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Lebron James... going home IS easy?

Jul 7, 2014|

We discuss the future of Lebron, and therefore the ENTIRE economy of the state of Ohio.

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Are at 3 o'clock hour of the -- holly showed dale is on vacation. Intraday we got to ex president today Greg Dickerson. And Steve lines. We lost a sponsor such as to his response -- your member of the university is sponsoring and suffered suffered suffered university indeed. You know that Suffolk University bear passion is a requirement. And not an elective. Like -- play -- -- that little tag line. It's pretty good didn't go first elected ever -- into a threat atlas and photographers that -- ever Emerson Emerson Emerson up. Ordinary yeah sixty you know its use iron just. Schools -- you know I think a little more of a legal aborted you that it's indicated it is now right like within within. -- Immediate Boston area. I mean there -- some obvious ones like that -- to -- you know one -- -- her one on necessarily and automatically get into a drug problem did you go to Bunker Hill oh sure sure. Couldn't couldn't couldn't hack it -- I mentioned this last journalism program. Good journalism program ever journalist are generally not that mark. Didn't know that he's dealing with Houston dinner at the press all those -- didn't figure that out. Man Richard cut above a little redundant -- a cut above you -- -- wouldn't couldn't do the tough colossus. I'll pick a mass communications plus your world I don't know easy way out what are those glasses but I mentioned last dollar that we could be. Looking at a story of forgiveness. Almost. -- years to the day of the decision I think the decision was July 8. 2010. That's right now than 2011 -- -- doubt -- judge looked it up the other I don't remember a look at up the other approach. Starting with July -- today to -- so LeBron James makes a quick decision. To go back to Cleveland can you imagine but I thought there was no chance on about you guys that thought. That that ship that -- there's no way. He's got to go back to the cavaliers now there's stories out that of the cavaliers are confident that he's listening that's progress he's listening to their pitch. His agent is based in Cleveland. We know LeBron James to a group up thirty miles from Cleveland. Summers in Cleveland Akron so. The cavaliers with carrier ring and Andrew Wiggins and a pretty good stable first round picks their own and other teams over the next few years. Feel like they've got what it takes to lure. LeBron James back but it just may know what my -- you -- I'd job mentally bond by that I was spotted about a year and a half about having a conversation with the an unnamed NBA exacted -- I was one of those who believe has no chance that rate was just. Or arched. Four years ago it's that now. You watch -- -- -- -- tactically I think he's going back to -- in the -- kind of knows what he's talked about it -- just that didn't know anything at the time which is kind of a gut feeling in his own deal so with him. Why why does he said I personally guarantee that we will win a championship before LeBron James in the Big Three win one down man. Well that that those words were taken off the left and right are those words were falsified after about two years. Or second year in okay wrong -- year and deathly wrong back to back. This year with -- -- the -- was still think that's only that but if you bring up a great point here. That's the one thing about LeBron might ligament. Capital. Talk about sports talk about politics you talk about music. People argue people are very passionate about these things these topics in particular so sometimes you state things the people you love people you care about. But you don't necessarily. Apply -- the hand. Don't -- for -- here -- -- that's the point. He's passionate about it saying he's putting out this this it was it's greed of but it was it was just like a race. Why -- habit on the web site for forty -- And abuse and you go to LeBron and you say you know on. I just really emotional while I was really disappointed. That you left the people of Cleveland deserve a winner. Perhaps a -- a winner in the end there in the in the city's fifth 1960 horror. I 64 is their last major chance to record of heartbreak -- -- crazy. But if you leave it on the it to say it -- on the web sites like you try to what. Don't likable actors don't look back go back to what you said before in my body that. You just list that'll litany of reasons why what I. Here's a guy that obviously this is not some guy who grew up in the cavaliers organization who's from west -- here from Los Angeles or Seattle wherever. That's where he grew up and he obviously loves it there how guys do you guys know what pitcher Steve you played with Michael which you've covered. Who play from there -- -- or or guys who play in Kansas City. But they still spend their time and Dallas or Houston where he -- Direct -- she -- the -- in Miami. -- belong or I can say you are not out of some relief. And cal and Ohio. All that's Michael I don't know. It's there and it's a good point I -- think about you know Paul Pierce is from LA. And he lived in Vegas and LYEST. Stay here Wally was statement some lunch and I a semi glamorous player like LA. Miami and he would he go to -- on -- it's hard to summary camp to I don't I don't go to the prevalent when there are a lot of their a lot of places for a professional a week ago. In what he does is go back there but I know if it they have enough to. Lure him from. From mine and they got got got -- and hopefully ran him into the finals before there -- -- -- -- -- rush got more doubt that they do I mean who does he is -- go back to Miami. Breeze comes in second place again. I mean they didn't have enough this year again have enough next year a year older Dwyane Wade did not puffy and hot on the click on the court there blocked by us as they say. Give this some weight around for a while I go to Houston for a hundred million you know who who's -- Let's let's Davis who's a better running mate right now for LeBron James let's set Dwyane Wade it's not because. I'm not sure of Dwyane Wade is ever going to be Dwyane Wade again no -- Arnold a total of thirty now no would you rather have Chris Bosh. On one side or I'll make a big eight which -- -- -- running mate in Chris Bosh. And an old beat up Dwyane Wade or would you rather have the talent and the ability of Andrew Wiggins. And the all forty superstar. In -- retiring. -- not opt out or serving in -- So -- Irving Wiggins then you've got what the Celtics have right now draft capital. So imagine. You know the Celtics you -- -- draft capital and LeBron James. So it's not like sorry -- dynasty right it's like LeBron goes there. Then they've got nothing else going forward to replenish the roster. They've got -- REIT they don't -- -- got a young guy who can watch him but I'm wigand's you can watch LeBron James and stuff after LeBron we've got -- earning. All star game in BP just signed a five year contract extension. -- with the cavaliers they got LeBron James also have the ability LeBron goes there and have the ability to. Recruit almost any mid level freeagent almost any available free agent who gets a call from -- -- gonna say. I'm gone by that I think ever got away a few years ago when LeBron was it was just like everything they were able to recruit a Antawn Jamison of the world to go quickly and a victory bacon -- they could have made a dynasty any reading those when they got together weighed in and and Boston and and the -- Depict any team that this is what this is the team we're gonna make -- diocese says to go down they -- -- all gone to Cleveland then they want to. And they're like Cleveland Miami. Let's go to South -- but here's here's my problem with this whole thing -- and I wouldn't mind seeing it happen and I know I'm an oddity in this town is like LeBron because I figured. Anybody in their right mind as a basketball fan does not like what he does on the court. You're an idiot you're not a lot of in this -- by autocratic what you're absolutely crazy if for some reason you don't like this -- of that as a ball player. But if he goes back to Cleveland to me. It smacks of appeal -- It's it's it's trying to right the ship -- do you. Shun these people for years ago if you thought well I went right I went to the finals all by myself there may be their Tryon but they're not put anything around me. On the ago I got to look at some -- in my -- -- hang around South Beach for a little while -- -- the -- -- know from the habit. It's a getaway for a while now come back all those people were burning your jerseys the owners of the team. The school board. The entire community everybody hated him because he moved if he just signed the contract is make it all. Think the guys even know about Obama monthlong PR moves I -- about a six month PR move. But for years trying to get 345 year contract he -- -- badly eagle dropped on its territory years you'd do you sign a three year deal. You'd go from Miami to Cleveland simply because the PR. You already. Aren't you did points champion from -- -- -- -- he's now and everything but you're just trying to make it to me it would be like oh I'm trying to make things better again. What's easier what. What's easier for LeBron James to be the easiest thing for him to do. Is to simply just go back to Miami and you talk about PR moves trying to stay in the PR move goal back to a to Cleveland. And it can't just say the PR move to just stay and in Miami because apple what Pat Riley had to say a couple of weeks ago about finishing finishing things out don't run for the doled out of them and I -- I was a lecture on there all of that out of the factory for -- birdies -- -- -- -- words do lately yes my PR standpoint to me it would make sense for LeBron to say okay. I'm not gonna open leave another place a mock it believe them down on the drugs ominously here. But