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David Ortiz lashes out against MLB Network 7-8-14

Jul 8, 2014|

Kirk, Meter and Bradford discussed Ortiz's latest tirade.

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I will just do it again here -- duty tomorrow. Meter and then the next day when there last night was that the new low of 2014. Season emirates right would all agree to this point last night is a new low. Cheers. -- happy. If what you'll be happy you're sitting in his -- -- carrying the show. You talked with to look like a track. Just be happy is that it did the conversation happened it happened again last night really. I and I -- pray -- and then I looked up at angling across from me I looked up -- deuce point. And his Bradford that's in retreat. That's -- given what the ads. But he looks like -- XP and speak about what it looks like yet this incredible. Record record an album so -- -- confirm it tonight show. But this is right I mean this is still Lamar. Facing good -- Yet by yet because this guy was journeyman -- yet again career mildly irritating I've Pete Carroll. Really. I don't know your favorite -- -- jog your job I I would go John Kelly and it is those slides. John Carroll -- there orthodox on this ms. -- -- reflects topic with John Carroll Ricky Davis yes yes -- Carol. The 29. And then in the rangers' minor league terrible. Major League numbers herbal. In shuts down your Boston Red Sox again last night and now -- ten games out of first place. Games. Of the second -- spot in six games behind Bobby Valentine talks. -- what was your turn off moment this game that I've been playing ever turn -- moment what was. It was after the view CA dome on yet and I went straight to Tony for -- -- value of fully written off zero to do that regardless of the year ago I was thinking. It's not a word I was thinking of actually a DVR and -- -- sticky night cracks milieu desolate because I was trying to do some homework he's pro. I am law other show isn't the homework at 24. Is usually typically would that it's it's Jerry just kind of you know blowing a fervent than it does a lot by -- Jerry did Jerry is at the point I've said this to me -- you would agree that does for certain things that even if he didn't like 24. At this point you would you would never admit. Now about that doesn't but it's like you know one of the -- survivor came out yes it was not it was impossible for that was made for talent yet it was even if -- that he would say. You have walked out saying that was the greatest freaking movie ever made by the way when this show is -- full time the MMV show. That dream on three month will be our 24 you know I've bought the dream on. Full library that is like basically saying I'm a sex. We -- -- for the for the quote for the for the quirky caught he stuck to -- don't -- and I did not -- -- -- for this yes it did for the nudity happened -- if that deal because it brought me back to my note tonight. Hot zone at west than Ohio announced it. Yeah. -- -- magic try to tell in my somebody gets that -- This is what I use like you write this -- of this world for and now we could just you know. Three. And boom there's -- tied -- him daddy you're at a convention and he says why are you nervous -- -- -- going yeah right she was because there we gotta get that the Texas will -- we need -- -- a full the full. Roster to -- just 44 conquests might -- give mr. skins. My opinion might make -- just cannot hear at some point. What the next couple they will do good. It's we we need to get back. It back returned to the -- -- like blushing now I'm not out the operative Bob what you would excitement we don't want -- -- we had surgery might draft. Aria. That was that show was perfect I would used to take remedies here it's the answers -- my parents. In the next morning get up naturally watched as each is HBO -- 11 o'clock I think Friday night. Some nights it's over the weekend it was him who was for -- -- Lackey secretary. You know any deal that's not good not god. And I could not secretary can -- -- -- now back in 1980 did you Wear out the beta VCR on the -- -- -- and I -- -- -- there is some good -- that -- -- least there was worn out. Costly -- Our. That was my iPods. Are I knew exactly. The positive that's. Who is who's the Shannon Tweed shoes yet another one is -- very early yet the soft for. -- as part of the minute hand -- of -- that you definitely pretty Gene -- should always be like you know failed whatever -- lived next door was a pretty cool guy should know that well in the when -- that line. It's go time Abby was this. -- -- governor demographic. Statistics for the tree moderates -- thought tremendous show not tremendous though no local outlook a all. 2014 Boston Red Sox we did this yesterday meter for all before I hurt you. I have got them out about them publicly -- I can't talk about the opposite. -- what is left the site. -- Not just talk about -- I look at what. Rob the numbers are just discussed. You drove them off the top behead the effects and a colleague Gordon -- today you recasts ever read and that's that's how professional does the fact that it's the -- -- yes yes do you recap of the outfield home run numbers which I knew were bad but it and that there though they were