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The Red Sox are done 7-7-14

Jul 7, 2014|

Kirk and Rob opened the show discussing the last place Sox.

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-- -- Well I left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing changes 3949. On the homestand so far I've been the year they are to enforce that right where you were drug under the -- term. Rethinking his drought without open Visio that was driven government or. Helicoptered over them into Brewster millions. -- No this -- would start a -- -- now as I said during trending ten games under 503 worst team the American League they are. This morning with Tampa's win last night on Sunday baseball. In last place in the Yale -- the Red Sox season which I was the first to -- declared dead. About six weeks ago -- opera is now better than Disco it is over it is time to figure out what the -- they -- going to due 2015. Which to be fair this argue that lineup. The season is court. As we talk and it's written. Good night. Thanks for play -- is that what the they are hoping that you would be that I think it is to put time. July 7 it is to having you would agree right it's totally over yet. We keep mentioning history bee keeper -- example -- are defined in the historical precedent. Coming back but you have otherwise. The point is you look at the team I've said -- a billion times you look at this team in. You've had two times in the entire year were on July 7. Two times they've been able win more than two games in Europe. And if you do that this trend there and the -- here you have this. Stretch the cubs your -- the White Sox Astros going in the all star break. And you started out at 15. He yesterday you were you -- game history you know I actually one. As a tentative one yes right that's what by the cubs and when you -- to hold you back here to reveal the secret about this. DB ended cherry did have always thought I looked up -- I don't fly rule. Did fly to Atlanta which people can note nobody he floated away that'll -- get a draft ripening battery in the stores and compared them. B -- we learn how these meetings the stupidest thing god I mean. You know our because if you lose it doesn't happen to view -- if you win them you lose the next -- and it's like it matters like because John fairly these guys don't know. So what you're watching your -- in the game in the limo yesterday. Even yesterday okay good comeback for them. But it was the same old story where you have the the the one inning how this flurry but -- you -- in the game and there's no semblance of feeling like they're gonna score again. And and you look at the the Pedroia being thrown out stealing Republican Ortiz being thrown out by fifty feet. There's a reason for that if they don't think they're -- story either -- that candidate that does I'll give you ports I give you were teased trying to get. Though that's fine -- Lebanon's army is open twenty. The -- does that make any sense to me because -- tees up after. That's why he he almost never steal anyway -- that he -- not gonna walk Ortiz right. That's why he never steals any bright and so -- think it was just -- -- act of desperation he said after the game as much. That we -- we weren't scoring any runs we have to do something. I guess that the bad -- I mean the overall point is you can look at all these. The history in the east team -- came -- -- Kansas City last year -- Tampa Bay from a couple of years ago. But what you've been seeing for the first three months of the season. Does that suggest that I'm gonna go awry and now you're you reach a point where you have to say okay. Isn't market. Right in last year as a matter that's that's gone that's our that's this idea at this team is good blasters that it's almost certain that that's over that's. That's -- you can ultimately trying to figure away. Something to talk to -- this team winning ten of twelve games. Fourteenth twenty games mean that under so if they play let's just say for argument sake they play twenty over from today. Let's just say they -- that gets to 8676. -- they've only -- and more than two games in a row right -- I understand all year like point is let's just say that. That gets in the ten over 8676. -- -- -- when the division deep pocket as the titular head of Seattle or. The angels so what are we doing. There's if if there is. After the -- If Pierzynski here if Gomes is here. If TVs here if you are here of clusters here I -- completely -- I want to elude me the reason most of. Going Andrew Miller and Joseph Miller -- -- -- -- contract is up this year up this year Andrew Miller I Hedo Breslow. All these guys and so you're talking to vote Seattle on the Angel it's. It is all about division if if there ever gonna say we're gonna wait till the end of the month we're gonna see what happens over the next two weeks. It's all about division to the division stakes but even the division look at that Orioles team yesterday. That's a good lineup at the good and -- so with that team you say are you go make a trade for pitcher that's a legit team right. Right where this team with a Red Sox you have the pitching are ready. Is there going to be one piece one offer at the PC going to be able say it to get him and everything's gonna turn around now is not gonna first -- chain victory who prob once again be varieties. He's playing in wall one one's rights -- who get hurt after the -- a lot to the all star break I was thinking of this. A New York the other day. Victory over the Grand Slam. You -- that about. I call that role they wanted to they did win a World Series method yeah. What -- -- -- the column I wrote saying that -- contract was best of times just I'm obsessed on Twitter. -- -- -- Weigh in anybody in Major League Baseball with a victory right now for a year and a half -- twenty million. At what -- that's what you get paid by its back on it comes back to. You -- a hundred million that the design and World Series you win a -- okay that's a bad contract so he wouldn't worlds -- a year ago. Ever saying the reception in the back contract roster now they have like five or six. Mourinho is about conjure up Pedroia is a bad contract -- that's that's debatable we'll go ahead. Ortiz is not a good contract for next year William why do that that's not what we need him for next year let's not watch it well I mean these distilled expectation of Abbas threats -- still an expectation that you you gonna have to be unit next year. And you look at. If they had some semblance. Of an offense. This year there -- this year. It's true. That's true their website but your -- things interesting because to me. Because I think your -- contract's fine what what do you do when Ortiz is gone. Who -- -- you replace -- rookies in this comes to this trade deadline is that if you're gonna talk about what they have to do. You have to make some sort of bold move that -- a middle of the oral. God in the why at this deadline I don't know actually happened there can be well behind you aren't you. No no no August talked about it but just a result audit to figure out whether it's whether it's a guy who was cold weather guy I was younger. You this the problem going for the nobody talks about. It Ortiz can be here 112 more years. And -- what if you could you can rip on Ortiz all you want but if -- didn't have David Ortiz this line up -- about what it would be. An idea of you know of the worst record in baseball right now you might the Red Sox right now are. Three game four games that he used to for the worst record all the rest of -- -- showed heard about it did they -- nine games out of first. It'd mediocre division in four games the worst record in baseball yeah I think I think you know will get to Lester here at some point. But I do think that they're gonna have to sell if you look at that is -- has been -- AJ Pierzynski Jon Alter -- regret it now guys not put enough. But the point is Tuesday you have to start peeling off guys to get some some you do something. AJ presents he's not gonna help you for the last month it didn't help you for the first three I agree I'll tell you don't sell all these guys my point is what you pack for -- Nothing to get back repeat. Little rooting your back for -- legal blow it honestly this if you ride out PV. Star -- -- -- like you have the last couple times. Teams get desperate I guess the National League teams are great Andrew Miller caught talking on what did you want when they get to give up last Laszlo not a lot so it's oh well. All of the matter is will they trade you guys are gonna be all stars a week from whenever. Coach you are going to be named to the team right ones -- are -- -- and jobless for those two guys are the trade -- I don't think right. No why would you write -- them under control for a year so you have Lester and you have what are those two guys and people aged and. August of last year and a related story a week or so ago about what our trading closer to deadline you don't usually don't get it on form although you look back at the Gagne deal. Mean that was pretty domain at the time Kason Gabbard was thought to be good -- Murphy was still in the first round pick. Engel Beltre was -- young young prospect. But I think are you gotta go into this a few -- Sheraton. You can identify some young. Potential middle the order. India say -- We got these guys yeah bell Monday on this sell off by themselves are not gonna get this done I'm willing to trade one of these other prospects -- -- Do whatever you have to do to gift that god because. You need someone going to next here you cannot go into next year doing the same thing this year which is saying here's David Ortiz here's Mike Napoli these Dustin Pedroia and yeah we're hope in this 22 year old in a Bogart's democratic -- that's Jackie Brant well guess you guys say it's going to be -- -- that he needs it and Vasquez catching probably right. -- so it's going to be you know but well anyway it's like a wire comes up below we're hoping I mean that's where I think part of the biggest problem is that. In a program from legitimately thought of as a guy who was gonna help carry this conference fracture I thought so yeah. It -- 41 years old. Right. I got tees today is not numbers are so good the minorities and I thought afterwards and the World Series -- guy in the World Series last year it off to a good start and you thought. You know OK obviously disguised and I didn't figures and at 330 this year but I -- he's going to be better than he's -- he's in the middle of one of the reflects off the ball time which I have to be honest I'm OK with well people talk what set him down. Why I like the idea to go to some crap here at the start and working through this with teams that -- should do they should play guys like him. Jackie Bradley Center field every single then what's. Well you saw yesterday he started the ball over yet Friday in defensively it's an a couple of bits -- -- of the life of our when he when your -- but this is this is what happens in the team stinks right where you go back let's go back to the World Series maybe this should have been more of a warning. That you had one guy -- one guy carry your almost your entire team. Offensively -- you were being pitched around you were being pitched to opt in down that lineup. All the guys right now in the slide