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Chris Mad Dog Russo on David Ortiz 7-8-14

Jul 8, 2014|

Chris Russo joined the show to discuss David Ortiz's comments on the MLB Network.

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Our number three and is still here while job Jerry here got three possibly together again next week. Meter though joins -- -- to be -- -- -- mark on it tomorrow rob -- Thursday to your third day you are fantastic. Rob Bradford yesterday joined us today he's the guy who got -- -- saudis are sound guy. Joining us now knows the sound joining us right now. AT&T hotline I'm not afraid the status. My favorite radio talk show host -- this history knows -- now now in my life. My man Christopher mad dog Russo. -- that is -- and I think that our site. And in this -- and I got a routine morning in the rookies on the set up a plan -- Well look like to upload market because I wanna find -- so so BI -- -- Rob -- Korea right now I was the one who asked. -- ASCII -- or -- about the Nelson Cruz. Lackey thing and he kind of went on on -- off its tainted. But he said that the thing he took issue -- he'd just seen on MLB network wise what he says he said. What what what it ordered or Ortiz Ortiz took issue with someone saying. Get a free pass yet you know wasn't MLB yesterday said Ortiz gets a free pass. I don't know. We I don't know -- Well forget there's probably some very Jon -- he had heard we saw that to my point is and brought disagrees I guess my point is. No athlete in the history of Boston Chris has got more for free pass -- David Ortiz is not even close. I completely agree I -- he's a great player nobody's gonna take that away -- engine for the big game the big moment Nate. And obviously championships and nobody can take LA Ortiz but I'm sick of Ortiz. I thought he drove everybody crazy with that will be pop up with Darvish. And the game -- insects that can mean the big stink about that I've read nobody in America or -- baseball I reckon that now look at the baseline I would take it. Nobody could understand why it's such a big stink about that will be pop up which -- -- And they made a big thing about them outplay the other day with the official scorer on the first space -- what panera. He made a big thing about that is I mean why Ortiz who's on a lot of -- why he'd worry about two doping singles like sort of got I have no idea that the first and second thing. They don't blame John havens like -- picture I mean Lackey Morgan groaning because crews had to pick a number one foolish. He served his suspension it's not like he got away with dumping it did not sell about fifty game suspension. He's second penalty shot he served -- county. I mean Yugo putt to argue particularly at this and I'm up for the steroid guys that -- these guys all the time. But included case to separate penalties so what dignity and not about to -- -- like. -- -- -- -- and -- -- yeah and again and they into the bottom line is an exit door he'd give bulk of what about who wants. Michael Schmidt of the New York Times in 2003. Let's stick to blow BI broke this story that Ortiz as one of the players. Look at that random drug tests which triggered it. Act that the testing program -- made that bet on steroids also been a big stink about authorities with the players association. But last time I checked he did not sure the New York Times. He did not do Michael Schmidt. And everybody who -- what believes that Ortiz out one time not now what one time if it experimented. With steroids he does not the only one they have the support it. But he bit about the I'll look at the ballot there and killer cookies work and not for the -- -- -- you -- then. But the bottom line is he did steroids -- so like -- -- that they are not -- At auction all of that then on Sunday it'll look up or else we'll look at you -- recognized punctuating it. And like he should look at it popped out that the authorities. Is as good as I tell them what twelve years ago out he -- he did it kind. He got he got clipped the report and a lot of in a lot of forums. But he's got he had gotten past that he's won three world championship and nobody in the disparity Ortiz -- -- Lackey killed called deputy senate -- what do you want the oil does that no are big attic and on second -- of working. They didn't make a big deal about those -- look at those are decisions. And I know that they put in wanna have to change what you don't want to deal with his aggravation so they gave -- But let me speculates that the court did. About the only thinking about it screaming about the pop up the fact that the for crying out loud I got that warm clothing the -- I mean what is it about that like you are lucky that brought you. What's a good -- and ordered him it's a good -- about it's a good point about how -- though is that -- -- Lackey but sorties a bad spot but here's the thing about Lackey. Iraqis went to world championships. Chris the first MVP 2002 -- Troy Glaus who admitted later he did right. The giant. -- It ain't got eligible for -- without -- crying out loud. No big deal as were other what's -- -- -- -- 688. How Lackey can even opened -- mile fun. Why -- yeah I mean I don't like people have yet. Good stuff the other