historic two months ago. They've historically bad that is twelve total home runs from real it's unbelievable. So since June if it's unbelievable. Unbelievable how does that happen that you would run into one wants at all Jonny Gomes. Mean you know -- in I went in it wouldn't play your keys conversation but part of the -- -- conversation I had yesterday with them was would you recruit Nelson Cruz again. Because Nelson Cruz had talked about the other -- how much she appreciated. It Retief recruiting him. And he went on to say yes -- -- course of it's there is no power out there they did is we talked about this a lot yesterday by the hard thing to find in baseball is this. Power in the Red Sox are gonna do something at this trade deadline. The priority has to be defined to bat for next year find that the bill that power middle of the order -- For next. -- -- -- -- A 505 ERA in thirteen games six starts has been called triple. And 482 ER 63. Career minor league Red Sox this one runner beyond first -- to fly -- It's pathetic for its bizarre well it doesn't but that's offices -- good -- that should be this bad not. Nine -- -- anywhere should be able to do more giving up yet giving up at bats Pedroia looks awful and this isn't this isn't. It is again is not out of nowhere either almost always people saying well is they're gonna come back to make a run there was no -- I cannot remember team. That you had no signs over the course so it's true home of what three months. That they were gonna make a run you just can't say because they won the World Series last year they gonna make a run. Now they haven't scored runs all year long they haven't put together win streaks all year long it's up for. -- -- -- 12 went on three games in a row when you score five -- classics six and I games two years ago there patron of the -- seven operating anchor two years right there 45 and forty we all forget this is this team is not as good as of now. You for no team missed I think two games or 500 David deadline member of their top 55 over to validate and make a deal credited the doctors fuels and argenbright says that epic collapse this team is -- right no -- -- well it -- not a direct line of talent one right. If you say what you want about Adrian Gonzales and in Carl Crawford and other guys back. But talent wise -- they're much more talented that that team no question about it in mrs. Last year now shaping up reform years history of the wanna roasters fine but I mean it is. Clearly one of the great group yours and mr. sports that is two and you artists actors talk about the need for a blockbuster. Now love that you love that but I love the is this is Felix limit his time. Offer Felix Hernandez -- that's what -- let you go out all but -- what we said yesterday was back in 2900. Sites gave Seattle nine names it here pick five because Felix Hernandez was a guy. Who you said this guy is. As the perfect. Guy he's young he plays position which -- desperately need it now that position is -- the order back. Who do it for Stan. Well there's no way forest and I know how to do it anyway -- the area. Are all while on -- -- thanks I appreciate you being with me I'm with you with your -- -- -- it's like the lone survivor that are open. I'll talk with a scheme a style is like the mount Rushmore. Of 13 -- and -- metres metres metres I said this yes and much as saying this. False modest. Meter on the job they did not I'm not great. I thought -- -- -- wanna come back tomorrow I would happily like heat like Ortiz is tight enough to do. Abdicate his DH role the Austria it is very clear by now it was I mean he's you know he was happy to pass along the other guys take very -- -- take a step aside. I'm happy do the same for -- anytime you want you're your your what -- and a half. Every eighteen months just to give particular and it feels like twelve and number -- all it took about to switch every two months. I'm John -- Burrell that's the trend in the fifth is a step aside now I'll go MF BM. -- did a nice guy fourth was -- on urban dictionary -- question. Where they'll also be the third guy there I'll pick up in my what -- chemistry at the minute and -- gnarled. I think by -- -- sought to put all of those that weekend shows we did he -- you talk about cutting cutting -- nuts with that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a style -- -- and -- -- enough jails and let me interject here -- I think that's crap yet I don't believe that I -- like dale. I'm like -- like I say -- but -- obviously a volatile like you have been on the field more than I don't know that the show's -- -- for them to have a flash guy you can hop on and that's right so let's give rob Bradford and some credits aircraft for Bradford he stepped up. Yesterday this is huge. Those risks. -- you know expertise it's of course of music at the free flight in the free golf no seat but if you're frustrated her she's probably be all right so bright beginnings all over the place and Bernie is -- Bradford from Athens talks -- -- part of fox sports world you guys are pictures of me when my -- on an autograph from the other. You could walk us through that I got this. Oh well. I would you know I thought of being trusting to -- -- know what was going on yes -- let me set the