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Red Sox lost 2 of 3 to Baltimore, 7-7-14

Jul 7, 2014|

The team looks dead and the funeral march is on. The Sox had a chance to sweep the Orioles but instead won only 1 game. Stephen drew had a pair of home runs on Saturday but came crashing back down on Sunday. Sunday also involved a huge comeback effort that resulted in a 12th inning loss.

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Red Sox. Lucy twelve innings is David -- tripled scored and hit my argument blow through our season the bases in the twelfth as the Orioles when it. Seven to six. When Lewis playing with the Red Sox I'm sure -- day on the golf course was a pleasant departure for him and his teammates when they were gone through some bad times. Here we are cover the team. A golf course at pine -- the markers like celebrity golf tournament. Supporting uplifting athletes but guys we can't get away from the bad -- the Red Sox as you -- rate their joke instantly on the called WEE I would broadcast of the game yesterday. When the Red Sox pitched they don't hit when they hit they don't pitch. It'll run the bases well they don't feel well they just can't get everything to -- together. And it's not the point now fellas -- feels like even if they started to it might be too late. It's over okay if -- is what is -- I poll done they're buried their dead yet it'll ever it's over. And it is the thing -- I know that there's a long way to go away in India we kept talking about. -- -- -- -- -- -- death march not a business a lot of gloom this -- a lot of waged a long. No rate they think they you know they they come out anything to monetary from the Yankees in the cup he's got swept by the cubs. You lost a lot of review or -- -- one and five and all the important homestand where decision's going to be made it and try to prove to you ownership. Additional there improved this year. In eagle one and five. -- at first place Baltimore Orioles right party for -- get a huge winning team won. That your your Lackey has a great performance your opening gives it up you come all the weight back yesterday. Only to lose that game. It's just last year it woods. The date being embraced losses that you gain is no way to go to win like Sunday's game right down 617 no way to win. They'd come back and somehow turn it fell into -- W. And this year it's just it's not there they just continue to. -- to keep look at top time is running out in nine games out of first in nine into the locker to get -- changed its policies and while car. I. A simple answer but it. It Democrats future gossip it's good vision be happy about that Bolick a couple out there I want him to be done done beautiful rate -- a nice week. Reported this week you -- just this is just we were all were doing was just you're just waiting for this to happen this was the inevitable this was something that. You can keep yourself with what you want it. On and hope that they figured out and hope that young kids figured out older guys are hitting more than they do have some of that magic from last year. This team just is it's set up that way. And to expect anything other than this being a rebuilding its last bridge here in the next year I think your kid yourself or. You were just having a long long a World Series over. And that's. And it kind of felt that. In spring training means you -- down there it is just great stores and I've still a good mood and if -- have still you know enjoying the success of the World Series. There are really it was really in need. Question marks -- you could really think America's victory it was back. You had to -- -- for not coming back. You know the biggest surprise was tipster retiring -- -- I mean that was basically it so. Now. I don't think it's one of those situations where OK what do we do now you would hope that there're there're some plant that place before this time. Because -- go back two weeks to -- out but we saw the writing on the wall. At that road trip you know and in a gold port six on it kind of felt like. They needed it to five in five trip. Ford's six -- there have been reports -- you kill yourself or else was -- -- still not really taken off NEC sort of bought itself some time -- OK come at all. End game homestand the last global games are headed through -- playing good at Fenway Park this -- and that's a little bit better here and there. It still getting the pitching you get it can be able syndicate Houston. -- chance the steep -- indicted for the final thirteen maybe even 103 with a great homestand and stared at one point five right now. The woody and the first place Orioles right here. You're nine back he could've been what six or seven back to care business and I get the White Sox three out of your board games there it's just. It's not there -- bench Eric and the phones -- still ringing. You know and I am dealing guys I'm pretty close that the thinking about coaching upstart -- -- feelers out on coach. -- feelers out yeah feelers out -- -- OG must look at it PV a look at it Pierzynski. -- who wants Jonny Gomes and a goal right down the list because this team they have good role players that can help championship teams like TV's on all good. Giant Eagle still crushing