to -- brought both the Cleveland because LeBron -- Anything outside -- -- now actually he went to beat I think. We unloaded I think he won it that. I think he wanted that desperately first year in Miami -- it was taken aback by. That the blow back. That he got from the decision and not just from the people of Cleveland. Fans across -- it was a and he became a national villain. To the point where some really Smart basketball people are you -- -- Levine ought to count task force her lip which would mean after the decision. As -- and still the best for him in the NBA living with a lot Kevin Durant at that point now. Haven't people wanted to -- to be better because they hate LeBron so much. Of former to rent never ever nor -- it becomes -- if -- better than LeBron. And they were former NBA stars Michael Jordan Charles Barkley who had a lot to say about LeBron leaving Cleveland for Miami. He had everybody was against him but I think once he went through that and then he was able to win. I think they need to be. By strangers. Diminished a bit not absolutely strangers I think you need to be load at home he's already got it he darted wanna -- -- that's that's the battle -- -- won that battle. They're considering him. And the fact that the people of Cleveland are saying screwed up and -- -- -- real quickly if you sell them back you guys get any -- you know them again. You'll lose that -- pretty quickly. That the Eagles back. If he goes back there I say he he he should be thinking about having to finish his career. Many years ago polls he now thirty. Yeah Eagles -- the Cleveland. He's got to spend as -- seven years there eight years right I mean like you said he can't go back their opt out after three again. I I think if you if you go there. And you lose three straight years or three if you don't succeed. I think you can say I -- get away with it if -- LeBron James LeBron James by -- I tried. I came back I gave it my all given another chance. Evidence that can work out that up went to Cleveland organization as we just talked about the talent they have now and the draft picks they'll have that no -- remember that. Now they get to be a really good did their draft picks are going to be as good anymore either. What not theirs but they have other things about it expects I don't wanna Miami's. I'm not irony of artists are you so what you're gonna it's gonna get better and after three years if they have one. Which I mean they're an immediate contender right since he goes there. And if as you said it's as he goes there you know attract another mid level free agent this she'll complain with them. Not -- -- would be that someone it's easy to say I'll go there now. It's cattle -- to put arena Mike finger and I have to -- guys just have to be one of the guys on the team that fills in you know make sure that. We don't -- They'll keep trying to get better so they don't win the first couple seasons. The organization -- -- don't leave the Broncos were gonna put an -- this -- now we have this topic and we're gonna keep getting better and we're gonna make you champion in his -- Eagles back to win the championship in Cleveland where they will. They don't ask her win any thing. Off the -- out I would think if LeBron goes to Houston. And teams up with the white Howard James Harden people was that bad for the NB. If LeBron James went to -- went to Los Angeles with Kobe and Carmel. I think people would say that's bad for the NBA hope and at the bronze to Cleveland. Think that was bad for the -- your fans would like Colby Carmelo. Carmelo is is is being considered I mean that's one of the basketball's on the court for Coca Carmel Oliver Carmelo got about a pierce Allen and sort that. You know like George ran -- could be like a -- the driver got a shot a maximize that a rebound it it kicked it back out after a young Jolie has Reynolds got to do is an airplane -- rebound opportunities because. All additional mega ball all over all this shot to be -- the junk okay well you know all the children out there right back. Think it's bad for the -- care if all of the superstars Tina. -- this year what we saw from the San Antonio Spurs. Is that if you have the right team. If you have a great team. You can probably deal with the all the because the -- capital the salary cap is the only thing that keeps. All of the stars had to go from golf from one team as you can affordable items I don't think it. -- when LeBron got the Cleveland excuse me to Miami what did he say not one not two not three 5567. They're gone. The the thought was. Man this is totally unfair. They got this team together and it is gonna -- wipe out the rest of the NBA how can my team compete. When you got LeBron. And -- -- Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh what happened first year they lost to a great team I think. And the Dallas Mavericks they did the mavericks talent was not better than Miami. But they were better team. Then they wander back to back and they lost to one of the best