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Does David Ortiz get a Free Pass? 7-8-14

Jul 8, 2014|

Christian discusses his brief foray into the underground world of HGH and the guys explore David Ortiz recent comments about his alleged use of PEDs

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Six days -- below Maloney. Christian -- -- bands at least it's just baloney -- bends to star when the drug enforcement agency comes knocking on the door in the middle of the program after -- just admitted use in the secondary black market HDH sales game for a while there this that they blew -- just coast through the rest of this yourself is this. Not old news this is well documented and yet this is a -- long interview -- LA times about this maybe. A year ago really mad about the drug industry. To old -- adamant she's. I don't -- but yeah bottom bottom thousand bucks. You know it. Yes no doubt you do well -- Christian fanatic about oh the story. Certainly it like you know though they -- you go to the source and you would start this hole which you get from. Los do you know -- is buying from us. I have no I I don't remember the guy's name. Honestly don't remember his name. I could once stigma that now I don't I don't know I do not I would at the time -- even those guys they don't like didn't. I know I. I had no problem I have no problem telling that story I can tell. That story a thousand times and will always status fame visitors know lies and -- there's no defeat -- here's what happened. I'll ask me tomorrow asked me two weeks throughout date -- exact same story the exact same way. I mean yes sir investigate because at that time everybody. Was looking into it. The -- -- Broncos. Without they have these these these -- cases -- panels not like there's and got to be more of that and then -- then just taking vitamins. You know I did just that -- you know he's he's a tall white I shouldn't be to secure it. You know brought out Steve how does he sustain that energy wise he's still strong it is nothing makes cents. I but it's doing my own little investigation started fighting guys and finally research to back to a guy and and in Phoenix Arizona and Austin, Texas flew up there -- these guys train with some. Next thing you know. I agree -- this gym where these guys are working out and there's no music and it was like it was just weird and these guys were doing David Boston was one of them. David Boston it was an -- yeah he was doing it. Bench press OK it was aides say 200 and to sector -- pound bench press and also he had a on each side of the bar bell there is a clip that would release when he would decrease the weight. And I each side there was an extra fifty outsold it on all four pounds. You would take the way to go really slow down the 200 pals would release and he did he go ahead he'd wrap up 350 pounds then right after that you would jump on it up bar. With 75. Powell wrapped around his waist -- that he could do more than three did like ten pull ups. Toe to make us a little squirrelly little athletes then you know Weekend Warriors I mean we could do was the most. So I won't this this this is crazy Eleanor I wrote them with a turban on its head you tell me do this do that do this take this some like OK am I try to -- it all down. I get my karma back devastated like I drove -- wanted trees waiting to board a plane -- -- -- -- Carter of mount. I got back I'll play. Hell no honestly dislike it resists all your -- can have a failure mean -- -- monitor your food yet to shoot yourself up at eye dead ahead -- yeah I mean just so many things can go wrong I'm like I am not I can't do this. August 14 2013. -- time Baja where they got former NFL player describes the pressure to use human growth hormone. Talked about I couldn't bring himself to use he did I tell you know the vials and is handy -- by injecting himself with the banned substance but quote. Too chicken to go throw -- down. 48 told the times on Wednesday this is recent yeah this is when the -- that NFL this is starting implement the maybe they will some day. But they're thinking of possibly and a future within the next forty years testing -- HGH. -- when we're playing that the pop Rossum was that you couldn't test for each -- a -- -- -- my -- -- -- learn about how. I get a test some pretty CH deputy baseline. Test of what they're testosterone level as the rest of the testosterone and I don't that's. -- -- doing -- -- in baseball. Any negative based test and a -- and a future DOC if it's elevated and it happened yet but how would you know. I don't -- decreases naturally with age and that's what people men -- -- -- tour that's like Sylvester Stallone can be so jacked up rip because he take it Hollywood aids Honeywell saying he's got. That's about all income should be LB that rips. If you're eighty years old willow run yet here Iraqi 40 yeah -- also do well. I. -- we're getting at here is Christian Fauria clean up well. Back and ask because you -- the story 2000 -- to talk about and that's why sent a lot of guys. You know I'm never during -- time -- Mitchell report everything going on and it was it was cycle how far do you wanna get involved right I mean. Curt Schilling went as far as talking about steroids sixteen we found open courtroom. Miami used to talk I don't guys that played I don't guys that took a bad guys I don't gather next seats sold it also and phone -- What you come on any of -- have this discussion to cool to actually what I mean it starts a big investigate on vehicle that -- the NFL now