it I mean legitimately -- Ortiz obviously Napoli you have -- -- and it. -- -- -- -- little -- You know now please. To look at this look at OP yes. So you have. Mean Napoli still loves 830 OP yes you think that it's on Ortiz is 854 -- yes you take that. Brock -- brought you know tropical. Storm swelled to them you know he's a good player but it. If you carry team probably -- no no presents stakes. Bulbs that you know I go back to that article -- spring training with you -- you know I mean which one right agent -- shortly after. I -- over Tarek -- him death there's all these articles. The publisher are. There and but Ortiz you know complain about the -- and yet here's a you're right I mean. That more shot apple but boy -- is also frustration that you get a guy right. Well but it worked pretty well but I mean if you look at if you look at this I mean again AJ Pierzynski to for the -- open yes it's terrible so BP's off. Bets despite whatever -- habit that owns just over three again yesterday who strikeouts. Stephen Drew five and again it okay this week he would have won 51 it is the worst lineup. Well that's another guy penetrates. Through to move troops out of the some of the money. Yeah I mean if you some of the TV money yeah yeah -- -- -- -- I would imagine when does that start. What does it start why we are not I -- Largo -- said -- said this stretch. Starting with the Chicago answers it's strictly in the all star break I -- You had a chance to make up some ground -- chance to do something unit Chicago stinks. You have your real okay murals of what they are in the -- -- White Sox yanks the Astros got. And to be you have to command that 500 better but more importantly it had to show some signs of life. And they really haven't the other one in five right one in five so they have six games left and then you come back -- the brake and use the blue jays in the -- maybe they're thinking that maybe they're thinking hey. Missy where we do against the blue jays and rays by. I come back to it. That's -- to think that. But you are three and a half months in -- whatever it is. And you haven't shown anything to this point is not discuss whip like this -- -- -- -- to credit the last year and that's fine. You got to knock him for this year than a bad job putting this team together I mean I have to say that. You know there's no replacement in place for for Jackie Bradley says it was -- He gives an opera greats I mean Pierzynski didn't make sense to me at that time he seemed terrible fit he's got a -- the first -- -- presents yet so I mean it's just been it's been a -- a great deal last year find all the credible he won the World Series of buys some time. But this has been a bad year for -- if you really bad in regards Stephen Drew which I know you like the other guys like. It didn't -- people first guess that's the ice ball and it's been a disaster. Yeah I mean I'll admit I underestimated. The dynamic of dropping and a guy after taking two and a half months off. To me that's the biggest thing I know you say I can't understand why there it's on I can't. He had a guy who would know PS of over 800 against right impetus right you need somebody gets right handed pitching it made you better. Ball that shortstop and third base defense of late so I understood it but the problem was is that. It wasn't factored in that you cannot just drop a guy and play ten minor league games and say okay go get them. Well it can't mean some gold can not -- may really asks how guys that bunting guys are hurt for a couple months common and not stuff yeah players usually not after ten mile game if the weather at such a lot. No I mean I have ever rarely that was a that was news David and I don't know why they allowed the agreement of senate while they say content that's of course I did the ten minor league games -- -- -- don't -- -- anywhere -- -- -- -- No I don't know I don't know why did. I don't know that's -- that's the same message is -- the -- qualities when when was a year that some on the from a prominent ownership that -- something bull was the Lucchino and reduce people's via. Was at 2012 Wallace. He should -- same thing now. We really I mean it is just is important -- it it's it's yet you're not clear because we can admit. Right wingers sitting in 2012. And you're going through the Valentine that was a much more talented team and out right now. Yes before the trade yes I'll absolutely so yes there our right so. You know this is in different ways is just as important you have to make that sort of bold among. You have to do something where you can't just sit back for -- we're gonna ride out the young kids I think -- -- have to do something here. That this sets you up for next year aboard again I don't mean what is that. I don't know but it was -- agent says but for the 127 without -- thing and I don't be shy about trading when these young kids along with some of these guys like who. Bought an old cars and not Ireland I'm now entered Bogart all of us some of these pitchers. You know or -- you need you agree with me right that. One of the things that they have to address if (%expletive) things thumping in the middle Leo -- -- -- course Florida and David Ortiz. For all all the stuff that everyone talks about. He still is like at the end probably the most valuable guys now line yet all definitely he's the -- -- an -- it how do you replace some. What is the logical. He doesn't exist -- happens basically doesn't exist you're exactly right and any you know what he doesn't exist the free agency either would write that. List so -- guess maybe make it the open again and maybe they -- the maybe chart that throws a big prospect and one of