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Celtics owner Steve Pagliuca on why bringing the Olympic games to Boston would be a good thing.

Jul 8, 2014|

We check in with 'Pags' and find out why he thinks the Olympics would be a boom for Boston.

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Are back on the DL polished -- Tommy Karen is here along with field Yates. -- from ESPN Karen from Comcast sports that Michael -- deal marbles on vacation will be back next week. Of talk about a number of things they like -- -- an -- fifteen minutes. A number of things including. The possibility of the Olympics in Boston. Wow. Steve Pagliuca. I am very. -- it's exciting I asked you you know number you're pure numbers guy -- It's just a money maker for Boston because my position is if if Boston even loses. -- dollars us at two dollars and 55 cents an attitude that how does this make money for the city about. The we agree you know this is sit in that -- exploratory stage put. The concept is is to utilize infrastructure in the city ready really tie into. With the city's planning for the future and they have -- a lot of things have planned over the next ten years of this these -- -- -- -- 24. And to do everything on a privately -- basis so. -- -- -- it makes sense for any community to you know really. Spend you know money at taxpayers' pockets and and I think -- he's a look at it can be done that's been done before. I don't -- Shaughnessy wrote about designed to Sunday column he talked about how it's a bad idea to bring the Olympics the Boston and you mentioned. A number of cities Montreal. London. Atlanta. Cities that he's suggesting lost money as everybody made. Whatever the number is ten million dollars 59 point nine dollars from the Olympics. The Salt Lake into positive I believe the first Delhi games were positive and it violently and it was very close department as well -- -- if he is in a different mission and I had. But the key is to really you know set up and record budget and and see if it's feasible you're using structured to have the city. And and eleven was a very successful games in and people very proud that it would happen. Steve Tom -- and I'm wondering what's the upside boil it down distill it for me. Is it just a feel good type thing and helps commerce going forward. I mean I don't see the all overall ups that were pretty -- a well known city that has one eagle Ford the first voice. Like -- there Pierce's first volcano where were we I think we're the best sports cities is because probably green country. And it would be an honor to host the Olympics and have you know in the world class -- be here. It's obviously -- in the economy that to bring all those those people and if it did it for that period it is to replicate because it is to take any undertaking can. Billions of dollars of revenues and expenditures in this in this city in this whole Boston -- doing here that matter. So. I think as long -- you don't. Try to try to insist with public tax dollars. And count on you know extra expenditures net and stick to a budget. I think it's feasible but again we're exploring and it will do it -- it is -- they entered financially feasible McCain doesn't cross sectors and money. I think it is scar left over from events such as subjected. And I know that's a completely different thing with federal money and -- local money state money. But how do you appeal to the individual who says we can't get out of our own way to -- highway. How could we pull this off with a repeat what it. Think there's a large difference the big date was day I think 80% funded by the federal government and run by the government officials. People like the Jacobs has built say is that the TD garden which we're very proud to play an on time and on budget. To craft an amazing job building. That wonderful stadium up there on time and on budget these are huge you know multi multimillion dollar projects. So and they did the same thing in Salt Lake City. They -- to budgets I think when the private sector involved in their car -- people that are expert at this here you can pull off. -- a question for him if and when asked about two basketball team was suppressed. Or even submitting a bid I mean how how much money is involved. Just to get the international Olympic committee's attention. For for Boston being a final. You know what it will for the first step is you have to win the US it. And that will be a process after that he was the budgets are for going to the next level of I think right now. John fission and this little group has done a great job positioning -- Tennessee. The very viable candidate at this for Kennedy's left and again we are exploring this in conjunction with the USOC. And the USOC wants to put on the games in America that is fiscally responsible as. It's sustainable and that is accretive to the cities that are our city is doing amazing things -- -- colleges universities. They're they're doling out transportation infrastructure all these things would be done anyway. I think it would contribute charged that an incident that process. And the cost people who need to to kind of -- -- bit of -- -- as much initially to see if you if you can kind of get in the final round they go up after you you have to you know. Post people for the world -- and -- the -- of Boston but I think will be very exciting. If he'd get the games here against tenure to with a very long term project but I think to be good for the state of the city. And and great for Boston. Are one more question on the Olympics will more fish was on the station earlier today was -- a morning show. I was interviewed and was playing out in south the first time that was planned out that there there could be a conflict of interest. -- with fish he wants the Olympics to come to Boston but he is tied in to Suffolk construction and this is a construction