team that's in the last ten years. Last month in the spurs. Showed that the point is that you can. Recruit your guys you can play general manager and -- of it within eleven with an -- with him. But you gotta Smart general manager and good coach he got the talent you can beat even the best player in the league. In his hand picked what doesn't necessarily guarantee a championship I think. Fans in general or NBA fans in general. Superstar teams. They beloved Celtics and lakers in the eighties -- love Jordan in the ninety's. They love the Robinson Duncan in the in the early 2000 and I think it'll put together today it wasn't feeling that those teams were -- and organically I understand what I'm saying. Even if even if LeBron goes to LA were the Big Three stays in Miami it's good for the league because it eight. It creates. It creates that team that everybody hates it creates that but good guy against the bad guy. To me that could be nothing worse in the NBA -- all the superstars one year and one man one over here over there and a -- of mediocrity but -- -- couldn't -- in the India. But this but that's the thing is that the salary cap I believe in and the way it's structured really keeps you from. If like me developing a complete super team because my thought when those three went down to Miami it was like OK these these guys are outstanding but we get put around. Who can you afford to put around and that's what's Miami's problem is right now if they didn't have a salary cap issue or a money issue. Those three guys that have been beside boom back to Miami and it would -- it can't advocate put that put a team together. -- round these guys if LeBron takes the Macs which he wants which he deserves which he should get. And in the liked the way it was put together because that's not the way the system is supposed to run -- all the sudden the he had the inmates run on the as silently as NBA system in place yet but I want to get a draft to the whistles going. At a corner that's hypocritical now because it yet and people now -- -- other teams are doing. The bulls at the polls get Carmelo at an amnesty. Carlos Boozer -- to make this happen that the rocket to say -- Chris botched response year old will a move. -- -- -- And we can move Jeremy van and we can make things happen all Sutton teams are looking at these loopholes that we're gonna gotten under contract and we do that we have that. Make things can happen -- humans like an old episode of curb you enthusiasm and when -- Doctor Dimitri and things happening these -- between doctor things happened. Yes are we have a fit for their right here are not a problem things can happen. Dexter says that the spurs hit their free throws in the Celtics don't choke gained six the way the heat have zero -- I know the name of the game all day long by. -- that that is the it just it appears to edit the narrow things happen. If it happening now it's just the winning championships I think any blow away 80 my god best team I've ever seen champion. No they -- I went back to back championships are great team -- 27 game winning streak last year. They've got. All time great player LeBron James in terms of going to the finals and just blowing people away ignoring. And a great team who played a -- conference. But they still one day they were still a great team this year but baited and played a great competent and look like a great team against San Antonio about it well Roger and actually questioned as has got for the NBA LeBron going back to Cleveland you guys Bible talk about it next. I love -- He knows that he goes -- we feel about him but he's a winner you know he's he's a guy that's. You know that takes it a lot differently in and yeah it manifests itself in different ways and so you you really need to give him time to. To just sort of get away. That's Pat Riley talking about LeBron James that is. Press conference. Where Riley says -- No way. It's hard to win a championship lobbyists out. On the run. Lakers we're good we're good. I was -- great that both have a great team a -- the only 13. Lost a lot. He changed around at the bit with that with the bull. -- I mean you know Michael Scottie and Horace grant went 610 or group it would six where's grant left. Replaced -- Dennis Rodman. -- -- X 3 PM at lost whatever was nine but. Ottawa winning championships in -- Jordan's first two or three years that that -- -- -- the first seven and of Jordan burglary it was great it was great for that -- history lesson and right now we're talking about LeBron James LeBron James. According to sources all of this in a developing story out developing story LeBron James is listening. Actor story that's not a thing that's another case of seller's agent ambulance and or something you're you're you're wives -- girlfriends are you listening. You're listening Adams and begin yes -- it doesn't read part of there actually and easy for a Klondike bar. But LeBron James is listening to the Cleveland Cavaliers he may return back I get the feeling