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Dale and Holley's Four at Four : Stay or Go Edition - 07-07-14

Jul 7, 2014|

We become the GM of the Sox and decide the future of this struggling ball club.

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And colleagues. The -- -- ocean blue dog. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- straight she obviously. We're going to be fantasy GMs here today. And fix the Red Sox but you know the best -- that -- ago. Ozone. Is when it goes back is this past that part. Just a day ago just days ago just don't. That's the crazy part of the best mark. Running and running out of the use that as -- open. The show. Over my history here and I. It is ultimately it's got to go that's why -- that that would that sort of now over you don't want to remind people that I am. Market came out and well idea. -- so for reported today. Is stay or go we're gonna fix the Red Sox are -- going. And who we're gonna start with. Younger. Like -- said you're each gonna be playing the role of the Boston Red Sox general manager Cameron -- start. -- John Lackey should he stay. Or should he go -- Buyers. Three I think that that's always there it down those brave. Lucky that the air the -- leave it there and did you recently Red Sox. -- -- -- -- If the kid up and our detailed knowledge about a fifth. Or Jennifer Aniston doesn't evolve Maria -- bottles it's not a great fan. I was I was just I was listening to you -- that we talked about her fantasies and then. I'm sitting over here thinking about you telling everybody that was and it's not that's what you go first. And a half minutes and I'm thinking to myself. Pretty -- I -- and I have an older -- There's another order Kerry Washington Durham who cares what you'll marine aquarium I don't know I'm gonna tell this about -- like -- -- -- -- job like this general manager of the Red Sox. Problem blame the old guy to blame for the previous Boston's previous administration and John. That what John -- I told field not to put that language in your contract. That 500000 dollars that's insulting. I'm gonna help you out John. Truly Ers sixteen million dollars on the TVQ when sixteen. As we appreciate you. We love you if 500 grand what you fight for 500 grant -- Steve Lyons makes more of 500 -- Cubans are more than that I would do. Even -- better Michael what I would say the job first bought what trophy a lot of applause if you never know stuff like that goes back to -- -- I would just say that John John. I would love my dog to search for 500000 dollars of Red Sox uniform -- -- what. I'll give it two years. Funny -- tornado -- aside we -- love you we want you to stay for the next two years and be one of the anchors of -- starting rotation -- -- a year -- year. Which would be. Well a lot more -- a lot more than 500000 dollars but below market. Yes -- people. Still mourned by a hundred grand -- -- what are what are you aren't -- I K I just so it's an odd situation it's a tough -- it's a tough one to figure out. You're the general manager what to it -- hypocrite it's not about to get fired -- I'm asking -- questions certainly -- my baseball gonna end up being on treatment what are you don't know about. Two point six. 226. -- jitters do you. I like it. At -- Yes we are Michael and now we come to Zander Bogart's the shortstop third -- we don't know what he is right now should he go to the miners. Should he stay with the bigs. Hoosier players -- three to swing and a high fly ball left center field as a drill -- with a 3789 mark Oppenheim off the wall came down the warning track. Corvette sitting in second base there with a standup double. He hit them all the time high up off the monster. And he had been able to nudge that just a bit more to the right dead ball was gone. Texas -- my fantasy is to make 500000 dollars. Another Texas -- a little worried that that's your client didn't deny that 500000 dollars job where he was going on there. I think what -- that's what it was edible. Vendor bowl guards must -- Your last day he must play every play shortstop. Vendor Bogart's. Not only -- you're liable to be a future MVP of this league. Not only will -- -- your future World Series MVP. Will be the most famous person from a rural western us. Erik. Prince. Andruw Jones. -- -- -- -- Emily Bolton should play model James Bond movie you know -- did you notice how I look at my record my record. And Jim Jones returned to Jim Jones. A lot of guys I don't know how I got I think I have a -- for -- to -- there's -- -- -- -- -- -- trashy reality shows -- -- -- But -- -- things. To me ideally you'd asked me but I'll tell you anyway I do the same thing with -- Drupal right but I do with about Jackie Bradley junior pupils today. You play every day and you play your position which is short. You guys or bad idea what you say GM IBM (WSJ) alliance I -- that's Bogart's probably has to go back down and he has to go back to Tripoli he's been abysmal. Well offensively and defensively and I I'm not of those guys that's. Oh you know you might mess that his confidence if I'm messed with the confidence that want him back. If your -- I can mess of your confidence then take it home. But he's been unproductive. And bad combo that's and on top hopefully it's I've gone on record saying this to this point one years old. I mean -- -- right now he's he's getting beat up on a daily basis get a nice -- the other day but you know. But I said he was I don't know the exact numbers but at their -- like seven for his last ninety's. That is not getting it done send it back to the minor leagues now. In two weeks or three weeks give this team decides that they're not in the running anymore and they're gone south. Get him back up here but let him take a breath down their for