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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Decisions Edition - 7-08-14

Jul 8, 2014|

We tackle four topics all related to big decisions about pro players leaving their respective teams in 2014.

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And coming. He can't count. -- -- -- It's easy it's. Okay we'll. Yeah I have no question. You know Duncan thought -- Tommy currently noticed look different -- of cardinals on Ortiz. What's he US opens people. What is the woman's painful. What's that senator who's. Listening -- Pretty. Typical. It would his proof that the sixties -- -- great. She -- went to charted its its pretty well charted it -- how high. It's probably weeded out and yes. I expect and that's pretty god. Take that -- -- sixties confidence. -- -- -- just to make appointments. Might yet you have to listen to -- solvency for them I mean there were other. Choices but the -- -- decision song was. That was the -- about Ruben Blades. This is beyond it who. Robert -- -- you know report content. On the record are corrupt -- I don't know what the fans. Chargers can't hurt it should nobody knows what this is -- started. Ford Ford brought to you by AT&T. The soft at least part of -- For Ford brought by AT&T ATT covers more than 99% of all Americans building to a broader network we're gonna get this to go. All right first decision for you guys to make it should Andy be allowed to control the music and Karl -- voting no mandatory. Suspended for the week. All right so bring this forward forward and take one player from. Three teams the Celtics the Red Sox and patriots and you're -- gonna represent one of them so we're gonna start with you Tom yeah UR Rajon Rondo -- not be playing. In Boston next season but your decision to make. Where will you be quiet. Do you see yourself staying in my office. That's the plan. You never know with a season earnings. As of right now no one. Yeah well I've changed my mind -- you know what I consider it don't matter. We return but I'm actually definitely Indiana -- bird -- Paul George. Roy -- When Stevenson to criticize him because that's what might tell -- -- best be served right and distribute. -- think rim protector and I get him. Eighteen point to a game to go on -- the -- sports and -- -- the over the top and here. Archer. I had planned. -- out here to tell me you wanna play with her wrist protector who disappears in big games in the light disappears he does anybody he's okay -- -- and here's the other thing Rondo I know you like. Fashion. You like that big markets yeah. What you don't necessarily think that market square. In Indiana. Is the big market and fashion. Everybody's walking around and mom -- you know what yeah -- -- Larry Bird. And -- regular players you talk to me a little bit about the fact that winning will bring its own. Level of satisfaction with -- me. And then they open up some new avenues for my brand. On the road. So you're -- resurrecting my career going to be irrelevant. -- -- -- I don't know about that this is not -- I don't want to personally -- -- you don't know how you gonna get -- via trade of all those visas to engineers in Indiana and you have to give up something right. No it's that that part of the world but for those who protect and have to come up with the -- -- -- Doctor Butterworth says loving full bloom who was on my iPod has -- Ruben Blades -- a global donate but I'm gonna hate on Rondo -- you know on Rondo. I don't know about this decision here. Like. -- Yes we are Michael -- You're Jon Lester all right we're not only playing for the Red Sox next season it's decision time. Where are you gonna go I just -- service. It's tough it's tough. But in the spring for spring training. I'm gonna take my talents. -- Mesa, Arizona. Where -- Chicago cops. Strain. And as a great shock these dead but it. But there are thought maybe you fools. And Baltimore understand what I bring to the table I'm taken back -- I'm taking my slider and I pick my tricked out truck. The National League were about to show what I'm all about I don't put up great numbers. Quite numbers in the American League east. I've dominated in the elites probably cannot dominate that dominated the postseason. The people's favorite Adam Wainwright is better than I -- you don't have to pitch to a designated hitter. What about to show you guys what I got left them only thirty years old 31 in January. I'm gonna win our first Cy Young. I'm gonna win and ERH title and I'm gonna win. A World Series. For the Chicago Cubs. Get over another cars. From the curse of the bambino curse of the Billy -- what. I want to Chicago. When a World Series when we're at your very. Seven years it kind of let them that the finally here your deal that's -- But not what -- of them go to your -- they'll -- -- -- right -- him for the fourth year seventy million pay more John you -- can pay more. Yankees. Go yankees don't let things started in the rotation right now we're stuck you know I. Except I don't I -- Univision television -- what a picture of what a pitch for a field. I -- -- can build a winner. I'm Kara -- about a concern -- -- -- -- talked about you builders I've always a team built on if you're concerned about what was so pleased with the field went flat which we. The place where Vinatieri and actually cobbled together now. Winner. Just check our -- Barbara and pick a target to chicken salad he realized -- where you are you concerned are not all guys and Bill Thomas what I don't wanna go up David Price and Tom. But do you realize as a sophomore in high school. -- was the Gatorade player of the year in the state of Washington you do you understand that I'm not afraid of a contract dispute with the second round pick the Red Sox. I held out got my money is gonna come out here with forty years -- seventy million after what I've done pretty -- that you've insulted me. I don't care about Paul -- all of you know you picture holds here with the Red Sox should have done that -- some leave. And what cuddle up. -- elements painful number two -- second only to heated -- What's that tell you that works. Old old child child -- things that. Three -- Steel gates you're Darrelle Revis your contract is now up with the New England Patriots. It's decision time where are you going