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Mark Herzlich, former BC Eagle and current NYG linebacker, joins MFB, 7-7-14

Jul 7, 2014|

Mark Herzlich sat down with Lou, Christian and TIm to talk about his celebrity golf tournament that is in its fifth year. He also talked about how he believes he is just as good if not better than where he was as a junior at BC. He also touched on how BC needs to market their football program to a younger audience.

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It's -- -- -- appears the pine hills golf club dates him then the law makers to -- team markers which celebrity golf tournament going on right behind us supporting up with the athletes in Marc is joining us right now. I'm 937 WP -- Super Bowl champion in ACC defensive player of the year with Boston College -- or -- thanks for -- Albert optimist where on the courts courts and also practice swings and not make a fool myself you're worried so you. Have a golf a golf term you. That your face of that you can't play I can play a little bit but here's the thing you know I'm still planning -- -- on the grass so. Busy at -- miles or -- a lot of guys that dedicates his life to golf and its. Job football mostly most kickers in cornerbacks team at the most time -- play golf. Get a good hitters I'm jealous that. Yes yes yes it is here -- you know she moves and everybody -- -- -- around pockets of people. Right you know four down in my last shot in the scramble issues on the but we had that happen so for people who don't know. Your background your story and why your here putting this together -- loose and let us know what the goal that is capitals beat him. At. And that's why I. I don't matter. I have absolutely. Illness or. Well yes replicated they -- so I. But obviously Boston college and had a great junior season and Tuesday CC defensive player your entry draft the following year. Project via first round pick and -- through this pain in my legs and swelling. Found the diagnosis of Ewing -- and so being at the top of my game is -- future enemy now being brought down. -- diagnosis that not only. Said it was in my football career but also potentially life so. What when I was able to do was quite through that and agreed doctors a lot of help from the community. Especially the -- news of the beast at the time. Was to come back in play for all of these again and a you know getting I'm being on drafting -- giants in the ways to -- in the first year it was all kind of whirlwind but. The first year that I was back. It's okay we wanted to -- in the kickbacks. Jamie Parker nesting. Was very helpful throughout the process of Jamie's with Google. And so in the summer my fifth year before this year. Jamie says okay it was just -- finals but don't lose our great spot. Without warning to raise money for uplifting -- the -- that was started. Raise money for -- circle resurgent. Then Liberty Mutual jumped in its okay it will be your sponsor. That has been Roland. You know she puts things in perspective right play football a lot of the necessity it's like a blessing right right equitable life but. We think you wore me since that diagnosed as a football -- we were BC before the diagnosis. We how much you think that is affected you as a football. Absolutely it means so for some the first year I was back it was nine day you know my brain was -- you can do this -- bodies and you can't do this. And that was you know. Going drops and breaking missed tackles and luckily I had moved to legally binding to make all the rest that tackles. I was missing but. It was a building process from theirs OK I need to restore my engines. And figure out where I am and it built from there now. You know I feel like time. As good or better. Then I would -- that -- hours that two years ago yet not felt that I've sort of -- probably end of my rookie year. You know it was. That was field quick and -- fast pills strong so it's been building from there you know. Ought to do with the fact that a West Point. -- BC you know grown physically and you know able to understand the game -- news that obviously helps but in terms of the cancer treatment the chemotherapy radiation surgery ahead. Those effects are kind of in the past. Yeah it would -- talk about last year with the giants it was I wasn't the way you guys thought the season would go. You know where do you think this team is going in the future is open Monday night against the giant advocates it's to -- up in Detroit. Any thoughts about how how it's gonna goes here yet. Well so -- Last year was atrocious I mean the first six games losing the first six games -- into the matter how briefly the last the season. -- -- But it quarterback that they don't talk out there at that there's Matt gets it does not too much of -- -- you know it's literally a matter but. Yeah I mean it was it was bet you're sixteen -- up into this year our goal you know we got -- in the number one we got win the first game. That starts in Detroit and the work site about you know it's kind of like this thing where we're going keep asking about what happened last year at the time has to be good this year. It's like we're -- -- -- -- -- -- it's a question but you know we're gonna win. How's how's Coughlin during the year media here so much about him a source Leo that past masters you know not really players' coach. Was he is the season went on twenty -- ease up on you guys to see if you guys would react in different wave based on the way this season was going or. Was still crack in the way. So it was interesting we head. I could see a a decisive change what was being said by the coaches obviously they had a meeting. We lost our first game it's OK you know rah rah let's get back out there in the next game we lost the second game. All right we're going the the -- glove side okay this -- -- have this happen there are more yelling and screaming. Third game fourth game a little more -- after the fifth game we lost it was like. We take that back you know we got to figure out what we're doing. And then. Lost another one and after that seventh game finally won a game com and that we want for street Louis. Like losing six -- grow every day in that work is awful who's winning four games Zorro every day. But -- -- so there was this kind of an -- emotional level that happened throughout the season but. Coughlin. Never -- let up you know we had. We had a chance to make the playoffs small chance after -- week thirteen and older people once it would. Are got a Mark -- the former. BC standout now a member of the New York Giants take it -- given other. Last few years have gone down New York vs this team here you know -- the patriots you guys think you on the patriots -- I think shields Tom Brady UT it and it. I think he's better at the top. Dollar levels of arsenic presented -- yeah. I don't really know how to play in Ottawa and the question am I gonna go back in new York -- -- -- -- I won't -- W but if you -- -- though that's notes is plugged in could go on -- personal that was. A little bit lately. -- about that they would. Well we're playing the pages of America's pre season game