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We ask Stephen A. Smith: Where will Lebron James land?

Jul 8, 2014|

We check in with the great Stephen A. Smith of ESPN for his take on the movings and shakings in the NBA.

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3 o'clock hour on the dale and Holley show details on vacation Michael -- here with field Yates. Of ESPN and Tom -- of Comcast sports net. Today that there is the four year anniversary of the decision. And -- -- forty years ago we were talking about this before this next guest. Popped up here four years ago I remember Stephen -- Smith saying you know. I think LeBron. And Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh got to play together in Miami and I remember thinking Stephen A Smith. I voicestream. Has not happened let's talk about David and I don't. What's going on the outlook on moment and I don't. I'm George great so what's gonna happen are forty years ago he called it LeBron James to Miami tell me now. -- LeBron James gonna wind up. Man I'm not take that story where outlook for years ago I mean like I graduated from all that it's not up even dot stood there with. To be quite on cue the band big bad -- to be honest but I got that you. On the meet personally I think that Melo and up in New York unless. Chris -- election to go. Two -- If he takes the -- all he has received from Houston. -- -- data to hold up at least speak. And that LeBron. Will pick up the phone and call mellow and try to give Melo would come South Beach to play within. And there will be a new version that depict real tall cold at the peak too. What a relatively depleted the plane way you do it did you reap what it would be looked on Melo and the way. About Cleveland Cleveland is Cleveland -- And and you think Cleveland the possibility. But it is as much applauded -- containing it and he's legitimately get paid because -- reported that last summer. That he was going to entertain Cleveland and they were gonna be number two on -- list. There's some debt at turned out to be true but I'm not come next yet. That that it's all the bad it's plausible because I still believe. That it coordinate the about Pat Riley. And the Miami key. -- moment. They Stephen -- current display along with your hypothetical if for instance -- boss goes to Houston now he's married up with. You know Dwight Howard and then of as you pointed out Melo goes to Miami willed that iteration of the Miami Heat. Be better than the bosh wade LeBron group and with the rockets then conceivably be a better team the Miami where -- think about that. Lot they they Iraq it would definitely be a that a team would quit quit botched air. And they were at this pat Eaton. Bob I don't I'm not appear to say that they'll have more except that they re. And that may have a ready because four consecutive trips to the NBA finals at two NBA titles and not -- that. Pop what I want and the I'm not speculate. I'm telling you right now let that the -- -- people and Carmelo at least have talked about playing together the 2006. Back in 2006. -- with the award -- LeBron and deep way to make sure he had an opt out or in the contract. So that he would be -- the 2010380. Platt. Mello refused because he wanted -- dollar guarantee to spot he's -- he took the op. It was a plot appropriate class of 2010. Which is up -- abroad that -- let him yet. So they have been talking they are friends they've been friend for many years. At -- -- -- -- our report that they were going to try to see you pick a long plane to get. But an order that happens one of the pre three was hacked -- leaked. -- -- -- -- Great spot in the position where he can and that Max out because that much about -- Miami at him. They're not inclined acute and Max ballot that they apps will be capped. And they don't apt to. If Melo is going to be available and willing to accomplish out each. But its -- it you know at the same time they don't wanna turn their back on -- spot if he. Are emphatic about wanting to date and will undertake a pay cut to do with the -- situation apparently -- at the end. But that situation that they are looking at that we -- what I'm told. Pomp and -- -- a ghost yeah. -- and -- back on that thought it's hard to take out the emotional aspect of a possible return. For the -- to Cleveland because of all the obvious factors that we know but just beacon -- -- pure basketball standpoint is either of those two versions of a Big Three in Miami plus. Of course Josh McRoberts and now Danny Granger Shabazz Napier and some other spare parts. Better -- -- basketball standpoint for the -- teams in order to attempt to win more championships than what the Cleveland Cavaliers currently have right now on the roster or potential assets to flip. It's got you app movie would be the setup will look on. This stadium Miami. Mellow which who lives at a -- to go to Cleveland that's -- with what Cleveland has vs what Miami would have yes. But man he would that would mellow yes. I'm gonna accept your apology without cutie beat -- in the field. You're damn right important benefit in the state and throughout the Carmelo and the everybody want to talk about Carmelo at the at the Carmelo at the is just so cute. -- Monte Carmelo at the 68 -- legitimate to what he can pull -- He can take all triple he can -- the -- to lobby due to hold -- up. At strictly an often the player. Carmelo and we had -- the top outplay you in the NBA and one of the top -- scores of the modern day Iowa. This do it's a week and a out there to play. Now grant you need to hold the ball a little bit but -- -- -- week which is what had happened we you don't -- you have -- -- to go