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Jonathan Herrera with Joe & Dave after his walkoff hit in Game1

Jul 5, 2014|

Joe & Dave talked to the Red Sox infielder after his pinch hit in the 9th inning gave the Sox a walkoff win in the first game of the doubleheader.

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Thanks much I've -- back -- -- really exploded they -- you have to bad if that's the most excited received Stephen along time. -- round. It was just like to see everything he's -- the song. The Olympics it was and I sold them. It's kind of funny strong enough but Joseph should get a guy I was strong arm as you know what -- center fielder in Jones. Did you think it might be a close play at the plate in the end it wasn't. -- -- I mean honestly I don't I was thinking that. As I got a few moments with my kind of tennis and -- when it happens. Somebody's. When did you get the word you'd be pinch hitting in that situation Johnson. I mean and on on the monitor them for the -- it was using everybody. Different situation so many dollars I need another right handed hitter and for the fans and he's there he's Mickey well Tulane you know we'll see what was really waiting for the alternate between -- 41 of the best in the league. They have finally done what what's the hardest thing about being ready to hit in this situation. Like that you're coming off the venture called the other swung the bat in the game yet to come up with a hit like that's a big deal -- what's the toughest thing about it. News. And when you look. It's -- you mindless. And these ratings and isn't anything happened -- me in typical post seasons in the cage before. About. How did you feel when they jumped all over you there after being. With us this. -- -- In this game yeah. Breathe breathe you -- works for everybody. How old will duly getting game to Jonathan okay. The guys -- plays -- --

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