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Three For All: Christians new favorite song, 7-7-14

Jul 7, 2014|

Following the Hank Baskett story, Christian heard an interesting song on the X-Factor. Target Field has installed self-serve beer stations. Lou talks about the Sirius XM's firing of Anthony Cumia, of The Opie and Anthony Show, following a seemingly racist twitter tirade.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man police used three or wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- It 834 wrong to -- speaks with him to death being. I -- seven WE. EEI is brought to you by the content ballot instruction. If you needed new route they've got you covered and Christian understanding you -- musical contributions for pre world today that make fast it would be proud of yes you know we last we got via parliament for -- what they ask about what they it's predicted here. Prostitute I mean yeah -- has -- -- bottom box on that not I respect her but. There is that you spent 500 bucks to get it done or you know he's got I've got to talk to made law. Don't want confirmed or denied so so this is from. America's Got Talent so I'll watch America's got out yesterday with created assured at this cute little old guy. Comes up with this piano and he could barely get them bike in the hole there and he starts singing this off. I mean this girl. And she just race. This girl I just don't mind. The problem makes. She has much bone. And I had -- I didn't -- She's got that's. He's got that's my. She's got the wolf and. That's just one thing and she's got happiness. Than. -- It's anyway. It's very good grades. Did that do that scene -- so happy and -- And and it's a little place on -- yeah Moly zone Islam. Say that but they can't live these. I've hello. Besides faith is big game than my. She's got a peak. And. A move so magical fun watching in this guy Mugabe government actually let him move onto the first leg of auditions now imagine. A roomful of kids. Up from all different ages from thirteenth. To bet everybody is singing the -- a song for the next. 24 hours -- that hit the camp and are jumping Arabic -- -- in this off and it was. Hysterical this guy's got a video game -- rate adjustable. He's 84 years old he's gonna top the penis on now if you -- it has got a better I would like I don't know if I look at the action from all like you know. The judges. It shocked -- and it. Yeah you puppets of -- misses some sort of set up old Mac comes out. Platelet cute little song and it is the -- kind of doing in the paper yeah he just jumps out there just comes out. Real -- you know comical lyrics. And you're just gut busting laugh because here's this guy that. Bursting out they -- -- like okay is -- the song that you wrote based on its own experience. The purpose like a brand with the -- both right you know you're right leg -- -- they're -- at the exact season. Just got it where we had this whole basket situation products though so I guarantee you -- and do a joke. When you're driving home or anybody who would listening the radio show right now you'll be hoping this fall as you go back to work but your boss ask you what -- -- are you talked. Let's sign out there and yes I don't think it says. I just waited at him bands Debbie -- got linked on the edit the page WPI. Dot com what you have loyal whoever. Remember Obey an entity geyser on AAF. It was 95 there. In 1998 get open more trouble here Anthony of will be at the open entity called me up but really was fired this morning for going on. Racial rant early this -- -- another wants it vaulted to order a little bit more it has a lot of media or not I don't know everybody -- this guy apparently. If it barely was. Allegedly was some woman was -- even if basically stick it to Times Square and it was a black woman he went only rants on Twitter. And if he gets fired now we remember him from over here and a half because they got fired its 1998 April Fool's Day. It prank involving Mayor Menino. They came -- said that he was killed and eight car accident -- born female patient prostitute. I look around April fool's joke about the mayor next story bolstered -- obviously you know he didn't -- we all know then it got fired for that. Back and Somali waters -- that he I don't know what happened what's gonna -- -- But in the -- myself now satisfied that no word yet on what's going on with the show would obviously we've got some issues here's the boys be careful. Here's the issue there there's your there's your messages -- listening. -- although it's good it's very bad yet be careful here but it could what are my options for three -- was going to be just basically along the same line where there's a study done. Of all things on Yahoo! about Twitter and how it ruined relationships. And friendships in their careers. Based on people. Taking the time not being able to keep their emotions in check in going on a rant or. Taking too much time you used to put her in bed at the data at restaurant I'll. -- -- -- These all have rules no bowl that the dinner table no tweeting when you're in bed I -- on imported as they -- add users read. For all I just saw this come across Twitter and -- that the hold on -- which while on the lives of the penis on for our break that up a little bit. It just wouldn't do -- at target field for the all star game self serve beer. Blow self serve taps -- got the voter here also so it would do is walk up of credit Lional -- answer is the name of the this together who cards me. Yes -- protest it -- but I gotta put the ID in ice and self serve beer B one of the biggest tracks at the -- game cornea spinster bells are -- in Minnesota will include the debut of draft survey seltzer -- station. While the seltzer technology's been used in bars agencies appears to be the first time is made its way into a sporting event. The machine allows customers -- hurled beer and pay for it for -- -- loaded. Card so I guess you by the card that is approved the -- what he want you solved by the card elected and then you go and you pour your own beer. Now the question becomes the whole -- that this would speed up lines of shirts also -- -- obviously maybe it's the machine breaks down. But my question becomes that is necessarily better because you've been behind people don't not use their own a team -- Or just fearful to put it the wrong way outside does this work out. Not like -- and why -- this worked in the behind and going and going in the wrong way to go -- enrolling -- to keep -- the wrong way in any. -- -- The thing is if if you -- -- your body -- by eight Perini. It's a pre loaded hardware with -- that at me that already went through all were called show that I have to what you want I can't drink legally. So how many kids who were 1890. Gonna get lined up by this caller how much money can I kid. Buy sell them this art and architecture make it -- specific allocation that as news that yes you get me up to an outdoor art. It via whatever for this -- and enemies giggled as the year serve. Yeah -- there thing you know they had the same thing at the Olympic village to the Olympics. And then socially where it was Molson beer set up a a beer dispenser just like this look at in the Olympic village but it was just for the Canadians but -- no one else could use it so it's out there but it was bullet bending machines you got like it was maybe -- figure skaters like that used it in hundreds. Thousands tens of thousands dollars pocket these cards to subdued Romania's what's -- about. There socialist bullet already received so actual beer about it but it is definitely -- also I don't know -- How how -- got to -- that it's ridiculous she they had -- Japan. It -- vending machine -- well right -- streets. Right there yeah beautiful I did they Clark -- -- -- court. Annan on here. It's like a water -- they don't hear that you just can't do not think we're the only culture that really abused his -- Everybody else's streets of -- -- is credited a lot of other -- -- give your idol gives the blitz on it but it was the only country cut accidentally all dot barely eighteen years. So I would like utter a lot of great honor Colorado. -- -- -- not marijuana. If they ought to there's some -- CNN about a lady and him as they did a whole. You know expose today a caller on legalization of pot in Colorado. They have these stores in Colorado where. They take all the different locations -- they're smoking marijuana in the banner in the car while they're going. If it you're just the innocent bystander you're competing completely high up your. I contact -- just a contact they actually did a interview with her. While it was at the Cooper while she was sitting there doing it she was -- that yup they leave Gately ED I -- the munchies Elizabeth barrels. -- -- -- -- -- -- Later -- was Anderson Cooper Roland dollars like John demands are bad a body elected job and I gotta -- -- get -- -- the last -- the -- also we come back the LeBron -- situation about going back to Cleveland -- -- on Tuesday. I've got a little bit of a different take on it think we'll see out. At a guys agree or disagree to talk about LeBron potentially go back to Cleveland at -- might not beat the blue that he in his -- they will be up next doctors at the B yeah. But it's very good grades. They've added that -- vaccine and it's. A peed on.

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