left in the kitchen it's -- -- -- catcher AJ Pierzynski but there's no need to hold on a role players that are going to be here next year -- Jaret at this point. It's an extremely odd situation for me to be -- optimist. Well this is why I can't bring myself to do it. And stayed at the dawn and the way like well two reasons I can't admit to myself that it -- the Boston Red Sox beat. Your thoughts I look at the personnel issue can't do that because what we got here we got here that the seven game win streak. This is the show launched a highlight of their seat of the flu threat that tank game losing streak at the -- and brought them hope right assured us okay it got dark yet. But here's here's why I. Beyond that -- -- out. -- no reason why I can't do it I bet you why they're thinking the same thing in the offices. When they come out of the all star break. Toronto Tampa Toronto the Yankees. Right or our world. That's why I say I'm sort of take feel as a coach because that'll decide coach. The other guys I'm talking about -- it's not necessarily. You know waving a white flag. -- if you tell me either trade Jake Peavy who I think can help and and be productive pitcher nationally. And contending team to tell me a ticket TV output in ruby Della Rosa. Yeah I'm not so sure that that's that's not a bad thing. You know if -- -- -- and at that trade weighted jeepers it's keeping a Christian basket that's not a bad thing either. It Jonny Gomes you know I think guys status and an 880 yes against lefties at 322 against lefties some team will want him he's a -- year deal. Maybe -- playbook that's more in that right handed role. So what -- donors -- taken the guys right now that it's because the guys I don't wanna see more of that unnecessarily. Eight downgrade that might be slightly but who knows -- catch lightning in the bottle -- is the guy get -- that stretch after that stretch that terrorists are talking about him. 6177797937. And Lou you're right. In so far as if the right offer comes along for -- if the right offer comes along parade today. I'm not saying hold out hole. From a management point of view for that stretch of games in July early August if those deals com. If you elect the right time to make the play and those guys and help your team and help reform system. For next year and the year after. Okay go I'd do I completely understand why they would be willing. To wave the white like this point if they need a way to justify to themselves to stay in it there's two things the schedule coming up. And the fact that everybody else that is still stinks. Everybody else in the division statistics. Other -- -- still got put the tactic is the division and beat Tampa Bay's -- played really well right now teaches at first place Baltimore in your house dust to a three. We could have swept them. You know it with. Better baseball middle innings at a middle relief mean that's. And that's at the at that stretch right coach he's been so great. And -- kind of went out and gave it up there for awhile but you can get on him because he's been outstanding Kirk made ups and model has been great -- -- all along this week it could anybody out. It was one of the big reasons why you know they end -- loose those last two games but he's been outstanding for you -- year. So you know I understand the schedule. Is look at the latest. A couple of dealing guys getting something system can get anything for the guys are talking about. I don't I try to keep the you do it only to clear space. -- -- tiller roast and its rotation. Looks like group is gonna throw on Wednesday and maybe keep them there. -- keep minister rotation so it's only that you're not gonna get much work for for BP it's going to be it would take his contract given an opportunity to win because I get a clear space he should be. Every Red Sox fan favorite player right now. Jake Peavy always pitching is helping himself -- out of town really really quick and I'm not saying that to beat derisive or sarcastic I'm being literal here. He is helping the Red Sox that the way he's pitched the last two games -- at my numbers are wrong on this but I believe it's. Twelve innings plus. Three earned runs over that time ten to five to four strikeout to walk ratio he is helping the cause for the team yeah but. It's in the way it'll be a popular movie either -- a lot from local you know it's great guy at the still pitching help guys out but you know he's got a big contract propagated yet. You know what it was looking for -- they were unity get it back you know for him and get a bat for Johnny Gomes -- and Getty. It big bad bridges it doesn't matter doesn't matter may mean -- mean it's it's a boat opening up opportunities for these guys every deal that should be making right now. Tribute next year in mind and give -- an opportunity right now to see what he has. Helps you make a decision or help you trade -- So were pulling the starting cornerback the old veteran quarterback you're putting in the young. Upstart burst rounds that topic we're putting it to drop below. I don't know what's -- -- -- to -- a funny way Utley pat because I was attitude to me as a football player I know when you bring up this topic of conversation football players. Used my analogy it's -- cap backwards Diego can't stay hated hated. Hated. Get the guys ready see what they can do so which you have a -- -- action right games football players loaded but you're on board for the Red Sox doing it for different sport. No this is it when that time com's if you if you get to that part of your of your season what you really have to look yourself in the here and admit. That you're done. That is one of the hardest things can't they needed because they're not built that way just like. Guys in the NBA in the Celtics they can't eat up part of the kidneys apart they're the makeup they can't do it football players all sports same reason. If you start this week. Know that we start on the court backing you put -- -- one well we know it we the coaches don't care if we wanna lose. They want to get ready for next year they want -- -- reps they want live action that is the scrimmage they want a quarterback to look at the defense to figure things out I gained speed. Even though they know that there are out of it it's still a real game an account in the win loss category. That's what's happening right now with the Red Sox are -- you got they love. TPB coach he always are a guy that's. Looks like despite -- -- in the all star game one of the best out there are gonna get rid of him night in a part of broader outlook Tibet's. Will but -- what's gonna happen with him Chris Vasquez -- -- -- it goes down the line. Because. You talk about the scheduled yeah the -- -- what I'm looking at July 11 two third team. That Houston and the worst team America get on the road so you think you hit your lowest point of the season. You haven't yet if they go out the Houston. On July 11 through thirteenth and -- day there now you're really going to be talking about people jumping ship well her I'd argue that they did that if -- Look at it from that perspective that's a current with the cubs because quite frankly on the Astros went better than the cubs right now at least going in that weekend all things considered one of the best players in baseball out Tuesday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Houston Astros standards with the Houston Astros are so you're suggesting that if they split vs the White Sox and tank go. All for three years or one for -- that's the nail on the golf I just don't I really didn't -- -- I don't think we've yet adult who could point you make that what you decide. To bring the younger kids to start working on next year. You're going to fail because kids young players fail routinely all the time continually be just don't get it. They'll have -- the up down and you'll be frustrated we all call it could be the Jackie Bradley junior okay that's what I want to eat that's all we have that guy here now how consisting -- That'll keep you got it I would sit here waiting for bottom. Bottom was there at least we talked about it but it was very easily at home 169. Lost the cup yes that's that. Felt like bottom to -- like -- OK now you just got to ask yourself is your team able to climb out from the bottom Vick. To me out -- what they do against the White Sox and the Astros the rest the -- they're pushing bottomed out. Further enemies stink if they come out against against Chicago and they split in each team used. A three and seven homestand. It doesn't matter which do with the Astros because it's already missed the opportunity it's done you know he had this whole thing -- everybody -- Friday at Baltimore rate in front of you. And you couldn't finish it off its new one in five and -- back to you know they've they've opened up this can warms and I don't necessarily agree with calling -- kids when they're not ready. And that's -- think that they've done they started the year with this mindset but gays and nickel back to the off season. Of I'm not happy the way they they they went about something that the young kids -- -- they could. You know just committed the everyday players there's a couple guys in Bradley and in middle Brooks that it actually nothing year -- show them. That they get big they deserve to be starters they can handle any woman looks lost -- twice now wants based on performance but twice last year Jackie was -- -- roster he was sent home. Because he couldn't hit so many options the these are you guys they opened up that door and I'm not happy the way the whole thing he'd started because now you're at a point we call the kid. Why not they don't call a kid who just aren't ready. It is not really surprised that what was the last young kid that's really been successful brought COLT will go look at as my early career. He's got probably 7800 at bats AAA level he start the year down the minor leagues they brought him up and actually got a little rhythm that I actually prudent suffered AAA. -- -- none of these kids have ever say that they're at the point now why not and it's tough to learn its top the be successful in the big leagues when he does. You don't have that much experience than minor league level but there and they've that there are now a -- right now today. You you make your bed now they bring a more kids that probably aren't ready to compete at this level it's the other I don't. Which means that we have not seen the bottom yet. -- -- not be played