to ball. You don't go to the ball a little bit too much he may not that great -- play in regard to that and you'd certainly not that you meet waiting about it. But at -- -- that took place. He hit one at a replay it negating what I'm capable of playing -- looked wrong but it also capable of telling Ron take -- three. The next op meant that got Carolina prop. I think -- -- Panama I think that's a great point of how good years. But complementary you understand as well as anybody help complements have to work together. Pop up but let my point you're doing and what not complimentary. About a play a light. Carmelo if you're talking about blah -- And the guys and -- -- -- about -- And you talk about LeBron and at different. But -- won't start out like Kobe would mellow -- wallet dot net him. Lot wrong with -- considering how -- promptly. How he likes to make the extra bat on the open she didn't come -- with it what would it. There. There -- no question. That Carmelo at the compliment to replay yet. We look on because Carmelo can take all your spot they're cute but I'm awake he executed secret -- Stephen and assurance on a couple more questions for it -- -- let's go number one. Is Kevin Love coming to Boston. I don't know I know that he had the opportunity to go to hold it steady and all along with Kevin bought it. -- -- Golden State -- Klay Thompson. One that number thirteen all overall pick and that sort that would not willing to give it up that's why can't look at it and optical which state. And what I am -- is that if you play act -- -- all with Golden State what the watched. Tactic yet. That's the question you took to meet Flip Saunders who -- deck there weren't that all operate with a minute -- the simple wolf. Somehow some way can bet the owner that let you coach when a -- all the widgets but the way. Clearly had something to pool. Because of how it lacked it in Washington ended up. And people beat the best shot at winning immediately it's holding ought to have a lot lot the -- going to make the attempt to hold on the Kevin -- I'd let the -- he'll come along for the trading deadline expires trying to hold on Kevin love the make a run out west and try to work out of China trade next summer. -- Kevin love -- not want to stay in the and the. November 2014. Opening night in Boston. Is Rajon Rondo here. As a Celtic. Well. That the -- because some talk that -- -- -- Ali come. Michael Ford trading deadline at appalled that some plot that was definitely goal is just a matter -- what it's going to be. Flaw training camp all -- or afforded trading deadline of February. But I do not believe that he will be a MacBook you -- come springtime because he's still has about a team like Indiana patent for example. Definitely need his floor general -- That hit anything that they keep you used to do it can't all blog go short report Q what are believed they would do so that's something to keep you -- open. Check them out on first take every day 10 o'clock Gomez said Stephen A Smith he's there with Carrie champion skip Bayless two reports show. Our Steve and I appreciate your man. I am I -- Arctic terrorists Stephen A Smith of ESPN. Does a great job and always full of opinions. Set the field -- are not accept your apology well. It offered up Michael -- roster now some breakdown. Segment here. Don't forget you know I think it's a good question we're gonna work so -- -- disturbing. Right carrier ring a -- it -- it so big it is likely to. -- superior. What's the superior. Basketball team here Carmelo and LeBron. Eight as you said depleted Dwyane Wade verses are Irving who we know is there for at least five more years legitimate superstar young point guard. Well brawn James he's the same piece and then if you're taking Andrew weigh -- or any other -- the pieces they have the extra first round pick and some salary cap space and flipping it for. Beat Kevin Love right. And you had Eddie -- Energizer defensive anchor. Is that team that much were up big during lightning beat the Miami Heat. All movement in the ability this year why did they lose because they were too dependent on a couple of players and that's the ability to get to write regularly if you need to be able to have I would absolutely positively. Say that that question made perfect sense because LeBron married up with carrier -- means he doesn't have to dominate the ball as much means you can post up more means he can shoot. Get more space because you'd look Melo is -- Mac can -- of a different generation. An absolute. Horse when it comes to scoring. But he needs the ball Rondo had Melo would be brilliant again there. So one guy or guy want one guy wants the -- what to record the assistant -- a guy wants to score and can't score I Christine and I mean. Are on Melo -- always defended them -- -- is a great really -- he's really unbelievable. Score. You don't let that guy is not gonna play defense you put him that's why the best fit for him wouldn't be Miami the best -- and I would Chicago. Has he gotten a college Gibson and you've got Jimmy Butler you've got no what you've got guys. Who really get after it defensively. Yet Derrick Rose coming back. Who is very strong for his position may have come -- yet Carmelo over there to give us some excuse me defense with the courtesy. Courtesy defense and just billowed up that we don't have anybody on the roster who can do what you do it. We don't wanna Wear you out. Pretending that given us any false hustle don't pretend like you're defensive player you're not your score. And that's what we need now its interest and he also said that that Rondo is definitely gone is just a matter -- when ago. An -- that's pretty