it is and how great -- -- -- looked topless I think that's a great example of the a real surprise. Was was Michael Corleone first wife ever naked again another movie goers she just drop them like that's one of the great. Do you see this first new -- ever watched yesterday. Oh you mean. From from the guy that -- first like that. No human was actually down. -- is actually pretty unknown actress. But it was so Mineta. Stephan Elliott and she wasn't obviously known to American audiences but she actually was and yes she's from Italy so that's all you have to know. And she I was naked about five or six times in her career no movie you guys -- ever heard of the crawl like Italian flicks but if you watch cable. Are those Italian -- cavities and stuff in the eighties when you're watching cable TV news probably new in the bunch of them that. You know that you just saw you just did know was there. It cover ourselves they were talking about sports there is best sports movie. Best sports movies maybe most news Betemit about sport will be a slap shot -- -- no I'm talking about oh really nudity yes. I'm gonna say the best sports movie -- well that's nudity right because Melinda Dillon. Do you remember -- everyone. Movies let out with a handsome Brothers and off on one of my favorite -- scene is Melinda Dillon in bed with Paul Newman. And she would later go on to become. In a Christmas story Ralph these red -- BB gun. Melinda Dillon. I was naked in 1977. Slap shot and then when about six years later. To be that. Six or seven years later to be the mom in the Christmas story so to me that that the really cool what not. Another one would be young -- the hockey movie -- That girl said he would give whatever happened there -- our. Sport -- -- with great nudity that I love. Let's go back to Acosta got a bunch of most will -- court -- up. Were you a question for mr. -- Yes they do actually. There at the new. Cast member on the Young and the Restless that we malevolent. I believe her name is financial results on a show called he mimicked if never they election about a minute. I would adjust their -- it is hard to hear you. The company level and. I believe that's -- you talk such regular daughter -- -- daughter. Yeah. Yeah that yet you know the problem is with these. The problem is with these. Soap opera girls is. They do they don't really get in the -- and so my. I don't want to meet you might meet rob might know this one as well did you read too much flash corpsman your kids. Yes. Not not religious just -- knows the foreign kind of -- -- girl that movie was always trying to you know flash court knows that -- -- tickle me right. I'm not talking about. Com. The film filled the Flash Gordon the film via I ninety movie the bad Flash Gordon movie deals that brought back -- yet. -- Flash Gordon flash lashed out flesh court -- court. The girl Flash Gordon not not not not to adopt you know the four -- -- court. Com. And that should you know your name just she was a tip it's usually the one a lot of activity adult at the end of it she you know you -- talking about I do vaguely -- Get somebody. I am not there I'm not too familiar with well or if he'd give it -- name Adnan Abu Emma Watson. Yeah I -- nobody guys. Somebody guys wish I ever watch that -- and I had to do to she just hasn't. Other -- the Harry Potter movies hasn't been in. A let's face it I had -- even as -- that I can -- that you had a chance of that yet. But state -- she's from the UK visit they're good kids so there's news. Back to because -- New Hampshire. The -- and that great. Question until they don't really want to note seen in -- but I'm not uncomfortable around article and -- don't want to. Helen Hunt yeah. Oh yeah well. Before she hit a big got mad about you she did a movie called the water and in which. She. -- a really great -- season for a long time. On that was might go to Helen Hunt. You know nude scene as she became famous -- mad about you but that in 2012. When she was like 49. She didn't move because of the sessions where she played that -- I was a trust frontal that was really. -- Graphic nudity. You know -- on the stomach -- They're right there -- times I was. And -- if you haven't does seem that that's awesome and it's by far the best nudity. -- here I like it better than what she did back which he was in her twenties in the water and so the sessions has my vote to Helen Hunt will be now. Sophia cigar I'm sure you ask about a world. Yeah I wish I had yes that hurt because -- there Christina Hendricks she's might. Grow like most -- -- -- to -- and videos well what subpoena the carpet force whose famous she was. A model in. I don't know what it somewhere in Latin America and they did these. Making. Sophia for Eric calendars. And we filed these a couple of years ago and she's been -- on and she's not holding -- abroad and it's pretty great stop it. It's brief nudity by. Probably stuff you guys haven't seen you might wanna check it out it's it's really great. And we we do have depth but she hasn't been in and -- rated movie yet been done and YouTube and I don't frankly know it's gonna happen. You know now that she's in their -- Chad Jennings ever naked in a move what more out there haven't yet for you guys I will say this about cat settings two broke girls. -- She let them. Cell phone -- That's kind of just got out there and I still consider him the these -- like the Citizen Kane. It's pretty amazing and that. I've ever been -- -- in a movie or television show but as far as stolen. Itself be. Copilot cell phone pics though jet setting it -- quotas Wagner. Baseball tired of of those is. She is the bat but that no new donated. -- governments of mrs. -- -- the calls to real quick I'll toss this one for -- and we elect to TV favorites from the seventies -- our Suzanne Somers. -- The -- and it didn't go. Always a bomber Suzanne Somers Magnum force that. Clint Eastwood movie she was an