night and he struck -- eleven god look what public doesn't like a thing happened in always not good Lackey but if you're gonna and that's what did -- the blame the media that you bite the F. Yeah I did you think. Even about it but I don't money thick notebook you cannot break includes. But yet -- hit a good against western -- and ought to open until god about alcohol -- -- -- want that I am. Minutes of fun. And isn't -- and ultimately we can get that it would -- -- spell -- right. I don't -- you can't -- bottom line is. Lucky -- and I got the bad back and a lot of the year all right you're allowed it to wanna look at Asia last year. The point did I -- I -- -- shut up play. Well you know Chris -- You know I -- we talked about the story stuff I don't think we disagree. I think nobody talked about yesterday about the free pass cars people saying get a free pass and taking issue with that we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What Chris Chris Chris so your your talking about you're talking about. That the 2003 stuff that obviously the New York Times broke absolutely 2009 why do you -- well he admitted there in the press conference that he took something so he Douglas who something. That he admitted to taking. So so I mean that's number one in I guess my argument in the free pass thing is. Well every time -- steroid thing comes up and and as you point out he continues to pass his test and we're not talking about now we're talking about then. Every time -- thing comes up. Neighbor teases -- surface like in this case it was mentioned passively by. Martial -- to so that I think he's what he's talking about is that people saying I get a free pass where every time my name is brought up. Where you know I I keep passing this test this is why he was saying yesterday. Time and I and that's been about bottom line is well when you fell one of those things. People have been a lot Eric -- need you to detention as -- And then -- tell -- -- -- Chris I think that's the point is that they do and that's why he's saying. When someone comes on states get a free pass I think that's very takes issue. Yeah I mean at issue issue that we're keeping -- and I hit looking it -- Lacking anti -- -- up a lot. Back -- -- -- -- like he had gone to me greatly pleased when it went when a guy -- by the opinions here. And you losing game. Stop -- -- on -- -- that -- you've got these games that guy didn't penalty in ticket sales look it doctor black if somebody can talk like you about this. The reports he's -- a tough spot but all the guys. I -- the best I've hit an up the Boston dew point. But that in that it might viewpoint or whatever it's worth. I'm not a Ortiz. I would never in his name years takeaways big game ability of -- -- -- as well. Lot of weight that I hate the Yankees he killed them in to post season series. I get more clerical work up and I think by the bottle bank which is apparently -- PH. With a little stuff happening on all of and it got 17100 Korea. Is that while Matt has fit in that outlawed under the big game -- -- -- championships that's and that's pound dog in Britain but I've got to. Let them get a hit. Mark Ingram and about a particular -- bigger than that not talking more about pop up in practice. An opponent and -- had the issue that you are sure that -- this big thing last year we will all read about that what did you know and -- he approached him. I think it gets a little old not a Red Sox -- ten -- viable water out of a lousy year so I managed by the -- haven't started yet. Thought like get it in the unity guys meaning you -- gonna be some discussion. They could keep showed on paper that sell papers that but we got to work I get it so he's gonna be a little bit of the. Issue but just -- up above the noise amid -- -- -- -- -- crude played about intact. By the wealthy he like sorties on March either. Rod Hillary doesn't. You know I don't know about you know about that like a Red Sox because they got a ton of money. And he they don't ever used a couple years ago about how they hate the Red Sox and yankees only eight the Yankees beat by -- And you know sort -- like the Red Sox. Puppet annoyed by eight the technical plan. And -- it would blow don't -- on you gave -- -- -- -- like he had acting like that the thing that really says nothing about. -- -- -- But because group got hit -- get a -- up -- historic. But at the planet fall if the players are so concerned about steroids and -- attempt at about the 3000 near the top. That they expand the -- staff and they stand they did not think. It's going to be Kaman got a major risk yourself I'm annoyed about this I didn't realize that Ortiz. I don't know who said they -- I may -- -- I didn't know this is the big story here but and I believe that again I'm sure that night but parakeet does -- -- now. Haired man died there was Joseph wood grain and MLB network grows regret that it could have been who knows that just were didn't -- about that but. Not I think destructive core with your -- camp when he'll tell you Chris that you know he's pass state tests this year in his past forty since testing began. What was your response to be or what would your response be -- that. I would say David good that you. I don't look