you got that first time you get this from. First time I ever disgusted with the -- of -- -- -- farmers the writer -- -- -- -- -- in high school at Krispy -- at high school Encino California so I knew -- since I was a kid. And he's got a risen in the ranks no one's been -- -- So called about the south like forthcoming as possible and I know the planet Mikey -- He's not like you're saving him -- LL Ehrlich got your browser -- or shot yeah -- is -- -- is is -- -- he -- out -- -- And I knew at the top I think you know when I decided not to do -- like. I can answer any question I'd never have to lie about it it was it's such a feeling a comfort feeling pretty knowing. That I had the opportunity I wanna support purchase of but I never went through zip on their content never did an even if they did I really care. Well one they're going to cut man maybe maybe I don't know but it can't be rapper right now until I got much -- there. But I don't know they think that I never saw anyone ever inject themselves all I can tell you is I knew what some I would come back from summer. But the pats are about to do in the next -- fifteen days. -- comes back with a body fat contents of when we left with a body fat content of like twenty. And he comes back when it's like eight. You're all sitting there going what about how I know I work -- heart I know I'm doing everything and I know this guy is borderline. Just beating buys it. With his work habits something is up and churn up it always comes out it's -- thing and -- about it big guys who were doing it the truth catches up with you regardless of how. Well you think you planned it out just catches up. Well the reason we got and all the twisted sordid details of Christians extensive drug use is because we were talking about David Ortiz and his alleged free pass smokers were not suggesting that you got -- I never free pass to Matt. Every every free pass for an -- but David Ortiz taking issue with being brought into the John Lackey Nelson Cruz. Viewed. That started a couple days ago as the Orioles are in town against the Red Sox. And rob Bradford played a number of the clips that he had with. David Ortiz and if you missed him I think we've got a -- operating go again this is what David Ortiz had to say it. About being brought into the debate and why his name was mentioned in the first place by the MLB network. When they were talking about the Showalter innards in rejection when it comes the Lackey incurs. Video -- the whole thing is what my name got him. -- It's let's on the movie -- -- and then move on my memoir. I think one of the guys say that I get a free pass on yeah. We've been lucky to ensure a good thing and going back and forth until your third and and in a moment right and I got you know what. And they're completing a bone of what -- will be very did remind them that. Then one of the guys want to say that I that if we. -- different. You wanna make some. Because nobody can -- -- immediately. The reason why they have done very desperate there is. It's another thing we're. The important thing and do we know now yeah I think. Good -- go away. -- -- rob Bradford. Yesterday in particular game because the freaky. Rick Aponte free pass but it was just so play early -- was the Brad -- you know he loves the got to go into -- locker room. You know it you know that the boys this morning kept asking him the same question and he really can't give a yes or no answer -- he really -- I -- Did you -- reporters Lou -- -- had a unique kind of struck a relationship with than your buddies and -- talk a little more freely with those guys and you would -- you know some outside guy who's coming in from Chicago to try to get a nice soul sound -- So we gotta ask is say what he said it would just nothing but I don't think he's got a point though and though. Ortiz. I think he gets a -- I don't think he gets a free pass on the steroid debate you know we just did it it was an unintentional experiment but as. The guys were talking about and Dennis and Callahan today. We were cut in the office just listen in the conversation and they played the sound but was it 2013. Where Ortiz so I just bought small over the counter supplements and Christian. You see gusher there right well yeah that's what everybody does yes so he is convicted. He is guilty in the court of public opinion. Anytime the steroid debate comes up with another team I feel like people work it back to Ortiz here in Boston anyway. So I do think he's right it's not like this conversation about PDs comes up and no one references Dave -- to share. Where David gets a free pass and I and I agree with you because it always comes up -- we Douglas hall of fame while he was on the list the list of 2003. Is not going anywhere. That is on his rest him until he. He's -- you know it's gonna have to do. To find out exactly what it was. We truly believes -- take -- at the -- Major League Baseball Players Association get the results mean is it did not know what's gonna exceed those results. That's what he's got the -- to prove that you know -- -- let me know what was on that list. Weeks we does get one though is because gets the benefit of the doubt from a fan base -- gets the benefit of the doubt from some people whereas others don't. But others don't for good reasons that Iraq does get a benefit of the doubt because it's it's out there you know meet. Other guys don't get for benefit dollar Roger Clemens Barry Bonds those guys don't get it benefited -- Because it was so glaring out -- or somebody's been