or regular season game or post season game. It's way. It's -- We got that last received. This year which is in New York was so you probably won't be playing. If that's that one game the better guys look I guess you are better now yeah -- your Fortier has divested. Right it's having so it's crazy -- -- you know we have. I've been here -- our -- three seasons going left foresees I'm like one of four guys on the Super Bowl team defense well I mean. The turn over is just ridiculous and -- Don't fight for a couple times so probably -- there -- to -- -- -- I deserve this but we levity. There's this massive reaction around -- what's easiest in -- came out some dazed and opinions on based on statistics that Tom Brady was no longer quote -- the quarterback. Go wrong well yeah. The latter that he had fallen down appeared to be all the way from first may be forced. That was the reaction that people had but. US name is never mentioned it. Ever. Does the New York fan base get his back the same way all sorts patriots fans cannot will work to get mad. About what app with those rankings that raised the scene of that happened in New York to back a -- those situations or the rougher. I don't think so though. I think that there are you -- lovers Eli haters. There's no one who's kind of like you know I think it was pretty or whatever but. You know I think that. I grew up in Philly and went to school in Boston and there are. You know you -- you in those places and you know not because of his personality everything's great guys they say OK you know. They don't like how -- place they say that you know he's not energetic and showed no emotion. But when you play with them and you see him work on the field every single day you're like man. I'm glad acknowledge that he's not the guy who comes yell at his receivers and get mad at them these talks alongside he's gonna keep his cool head. No matter what it is saying that. He does know when he had a bad game and the problem is that every single person in new York and across country. Knows -- begging to because they let him now and they you know. It's tough and he's very. Strong minded to kind of get over that stuff but -- can imagine like some of the stuff that's on Twitter. You have Twitter but I just put out a as far as Brady has been not been the quarterback that's -- edges so that's ridiculous to me. Our mark my last question is where you. Why do people in Massachusetts New England in general. They just don't care book -- football correct why is it it'd that is the case what can -- -- due to change that book a BC football team. Writes a -- I mean that and that's what is so you know you've got. You got hockey and third win a national chambers are very of the year and that's great that's like every intention because. You know people don't -- -- -- Danica. I mean to be honest you know get more viewers in opening round fifa World Cup -- Stanley Cup. You know in the finals. But what for all these do is that you know we have good teams sometimes not lately but we need to have paired with a good season. We need to have a coach that is. You know excitable. Because now we do with the -- you know I think he's a guy you can get out on TV and really pump up the school. And also you know. -- that and base of art team is mostly. BC alarm. You know you go to games and tons BC alumni and their eyes aren't that low. BC but there's not a ton of following from like middle school high school -- so I think that that's what we mean it can infiltrate. The mass media market then you know everybody's drove down -- like yours in Austin College bill ward. Not one time. You know you see you drove 84 and you're gonna see six for you -- you know all the best quotes him as that one but you never see. All the BC championships that they've won and so I think that that's one of the things that we need to do is a school. Word break the fourth business school a country and marketing department or that -- the top five marketing school country. We got -- that sports market. Because Bobby settles I know all those guys yeah it's settled that -- you know we got all the people there to do it give it to the students let them do it. They wanna ask you both is Odyssey journeyman snow's been headlines left and right. You lost Eli Manning let's say pretend world he knows he -- straightaway that the guys draft the first round quarterback and it's been in it is in the news left in riots. And we were talking about before I think it's almost like you set yourself up what would you rather see the -- kind of be on the field and do something in the game. Before that -- how do you feel a rookie command that that much. It's an address -- all yes so I mean so it's. I would say that a lot of onus falls on. The vets in the locker room to -- elect -- You're the face of our team yeah act like Pittsburgh team. As -- I think that's happened -- ownership that's happened for the -- and Johnny basically Saturday. I am beer pocket change doctors say that your owner. And they go out and do stuff to make headlines too there's not much change. And you know I don't know whether that's is -- way it is but. You want to have guys in the locker room who are making headlines. Not for things that are so we've got off the field that are you'd make an atlas things on the field in my hope for Johnny. Is that when he gets on the field he -- place because you know everybody knows that if you know you make plays in the field for get a little gross. And so. You know. Which -- a -- guess everyone except for us. Pretty much -- -- gone -- before you go let people now they can help they can contribute by its users of course yes so you can go to uplifting athletes dot org. And you know click on the event page it shows the Liberty Mutual golf tournament. And you don't they -- right there on the website know. Also uplifting athletes does a lot of other events to raise money for other rare diseases on and so you have a particular rare disease that's close to your heart. Meaning that there's now a lot of studies or money funded for that you can find out on the website and donate directly to that but. It's. It's something that doesn't get detention -- 11 in 700000 people did -- Ewing's sarcoma. And that does not. Have a total fund report that no resources no protocol for treatments and so that's way. We can build that up and create more survivors and that's relieve the gold all of us. Thanks for join us and thanks put on the event today that got great stay out of the science -- issues. When you wanna you wanna join driving competition we're gonna Japanese. Whatever idea about it -- -- administrative -- -- it was I don't think you hit the ball straight to him. When I got it and all that well. Well I don't we just go the distance -- of our right to witness I asked award is the markers celebrity golf tournament for uplifting athletes and continue on 11 o'clock -- -- -- we come back and -- a 37 WEI. Indeed Jon Lester contract discussions took some odd twists and turns this weekend. Will recap we come back and all the Red Sox that it receptive B yeah.

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