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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Joan Rivers flips out 7-7-14

Jul 7, 2014|

Joan Rivers storms off a set.

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Skews headlines brought you by -- to cover more than 99% of all Americans held in a better network -- -- -- That the Brad brochure was the highest rated podcast New England -- astronaut not a beautiful and I tell you I have tangible fact. The headlines is the highest rated segment on WB. In. Week well I just know when you're most popular audio right. -- -- W dot com -- one piece of volume that's ever featured on the website I've reloaded. Listen is through things the brash approach show in the trade deadline -- So. You know at a -- a relief show it's -- -- As a qualify as a show it's its. -- real spicy hot again this Thursday. Every Thursday leaving up to a trade deadline which manager HO. -- -- and pop or times others. -- nice. Clark -- that the we have dominated. The 10 PM to midnight times let's be honest here OK at times but that you like now for different the capsule Tom if you. I would like. Probably nine to 10 in the morning it's not there -- highs for the children stations. Yeah but -- -- -- -- you know can be spiced apple -- -- got a screw that ten hours the worst power and show look at. What -- -- Mikey pitching wise it's not auto at all are you do I know -- thought I don't now. Really I don't. I did I I was told that we're doing the show from ten to midnight in the -- if -- good company guys along there's no better place to wash to fireworks from -- out this window in July 3 at our when horse that I'm telling you this. And so announcement again mild mood and -- -- now get trapped in here for our. No windows no air -- times like Hannibal Lecter is one of the view that's it. -- just carve a little something I mean this is a great -- the semester spared no expense via the built the -- obviously. But I mean. It's something -- what's the wall at the gold produces room and look up the windows. -- the -- literally in about five minutes went from I'm buying everybody in this entire place breakfast right which you're you're Jerry's are enthralled. Running across the border -- Men will flip a switch when you -- forgot there's no. Doubt. -- I think I never god. Not Iran against last -- without the great text you keep -- -- on the -- what's the with twins all my god Jesus -- -- -- I was driving back. From New York I -- to -- New York she's with her grandparents when I was driving back in his. Our serves on the different. And one of the one of the channels they have played the old powers that the stuff -- -- sucks or is -- great. The gold -- duels are in the ice was -- every time. That would drive around my friend drive. -- the had -- Jesus wins on rate group trying to get sick. And it is the greatest 45 minutes in the history YouTube the beat you -- -- It's the greatest 45 minutes and history that's only had -- when with the exception of the trade. -- by the way of knowing insurance -- is no app for that now how many dot com -- just go there but I. When I said right text back it's it can we get these things for Monday at four I literally thought that you were gonna go down a portion of the Jesus twins. Tired are really. Self -- unfortunately. But still a radio goes suicide side still rate your goal fortified. Speaking of Opie -- that Iran against her in the ought to get jobs Gerri back in the -- -- ever. Think I did just didn't they didn't cross my A Telesis earned John Jerry did that he said that with -- out when they -- -- -- -- an analyst. Thus and so serious sex them has fired opening at the host into the mystic who -- perhaps last name you know who make the media the media. After posting a series of racist remarks -- Twitter earlier this week Patrick Riley senior VP of satellite radio company wrote the statement fifty through -- post reports. Analysis fired on Thursday. So basically -- between that was used in New York. And tweet about it's that -- elect an African American woman attacked him take pictures New York City. -- she's offensive word to me race remarks at quarter tyrant elsewhere in the quote she's lucky it was a white the governor should be dead. And five blacks started giving me like so and he was on his case -- statement. Quote serious -- society even fired and welcome to bizarre world fired for blank there was even. On the air wasn't legal so what's next you who wrote on Twitter Friday adding a subsequent tweet. After the recount a better idea of things -- serious a pop on the compound next week to discuss this with. Total freedom. Hop on the white. On the compound shows daily podcast is we still don't by the delay -- -- -- -- will not be a budget. I was stupid guys are my first reaction was I saw the story was always. Is like namely getting fired for saying I think just I think the jobs that we do you. Generally go on the other side because we also dumb things and I've gotten in trouble I've said things that some people think I don't. Most of the time but it's gonna happen them again I'm sure more troubled featured. That I read the tweets you go look up -- so adult. There's so troll so begging for action -- the minute I I hope you pars or so ago that things between -- and -- How is defense the it was the memory it doesn't work I mean I -- this -- this is your lot right right beat up your wife it's on the radio to get fired for it but that doesn't work. So opening at the open again for twenty years to celebrate I swear you. When I say this is -- morning -- likes -- her once second them ever heard them ever you've heard. Did you that was -- right -- night so alone bear out. Joan Rivers is on CNN. Widgets documentary. Is that government if I support the great doctor actually own. I don't physical I know on an IQ yeah yeah rub. Up the fuel mobile. Somethings would be pitchers out what you are will talk what's important -- you love document of gas more than movies yes. The movies now that -- -- once a piece of work yet I thought theater. Was great. It is well the reason I don't is could I could rent it I want really want it costs about Iraq. And -- -- But -- but I don't yes so