clear as -- and net -- -- yet but the way the Celtics are operating now. Well because the compliments around him that don't exist especially with the drafting a -- It is announces that look we understand we -- hadn't. We understand where you're ahead we understand we're in for a rebuild. Your brilliant player nursebot. You need to be someplace else before you get pissed off it really blow things up without a whole group because that's what can. Potentially happen because of his attitude. At times does that -- Yeah is that because of his temperament. He's a perfectionist is this market. If -- other people are playing at the same level it could become infectious took a negative. I -- -- back is if there's a Kevin Love deal up gaining just leave right. -- -- -- -- Well I think there's a Kevin Love developed Danny -- just leaves just a matter of Minnesota likes it. -- -- got to sleep here I don't think we're gonna fall for. As he pointed out Golden State. That's a pretty get offered -- nice deal there -- I thought -- golden state of the deal came down to. Klay Thompson David the future first round pick. For Kevin Love and -- Don -- from Golden State perspective but I guess there was disagreement. Steve -- and Jerry West didn't wanna do it ownership wanted to do it. And speakers and who you know in the new head coach Jerry West hall of Famer and a brilliant team builder -- -- all right so. Maybe those guys went out but I'm looking I'll likely -- shore. But. Arguably the big man in the big man who can score and and who can pass. Over. The tour card. And you already got got some duplication -- -- got a great score. In and stuff curry and they have stepped curry. In the backcourt. And you've got. And you've got Kevin Love in the front court. Are they to do it all right builds some pretty good building blocks Iguodala nights when defense of -- it would dollars and is another guy but Arab and I'm telling you field. I see where you go it. And it's a tough it's a tough one. Compare Miami and Cleveland I think that's what LeBron is looking at today he's got to be looking at those and only two things it was not it. I think don't you know I think. I think either he's definitely going back to Cleveland. Or -- called his agent route. -- one. -- you went through the decision for years ago and you saw what the reaction was national. Why would you put yourself in position let these stories lived at these stories lay eggs. If you know. But you're not going back to Cleveland if I'm Richard Paul. Our story that comes out and says. The -- considering. Cavaliers offer aisle and work what I mean these guys on the got media guys right. Answers questions right now but they're not they've got knocked the story now because if we don't go back to Cleveland. We're we're gonna go -- -- and -- And here's the thing with LeBron he is so narcissistic. And so consumed with his own brand. That he may believe. That it's still worth just enticing. Dragon them long string animal on. Sending out tweets that sale of Akron were having his wife do so would not say anything. In the end because he loves the glorification loves to be on the tip of everybody's time here to give a crap of his -- but it's already -- It's already mud there so why not make that part of the sex it up story. In the July of 2014. What's he care if he pisses them off is what is rich Paul here if Chris Paul looks -- the overall -- it's gonna hurt your brand. Well Brian is still so narcissistic he will still do that just we could be. The dominant force. In the NBA offseason. Its name is less muddy in Akron Cleveland that it is in San Francisco Oakland New York Miami Boston want to care. As long as it's talked about no such thing as bad publicity is he not the whipping personification. Of that I mean -- He's one of those guys if you prick him does he not -- you could tell it bothers him that he. Is vilified. But he has not yet understood why it's because of his ego because he's such a nice that he has to be. Oh yeah all the time any feeds off. So he took a week -- but if but if he didn't care much it's a -- take but it but that's what I'm wondering if they didn't care about it while nobody come out today. You know I can it can handle things differently. With the decision. Came out he cattle. Sort of apologized for gonna pull the foot well again. He's -- go into the -- again he's gonna do it again. Because it is because he can't help accident editor of historically would you know what I feel so bad and I think welcome back there. Now I ask it that's copyright cop. But I still love you guys opened up pissed. And then go back. Like Dominique came to the Celtics. Torre did get I don't know what to back then right. Couldn't jog yep not the the fairways on the block that's -- yup and jump pretty more what a couple of inches -- like -- the ground. Dominique Dominique is still score though. Still get to 78 game. Sort of guys think about the decision admiral decision here about -- Michener of our own decision. At 4 o'clock today the decision. Is that going to be a -- The decision is going to be here at -- for a stick around for that what do you guys think about LeBron. A -- where he's going Carmelo where he's a Rondo. -- Rondo going. Furthermore. You read the Boston Globe and believe Gary Washburn Gary Washburn is saying any -- is doing all this right now. If you gotta love obsession. He's trying to find love anymore look upon you would do anything for love. But he wouldn't do that. But he wouldn't do that -- -- -- -- seven on 7037. Eighteen detectors you found 379%. Tommy current is here. -- -- -- We with the threat.

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