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Who will the Sox trade first? 7-9-14

Jul 9, 2014|

What big move will the Sox make first?

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Not your job great just like orders that. Bradford back meter probe back John and Jerry. Still -- Bradford still. It's like -- him best as they sandusky like it's. -- -- circles are. Already. -- August people street welcomes an -- -- Q who. No I think I get in the Red Sox club -- -- you know it's. Does not it's also some sets -- out. Without defensive guard a -- of the it is ridiculous shots that -- -- name -- this is your new thing. Why like what you're getting so mad about it I get a -- who sees more defensive here. That it's a drop gallop under a means to drop -- One votes and they. Well now I'm. Sure and now -- words parents aren't they lost again did you have for four hours -- -- -- -- get ripped all the time I'm curious that's our. -- of the I just got a larger issue here. If we had a real media critic in the via the exit on gold -- That's true that would be its rule that's that's true that if it wasn't that we -- this for years if there was a film watched -- we all -- -- -- -- Why why isn't there Thelma and why isn't there one on W dot com book as you could write what you media who's your pick I -- -- to -- -- -- is actually get criticized -- Because it. When he started some people want to be bullets that's right yeah we not not very talented and somebody had an assembly opium now. Timber. I don't know but it is but -- -- -- -- basically use the site. Sox game Jerry Kelly takes. Yes that's true yet official but I know but -- paid like. On the globe and herald. My higher too much -- -- are bold one -- -- hired says they hired John to probe. What am I reading today. You're reading about men verses Bradford OK I like reading about strikes you verses ions verses -- I'll tell you what will we should start with the way -- A ticket there's a -- that line wore on and get the feel on the lines that -- like why is in -- game. I watched in huge open -- to people the understanding I've seen him in Iraq okay. Mean -- together BI don't know. I you know we've we've established he'll know we you don't know this is I don't know dates so it is no -- in line easily I don't think they like Ulanova repute. Or who the I can tell you if you're you're a and -- Republicans are sure yet it gaggle for four hours I don't know what shall put this guy. I have to convince Jerry and I listened to him a couple of days he needs it I I tell us I don't know if this is this is liked what they've figured felt like if I brought in this world to bring him at all. Elevates escalator. But evident that way you're going go out nice and you know now and ops -- L record. Bought it -- loses his guy at the Euro. That Harold it's the sports. Yeah you -- cells and -- again that we get supported several -- we did get the some of the Remy it's from the -- me. Lines sound from from last couple. -- -- -- become guest in just -- and comfortable for multiple people. Remy doesn't like lines because he thinks lines. I've just heard from maybe it's not true that I'm not surprised you know yeah I mean you just you know rent. Security is -- it's. Part of this business of show me that everybody thinks it's only natural that bring lines in. Sort of a strange time for Jerry and I would imagine human nature has to be comfortable right -- Due to do you do -- Well we should have a beer yesterday had him dude like a play by play by your own play by play -- -- matched up that's -- the Texas. As you were and I -- This business supporting. The good sporting -- and it's -- -- -- who walked into my -- aggressive then it's almost -- one off your jacket while I agree with what the inside joke -- what he says the boy. Open you know but he sure it was a huge huge parts of the patient -- -- -- would. Basically likely he says it is Jesus. -- I'll watch and are you yes you know my table from Hawaii where it. To the parties agree. It's it's cold here it's cold here it's too -- Coleman. Office the usually it's. That's like quarter to four in the reports that 12 clips and and listened to the were so low strikes the lions and Jerry. They want a good changeup down and away and made. It looks they had little play it right down at third base line. With -- area I -- Plot fastball at least maybe he's going to try to get -- to chase it but they did struck about Fiat that before and it seems. Through the high fastball that generally sets up -- change for the next bits. That's why didn't think you'd see one beyond book that exact same thing that they would waste of basketball going to go to is probably thinking about that Jacob he struck out on. Steve how does it feel over the that Susan -- posted -- -- behind enemy lines over here you know third baseline. And you get the memo on the registered either. I was never in a fraternity that liken it to like pledge week you ought to mean you guys upperclassmen. Don't let me in on the team so I kinda have to learn the hard way I don't get the -- on the my seat down the first baseline but they don't come. Along nicely. It's only -- you do but don't worry about it now what's the over under before you swept through that your. -- cooling systems impeccable. He's got talent here of not having over the jackets sleeves rolled up. I'm doing the best -- when I got a look that's to. With the with the -- calling no update did order -- -- it would have been kids median -- to chill out the guns. Home boys were throwing. He -- it is confident beating the -- and second out. -- security to sort of play