it was a it was a cloudy day. Senator dole human and then in the lightning struck it -- with a lightning struck I thought it was time. And it. So I want to ask Ortiz about the offense. I'm fascinated by this whole -- what you gonna do when David Ortiz -- we talked about this yesterday I think it's totally banned under reported. David Ortiz leaves power you know replacements are just a little bit about that then I got into would you recruit Nelson Cruz again because Nelson Cruz said hey. I really appreciated. David -- recruiting me. That's analysts are if you answer this but the Lackey who will Lackey -- thing and Showalter got into it. And that's where he just kind of went off and it wasn't it wasn't really torrid Lackey crews -- -- sold -- -- crucial Walter was clearly talking about Ortiz. And and so when he he wasn't talk about that he'd just seen. MLB network and we we don't exactly know who was talking and MLB network or try to find that out. Right -- somebody suggest there he's got a free pass in the secretive that definitely whoever was with saying that he's got a -- made the absolutely true assertion Ortiz has gotten the biggest -- -- can debate in the history of man we can debate. Young who gets tougher coverage in the North Korean newspaper number. Around here but that's true I mean led by you and the rest of the group that's that's a different -- that later. We'll start. Start with -- our number one your authorities sausage. We diablo the whole thing is why my name get a dimension to that. You know sand like and want to do this. But the flip phone number will be big guys talking about it and -- remind them -- and one of the guys say that I get a free pass on that. You if you were his advisor to -- what's sexy talk a free pass. What free passes. As well -- -- and after the contest to a -- it's not enough -- that is what he saw what they said on MLB network so I'm assuming it was actively pretending like you know he's -- says you know -- I -- -- -- -- -- I don't know well Reuters that he -- -- all -- and it PW societies it was it was supposed to reduce the interview for an hour. For print right you know how that is units. To play you Dicey but as he's talking in my notices there's going on the radio. And so this is my face to view you ought to react -- -- interview with Somalia you know Jacqui we -- greater risk of getting in the conversation desolate but -- make you make him seem like -- have a carver conversation -- was. Yes but that's the -- not -- -- about the challenges not. Saying everything the united. Mean noon. In the abdomen and Knutson. And he represents the fifth that's at 600 square foot it's always been ahead of a Saturday morning what did you and several I. What let's -- -- well. I don't guys athletes and professionals never like the term must win but heading to Detroit for three what's the difference being 11 vs 02. Again. A who was attacked -- assault with apparel apparel -- -- to try to. Let's let's keep moving down -- teachers peers two. He was the lucky -- can toward the things I'm going back and forth to work there and infineon and in -- -- -- yeah black youths threw everything. Them when they're completing alone yeah well I don't want to say did remind them that. That's right and then one of the I want to say that I got a free press. The real exclusive is gone and nobody different. -- wanna make it's not afraid. Nobody important thing that I immediately. The reason why I got done but desperate that it's. Because. We're. The important thing that I mean we know the group. It's easy to do with the way the and I. Haven't shown them. They can man who knows that he is using dignity to. You don't how hard it was Nazi right for those last the last -- minute. Good use that you hear exit right yes right but then you I stop saying -- For for the -- of the show will not recognize what Donna turn outs keep moving on here. I posted -- -- but let me tell you. You don't in the Philadelphia with a guy like me. I'm gonna. So roughly -- bad -- and they want a little while whether they consider a day. -- bunker and I under. That's that's not reality it's remote you don't you don't you know work and I get a free pass to go home you don't get feedback and stick them -- don't -- -- No fluid in there now. And on -- yes it was a very broke out like how thoughts well you get to -- senator -- to a point where you like these these forget that you know hypocrite in front of his face. But he -- that's the beauty of Ortiz doesn't know -- clearly. Which -- to. I was the first -- free gas for free gas free -- let's say though I mean and that we can debate do you -- -- -- there Ortiz is by and large gotten. Pretty much soft treatments -- -- I mean it's. A lot of -- scathing indictment. We daily referendum all right all -- to open it here I don't know you know while this by. So you're talking about steroids right east argument steroids or steroid issue yeah so he was named on the list. And and every time anything like this comes up he's mentioned because he was named analysts right right. Well personally I got through that thus far nobody mentioned. What -- -- -- don't know why I I understand Showalter didn't say -- -- -- didn't say it right by the that's not the issue he's talked about we just