company. Tends to make it pretty penny. If the Olympics are granted to Boston is this any could this be a problem and you got to try to tell the story of how. All the Olympics could benefit Boston but this is a a side bar. That could be. A pretty big distraction for. I I really don't think it will be you know John has done an amazing job billion dollars of Boston has been typically. Out there you're really helping communities. All of these things will be competitively bid the committee is a large committee. John John's interest in this is really to build a legacy for bought things he's done very very well he doesn't need to. You need to be built in -- building to be very successful he says has an amazing record. And that he's really doing this as a labor of -- as are all the committee members were excited about sports excited that the Olympics and I are frequent Olympics in Atlanta. And really enjoyed those games late and ended in Salt Lake Connecticut and -- on cost. -- started something called Olympic aid he was he's four time gold medal speed skater. He's the Michael Jordan your speed skating -- there. And you know I spent -- tenure with your arguments still doing this he's using the Olympics to promote your charitable causes and so. There are there are many many great things commitment Johnston and this is whomever -- that the paralympics also comes along with the Olympics and and it and that's a lot of fun -- so. I don't think that'll be an issue at all it's a large committee and everything's going to be done an urgent basis and and and John has hugely positive track record of integrity and and really try to do great things to community. As you pointed out the Olympics coming years ten years from now but. About something that we can look forward to a November like Kevin Love on the Celtics they're gonna happen. You know we're still the quiet period talking about this patriotism that you couldn't speculate that I think you know that that it's different from any discussions going back ten years that. You know -- he's been first grade -- the draft and and secondly great putting together pieces to to build teams so. We're very very excited and I'm hoping and I'm hoping James young and it you know and are directly that. We'll be out there you know maybe it would it would it would force of his tenure. Let's say this this is what you need you know I'm not I'm not much of a general manager. But I think these guys need another guard you don't have enough guards on the roster much drug. Acquire one more piece what's the deal with all these guards keep picking up. Well you know -- I think getting view is is that he get the best -- player and his great assets in markets are sort of the -- in the summer legalities of assembly candidate. But. I was on the -- I missed it and on our action that was an 11 o'clock right -- was on Comcast and I was going to replay there it is there it is is that the debut of the tabloid that camera -- to let the ten points in the defensive impact -- that the game we're talking about. Sickening it's six steals and and he just has that presence out there are so point the first game but I was very excited to see him play and the progress of -- clinic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We had him rated very very high in the draft and you know about it it and it's seventeen was was incredible so. We're pretty excited and and and Brad and his staff were incredibly full gears of I'm looking forward to the next season. Tacked on a -- -- World Cup let's go on this seven zip Germany. -- being -- have nothing your are your World Cup guy. I am I am I am. That's felt like -- games over the. I think it's over I think I think there -- cancel amount that the host country is it is about done huh. There's early in my career at thirty years I lived in Holland. And and they made it to the semifinals and finals of the World Cup and I got hooked on soccer that effectively been in a country like all of -- and -- people. Right now there right now they're the is going to be playing I think tomorrow. To making the final the country's seventeen million people with consistent gets the final but they're they're unbelievable for such small nation be so great soccer so it's really exciting. Our attacks we appreciated thanks a -- -- I honestly. It is the value of the Celtics talking about the Olympics. And he sounds like he wants that to happen and John fears the conflict of interest does not bother him and you in the NC conflict of interest there. While we were talking about Josh Gordon before -- came on. There are a lot of text a lot of interest on this who get as many calls we can't in before the world famous like -- sparkles now. A dumb calls about five to eight minutes to talk to Josh Josh is in New Hampshire -- was going on. They got a report that agent. I just ordered they optical undergo a drug in my life -- are are all tired of all up forward there are -- -- I mean. Bit different but I -- George -- is crucial port everyday work hard at what he does he do it at all. And I agree -- he got a problem that need to be addressed that alcohol but it's not like he's. But delinquent that ought to. Is every day I'm going to work. -- somebody's got to what is but I have a tougher year Josh yeah BP he has he's been harmful to the organization. And even -- -- interviewer -- you disagree with with marijuana and you don't think you should be criminalized to whatever to whatever your opinion is about marijuana. It his his industry his industry says he can't even do it you have to stop doing this if you wanna continue. And he continues to do so. I don't know if you can really. I don't know if you can really make that argument about the -- scored Dennis is and mould that this was up. Well good afternoon gentlemen. Just curious how do you think this -- which -- use that ten point three million