each other. Good evening and good over this before Psycho and that was a large found in the men's section clearly lost control this broadcast. We're -- but -- you guys you're good -- that figure released people in real everybody and you know. It's the take away if I think it lines popping grammys game -- was clearly. Team next slow its lines there right got that sense and I did sense that Gary felt a little. Dated Gary's right yes really. By lines presence be felt probably as he says he was pushed aside you write you with what you wish for little kids got there first just be happy is in the -- I mean nothing against him but I mean -- can be can be stop playing may pretend -- -- there's too much going on there -- their tribal people -- but. My cooling systems impeccable. Met us for the truth about us troop are too well or not only is cooling system is I heard I heard. Part too much buried here for voices for -- -- -- by the police whoever wondered arms fall. I want to go now the friends and Jenny bill future yeah yeah. They're your backtracked and followed the -- Personalities around here who else. Ali I think he says something nice about -- the other today. It yeah the noises and nice about. I did I say -- a solid if not really kind of there was -- really -- out of that Danica will be exceptionally excited -- taking over his new morning -- Seattle when does that start. July 14 the simulcast as a true. So the tendency of Brock. All of the right together -- it supports all in -- Talk abroad is yet to be coach -- We love them Judi they'll come on here yet which. You know that she's working -- could come on here yet but I mean. First it's it's it's that's a the various outline showing up the Sox last night ready to let me just seem to me. And maybe that sounded encapsulated as well as I'd hoped. Remy just seem uncomfortable to me last night with the whole thing and I know churches in naturally should be paranoid -- -- it was a bizarre setup. I think that any would be uncomfortable if it's so they they clearly have conceded the season's -- as well when usually he's like yes yes that's that's what that tells. It was this news -- it was -- weird as bizarre. I love nest. Structure -- they do not at not as much you love people were brought that that's true. That's true I use the people and now lesson today that mattered and it is here biscuit that brass tax wise and he called it a good question -- answer I I rely on him wisely pulled over at NASA that new show with. -- -- -- I -- I open the door for execution are well I think he should be by Seth -- well. Not sure it was frankly I've seen a couple of us who opinion it is now out a way to handle it tries even allowed -- you told me in the -- you feel like -- bumped you out of Compton -- did. Much like I asked that's absolutely true but I Swedish fish. Yeah I don't think that's -- the argument that is there. What the here's the live from Comcast. When when when we went on -- and this is when Dennis account and wanna -- -- we can't use you anymore Euro on NASA and been OK so. -- journalism in the sense that you're on Iran NASA and every morning but -- using Turkmen. So it did what Jerry did Jerry says I would love to have you come up to the country club. Dollars by by -- I don't like to mix work with pleasure. The next thing you know except there next thing you know that -- -- -- try some you know try to look at trying to break the spot meter but it's frankly a break it's hard it is very hard I love this. Mark -- clearly on the same wave yes we are we are Brothers and just enough to try. Two different things. Gather you did you walk from the club those guys I didn't -- the -- well me I purposely what is what is it wasn't easy David. Purposely go the clubhouse to slow when you said that it would be true David. Brought it but it got to know -- -- -- -- complicit -- Perks not a bad he he is Smart I know he sent to dump right he's Smart he's a Smart guy. Where do I sound dumb specifically. I've not not what does that mean I hear what I said but its readers what what was what was the what was the Genesis -- -- matter ironic that you're around you -- history is always oh for the I would not want. The loss last night for the Red Sox twelve games under 500. We can do this again and again work but I thought was whatever average wasn't last night the first time the kind of felt like who cares. I did not start I don't agree that well but you don't need about about how the -- with a peavy rumors coming up and it was OK you know I've. -- David left the bases loaded the gonna lose we get it. Mrs. nothing's nothing he's remotely change why is it that suddenly turn into like bowling locker errors and a five game offensively herald. The base running badly it just they just seem like a team it's. They've given up but it does seem like it checked out they've totally checked out and there's what there's 66 left. Yet -- the big series in Houston camera. That would quickly which we ought to avoid resistance for him you could and you could have in the all star break. With the worst record in the American would be the worst record in the -- now some lease was worse than -- Some things worse or vote no worse for Arizona certainly. It's Arizona's thirty and 54 -- it's a super 951. Via. And where you're right -- -- thirty said Houston is thirty and 54 signal losses the cubs. They suck socks ups in this setting up to be so fascinating answers in Houston unreal it's really not. It's really did I I hate to say with the Red Sox Nation. Up here that's why -- -- care now and it's well on Thursday at the trade deadline ultimate trade -- -- -- that's what matters right now it's really real fabulous and bigotry. Because I'm sure. The betrayed us a stark -- it could happen as soon as today year matter yeah I would almost be surprised he was treated by audience. Just because the timing buzz around yet -- every year from enough. Different places and -- -- yesterday also get the field he thinks he's probably. Yeah though but you appoint him now I don't know what you get back Allen Craig is thrown out right it's no league you'd fit right. Allen Craig's diminishing returns 6950. Yes. It will take team you started diminishing returns right now and on TV I think -- as a major elbow injury that he has until wryly yes. Re healthy yes. That's based on what based on his 83 mile -- -- velocity is not -- Al. I guess maybe can help saint louis' -- are just struggling with a nationally if it was. Smoltz whose name is brought up. Recently about oh useful peavy thing is -- a member of at the end when -- Red Sox smoltz -- had. -- realize that he could pitch the American League east right that's what's actually went to Saint Louis pretty good and had a decent run is okay. Right right there bigger fifth -- threes -- you know outcry I like the idea he's actually. The 2012 Allan Gregg is what they need. -- off on Craig's like I'm okay and I'm at a point now -- almost like who cares. That's the problem with the steam and has been for months when it comes back to what we were talking about the other day you have to make. These these little pieces are fine it's far and you get. Little things that might help in the future. But where's the big move winners the big move going -- because you have to replace or he's at some point you have to find a -- ordered back. And you do some we broke the Felix and and just think from a few years ago he'd do something like -- a year. Is nine guys 65 SO it I think every desperately stand -- -- Alley but he would Tulowitzki is an otherwise and art and is who's gaining some steam. And Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzales of cargo -- yes the truck bomb cargo how out what you went on nicknames. That's what I when a European central argue about play -- play commuter school play by play. Once a while -- sprinkled in there but not. Apple not yet this does dabble would you caller he's popular. It's I never I never called and not -- I don't. I don't now it's weird. It's all but bad guys and -- Tried it and it is it is it was Audrey Williams. Featuring. Do you call me trade -- straight college -- that article that authorities that leads them Johnny football you're you're. Critical of course of yesterday's. -- year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- dealers report for every. We've talked about this many times I think the one the one problem I have with him is -- doesn't tell you don't know. He tells me when I'm seeing you read graphic well he's in the broadcast well. He coordinates well it's very difficult work with a different partner like he has the current year's we athletica. That's that was our audience he's he's a good air traffic control what I would say this is that it's a talent show torrential block is at the box to block. But. These expired. Mr. -- -- that. -- -- Yes I don't know Joseph Barton ever tells me everything -- told -- I like Joe Buck. He's not telling -- -- You'll have to tell me there's a ground ball towards it but there's that part of it adroit at taps back to -- I get it it's -- television -- that part of Europe you're prioritizing saying. I wanna learn something from back and that positions. That I don't know Joe Buck never tells me anything adding Joe Buck is skewed because he's very. Policy energy but. To talk we ought to buck has become now slowly for me especially based while Michael like -- much football more baseball. Now finally feels to me it's a big game books do you sort of reached. He's got the punch eligible -- does this face you know and -- worked hard for the job. Rapper if you had a -- -- -- reflect the carries a Tori Spelling. That right that ship in the it is very up and care -- -- by. -- That's its say that that you think watching game again but not opened a lot from Joba though if there's a while bullets. About the only things bill I mean that's the that's the play a couple of guys. -- it yes it is it's it's more often than not it is. Almost a lot of -- likely do well are -- analysts now well. -- mean they're they're both. They can do both -- that the white porcelain cup cup games on -- Now zone you're the edges of -- him. -- And any numbers so I longer hello Brian -- Bogle who. We -- not much -- had one Mike's mikes all that's right with Jim -- for a yet to -- You talked about rough days or so lower -- money in the in the book it was his country know always be you know -- always -- threat anyway is it news. Three people. Three innings each and rice nor solo work there the entire game and then IDs cycled in our parents likely in -- all that that's the cycle. That is like we were all the Bruins really well three line we were we -- all the same cycle that -- price. Rice right where's the little -- steamed -- with it was not a good dynamic. Sees them twice the Mets are on the why retire the trophy watch when I know he's on the game. Because he was a good baseball player at a -- -- -- and -- Jim -- for Halloween every year. What has documented your whole element yes no I do not value -- you know but I don't. Before a cut over -- and in in the proposal style batting helmets yes literally went away yet where you go like this particularly liked better runner for decades bird. If there were Red Sox where a -- He wasn't yours. Like dogs the dogs looks more like selfish. You weren't you missed you kind of miss the 78 that was -- year yeah I was -- gas and how old you. The my very -- done and what you want a model soon John Davis. Targeted it for years that it's totally -- if -- -- country that we. We still try to anywhere except the 78 it's barely remember. Honestly I was sixers -- -- -- -- -- But it right Easton and Bertelsmann. Have been some of the that was the government with the bulls. I was more writes I know my football goes to a Brian downing. All members members of the Brian -- stance. That in fort. Back I was Briscoe did over the back there. Brian -- in the first there. Alba members stories he did not Lewis and a eyes got better because because he was working out if he -- -- in the clear days jurors got a rubber -- on the exercise those days are gone. You script he smoked a cigarette as CNET -- -- -- and a lot of smokers act like. -- -- obviously the club is war. Stories team birds. -- That you Wear it's like us that is your ultimately this -- yet I can't I can't. -- -- -- From wonder -- who when you view. Passwords and things like that all 33 ever it's this is like our guys our age it's it's unbelievable right that he always default to thirty. Three Simmons Simmons doesn't forget the latest quarter used to used for yet. Mean notably cracked -- might -- bank. Shame that it -- it changed its vivid baker 42 scenic peavy gets traded today. I would not be surprised millions and now is and that we finally -- -- era. Yeah Elaine area in Saint Louis hello. Yeah now it just starts -- is now it is good to me that it you know I heard one team it's had some at least mild interest presents. One team while what while without a region that is star got to start sub prime miles. To ask you dispelling -- If he's got he's got to be next -- well I guess that's. Dad all -- good on the list threatened that they they interesting ones you'd know that you have Andrew Miller right he's out. You have -- -- even through. You know the guys PV. Kaczynski while the tigers -- clients. -- -- -- We think you get to the end of the month all these guys like that in trusting I was. The interesting ones are Lester code out of the what they've got a stroke Austin are among Lester echoed those of the -- -- the only team I do think that they could at least if some call the black think was. Why what were just because our enemies on the -- -- great job for lack if you think you can do it sucks -- you should listen you -- agree that the bigger picture that gets then will be. Reckon it's so let's let's pretend they don't it's. And get ready here but that that arguments -- especially when you -- -- -- from 20122013. 2013 to go forth right you never know what's gonna ride it but organizationally you think they believe that it would I think these guys do they -- -- five you know -- I think I think that they think they're gonna. I guess you have to feel that if you're there it's so so but petitioners suggest especially if you look at if luster leaves. He's you know what you are gonna get Lester but you still have lackeys to of these other guys. Still -- colts right. That's why you keep Lackey in in -- right you'll listen on Lackey if someone comes in by. The -- it's almost you're more valuable years that you -- especially the governor gray picture it's true but yet it's going to be I think. You know couple weeks about whether it's you know wait -- the -- I'm Lester shore right there will be a country more. We're next week you know probably win it again. Yes it would just which is a little bit bizarre because UV in terms of trading yet they did not today. It's not a cent while wouldn't you wait until July 3 forget what August -- is gonna say while the cubs in the -- it dot. Yap at that they -- they -- Smart bright and I am right bite. -- Lester it's it's you almost half the reading to lead our. Try to make a substantial offer before the non waiver trade deadline just kind of gauge where your -- If you. At the same time America -- -- well I mean I think the Red Sox probably have a pretty good idea what it's gonna take it to handle the delicate and I don't think you know I don't think this is like the 140 added that the hikers insurers hurt our. -- so about that they want to give my hundred I don't dated six or six years well 617779790. -- get more to that. We have -- from John -- yesterday. Once again defending David Ortiz now rain. Never saw that that Atlanta athletic about a boy I left to begin yesterday that was disputed law have a says that he's finally -- -- -- -- -- will play that's out. I charge and actually it's an interesting so my interest in sound -- yesterday before the game for him. Talk about the Red Sox game plan and it's 705. I thought -- adversaries it was a coup with this. But the giant fish yesterday we all appreciate that program -- appreciates us. But that was to finally he long awaited Anderson county favorably to return at 705 the great. Great great mistress you realize that's why I'm here yes yes a lot of the I did get a lot of -- is huge. These same people on the street you're talking yeah daddy because it took me a good joke asset that you're stupid but it was entertaining I had somebody text yesterday. And president and I noted I don't exactly what is it that was wonders beating. That got this blank better now -- that's when. I was yeah I'd rather not carry out. So we have assisted 705. To play that Farrell the -- were tees which is ludicrous play that is well we get back men and Bradford meter. Up next.

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