that. All this stuff you know -- might go to Houston LeBron might go to. Cleveland Melo might go to Chicago Melo might go to LA that's -- haven't and it's got a feeling that after all the music. Is over the song ends and Melo is back in new York and LeBron is back in Miami and so is bosh and so Dwyane Wade and. But -- -- carry on and that that you know I know obviously mellow and and the brought the two biggest dominoes but to me. The blushed nominal normal seems to be the most intriguing one because. Miami -- wanna give him awful Max contract in the resort blow also much talk about him taking less money come back. But if you think he's willing to -- things that they are few -- willing to give him. Almost 25 million dollars a year for years that 96 million dollars and they've already got and and they say Chris come on over here. Have to be our number one guy. It ought to be our our ports I never got elected number one guy. -- I got a Chris got a shot to turn on 617 -- of 97937. HTT -- 537937. Speaking of that argument that calls Texas this sour grapes. Your myopic delusions or just a product of jealousy Ian Kennedy. You bitch and whine about free agents and superstar teams knowing the Celtics can never dive into the pool starts now the mom I know while I was here the first part -- -- agreement. Sour grapes you're myopic illusions in the product of jealousy and -- absolutely I mean jealous person I am envious person I mean horrible human being perhaps open to the it's just. Just -- -- -- -- I don't backwards because. But that's what you've got the right idea the thought the corn growers in Connecticut was a query. Its production in general and the great. And I think LeBron I think. Crable is that's I think they have a young team carrier ring in my opinion as a negative feeling. I think we Aiken. Out of Bryant and they've weakened under its wing in. You know we are awakened -- and he went -- an -- and at that Jeff Green element to matter remember that with the game against. They're pretty kind of -- -- is bad is bad night at six points a game. Yeah yeah I think four or more from the talent so I mean he can -- over their killer instinct. In -- that they mean they have some young -- is greater -- you know and now Irving don't get along -- I mean at some pieces of the trade for another guy and like you guys are mentioning they can get another kind of mid level exception. And that's partly the superstars teaming up. Are you guys mentioned I think it's better organically but I mean it's got a lot of play together. I mean look at it like the eagle actually very extremely properly get your victory -- the birds. -- over a lot better the. -- -- I could record agree with you Mormon that would they played. Some of the best basketball I was thinking. I was gonna say ten years Brett -- I'm gonna go back further than that. And I think this ultimately the 2008 Celtics play good basketball beat the spurs team was better I -- team was better than the spurs team that won in in 2003. I dispersed it was better than the pistons a 12004. I mean do you think about it. Sure that I'm coming and a great talent would you compare to the awaits Celtics better up. It's great credit they were I think they were better but they should have been better with the amount of time they spent together the other Celtics were still. Although relatively oven -- and I really great like a great team. -- I I -- -- instinctively all this the best the spurs the best he maps in the last ten years but the committee go back further than that. I mean even don't you think about Duncan's first team that the first well his first championship team. With with David Robinson this team is much better than that -- -- maybe go back -- the -- teams they won three straight titles. What I think the brand of basketball they played it was it was its ball movement it was everybody involved. I felt like. There was no offense of weakness anywhere on the floor in terms of passing the guy passing the -- -- a -- big man and not. Waiting for him -- fumble -- away the big -- past well the guys who were spotting up to shoot they all can shoot well I mean there wasn't really a weakness. On the floor for the San Antonio Spurs it was amazing. But and you know arguments and how well they've played together -- long idea which is. Which is a great asset to have the opportunity deal to play together but. You've archer better have the talent to go along with that as a bunch of guys that play well together that are talent enough to win. I can help either let's talk to Mike if Connecticut Mike was -- man. There were upheld gone on -- like. They looked at a few -- I wanna make a -- that clown. -- straight up if that guides are still runs again because she feels like -- you know asking not to be good not despite effect yet. You look -- the want to start anyway. If he continued that I think you're in that set a bad precedent for. For the future the NBA you're gonna see guys coming out of college. Market who's going to