dollar trade exception they got from Paul he has deal. I think they have looked alike tend to the fourteenth to use it -- lose that. Until Saturday you have to use it on Saturdays ten point three million dollars. There has been speculation Stephen A Smith was on with this early in at 3 o'clock hour you can check out the interview WEEI dot com. Stephen A Smith believes that the perfect -- Rajon Rondo would be Indiana Pacers so maybe there's a deal. -- you can use that exception. For a deal for Lance Stephenson. And that makes sense if Rondo if Indiana's interest in -- -- -- they need somebody like Rhonda. It would make sense to use it in a deal like that because I can't imagine. Stephenson around doing the saint -- And it was reported yesterday that the Celtics did have some interest correct in Stevenson. -- -- record wrecked. That is already turned down a 44 million dollar extension from a five year round on Indiana. So like it if you're complaining about Rondo viewer totals two point you know you know who you are a lot of Celtics fans don't like the the Rondo program. Well you'll be missing. Rondo. If you have to deal with Lance Stephenson he's. Is quite a handful. Let's talk to before the let -- Rollins talked to Mike Mike the MacArthur my. They got it done and like right. Adequate kind of you know why did fox and bill after the Winter Olympics because. So tricky -- is one country evolve so let's have an impact. June oh product shipment to a lot of pain actually already in place -- ranks the heat are opting out the main area. And it is you know what with less acute and well I'll let you collect the option that traffic I like it but I don't know I think. Have not been the problem with the idea that the Winter Olympic. -- This Summer Olympics but the problem coaching. -- -- well. Steve value to make it seem clear that the others there's snakes significant financial upside for for landing a Summer Olympics without having to dip into public funds. I can imagine that this means in terms of scaling -- mean the Summer Olympics are far more beneficial from punish him when the Winter Olympics out there. Out of there insignificant but we're taught -- -- two different beast here. Our look at photos go to known packs for awhile I like them Alex -- Pagliuca. And so. He is I'm confident that he's a good gotten by without being sick. I need more than. This will be a boon to the city of Boston it's a feel good moment we are great sports. Are -- -- great sports city all that. I need itemized. Information. Credit -- information. From 83 party and I got third party who has who has no interest in bringing in the Olympics the Boston a third party. Who has studied the Olympics for the last 25 years said OK this is exactly. What the city of Atlanta. Got from the Olympics. This is well it. This is what the city of Boston net tend to get wool wool can expect -- from the Olympics in London did 2012. All -- line you don't want to say. Want to say to you and don't -- it feel to me I want to walk into Matta pan in Roxbury and Brockton and Fall River. And places that you know when western mass and tell the people there who have questions about. The school books that age to beaten up in the classrooms from the inability to pay teachers. Tell them how this is -- that I tell them how this is better. For them. Then otherwise because I don't care how much revenue it generates he did mention an expenditure there's going to be money out prior to money it. Tell them how it's gonna benefit. Tell me how it's gonna benefit. Well I think I think that's fair to say that about the Olympics but I mean we can take that approach with. A lot of things that we do in the city that had nothing to do with the Olympics there's something grander scale racquets are leaks sift through today and find any number of Mexico what was there about what. A lot of us all the fireworks somewhat tournament events that that this city is spending some real money on click okay who who does this benefit. Right well this that there's an overall. Curb appeal that you get to the city when you have big time event would be to Boston Pops there. Any number of events can -- the city. That build up its reputation okay when we're talking about such an expenditure of effort. -- police presence. Of taxpayer money. And -- will definitely come to that then I think you'll move all the people of the commonwealth. A direct explanation as to why the body is better spent on that line. -- -- -- Seven nothing seven nothing Brazil over -- can be -- -- and friend -- over Brazil I don't wanna confuse you. Germany is crushing Brazil I mean this has been this is a shocking shocking result you know. That Brazil. It has some injuries but not like this in Brazil's -- so 71 comeback Brazil has scored in the ninetieth minute -- Think they're gonna have enough time even -- stoppage time and -- don't have enough to come back seven -- Juan. How embarrassing. It was not a bears. But it was dumb and throwing it in necessary. -- the world famous lightning round the world famous lightning round -- be outscored 71. Against Germany the world famous flight -- beat Germany. We have some questions for -- like around 617779793. Cents -- 27779793. -- one. What would the world think of Boston during the Olympics in what would Boston -- of the world number two would you signed Josh Gordon. If you -- the patriots did trade for Josh Gordon. Three was gone out -- the Red Sox for. Wares abroad James going. Where's Kevin Love going. -- Dwyane Wade Melo all this stuff is on the table for the world famous -- -- I want quickness. I went a little bit adapt. I want you to have that embrace. This stupidity make these guys still welcome Bill Gates and Tommy current they've never experienced that lightning round together like this afternoon. Would do -- next.

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