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Gary Tanguay flips out over Avery Bradley

Jul 7, 2014|

CSNNE's Gary Tanguay went off on Avery Bradley's 32 million dollar contract.

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Our number three John and -- not here Kirkland and is here he's part of the show name but I still think -- part of the deficit -- effect and captain that's an elegance that's been. Behind the scenes rebuffed by one of the two most of the program how not to. Yes we that was -- -- -- the site. Jerry -- and I am rocket site I -- out a few times last week. Vacation up in Maine. It was nice to see was he wearing -- turquoise pants now down a secretary in the fourth of July at the rate is can walk round. -- -- -- -- Most will be there possible. Barbara presented -- it's the folks here kind of torture talk some. Miss -- -- big red white teacher in the rebel group that. -- can be a really good time the dog is great and we are inching closer and closer to eat dog world. What are you talking about getting it all really yes it's closer dog world passage that that's. It's a person although I might -- done as well yes so yes. Is a dog owner we may be judge be the godfather for your dog is now you are going are very. Terrible. Two and thought about it right there can't you can be stripped down and we looked it up that could be stripped you've not been -- your wife Matt. Now she -- warm at the time US if you press opted. Ranks as maybe the dumbest question anybody's ever asked the pilot itself easily you know that was Portland -- -- NC. And that's the I know I don't -- -- -- out your politics plot. From a nature -- one tough question. I don't know if gosh she should just you know she's she's I think we're all disappointed we thought to be. Persons conduit to to god really haven't really excel India formative years ultimately to the future. The cellular you know the man who once was replaced by him teacher I don't know. -- before deported back to the -- but. I still think I thought about a -- when this started to click that Pat Riley press -- couple weeks ago. I just keep thinking LeBron James back cavaliers they try to get Kevin Love in the big push from me again why would -- They made a big -- -- party member offered me millions. Now Calipari turned them down I thought well. Help our would turn them down if you thought the -- -- leave -- at the top opinion that's that Snyder reports. Is considered returned the cavaliers is very heat up a little bit. I still feel sort of maybe it's because I like the story of -- reports it's more to say I do feel like he's gonna wind up back. I desperately want him. I hate in my Miami I don't -- hate LeBron James. If he's he's he's warming that is the most unique athlete we've ever seen. The Miami thing is so bad break those guys up. Bosh go to Houston. You know Dwyane Wade do whatever. But it this yes I am so rooting for this story to happened go back to Cleveland. NN and do something for. Here's our guy Bryant -- horse you -- Marc Stein. After more than two years of play in the cavaliers believe they have LeBron James legitimately listing their pitch to leave Miami returned to his home state free agency according to sources. Close to the process that's abroad when horses right. There's a or or or leveraging right there's a firm indication of the sort -- the pride means he's all right what. There years yet to be a firm indication James is actually ready to beat Miami after four years -- champs sources told espn.com. But the four time NBP's increasingly considering the cavaliers as an option as he moves into the final stage deciding. Which team the sign his next contract with the cavs. It still. LeBron will be. This week I guess he talked and he talked -- to -- weakened if they sell Odyssey sell him you come back compact Cleveland's chance for redemption all that. Also carrier. Also -- Wiggins I mean it's not ask you this you put the project on Cleveland with that roster right now with Wiggins. With carrier ring. Mr. blizzard dealt better team in the east I mean without ball and also it's terrible Miami from what specially what Dwyane -- -- Right right yeah he's -- -- so -- your carrier ring you're Andrew wigand's you know who ever else but it just stick those three. That's terrible what you have Miami -- yep yep yep especially if you're gonna sign a contract and be here for few right. Yeah we have some room and he can do that. I do I'd love to Ron's worried about how people perceive when I guess at this point. It seems like if you you read stuff he's not worried about that but it's his chance to go back and change the ambulance -- especially east conference. If LeBron goes there and -- this up exactly are right now does no mean this has been bought out a positive for the -- it's either one way the other called transition. Point is it's been a nightmare offseason. The Celtics I mean. I I think maybe you're maybe disagree getting the sixth pick in getting -- You losing almost top five guys from Gordon Nixon went back on the beginning it's art which is as bad as you can view. It's been early but in the that a lot in the signed Avery Bradley for eight million dollars a year which to me is under -- -- angers some people. Looking gaming Avery Bradley that kind of money. I looked at drafting markets Smart and don't those two things indicate to you. Iran that was gone. I mean if you're paying Bradley how much money you're drafting a point guard the six -- Israeli jets well back -- he used to -- from -- this weekend saying the Celtics are doing anything and everything they can look right. There's other teams are you better position to do. Lovers out -- guys over Burlington -- They're not it would jubilee. Marcus mark another year of this of this and asked Jamie young on the team it's not good. So sprig of Comcast are Palo brother Gary penguin was he shall I shall -- -- -- Last week and he gave his thoughts on the Avery -- How many teams are willing to give Avery Bradley 32 million dollars if they're right up there let -- walk. You've got seventeen million dollars over the next two seasons tied up with Avery Bradley did Jeff Green. Seventeen. Million. It's good joke. At the end of the so this is Lou so expect this upsets -- just it's -- But he's right. On the street has given them 32 million dollars. It tonight Joseph yes I -- Without thinking about Eid dinners that border cafe which I enjoyed which he has the same tone of voice when he's telling me how lucky idea Nabil. He always says. I would -- the -- New York. And I agree that accurate yet so so we'll look up -- Gary -- -- they have like 45 TDs and no that's -- In will be you tegra take off his glasses if you can Icrc. Given the way he talks. In the way it's. Given his intellectual. Limitations it's incredible. It's -- right up there let him walk. It's a -- I'm really proud. But -- confronts -- Did the other did did he said I think the bad thing you've done rate banks right. I don't know how you've done he says he's like a house -- -- And -- answer it could -- The