be in the lottery you can say well I don't want -- -- on this team. So you know maybe they'll say while not gonna play here you know go all out or something like that you know may -- -- now you're at the -- go play -- -- something ridiculous order. They're gonna say well I'm gonna get stuck in Sacramento for three years on this gonna go out there and block and get mine and and and three years and don't even go not where it's you know my best buddy over Iraq ticket that's a ridiculous precedent it. If you got too afraid. Failure in working hard to turning it you know trying to overcome an obstacle like like. So John John John Elway it was a it was a -- fraud because. You'd wanna go wac play in Indianapolis let's get it though once well what what but what he did -- program. They said out of school in instead of going to the Baltimore colts. Probably for the -- Or get there. And then it's all right we're not we're not gonna take the chance we're treated amber and stay in Denver. I don't think I don't think people hold that against you at the very beginning of your career of LeBron James and I don't wanna play in Cleveland hated here and not appear but. I don't wanna play for the cavaliers and go somewhere else is droplets cavaliers traded strap right to Miami. Then he wins the championship -- Miami people don't hold it against him I know it's totally backwards and wrong but. Played seven years in Cleveland and they believe. What what's being held against him is leaving. Leaving tomorrow after he played his -- the last caller calls -- com. Why you calm because he decided to. Lead the first team that he -- quality I think -- public of the caller thinks he's running away he's he's picking his team to same argument. The same criticism that was located Phil Jackson is Joseph Jackson is picking his team to -- you superstars goals from Michael and Scottie and Horace. To Shaq and -- he's picking a superstar and you can't tell me that even in the eighties the seventies before all. This has gone the guys if they have the opportunity back in the day what do dumbest thing that's the problem out to me once things don't want things that create a cease fire if your if your player. And you get to the point where your freeagent and you want the opportunity to pick and choose the team that you wanna play for because you've been under control your entire career. Before that. That is that's granted to the best players in the game that I have longevity. And get to that point. The opt out contracts now that are being given by the organization he -- -- place blame. Placed it on the organization's forgiving opt out after three years to get the let's do -- don't get out option if you sale assign you to a five year deal your butts gonna be -- in my control on my team on the team that you're choosing. But that's by what they're so desperate to get those guys are dropped to give a massive bag given that looked Carrick nor did they bring them is that what you're -- -- around complain when a guy leads on news that. Desert you know it's it's the organization in the NBA itself is setting themselves up. For that type of failure if you wanna call it that he can't he can't set up the system for a guy and then complain when he uses -- Dave what's up. And had a regular guy but my feeling is it LeBron got the best football while the world look at right in the face. He can go back to Cleveland they can order that better than people think. And -- can be any European bring their championship of that city -- are forever eco summit at dedicate himself because I'm just here to win a championship from my hometown. I think he thought he'd have a bet the whole world everybody loves them. A 100% dating go back to Miami and -- in. 234 more. Well what would be better for his legacy -- -- to go back to his hometown. Where -- the conquering hero when a title that's still hasn't had a what do title for a city. That hasn't had a title over fifty they are still -- they're starving. They are starving and certainly one I was trying to make earlier is I mean. That's sort of feel accuse -- -- it is legacy sort of built overtime artistic legacy happens more you don't predict what it's going to be a candidate putting -- out a particular network has created -- I'm let's let these are legacy bought and paid for that tell you what my legacy is gonna be right now. Legacies are managed. They've got their own staff. They've got their own slogans. They've got their own housing and this is just the way it goes up by the way. You guys ever been done yet been named Jack for a government that -- Mentioned in the Boston Globe for example. Boston. Had the -- aren't so. It's a big deal to get your name mentioned in the Boston Globe that almost half bill if it still don't welcome that almost happened stone is almost not -- Almost -- -- for rob Bradford today he was named Jack. And if there is there such thing as a very old named Jack we'll explain next.

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