at Hewitt has steroid I don't look at you -- user. So good you they give a lot of blame but the bottom bottom line is in 2003. A name separate. That you -- -- players who failed a drug test. Now that I mean and if you have an issue that I diet I know they had the big -- -- -- -- you know they debated it never repeat never. Came out and admitted that he was one of the guys because that was a confidential -- So they have -- people never confirmed -- report. But I mean I mean I I would let it I don't have a problem with it it's so long ago it doesn't bother -- whatsoever. Regarding Ortiz -- that. But when Lackey is gonna say something and killed and and cure clues he had to expect people. Well any oil can't. To come about lacking so we'll find out look at guys in your own house. Acted the way it is that's reality your teammate Ortiz. Nobody else. You have an issue your QB -- got -- -- -- when they get bombed and gain. Don't blame -- -- a guy who did steroids this year and served it out that's not there I would post quote Ortiz why anybody in any media why haven't they might bring it -- it. Is he boarded up. With the Yankees give with the Yankees give Jon -- 160 million dollars. Under fifty million dollars. I don't think they would. I don't think the Yankees would. But the good yankees have been earned by the young pitchers by the big -- us about -- -- -- -- pitcher ever again. I know the little worried about an -- right now. I think the Yankees a little nervous about going out that -- again I don't think they would give them that kind of money. You'd figure Red Sox and not gonna get every. Like that you're at the point now right Chris -- that the only -- in the table so far as what ninety maybe. A million dollars for the most in its pretty close now. For less from sure you can smell the finish -- first chance around there really take a looks and I I -- -- back next year I think my trade a couple weeks. Yeah I don't know you know I I guess that's possible -- they could trade in the out of it exactly on sellers as we know. A direct opposite problem making a mistake. I would make sure I would keep them. But the Red Sox know what they're doing they've won three championships. But again we all know what these big contracts to pitchers. They usually don't work I mean you know I know that -- out about you loan -- money that you had a good Japanese. For the Dodgers have the money he got. But about these -- -- Mack -- make an important point seven million dollars hasn't worked out perfectly has worked out he's gonna make a big deal about Cole Hamels making a lot of money. In all over the -- a got a 105 million would you give that again I mean. The that they pitching money the big money for these pitchers it's always dubious. On what does that allow you normally get rattled regulated giving them back and fight that kind of money so he's not I don't know what the Red Sox and. Don't they Chris what the -- with the perspective of being at the network there in seeing a lot of national prospectus for prospective. What is it regards the Red Sox it is how they view last year as we look at 2012. And they're trending behind 2012 right now but then also on the other World Series winning team last year. How do you see the Red Sox are the closer in your eyes to that year for the 2013 -- Yeah I think it I think I look at the Red Sox team that it is with a -- a look at the cardinals the same way obviously not as bad. Point five games till 500 but I think that that's just -- -- -- -- -- I think it happens of franchises. Last year they grind it out every single that that every game was an Armageddon kind of -- You know they really worked hard -- had to play the extra month. I think did that take something out of a team and a Red Sox don't have overwhelming talent. You know Victor Reno and Jonny Gomes and not and. -- -- I -- Pedroia is excellent and Ortiz is excellent but they have overwhelming. When you -- talent. Even -- definitely hall of famers Red Sox I mean Ortiz may be Pedroia. Not a -- They get hit the north here I think the reds -- -- bounce back next year -- I would throw out 2012 I would kill myself. -- that -- and I wouldn't look back two years ago. Different team different -- -- time. I would put out what else I'm sure about that happy about how this -- -- right now knowing him. But I would draw I would throw that out I would look at this as sort of angle of what happened to wish you all the great success. And you can't -- back championships but you don't wanna be consistent every year being the pennant race. Yes but you can't you know last year with the giants -- -- as a free year they won in 2000. Well they won in 2000 and I want to kids -- -- and three years wish it once 76 -- and eleven of the indictment. Today prescribing this I mean Kirk do what's your best with your favorite mad dog moment you grew I mean this. -- this -- radio Canada oh yeah I my I think. My two favorite mad dog moments where we yet Torre -- after -- 47 -- -- -- that that was awesome and then the obviously the famous rant after Florida beat the giants I would have a wonderful what freaking time. That they can -- that was that was. They want to let that I did that one at yankees stadium. When he