unknown actress -- before she hit big got three's company. And there's a C a skinny -- scene and she goes in the pool and it's Suzanne Somers and she's topless and by the way it's you know Suzanne Somers you can imagine is fantastic. I'm sure -- even known as cool girl that stated giving -- a character and that's dolls animals -- in the movie. And if you don't mind the -- said that a sniper. Killed about people in the pool including her up prior to that it is a very good top policy differences and numbers so yet senses and -- no I'm glad handers. -- -- -- calls -- for receipt toxic about it mr. -- Gary Connecticut. They get hurt her mirror. What's up about -- Marissa go hard at you from you. -- great -- the he. Did the daughter herb ma am. Is Jayne Mansfield which -- It's -- of one of my favorites and here's the deal with where she's been that are underwear in things. There was a movie called welcome to eighteen. -- back in the eighties. Which her character. Was naked. But it was not his body doubles so no one terrorist target take that daughter Jayne Mansfield. Oh boy dominant feel what's up to follow. Mr. -- it's an honor to talk feel a lot like what a target at bat an actress that has gotten naked in the city assault while an album that person do that. Well I'd say OP people say that about half the page. There's been a number of overweight didn't tell them they've done them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We celebrate nudity in film and I we made a decision and we're never gonna say this girl -- got naked that's because. There's some guys out there that really big -- why should I raid at his paraded up. Do I loved every nude scene I've ever seen no but I do appreciate it and if I don't want to discourage. People from doing nudity so we thought we celebrate nudity itself but it's obvious that there have been actresses out there that. A lot of guys think -- shouldn't have done. Our last call days in the truck what's up. Start on guys they I hope -- dog that easy at all I think in a store credit. Brought a lot vitamins. She's she's becoming more and more popular. -- -- -- a few years ago and I didn't know too much about her but she's. She's getting bigger and bigger unfortunately. I'm really sorry to report the best I can do for you is a big TV in the house party. And and and that's about it she's really been stingy. So lucky young girl that you've got some men. Hopefully she's going to Taiwanese say thanks so hopefully she'll do nudity. Future I get a feel when your career days at his school in the middle of -- yeah it's going to be a hold ball new ball like -- I have my kids they're like 108 and six like getting to that point they know I'm mr. -- -- -- about a hundred feet and hear what that means up. Yeah are coming it's been it's the day is coming -- I I would have to be there and however what I'm a computer consultant. -- -- mistress did unanimous Escude fan since since opposites that starts on loyal mama on among -- the website on everything. But if you go to ran the place is now used her celebrity sections or this or that it's easier to five partially because it. Then when you start is it hard for mr. -- to survive now 2014. No it actually we had our best year ever in 2013. Year. Is going to be by far past years it's weird guy you'd think well -- you -- fighting to actresses news if you search around the Internet but. Mr. -- back we put so much. The pale into it you know the times. Every -- scene and actress has done it to database of all the nudity. Female nudity that is in the history of film and television -- once but we value of its body double. There are people that are willing to and I get -- some guys do it all right never paid for that but there is of value and at the end. We obviously put a lot of time and effort become normally participate in the -- isn't it nobody does it better so I don't need. Every one of the nine million people LaMont become our web site to joy and I just need to -- percentage and it becomes you know real business. -- you replied obviously. Excuse me skin turn. Have had yet to get a life it's funny we have a few that you just started like kids in college and and stop that are working inner office and it's it's always fun to visit they actually get paid. We go to movies and stuff and look -- been so. If you can imagine there's a lot of people that want to do it but at some point we have to cut it off but it it's a fun for a four month it's internship in the summer. I've mrs. Jimmy appreciate that a couple of years have been on the station that we're going to have you on much sooner than them on track that applause yes thanks a lot. -- thanks so much guys that was big thrill I've eight. Remember going in studio there are many years -- -- -- you know and I'm. A big fan of of the station and it it was cool to be decked out thanks. Must just -- dot com really appreciated the great -- pleasure. The great great great mr. -- joins us. The -- alliance with what you're was that Teamsters. Member. I'm racking my brain probably -- it. 2001 maybe two of the thousands of should just a month to two more action. To hazardous now aren't -- other -- -- which our them opt out -- Sam imam would do more. 67779793. Set me up I go for days and it looked at the -- are -- on Collins is catnip for her one minutes or no immunity was. Flash when elements of these -- middle. She was hot as hell didn't I could spread in the analyst. Well that you are going to be installed by him. Saying he was familiar with -- escorted that was surprising because ultimately that's the that's we can't -- that he's -- he knew what was the movies he told actually that translates translation. That was our -- classic mr. types of calls did you mistress -- -- to get back the if -- somehow get back to the Red Sox and more return. -- you play dubious excuse me skin turn.

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