I've seen it I've seen it and -- night I own. I don't Winnebago man that's another document like as much. But we're gonna talk about that yet. It's all OK guess what yet -- it -- Joan Rivers was on with us CNN it's -- -- you wanna be. So what's so let's put some of that sounds play. But number 11 expected. You sell out on stage. I even with your fashion -- -- while it's very mean in some ways people not weighing in here not me. Yeah the Uga -- It's not mean I tell the truth I'm sure I say the same things. Enjoy your -- -- sedated friends sitting next them on the -- algae and who will be you know what it will of the view shows it says. That's that ugly dress and that that's okay these ladies make 28 million dollars a picture you read things. That. Not demonized hairs I didn't like to address the harm. You know we use that kind of bracket you don't really get -- -- I was worried about feelings being hurt well not when it's about dresses out about them it's about -- I -- Joan Rivers credit for this that size that find that clip which is the tries she's old Arnold issues that are eighties -- tumbleweed or improve quality. And interfaces like fourteen but she's but she still tries which is the shark shoot out their. All year she does he shows and walked oh yes and casino shows in North Dakota and it's an odd life Rickles is like Tuesday guess they just can't give up. -- -- -- -- And a week where you want on our Letterman yeah. So then it gets it gets warmer -- -- The interviewer goes that are here in the -- rivers gets a lot cells but -- theory. Yet and people loved to laugh -- me clue that it wasn't -- you don't. But they also know that you you know you have some shock value to your media on the cover your -- wearing referring you now that they're probably the animal rights act it is how did do is becoming a defensive interview and. I you wearing leather shoes the show. Yeah I mean I don't like me you are wearing her yeah. An act -- yeah. You know eating chicken yeah eating -- I know what is nonsense. Come get me with a -- the -- and I'll talk to you this even hearing some of those press conference that there are people are that you're just say no out you know I'm going I really going because. But you have done as negative. No -- is negative I haven't heard next. I made people at the 50 years I -- put on at ten -- -- I have it in my book is funny. I Wear but that was killed fifteen years ago I want the animal rights stubborn -- and you did is that you'll need annual debt. You are not the one to interview a person -- you. Sorry. I got a couple -- Rose Law I've made a McNamee bail out one. You don't know yet that I it is in fifth grade I had I think you still haven't. Inseparable that reminded me. I like Joan Rivers I can't stand her daughter. God has a very Melissa moments are -- age of 81 just turned 81 month. That to me is a moment word Joan Rivers are turned -- on Sundays it's a pastor. That's a very sensitive. Week in skin pursue these crops up people from Britain's -- -- Receive this that I thought about if you got exactly that -- dot I admit that's okay -- it's been beaches but that's how she's made a living can't stand she's 81. Vulture magazine which is magazine out in Hollywood -- website. Hold about a movie executives but your producers asked them. If you add a 150 million dollar budget you -- -- past India yes and you guarantee you'll get your money back you could -- one accurately basically. Was the biggest movies -- in the world that it plans to Jesus now unfortunately Jesus when. Who would you pay you back. If -- rob Bradford. -- five petrified you stated I need to make money we finally get degree by the trees and stuff. You get under fifty million dollars playing JP charity even look at Bravo Jamie Farr is -- If you look at for a -- from surprise. Michael yeah -- -- 150 million dollar budget for any movie they asked these guys ask point five these people. Sixteen DD one. Dot Clooney they're not typically when he got no outs. Kneecap DiCaprio made these guys now think the biggest movie star but he's made movies. Are like -- is excellent role in the last 45 years. Yeah -- Wall Street as it left you know hopefully it's one tremendous Abby says that you know I'd definitely would. Now he's now time is passed him by this movie bombs -- Smart people so it was pretty good. -- -- -- cliche and yet you see him out to you knows now people are now saying. Are at changes it was a McCarthy this movie the pulled from it was this ridiculed this week and got the worst reviews of -- yes it looks awful. And -- thirty million dollars with the female not attractive female lead a bad movie being a big hit. That's the game -- now they say that she's going to be this big star now the next few big female comedians start. I thought the first saw her with bridesmaids. -- the -- this for. Yeah she and before I got at the -- I get the joke with there. Bridesmaid I watched in full suit and handicaps the first row south. Where the movie which ones. -- will repeat mall will be -- reviews and rates as like do you podcast throwing on through -- -- on the team. -- movie she's a movie that's -- -- is the basic 64%. Say DiCaprio number two is still Denzel Washington. Say in the right he's really box office -- a lot -- it says fizzled but he's Johnny -- as a bomb left off all already outlawed that you did the one this past came a few months it forget it. It came out on all the thing about his mind yet -- three stickers in a row. DiCaprio -- Denzel Washington. Number -- DiCaprio is crazy Rory mat team sports which you know it was almost an interesting Steve -- expert at. Right to avoid -- -- for his news. It's like the you'd parents he gets married is like as the expert as a budget brutally millions those -- like as the budget is -- -- -- toy to it looks. Is to be in the tournament. Six or 77797937. That's headlines brought to you by AT&T. We get back to the Red Sox conversation off to get LeBron James. In a bad weekend for. One of the premier office of talented football that's stupid again music here. The mother breaks us so much that you might equity from the Jesus. And okay. Yeah. -- -- Then okay.

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