on state 169 will gets a lot of play I don't quality of effort quality performance that's the bottom if you admire around on their three Houston plot aunts and sometimes it -- bounced back. And my hope was at some point they'd bounce back up. After the Chicago Cubs now so far does not happen gusts up in my opinion all those games against these opponents. After the all star break and say we have to quit now without looming that's what's giving -- -- That there's reason look beyond all star break for baseball now now based on up the fact that they have been struggling it has been a lot of close losses Lotto one. One run loss in ninety and so far. Have you been impressed. By the way they've handled that as far as -- know it seemed like. There's -- a lot of it is dissension in the ranks does seem like there's a lot of pointing fingers and in the locker room but notice that yet. -- I mean it if you think this makeup of this team has that ability to a lot of cells as they screw it at an airport itself. You think the idea to get Obama out of the -- by the way but is that people don't handle losing. But -- it's talking about rock bottom I -- I could turn right because when you lose. That's tickets have been fighting that's -- it's some people you know the exit before you know the unnamed player in the locker room right some of those types of notes. But yeah rock but could be a month from now when it's nothing but kids in the not -- compete and you hear it turns into. 2000 at all all over again after it made the big trade has an injury or two and I get a bunch kids running around the tuck played up here. So but as far as expectations as far as having your team that you think can actually win games. You know three weeks a month another reality let's edit that that he put up ticket -- But as far as the Rihanna thinking you can win at Chicago series was rock bottom for this team as far as expecting to do something. Getting swept and then losing two -- three Orioles when you very easily could -- Presently with the good deals cute story out of New York when two out of three it is really feel OK now we can really make a first oh I feel like it's not the best part of it. It turned the corner. Also now. 61777979837. Uplifting athletes markers which celebrity golf tournament from pine hills middays with and let me let's go out demands -- mountain. -- -- -- -- -- -- I happened. Our special day so far. Yeah you're gonna go -- Stephen OK I want. A girl at all. I think direct ought not be part who agree like the league -- -- -- and all of last year here right now either blocked or not. Or law and not being well liked -- Well I think you are and -- brought. In and the hectic at the world. All of Gomes -- Rio. I am a shocker out there a lot of people are are being. The part of Jordan killed due to declining numbers we got in you'll -- pitching. That you don't have any help. Our prospects what lover and -- and trademark right now we're Lewis. Arms are there are great they're brought to our -- -- -- -- and -- and Dario are huge salary and and BA. Well it. Yeah I would -- I don't know that I what do consisted. Dustin Pedroia that's not a song that's an opus when you look at that contract that's that's not a song a darn about him as portrayed component. Rally credit. You know I hear warrior common from -- being addressed the trade. Deadline and like I said before even though I'm holding out hope that they are not dead based on the fact that a lot of divisional games to come up the all star break. I'll reiterate what I said before the right deals come along and guys make them. Because this is fingers crossed hail Mary. Say a prayer -- down your knees kind of thinking I'm a point here by even holding my breath. Raft of trade deadlines up your anybody in front office you get sniff for something you think is worth while -- go ahead. And a well -- came from in coming to sign a five year deal with the cardinals. Think last year's first year it's pretty good deal as did. You know gonna hear all these names that. You tell me the cardinals erection thrown him out there and don't want any part of -- -- call the -- and everything went. And -- try to find something for the player but the -- -- that he's going anywhere. You know -- you wanna clear space from rookie -- to react to great -- that's. Pedroia is that what seven years left in his contract Richard looking. The future of -- -- -- rights what -- -- -- Oracle's when he won the you know on the don't want to keep them for baseball here in Turkey was in place while -- and he answered lockyer. I don't know where it's gonna play where it figured out but isn't he one of the keys to the future panel. Saudis Kiev because he's gonna be an asset you know he traded birdies at such a career -- use that as it is -- second baseman. He's not gonna play second year media's so you told him and it feel it's why is at least a year he's now NASA for you holed -- thought earlier that he's an everyday health that are which I don't. We'll come back to that plus run the top betrayed here the most outrageous trade rumor of the year. And balls the Red Sox want that for next we continue on and on the Red Sox Dhabi.

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