had mentioned but note that but you know he's he's mad about something nobody you know whether. We can understand -- we we can admit that every time -- very -- it comes it comes up in so. All right yes that happened he was on the list act comes up. I mean that they are you arguing that that's not a free pass because. Really come back to what he said he goes on assay is you know he's passed the test and same thing when dolphin cruise and what why should John Lackey criticize. Nelson Cruz for hitting home runs he's passing the test he's not Boston this year. You know so I don't I his argument I don't think that he's getting a free pass because every time it's something like this comes up -- -- match. I hope I talk show host yeah I'm -- top of the guys that are air began as a whole every day. Pretty much -- given -- every time certain steroids comes up. David Ortiz names mentioned on this radius of the radio station but I've talked to I lower pain or -- What I don't know but what does it matter as it does he got there covering every day. -- -- like all worked up -- well and want -- Ortiz and asking him if he's on steroids. All the different than it did that's still -- and we just did what did the writers say all it did how you do dare you Sean did -- -- but nobody's nobody followed up while but -- -- -- why -- a guy. Is anybody take a look at try to figure out what happened twice that gets me. I already I guess average asking Ortiz and he dug in and found that. What was that what what passed Ortiz that was them finding it's -- it's obviously he's on it's that -- but. -- but you wanted us to ask the question you want you -- -- win would be cool on the writer's. Actually asked the question I'd just told you I asked him the question asking Ortiz -- wouldn't you or -- addressed after what he tested positive for rightly say. He said he had no idea pocket which is what addressed while our David you told us a couple years. You go to for that it might might court and the problem I have -- -- stories. I ever had and got back to 2003. Honeywell. I'd ever had it or should be -- you're sitting right there. Yes exactly is in very young that it's a benefit but I never ever. Great years -- -- I never found out you'd Arafat out you never find out about. Who what where why how yes. Last thought what answer from well once it's. Well who tested you why nobody will we know -- -- and -- are fine. Nicholas -- -- I know right now and he's at what might have something when I don't I don't we have a backdrop to brought Ortiz knocked might. Stupid that you believe that's what he's doing. I have no idea what he's doing. -- -- -- It doesn't you're at reading paper I have no idea no particular court here which -- the reason aside I don't know what you are Ortiz is doing it 2000 I don't. What he task for it would I have no idea I'll say a million times I accused of steroids there's a million different things that you -- -- something that he tested positive stories there that yet he took something that he tested positive I don't know what it was due respect I don't that. -- dead -- tested positive for something. That he eat that he tested before I don't know why and I understand do you think used steroids I think that there. I don't know to a steroids. I don't know assert cart did a million different pocket and I answer is yes. Yes I thought he was doing steroids hers right. A I think you're saying to restore. All we no Prius hybrid -- and I would not. I think that you just don't steroids I would probably 200 of the -- that's fine. -- buy you Wii's target must steroids retired HDH for talking about all these other things he did test positive for that's right that's my point. Is that I don't know what he tested for I don't know why he was doing. Right so now Obama now we go now we go to this conversation in the last few years what he says. You know I having get a free pass I agree -- that. Because. Every time bit. Anything steroid related is brought up because of that test not because he tested positive and any these tests he's referencing the last few years. Every time steroids comes up. He's being mentioned. I it's I think it's been an endless. Circle of enablers whether it's Francona Farrell Henry. You know apps in the media ever ever ever ever ever ads capture the grade I the -- that he's been he's been a great hitter. Obvious lovable is how I got Baghdad at my watch these guys in February guys -- 60000 dollars a year. Complete -- how much John -- -- six million dollars. A year from now it's a DH that way but Kurt is it's -- holes that's a whole another conversation the whole life and signed waiver deal what what they've done without David Ortiz right now. You're a good point -- if they had they had signed in February this year. -- would have retired -- not -- it's fifteen range or what what what they have done dropped. Under contract right so bent -- he doesn't sign this year he goes to free agency how much it -- why you think he -- that's -- -- do that might crop of course they are thought okay there's still let's go because you're wrong. Although I -- they would decide over there would have been teams interested but it's that would site if you don't know that team could come 120 million dollars a year all of our