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David Ortiz does not like people claiming he's gotten a "free pass"

Jul 7, 2014|

David Ortiz had some very choice comments for analysts who have been saying he's gotten a free pass, a topic that has come up in the aftermath of the John Lackey/Nelson Cruz comments.

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Pick me up for the whole thing is what my name going to be mentioned that. You know it and liked him. While there to do it it's. Official number will be the guys talking about it and they -- remind them out. I think one of the guys say that I got a free pass on that and anytime -- Showalter from a none and I don't know yet well he was the lucky in the future award as things have gone back and forth until -- there and didn't finish in the moment -- yeah. Like he was threw everything. Them when they're competing alone. Yeah well I don't want to say did remind them that right and then one of the I want to say that I got a free press. I think we run -- we've seen his gun and nobody different. You wanna make it's not afraid. Week nobody can one thing that I immediately. The reason why I got done but desperate that it's. Because. We're. The important thing and I mean we know who. It's easy to Goodell -- And I. Haven't shown them. This team who knows that he is using dignity to. It's posted -- -- let me tell you he's owned in Philadelphia with a guy like -- it's not a good. So roughly that -- That they wanted to talk about whether it's -- -- day's rest. Favorite bunker there. Under. That does not reality it's -- you don't you don't you know work and I get a free pass to go home. You don't get feedback and stick them -- don't -- -- Yeah -- but we don't play it. That's the reason why -- -- okay. Time and we had another great match. He's got a -- -- and there's a reason why I mean the -- forty time it seems that they improvement and days. The policy. That don't bother us who's better prepare us. So it. Picking it up we've got emotional day for us. I don't underdog just like that that.

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