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Jackie Bradley Jr: New Stance Feels More Comfortable 7-8-14

Jul 8, 2014|

Jackie Bradly Jr joins MFB to talk about his new batting stance, adjusting to life in the majors, and the team's recent struggles.

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You know. Playing -- a fly ball wellness center field racing back Bradley. On the track he's very elite. -- -- -- -- He lives on balance you know make an acrobatic play on him. The -- Ohio won't risk management and they've all sit in on a warning track. Eighty feet away. And out of play -- -- he's having his superb. Defensive day. Whether it's actually being done -- a lot of great play that's the best that you've made with the Red Sox. And since then. -- ovation. I was standing all by the Fenway faithful Rosie comes on the diamond we go to the bottom of the ninth still tied 66. What's next here -- Jackie Bradley junior shortly here. Careless in the game and Shaw's star market -- -- -- Sox radio network White Sox and Red Sox tonight smoke free game seven -- play by play Red Sox. And White Sox who were looking guys during the commercial break with the Prince Fielder -- and the body magazine photos. Pro now we might. And we warn people about the student went. We said it was going to be part of BS in the dust. And with all the ballyhoo about who was -- -- the best naked -- was far more concerned it was the worst in Nazi runaway win for -- got to keep my daddy daddy was Cecil. -- you know. He's fit for the feel the forum. -- strong guys and that -- -- -- -- with the delegates it is the body -- they're just going to just gonna jump the shark I mean you look at -- hot chicks. Volleyball players skiers people who -- bundled up during the winner of the event that don't rip down you know Prince Fielder were to be a -- he'd be as simple -- -- that would be the only constant he could fit into -- just when that acts in -- WET hide the hotline we go right now welcome Jackie Bradley junior -- program as promised Red Sox center -- hijacking or. Yeah -- 08 Jacqui we're gonna see you in the body issue anytime soon. -- you have ESPN body issue -- -- -- electric field it did -- -- that he has been a magazine issue -- around the clubhouse at all. No I haven't seen it could fuel a high drive if you do -- probably best that you don't based on what we just -- drills a -- The big boys at -- they Jack you less though just look at last couple weeks of the last fourteen games. You know I'm in real four and a aren't talked to lobby yesterday about. Maybe some of that difference you kind of look back to an old school open stance that you at the head earlier in your career in a minor -- unstoppable. What you know what that does for you and why -- went light switch in the first place. I'm for me it's. You know comparable I'm at the open although it's a cute and that initial salute. What's more. There are yet. Not sure what it purse and now -- more or direction. It just a state where the ball. And it it there on Apollo longer -- -- I bet I bet that went back property. On the way and you drop it. You know how does -- allow you now to to get that ball -- because when Europe. You at the closed up in you're comfortable as your first -- was kind of the pullout are are out. So aptly at least thought at least at that we will. And the old enough money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Allowed eight. It'll -- him in there -- -- I mean -- that -- it be well thought that. Jack you insofar auditors say you felt lost up there at times when did you start to find yourself. Mentally as well as some of the physical adjustments -- talking about make you when you start to find yourself mentally and how are able to persevere through all the bad times to start to find yourself here coming up on the halfway point a little bit better. We have our -- both pretty much are that -- -- Condit. Could get a look at nearly. Also -- oh hole. A planet pollutant are a lot they don't you know result that I want to -- And it. There's not a result he want to -- it though. If you don't make an -- that I Heatley were added. And out it neatly around our group I -- that are packed. Being. Are all. Have you -- Zander had any conversations about him trying to plow through some of the same issues right now. I'm -- -- -- personally. He will then alert but I'm not figure out I mean it. Not really much talking (%expletive) in Butte. I -- it up well. Finally get no result. Hoping that slate are. Talked to Jackie Bradley junior center -- through Boston Red Sox Jackie. Had to be clocked at a forty -- you're trying to figure out how fast you bar. -- So if you had to run a forty take a hot bass hitting the road target India for six or seven. Europe -- this I guess I guess my I guess my point is is that your beast out there in center field and I don't know fetus at your fast or just have a knack for knowing. Where the ball's going to go getting an upbeat on before it leads the bat. And you adjust so well in the air just like a wide receiver would you know catching a football so I guess. I guess what does that come from is that something that you work on to something that you're seeing you study the batter that just a god given gift. Com about our economic they have not important that that's sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- A little bit of both that it hit a upped the work. Not and I -- Started yelling hey -- her out eight or eight promise I'll work on -- looking at the ball. Locked up at bat on you know yes -- And just need to work on an I -- you your ilk like where -- I'm doing your back and I bought it hit -- directs. It it actually and I'm. Not like. A big. Help. But I mean a thing or more on the I really enjoyed it challenge you. Ryan take a break catch. -- last year kind of the up -- down a couple different occasions now this year it's been pretty steady for you since day one up their plane every day. What what are some of the things that you kind of thought about be an everyday player in the big leagues in some of the realities of what it's really like the you've learned. -- -- -- the grind. Every single day. The schedule. He -- to play every day. That I mean that's something now that a -- and are only well you know when they're a big. But you sound like a -- polls. I'm a little -- I'll. Let us something you get used to the stock market explain. One angry static. Jackie Bradley generic -- and WE IE EI middays with an FB -- for his last sixteen at a five