you've told us a good job gets us out. The short of that idiot if you give me now are so anyway so we don't know -- -- I don't know does not know you you're all your good. Are your duties yelling I'm not yours but all you're doing it out is that I I want you I want I want you listen for second he didn't -- and almost that aren't -- the Q and ultimately these are cumulative -- that Q do you listen to us at our data are locked in -- to -- Right when you talk about free pass this is what we're talking about. The free pass it neighbor -- he's right. He has not gotten a free pass because you can talk about oval writers haven't dug in on this or or this try to hasn't said anything that right currency Francona and Theo whatever. But the reality is that one way or the other every time this has brought up. Right or wrong his name is brought up it was this time and usually it okay you can get a week do you think that's right or wrong to bring his name is it part. Yes it's it perfectly fine you know why because. Ever since the steroids stuff happen. Everyone has life -- of the doubt especially if you're an a list right okay. Yeah but to say that he obviously it's our -- and justice decides to stay up to to stick to say that he putts you have to get a free pass those work or. -- knowing that you're that now. -- you are the clear -- every. So to see your -- Whitney. No I don't think he's I think he's got free I free pass at you right or wrong every time something like this comes up fourteen out of jail almost a callers always all right. So I mean why you're that you're gonna separated from writers to. -- got on the beat to deal tougher Republicans like to. -- and that's fine okay but by in this case MLB network goes on that's what he's complaining about the talk shows talked about it I mean you can't. This clarify what you're talking about a pretty clear -- gap but not out there have been more I got to be honest you're probably going to be trending stocks and your and your clarity on -- -- got the last ten minutes of improvements -- what -- -- -- of our readers are. That doesn't exist anymore maybe one person and then -- -- authority on this in the on the Major League Baseball beat around baseball covering teams in a daily basis. That would go after Ortiz if he was on their team or views on the team their recovery does that person eggs and talked about yesterday and. I mean the fact I think it it is affected you guys like Ortiz personal. Well we yeah we did talk about he says in anytime that you have you like you Geiger around the guy. You still try to put that aside if something happens and we made that we made the example of he does a three or four stupid things a year right. But I have no problem saying that was a stupid thing that was going to the Francona and and bitching about it RBIs a stupid thing. Right you like to think that you're able to do that and and I think that we have. But what you're guys are talking about is this investigative piece but diving to find out David Ortiz on steroids and have we done that no haven't. Surprised that nobody is dumb I am not saying you would suggest I'm surprised nobody is gone and started digging whether it's -- the globe and herald posters there's so he spent time. Ortiz said you know listen I want answers I want this that obviously he doesn't work the last and Ortiz wants the truth to come out a testament times this year it does the date that we have back up. But a final. I posted noble and -- let me tell you. You don't in Philadelphia with a guy like me. I'm -- yeah. So roughly that boat that they wanted to -- about whether they consider a day. Favorite concert. Under. That's that's not reality and we remain you don't you don't you know work and I get a free pass to go home you don't get feedback and ask them -- don't play doubles they probably don't blame it. That's the reason why do you OK. Time. And we had another great match. Is that -- yeah. There's a reason why I mean that's the most important time it seems that they approved the days. The policy for the obamas who better prepare us. So they can get that we've residential okay. I don't I don't dislike -- yeah. I effect after a I did was -- value method. Was that the that the Italian method of gatherings around but -- he sees in his only got to give government in humans though he says that for us. The other is if you don't know it's not for I was I was saying anything I was for the audio -- -- -- a great job on your dream for him because it kind of a good topic I gather. That there are you -- traffic that our rights and -- well -- -- I was I was the line of the forgot about -- -- -- -- I that I -- up with a lot repertory I will. 61777. Diet seven that is that is the that would say tell you call it -- line it's going to be -- more it's going to be given that given a list of the callers like that -- David Mike. Like coupled like you up with a draft pick it up podium about the company if a deal with them but. A bit and Bradford and -- here on nail. Who feels like Friday that doesn't it certainly do every day for you like for a -- Dario releases -- golf yesterday. But it is tough meter Bradford and then for the NC your calls we get. -- just like that.

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