answer the thing is. Degrees -- go back to what it. I mean would you credit. -- is a great defensive guard spot whatever two million. It's bizarre. It's bizarre it is not in good off season so far Celtics not terrible -- -- it's. Mid July. I get the sense I do get the sense. The conversation I've read more -- tweet this week. But I do get the citizens transition again spent thirty humans but this expert on the there are now looking at trading Rondo which I have to I applaud the Robert you -- it -- it is time to go as bare as possible start over and hope we get. Give me another wrote while also played -- Smart. Do you reflect. This posture team we we plan on keeping which. Now. No trade. Know -- -- you'll think about but then we talked about it is fine folks over Burlington about an aching because you can't sell this sort of thing. What happens when you trade wrong. I help -- -- let me tell you this is not a -- team with. Rather come back with my guys I I honestly feel that it's more sellable trigger on the trade and get back which you get back and means more picks us. Watch Smart play this year it's not great watch these kids play this year and every day you go up in the morning the first thing you do if you go to the SPN dot com. And you look at the NBA standings and you say definitely when the Lander went. What -- with majors out of the clippers that's that's all he could care about Richard that's the position. And to wait a year to do this for the whole last calendar year. And walk away with Marcus mark Sox it's. That's I was like he had yet the great way to put it is because. We am up for this -- -- that's what made that season so interesting. And now you're telling me. Went through every one of those nights every one of those games all that conversation. Yet market Smart Smart Smart could be fine every game change policies that need to add that at best will be a pretty good and look at the comps. You know that the cops right like. Woman who's the guy in 2000 might miss sweet spot 2001 Celtics a mark expects no Erica. For the defense of any -- yeah. Yeah so anyway is that by by. The point is is it is he can be a score is he going to be hell sure now that's the problem is going to be a good player on a good team. -- great defensive backcourt right with Bradley yet Smart to be really good. But the I guess when you trader on the court has would get back and yet to protect back not so great contract into right to expect I feel like. That's -- -- that they're gonna trade Rondo for 405060. Cents -- ball because I have to but this is this the pocket -- to the Max steel which is not well know a oh no this is supposed be to be all end all draft though. Right MA we're talking about tank and again the two possibly get 23456. In an attractive if you -- -- the problem is you know they're not bring in the bush ought to come. What would one in the shop. They have no shot at least freeze its corporate next. They never get these -- never get my argument with a -- -- witches would be tried to trade for. So the other team in position where they can come allotments in this. In this is the best off -- this -- net which if what you're Garnett with Peterson. But you would you trade it's no I don't -- yes three sinus my right right if these people and you mentioned this on the year in people today. The Celtics are not going to sign free agents because free agents to become a year. And people get old riled up over well with the fact they locked in the Garnett was there for it appears they pierce not pierce had rail. That doesn't exist you have to -- players wanna go to places where they're gonna win -- and how this collection of stars whether it's going to be nice where it is going to be. They're gonna get on TV time should be -- be marketed and with here with the Celtics a reason that work with because you had a perfect storm of Garnett and here's what Wright got lucky if that picture to be okay. I was locked though it was it was the other created this who get afraid that he womb the Celtics yet on the probably welcome it passed the senate ethics. I mean hell I missed on David West made it inside guys even in the bird. Freeze the brilliant. Not by any of that the better example they missed on David website meant when they had that was their chance Annika won a title and that was that they were so close up then. They never get as a it Doc Rivers which is a recruiter right and evidently pretty -- recruiting but you know according to artery that -- I mean it has been lighter today but if that's what this -- with. This is but I -- expand. The appellate court were coming in my. Steak. Steak steak -- And I hope that's all you guys just you know I think the hope -- Kevin Love I -- -- -- it. I think that if if you of the windows if you have a guy wants to be years some. I don't know Pete but if you could ever pull that off -- conversation -- this is the the does the conversation before -- So. Now you know I think laughing is viable when you thought you might have won the top two picks in this for. Now Minnesota calls -- -- we were electric him. Give me your best -- -- offer it. What is. It's a player Oscar Salinger okay fine. Soldier and a bunch of these -- that are we don't know where they're going to be well well the problem is Tuesday. Part of that package would think would have been well -- numbers expect by how much is marketed ourselves Mark Fuhrman and now now you know Garnett. The Garnett tree was it was a great trip it's not you -- at least if Minnesota say Al Jefferson -- turn out to all and he player. Is you know 2010. Yeah I like that break. Now you know you guys intelligence islanders coach Gary does it all and also he has a -- -- -- -- actually ready beat severed -- moment if you're Minnesota. I guess change says I don't would otherwise I -- I guess if your rate but my amendment question. Arranges UK did you sellinger and I did -- For first tropics. I guess. You have other teams who are you better I felt -- temperature saying the ethnic play for a lot of giving the play for luck I don't get him. It is as you said at the same thing you stand -- -- play for me make the effort do what you -- doesn't work you know whatever. You have to start doing this you have to do if you -- the Red Sox kept doing these Celtics texas' there during the Byrd used the -- Walt for. True note yeah -- in rural -- for Maxwell. Yeah anything to Kirk's record. -- -- But he couldn't shoot me play good defense and Smart I mean she's Smart and -- close idea. After a Schwarzenegger plus I think you know the physical the ethical point guard magic this group -- -- and Marcus Banks too little is. I was told. -- well. You initially at -- Wednesday you drafted Troy bell Jiri Welsh that's right garbage after that rebel via. 677797937. The phone number get back -- the Red Sox -- -- we'll revisit the John Lackey bizarre -- Lackey stuff from the weekend and take a look at this Red Sox team overall 3948. Total -- it's like 2013. Never happened that more. It tonight show.

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