game hitting streak right now. Whether Red Sox -- one thing that Krista was asking about was about your speed. -- what really made my eyes pop watching you on a regular basis now is your -- I knew you had the ability to track the ball -- you you're good with the glove. In center field I guess I didn't know exactly how strong your arm was until I've seen it in person now. What did you realize that that was a real tool real gift that you had your arsenal. When I was younger or. Probably. Well -- though. I think about it I really long arms so maybe that. Attribute that I don't know about Abbott. Will meet Spain ago back in. Though I get the little. -- -- -- -- -- -- There for a -- might have. In my car -- But you know something not only regret -- -- back in ability I always liked a lot. Those drinking in my -- Something I enjoy it. Well it. -- -- -- what's it like for you and you'd there was some of the guys in a different year -- best recently called up -- -- these kind of guys economic came up a little bit to the system played together. In Myers at times. How is a benefit for you guys as far as being up there and out together and talking about this experience. On the if that was pretty cool I'm on new mood you're lucky thing here. But we never really got -- each other we did actually. Your roommate an opt in Europe are attractive. And and beat that pretty much our first round play together -- Well. Where -- -- our first -- A part. It would folk art work work and work. What would without it well op but it and it it would seem that the diet. He. Rounded out without being a moderately out there as well. It at that that does not mean that you know we know we always. Where -- -- your feet are greatly -- So we're -- at work and are at stake here are eight the beat. Our Jacqui so a real quickly -- you know -- Jon Lester his contract has been an issue since spring training hasn't been resolved yet and and obviously David Ortiz is always a lightning rod for conversation especially here. And the radio market. How that affected. The locker how that affected you guys as far as are you guys discussing it is become an issue few guys is anyone you don't reach out to. Ortiz who asked him and ask him to. Maybe you know you'll cool it a little bit you heard it -- you have any have you seen anything like that. -- me. And again -- -- young dividend -- about. Hi you're too -- they're Smart Smart or it could. This -- I'm just in my corner but I did. It on the line -- into it not. Strata ball. Yeah how as a man all you guys this year almost in the years not going the way you expected in a lot of it the only look at the offense and in where you guys are as far as put runs up. How frustrating is that -- -- the rookie comes up and he surrounded by a lineup that's outstanding you know I can sit net nine all the kind of get to that trying to learn some things but as a team. -- drug does that make it that much harder. On -- young player. I'm. Not that they think that I -- about all at -- -- pressuring. Because. Or not -- wanna be where no one. Oh what we've been. Playing a work and the result Israel and I'm sure don't. You know what it it would it's. Or eat it situation. Oh are only 28. Reports that in my ear while that. But I mean there aren't saying where a game it's your street. So you know we're just hoping that we you're right street. And it and it then. Jacqui thanks -- -- congratulations on the recent improvements excess and hopefully continues for you we appreciate you take some time to join us here and -- It broke right that is Jackie Bradley junior center fielder. For the Boston Red Sox in these disease if you were you repeated and you know how old he was. Based on his voice how all the 10-Q cries. 1817. I mean he's just out like eight babies -- Kitt does but they when he when he talked to a minister -- at things that people really love the bottom two years ago spring training. Very richer. I have is -- answer to what -- -- -- -- question does the instincts you know in center field. On the base -- you know he's he's instinctual player you know. It is now at the blazing speed of people thought these -- Ellsbury you know that was wrong is not. But he has an opponent off because he knows winter is -- good in six and based best in center field. -- -- -- If he does a win gold glove. I don't know who showed it to be honest I don't as the arm right now I have I have absolutely no idea who played a better center field defensively. -- -- -- -- And if you're looking at a bright side if you look about what's fun to watch -- he's fun to watch he's entertaining I pipe break for the ball the somewhere into this into center field and I don't wanted to be an easy -- I wanted to be -- he's got to get on his horse and die for. Making -- like you did the other day. The ball's going up but he's got to adjust his body. Mid flight and tracked in finding come down to hit the ball that's the that's stuff but Alex. -- -- thing offensively what he's done the last fourteen games over 300 and that's what you kind of looking for regular -- defense that got what if they hit. Be an everyday player you know maybe doesn't hit 300 you know beat but we look at the -- its recently. And I talked him yes before the game and Victor Rodriguez in coach and it talked level -- open stance now honestly didn't mightily to be successful. And early struggles in the big league cousin the -- up maybe straighten it out a little bit the problem is -- your whole life when you have an open stance. In year used to kind of striding in to close it out to used to always striding in. When you square off your stance old habits -- -- strategy even more. You know I -- so and you close yourself off even more. And that first reaction is that shoulder fly -- -- bailout should be to get beat every single time which is what we saw from Jacki for the most part his big league career. Now recently last three weeks. He's gone back to what he's comfortable with -- -- asked why GB switching units that every sick he was suggested and is likely you'll learn. Well -- hitters always go back to what they're most comfortable with when they were successful. -- he's finally gone back to open stance and maybe we'll start receding hitter it's. It reached before that you like -- and all the -- can deal with. But he looks so much better at that open stance -- to assuming more pitches and it was before. Upon further review to conclude -- we come back down through seven W yeah.

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