the -- inner pitcher in. With one of these guys and it's a big bad back -- by the right as you look at next year. Right now is presently constituted. According to me better I assume I assume we'll talk about later as the show was -- so much for being. So your best picture is gone Ortiz a year older by the way is because he's -- issues that -- opiates and is -- a hundred points from last year. That's kind of natural decline that's what's gonna happen picture. Pedroia I think now is what he has Napoli is with the is maybe younger guys get a little better but. You have any reason I think that they bring the band back mixture descending turn around. Not well at all the UUK. I don't think you can go down that -- that you just keep rolling out Jackie Bradley. And saying he's our center fielder next here and that's another thing. That Jackie Bradley. You get to the end of the year he's playing great defense unbelievable arm really good defender -- yesterday again yet. But you get to the end of the year and he's hitting through ten to fifteen. So what's the path going into next year I don't know right he's there well it's a natural progression of things. To me and immunity you re a Giancarlo Stanton and I don't think it'll ever happen. But that's the type of thing I'm talking about is just if you talk about bold moves. Unload some of these guys. You gotta try jerk because there's no other answer well it's it's what they're doing. Arms -- surely try and I mean who else but I mean yeah who is the best hitting prospect in the Red Sox organizations not in Boston. That's a tough one -- every dumb -- Alex Alex knows better anyone's Kid Rock field ever comes up he's like nineteen years old news in the Gulf Coast League right that's probably not comedians. Now in for a couple years I mean Sean -- 2857. Will Mel Brooks I mean you know. Well -- the report you know the the Red Sox are turning down offers will mark -- and you know this is this a couple weeks ago here before the trade balance that might be -- But that's also shows you how desperate they are they that they have to keep any semblance of power potential on the New York. 6177797937. Bradford and hand in four DNC. Today on the Monday we'll get into a LeBron James go back potentially gone practically remembered a million bribes. -- -- I -- is MBA offseason so far really well you know has been nothing. Celtics' worst case scenario no love. Marcus Smart sixth there's been no Jews -- get it below the globe and Harold telling about bill press seats today down a -- -- -- -- depressive. The -- of you covering. Via -- early as LeBron sweepstakes the first four years ago if seriously if you were going to if you're going to our liberty while I rebel -- -- with general started and if you did I would say what are you doing right I don't understand and I I understand it down there's not much going on we get yet. -- Washburn -- for The Herald open. Both papers find something. -- -- makes -- unrest youth in this film yet you won NC Paul. Notes Paul's. Yeah yeah Oprah yes Oprah she's getting you know adding muscle. And -- Smart that's all I care about you do. For that thing -- rights derived average departure there yet does he wouldn't that he would give it does he would add is that Abbas some really is still the point where. When it's on NB TV cameras one camera and it's -- down the floor so -- though there can take its users. I mean it's like you it's like higher than -- The pitcher as a as a veteran journalist well covering the some relief and it's really hot nobody sees okay that's not talked to Larry -- the first all my friend -- -- tip -- -- -- protests. As were Jermaine -- -- the Celtics ball and you know -- restored Larry Bird. General. -- who were true well I'll tell myself now Larry by Google that Lakota light Larry Jermaine O'Neal sent the Celtics he said he didn't. Suggests that well. Expert -- that did happen. Did that. You sound effect happened way before -- ever word you know -- staring -- illegal bird dies is up another. Obviously. Didn't seem to. That change it was a like it's the reason why you wanna -- Bruce it was like Tuesday's Larry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That but it's. But -- that -- goes down that's the whole LeBron. You know when Ray Allen -- rail and you read. Some that would put their million crazy things. It was not that for a couple days if he'll -- and get a sense watching -- BTV yesterday gallery did. He and that's there's lot of -- this. It's obvious that when it was in UMass Boston. -- -- and I -- -- I have big literally and public health -- like the five camera shoot the normal things. Six what 77797937. When we get back. Rob is written extensively. Thousands and thousands of words of John generally I like -- -- -- our kids to like him a little repetitive as it -- about it again this morning actually posted. Yeah -- dies after. Lester is an all star he's a little Red Sox offense of the cared to hear appeals for game anymore. But I like doing the -- because you the actress employers I don't as they are the also at your whole brought the home run derby number one. It is awful terrible it's awful it's slam dunk got worse is joke is terrible. And in the all star game are you don't you know Myra I used to be I was a kid we get worked up are now snobs. -- well because if you care about the -- the emotions right now for this -- street couldn't make me here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it worked I was only two guys they are on the roster on the nationally roster which should be cared about. That you would get those names more -- back.

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