took everybody in New York starting message I'm any -- took his brother. And I hit by in the ticket. That ballot that I have the relation of -- -- topped one. I was not without question I mean I was by myself with a Yankee Stadium that the Marlins won. You know as to lose the Marlins for the second straight time that and -- this -- -- and 97 did that really brought in the. I hadn't won yet that he was an excellent team. Up without it and I got a fact that one particular what -- your -- -- they get over those to have good. I assure -- that everywhere right out of don't want that was -- -- one. Roger accurately -- with princess -- Now it was very good I haven't seen over the last three months this Iraq thing I think -- could be a lot anti. I think that course and we've let you know my my far look at playlist August he got the -- make sure -- get a reading it at -- memorial service. You know like summit suitable New York of course. You know I contacted -- that little wall of fame and make sure -- -- -- and Europe radio world famous man I don't know what to Bob Heussler. I'm an -- on top of my. I'm not make him about it up again. You know I don't I spent so much time in the nineteen years I don't feel like we have to hang out with each other that they had been updated but when I don't see him go back the memories. What about your network crazy -- with a with a generally. I mean I'm not making those -- bad decisions right now. The reality is much easier than five hours and I was doing but our -- period as far as adaptors such a long time 65 years. You know I like -- TV he these bonds admitted he's informative the obvious studios -- going -- pulled one -- into another. But I still love the radio you know yet yet to do Federer and Djokovic. I can get a World Cup. He beat anyone on serious I mean they really did it carte Blanche I mean it's it's a tremendous play. We refer rate for freedom and achieving it they and -- thought they'd be stricter. With what I canning and that same day they love doing it all started because if he can't talk about Pete Rose that much they hate -- and be careful that. But. We don't want. Chris Russo is the host of high heat MLB network in mad dog unleashed -- series sex and Chris thanks what is a rare. Rick this may be true you're a conversation. With three different before people's conversation it's possible you're the third biggest Springsteen fan. In this conversation in the immediate possible loss of my thing would happen and good but all time favorites for instance it's a -- balance on. I hit it in -- changes a lot. That's fair. You don't know surrendered yet as stake Q I am honored and I'm on something another something in the night to correct. A minute into the darkness relative and you're at your door -- darkness. -- have that I love I mean you -- badlands as always great ice let's bring mean I'm not second stop on at 78 for. At the Palestinians and Albany, New York. That was in -- at 78 out of a permanent -- And -- -- second stop -- that darkness let Annie opened with bad. All it forced on -- I can look at the slightly it's amazing actually. And I know image abroad since we have brought -- probably don't know about -- -- actually ran into all of -- -- squares. I think I allies have swiped at the end here -- Mohegan and I -- an Albany. I was script I was at I was a poll shows I was Albany now secondly can throw out. Hi tech and a -- -- for a -- series and our Chris thanks a lot out that you. On. -- privacy but this -- John -- to figure god he's done it on its exit. That's the great great great great great Gregory Chris -- what does -- Jones. I was the Adam -- -- up. -- -- I did it and some guy YouTube -- oppression of it's cheaper. Now. Like people Texas of people like. That that's -- -- That is the beauty have money every I was 38 differences. -- And princess -- -- seed and you guys worked. Out that you actually chose to each -- peaks and that's how. It's funny if he clearly didn't know earlier anything about the -- a Horry was all over the place but it was still entertainment spectacle. Good point about black reporter he's a bad spot. Well that's why -- went up right I got a that would initial question right it was asked the question though wasn't as Lackey and rent. Lackey -- -- asked about don't agree with all of bill after and so after a -- you start the other night I was not there. But I said this before that team with -- -- the pregame show I said I think lackeys to make groups. And the reason was the first time Lackey pitched against Baltimore. After the game -- hit a home run in Lackey made a reference. Kind of going down the same road you went down the other night. Witches. You know you have to remember what this guy do whatever. So it if this was already trending down this past. All I know is I got a good job -- you groceries and you're -- -- guys that point I've got jobs say at the end QB he executed post post. As -- -- had miracle for. Six what's the percent of seven night seven -- present. Tiger calls John -- running the Boston Olympic Committee wants -- -- at Boston is pushing forward to 2024. You'll join us ID forty. -- like people's swing up a couple thing.

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