a little while he's old firm match right now and running about their everyday -- -- what anybody it. Pulitzer confidence right now is not at the age of twenty yards you're right out in double life. That's that I chose I don't think it doesn't -- to -- judged by your thoughts. And your observations. On -- -- oil and we all we all have major problems. -- he. That brings us to the best player right now on the Red Sox in this decision comes down to whether or not your buyers or sellers Koji you are. Should he stay or should go. OG ready he turns on the rubber attitude to home so. It. Okay champions. It's -- good thing. And it's we're. The World Series and. -- -- I love that call. I love that call. More break about the way it was that I was about Clinton's record on we. Thank you text. Muck Rakers out that's good luck records I went back it was -- -- Forget about the journalism story I order directed inaudible record fine and good idea where you're all so she's 64 years old. Look for care that's -- discriminates. What are. Anyway. I think coach he deserves one last manhunt what -- happy -- A happy song for this guy should be -- realm of video support for our video coach you are please don't rule without a -- not trip to a content. -- -- contender. Oakland. Open anybody. I'm gonna trade him and I want. I do want -- plus prospect. Not the best prospecting -- organization. I want a guy who is a year or two away who's who is what I got a pretty good reputation. Ask ask Detroit -- past. -- For their best prospect -- they just gave up that well but -- -- you know but he's not gonna bring your best prospect because of his age but in order to Democrats like and I got the disposition futures -- I would think that the teams would value me more because of that. Especially -- -- I certainly has -- lost because of their close let me deliverable at 39 year old closers and can't be good but you're not asking him to be your closer Michael for the next four years. You're saving yourself a well right now I would I would right now -- the cost of a championship. I'm I'm. You know one or two players away above the Red Sox and I think just give -- a plus prospect. I don't try to I maybe not if you -- you have a long guy maybe on the vessel overall guy in the game but. I've got to get some better than just big plus prospect for about that but unlike you I'm deal. Especially you may be packed with someone else or. I'm I'm on top of that -- into I think it's the time is now. If not the deadline even earlier the you can get more -- trade before the deadline which is sneak up on us. But you know if your team that you think you -- win the championship with the World Series right now you want him now not later and I think he brings them the -- it right now. I'm thinking what you guys are that this team right here isn't on any the next three weeks of the -- to get -- up they're not. Why do you need the prettiest and in the big in the -- During the -- now. The -- was there an apparent -- -- understood reading has -- in the picture I just instant -- preparedness pick in the particular. He's -- we can read Charlotte's web site. Finally come to the loan 2014 -- -- all star Jon Lester yeah stay or should he go 32. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's as -- -- -- holiday at a very bash dive for Jon Lester against them in order 123. NAFTA one in Saint Louis. Did the Sox won and the cardinals not think. This is always the -- deal. I'm -- that I can do that -- in my sleep. And then go out -- watch somebody play around the gulf of graphically one you know more effective. Five years. A 130 million dollars. New truck done. And the injuries that you I don't I don't I'm I don't know if my truck from the Obama -- -- -- tricked out truck. As a show called to the hundreds don't help us so I got that right it's -- I understand perfectly well who don't aren't. -- the dollar we don't understood it -- it inevitable 130 million dollar that's. I don't want the truck you don't understand the perception I know you can afford it it's the thought I'm thinking about you know what's important to him. So I'm hooking you up but the struck. You know you've got a long way it goes a long -- that's -- guys. That's why I've been a general manager for their junior that's why we're just Anwar largest little resentment World Series regardless of what you're Talking Heads on the radio play your. Read about that -- whenever they can do already setup man. You know we -- it tees -- off -- -- -- -- it's what would you do. I you know that's pretty generous and it's in Indian navy figured they might have the bill that I if he gets the free agent market will be higher. I was sickened somewhere in the area of five and 11 he was an option. Draw an option out there for six because they don't wanna go that article five let alone six. But they got to sign. I don't think you've been off for that the Detroit handed out this past offseason the same offer I give Jon Lester and I say John. Sorry about that crappy offered seventeen million that we offered you two months ago. Here's our new offer. Take -- -- oil tech got the Cabrera off and it will -- it'll be 1442. -- -- and I thought I'd just -- -- is hotter fiercer than it. Who Homer Bailey Colorado Detroit saw what I'd like -- responded well Max Scherzer got shirts yeah I -- a Mac shares are offered things don't get up we want a little later. 144 hope. Our -- for today. This guy's -- editor -- K as GM's I'll probably call him up at the winter meetings and at the GM trying to fleece us try to get their prospects. Trying to get their best players. Tonight who did about a 130 million is spent much of that was -- actually. Our organization ticket -- around.

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