nowhere I'm investing in real estate. -- get -- preferred areas around here. -- I've already by a summer place in the -- to. And Revis has been sort of -- little bit of a martyr right now is going cashing in look at for the next big contract but let's just it will backwards counting I've made. With the New York -- 46 million dollars over my second contract after where rookie deal which in the grand scheme of things is peanuts but still a nice contract nonetheless. I made sixteen million bucks for the bucks last year sixty million bucks from the box. -- -- twelve million from the patriots this year a lot of money on these young catch these young quarterbacks Patrick Peterson's of Richard Sherman talking about how. -- the best quarterback in the league. I think that this -- -- signed with the patriots might be -- under played off season major offseason acquisition along time. I'll get my would have 72 plus million dollars in the bank plus of my opulent endorsements Navistar -- my legacy is not just the best quarterback of my current timing and maybe one of the best ever to play the game with a rare skills don't come around every year. Elect a modest. -- modest. And I like you're talking about money and buy replacement Cape Cod Cape Cod in the -- silence where I like it buy an island I don't know why did it. So derailed there you're staying with the patriots stay with the page and I know your first I would hate to take -- -- -- paid big bucks. But it might be like if I can go up -- market again perhaps like especially -- more money what features but will it offer but. The pitcher to go about to become -- critical of Bill Belichick a jerk. And so does the pressure TV gets -- -- -- my Canadian. I mean that a fifth or. Through your fraud values that door for the month. The time now for the AT&T decision of the day that brings us. To the Miami heat's Big Three Tom you're Chris Bosh field you're Dwyane Wade. -- your your son LeBron James it's decision time where are you going to play next season. I am apps I'm Chris blush tell you I don't Chris hey guys I'm absolutely going. The -- played extraordinarily. Long -- Why are why you're so great because I'm very disastrously and no one here in the states has ever really loved -- in Toronto. It went all the way down to Miami where I was still. Holds off. All the third real. And if you match my talent -- where Dwight Howard you're gonna see with a complete. -- slash five Q. Next -- way out. What say you may be setting up of LeBron situation believe as LeBron and I'll be setting -- the process which I believe you're from Dallas. And -- Houston you know that bitter mavericks the rockets a rivalry that hated each other it's like jets patriots like yankees Red Sox. I'm not quite but they're -- going to pick Houston over -- I don't think we've. Five play along which can be hard and we're gonna make some beautiful beautiful music -- couple left handed. -- -- Yet not gonna basically entails you get a contract to a life. Yet in a match of course comment anyway now you you opted out of 42 million dollars. Religious groups in mysterious religious group or anybody else Boston got to get a body me how many department of course -- LeBron we do know. You opted out and it's like you're gonna be not to -- you hit specific in my view of Miami by yourself if you missed it legal. Also at a Miami or notably the two Oscar paid me who I mean I was. Sobbing during the playoffs I looked like. -- am still myself -- you're a little greedy. Federal what I was thinking not that that 42 million bucks because I might not get much more than that overall guaranteed but I notice the Miami got the Miami Heat. Are willing to pay for more than just might build the on the court they're willing to pay for the ambassador I've been to this franchise this city for the past. Eleven years you know what you. -- dirty player level which ones electorate -- hate it when you're dirty kiss my rings. 303030. Or bosh bosh or some -- of killing -- -- the government to go one more I. Yeah that'll help. A lot more yes right viewers your finals MVP assortment of hard to Cleveland jokes I know the Cleveland jokes that you guys -- thrown out there. My girlfriend Akron thirty miles away but I know I like the city of Cleveland. And here Cleveland -- Why don't girls play hides -- in Cleveland. No one would look for them I've heard that I heard that joke but. How to get from Cleveland's been the first week of this school here. Studying their Miranda rights are heard the jokes got a goal back anyway. Because I'm gonna teach America about forgiveness. Dan Gilbert called me out he set out with a self proclaimed king give myself that nickname I don't think at this. Instead -- Cleveland win a championship before I would win a championship -- was. He was wrong. Don't forget them because I got love for the people of Cleveland I turn my back on them for years ago. And I don't need. -- TV special to write the wrong that I did I'll go back to Cleveland. We're gonna win the first championship first major championship whether the Clinton crunch on their first major championship mr. Clinton since 1964. Jim Brown was doing things go bad. Journalists really play with who's who's going to be pursued your psychics I'll -- drew. I read your -- and who else. Bears down you pushing for trade for other other big chip donated donated -- LeBron here that you Eagan column Brigham young boy with united -- and -- hold him down now armor and -- how much on the windshield and you know I watched NCAA terminal lots of chances a lot to disappear title in what -- how -- teach him. It's how you do it on the key to commitment -- -- this is and -- is Canadian even in an open. Teach -- how it's done USA how many years -- sign of just -- -- it is a one or two year arrangement to seek to have the same spectacle. Leaders from now I can't I can't do two years because you know I got to do I got to a four year deal. -- -- in my hometown -- as you know time than last year's. For me. My last prime years will be spent. In the city of click okay. -- on practically. Passport for us -- for fairness -- hours over. Have I have no money now I'm not a king I don't have commercials that are not taken over Samsung all that stuff all that stuff combat.

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