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Three For All: Furries, Gronk Being Gronk, and Pool Parasites 7-8-14

Jul 8, 2014|

Tim brings up last weekend's Furrie Convention, Gronk makes an interested deal in an airplane, and Christian lectures on pool cleanliness

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These guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man it's. -- three or wrong. -- Country threes overall our friends and they -- three brawl on these peace with MF. They're proud of -- days and let the defense. Maloney -- notorious night 37 WEEI. And guys who want to start off with a brief role. Today. By asking questions thank your sponsors -- we -- a new roof to go to the -- a solid construction they've got you covered. I would come up big events like the Olympics and the Boston right. I just familiar with and pro con by any chance amp Brokaw on not an apricot and it is the annual national meeting of the furries. Christian the second Celtics try to what are -- plumbing there's. Your arteries are quiet there's a couple different types of Fareed I'm -- -- -- -- it. These are people who enjoyed their whole lifestyle being about dressing up as animals. -- -- -- I'm way out. -- I've blown -- way the animals yelling at especially what she animals like dressing up almost like mascots are wearing like a fox had to -- around the wolf -- or something like that and they meet together every year and it's it was a big deal in Pittsburgh. And I live their thirteen years last six or seven -- One year yeah I think you're still play. You went -- the per game -- Red Sox were in town with a furry convention was going on our member -- in some Red Sox players in the locker rooms and what is going volatile it's. It is collected dressed up and a lot of elite at Fisher we crashed and it would suit I see US -- and you could I think it's a good ideas -- haven't mr. Burris but people like take on the animal instincts filings of there actor animal thirty like sexy animal for yes deaths of what am I mean anybody about crazy. That brings in a million plus dollar six that's a big deal every year Pittsburgh after corporate events and it was this past weekend. And lo and behold -- drive and all the other day and I see three people walk around with Fleury had done like a panda head. And like Teddy bear head and thinking myself it's too much of a coincidence. So -- since you guys it's been a lot more recent time and knew him and I have you ever heard of her you know being in New England now. And then I don't know no big that the verdict on -- crowd. I mean I know there are some. Furries in New England. But didn't think of that -- some ground are now needed a lot of really -- -- now I know that people come from New England to go to the furry convention we had them on our show before so I know they're out there somewhere I was wondering if there were. There's a small little furry convention it was right at the crown -- the woman goes over the parkway over the threw away. Demolish it and it be talking about what -- we got some flurries on the -- fans rather -- New England. They get very interest he's -- that's your thing if you take closet of person who wants to dress up like an animal go on line check out and beyond. Go check out furries and there's an outlet for use there are others out there like Hewitt there's even a convention we can have fun with. Let me ask what you guys do to move up from coach. To first class. Blow when it taped it. It was a -- first class seat you -- you know I get that seat what do what you gotta do. The -- -- does follow Rob Gronkowski apparently support to a sports. Reader email email alert sent something in. Read the emails I gave up my first class seat to grab drunks. The -- -- he didn't yet penis argues that order right popular Xena saw this ticket was in the -- extra long leg room mile. I was in first class yesterday for our seats. I told might do it but asked what's it from me he signed as boarding pass and gave it to me. We shot the belief for twenty minutes in the year and he gave me his boxers after. She -- way to win now so gates signed the ticket. They talked about twenty minutes he gave the girl his boxers. Put it he can't build anything and he let the girl grabs Joseph. Not like you know the -- the guy met earlier this formation just got to upgrade only profit but -- -- got -- -- -- look -- you know the girl asked. Right that it's dropped right. So what what will you give me I'll let you grab my -- -- heck -- -- -- -- right -- know. I know experience people -- well to do this you're getting it for free -- I'm surprised it wasn't you know what I'll do field goal and abet them right now it will you know that's what I'll do for you Bristol -- leery of being -- rocker -- -- It better make him. Really who -- got it better. I mean we talk about diamonds well and we get on him for all and to think he does but for some reason. It's just too lovable he's just a big lovable long and and -- and I love it it's great because this pictures to go with -- is Wheldon and the girls like five feet -- editors a picture all of them in the air still -- doctors -- if you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- airports currently gravity -- Rob Gronkowski this enough delegates who grabbed me -- that -- -- -- That's amazing guy is so. I know where that where the middle of summer right now and there's a lot of things you guys are probably doing that you shouldn't be doing. Now drinking out of out of out of holes does did as kids yes -- of drug -- though about tiger hot discredit Joseph I would never think to do that now just based on all things -- no better in. Holes and just the water not being clean got and that's one of the things -- come out of -- came from a HDTV magazine. And -- -- taking a swig from a hole that's bad so according to Jeff Gary Hart from the ecology center. Bacteria can build up in the holes and vital hoses because they're not regulated for led EPA's or other potentially hazardous additives. They obviously I don't do it now but I -- him as a kid I was always drinking out of the -- out of the backyard all about the contracting -- the basically sponsors contest. The contracting those holes that -- ago one of those things a little -- great. But look at Al -- I would never do that. So how are now so indicate yes and we come in -- we drive we walk in a football program football every bit as they do not drive your car. And flip flops can be better put up as it could fall off it could be stuck between the gas pedal or the break -- -- the potential majors. So be careful about that the next one is really concerning because you give little kids should worry about this. Swallowing pool water. It happens guys and it happens a lot. And because even some of the most well maintain pools can have not wait for like the -- and yes the way -- small bits of fecal matter. Which carry bacteria. Loading and am now. One I I once had my child back when she was very young completely. Yes exactly took a little little small little dumped in the public pool. Took her editor didn't tell it yes -- didn't tell anybody about I thought floating in the off all my gut I saw and I nearly a problem yeah I -- I. There's no one would know would be her. -- -- -- the shower it was like should I like you clean -- off of -- -- somebody came to this I was like man. Some -- just took a huge crap in the pool after being out of water as -- speech. They're close to pull out we have to go home. An America that are going to ever do that -- -- house terrible battle or not but I didn't have I didn't have a -- back -- All I -- just going back you know she just took what earlier she's not gonna go again you know obviously. It created some -- for her to come -- you know release the hounds or maybe it was because you later when moldaschi. To aviator -- the bottom get its original rock and it just kind of things came out. This from the same guy gave us the responsible -- speech just last week this is true. This is true but so I mean obviously you get your slumming it any pool. You don't you're going to swallow water I don't care how clean is published chlorine you put in it you're going to -- -- some of it. And I'd just be careful out there. You know I don't know if you throw some balls and Clorox -- from completes. I think you're. Probably that I visit regularly on all of our operator to Iceland did and prevail over through six what 77797937. Jackie Bradley junior coming up with a 1 o'clock hour Red Sox center fielder 130 here on 937 WB. Tomorrow. For our -- -- in -- curtain and and John -- Brokeback talking dogs false starts at six. 93 point seven FMW.

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