failed test Manny Ramirez JD -- talking about HGH. Where is David still has that that little. Gray area the kind of hide behind in a fan base will let him hide behind that now the bottom line is that David Ortiz failed a test -- 2003. He took something that was a legal. Was it steroids probably a good chance it was steroids you know or some form of something that was illegal of the 103 guys are tested positive -- all all three. I think they came out I think it was ten maybe a dozen guys that in net tested positive. Tested positive something that was really banned by baseball to lean years like intro for Jordan like McGwire ticket -- which is an affront to his steroids. So they'll what was it just reported steroids he can't run from net. If he failed the test -- passed all the way through there hasn't been an accident there's been no story of anybody selling of steroids has come out left and right. You gotta wait knew it was going to be and Biogen is the -- -- only wasn't. He's gonna be in admits report no we wasn't he was on anonymous test and he can't get around the the I couldn't tell. You don't get enough -- out here with the diamond. So nothing bad -- and they wanted to know well there. They consider a -- Good good I'm good yeah. They're not that that's -- reality. No word I didn't flee back to golf and you don't get here. Then maybe don't -- double. -- I do think he gets a free pass -- more with his play. Then anything people feel immune from ever getting Ortiz criticism it took a long time before we got people. Talking about players other than Jackie Bradley junior struggling with this team and went for start our show Ortiz was not plan is under 250. No it was not producing as well with runners in scoring position. Some of that has changed of ladies brought up is number substantially. In those areas but he was down across the board and no one was pointing a finger at a Ortiz you know when it comes to not running to first base and some other on the field stuff. That's what I think court tees. Fails to get scrutiny the level that he deserves -- when it comes to the steroid stop and you know we have three days of discussion. Here about him fighting with the official score. We had lots of different debates when it comes to David Ortiz and the errors -- hits a couple of times over so I do think he's in the cross hairs when it comes to. By his own hand. Extra curricular. Debates he does find himself in the middle battle he does not get a free pass there. When it comes that's kind of scrutiny where he gets a free pass what anything else is on the field stuff. Just did his place. Is flat out do you lack of production or. This is the maybe is his guy Garrett his his comments. You mean what about. What about the you know him complaining about calls what about you know mad dog Russo. Had a -- morning he discussed this earlier today on a -- a gallon. He didn't like fire nobody -- take -- away from his engine for the big game and a big moment may. And now that we championships in -- it's like LA what he's but I'm sick of Ortiz Bob but I thought he drove everybody crazy with that poppy pop up with Darvish. And the game that in fact that he made a big think about that I've read nobody in America or baseball and now look at the baseline I would say it. Nobody could understand why make such a big stink about that -- pop up which brought an hour. Not a big thing about them out there that they would be officials well on the part of it would open up. It's a big -- about that have Sami why Ortiz who brought a lot of fame why you were about to doping singles like swear to god I have no idea that the first six. Yeah they don't -- for Lou I want a depth of one -- here from somebody else that they were errors but not from my hitter all we get from Russa. I'm gonna take it from it just goes to back to everyone agrees with -- is a little crazy. Everybody that's another one of those that example out whenever we have a debate on the crazies Lima Kristen Bell -- at 6177797. And 937 or to save -- -- your bus yeah. You can -- -- -- -- like the performance side of it I mean. Was it below what you expect from David the last couple of Beers yes you know as he that it nineteen bombs in -- RBIs this -- sixty whatever it is. Come to me it's about the free passes about the stuff that a nutritionist talk about the complaint. You know army and we'd debate over the contract overprotection. Over base hits know that that type stuff but this is. This is -- David is can be a god it's gonna speak his mind -- don't Kagan heard I'm taping I don't give a bleep you know keep tape and I get something to sag. So he's gonna address anything that's on his mind but the free pass -- performance is one of the reasons why people stick with a because he still rakes and he still presents an -- Yet still -- -- perform and he's playing a lot better than it was when they were going to ten game losing streak and everybody was looking and everybody else besides him and Pedroia he's deftly stepped up from there especially -- and scored position on base -- numbers -- starting get back up. To where people want to see them. But my question for everybody out there as it relates to the steroid debate that David Ortiz says he was dragged into. Do you believe that he gets a free pass on the steroid discussion as he is asserting. Or -- more of my opinion which is it's not really a free pass because the court of public opinion anyway he's constantly brought up and it.

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