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Brian McPherson, Providence Journal, talks about the Red Sox troubles

Jul 4, 2014|

Danny Picard, filling in for Dale and Holley, had Brian McPherson of the Providence Journal on the show to discuss the lack of productivity with the Red Sox.

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What's not I'm Danny would not fill in and the dale and Holley today. Because. I'm a Red Sox as you know. Got postpone a doubleheader tomorrow will be less and lack key. On the mound at Fenway against the Baltimore Orioles. I join me just a moment will be Brian MacPherson Red Sox beat Greta from the Providence journal he was at Fenway -- for a little bit it was a little media session. On the errant at all the players showed up even though I think they all pretty much knew they were not gonna get his game and with -- not the daughter of heart came tropical storm I don't look at. -- pistol but it has certainly. Ruined some things here on July 4 at this who supposed to have a baseball -- this afternoon and instead tomorrow. A double and well joining me right now all. Is Brian MacPherson Red Sox beat writer for the Providence journal. Good afternoon brought you stand Drudge today. It you're at Fenway hello we got the hollow was the media at Fenway today. Well I mean they were actually the players the clubhouse opened. I'm on schedule that was at a 45 minute -- John -- so it's free quick pick in the media generally all the players. Some of the players when it vacation homes pitchers all went out through his picture -- throw every day anyway. That today I think pretty much -- cleared out. It did did anybody have. Did anybody think that they were gonna play this game today or did people show up the wall clock Nolan they weren't gonna play they just wanted to get some market. I turn out hard helped her out so that he turned circulated via a deal with force with some of the players last night there's a possibility that we get it but. I mean I've I don't imagine what you'd get in front they're checking whether the morning note these -- -- -- game ritual that you ever team you just you get up and go to ballpark. And then you figure out what's going on let's get their act that tell you actually there talking to all of that use terms yet. What happens now I read that did. Chain victory always run around this morning and any outfield he did they catch that and and what. What does this that what is his status what does Shane Victorino status -- in the fourth of July. I don't think he was running around Fenway I'll -- didn't see that John Farrell said that he's continuing do you certain agility drills. I don't know if that happened today. I can imagine they would have done at all sort of potentially wet outfield. That he's used to it now doing kind of you know he's been -- back to before he started three games. You're running doing Julia -- what -- -- ground based activities. You know -- probably able -- about a little bit but mostly -- mostly he's just trying to get it looked back kind of get back working get an advocate and working. Not -- what about a middle Brooks in my cop dated Farrell talked about those guys give an update as well. Yeah Kirk's gonna be in Portland tonight. You know looks in the pocket in Syracuse. You know we're just so you change it figures still country's war for Angela wrote that he got -- -- girl that I don't know works fine help field. But that's still on hold because it's not gonna play third base hit it future. On carpet pulled an action parts that rightly surgery have that he used to -- two weeks without hitting. You definitely need a real long -- it -- feels fine but that taking entry had very slowly in part because. And you'll probably looked a -- have a long as he's kind of an imperfect fit for a roster you don't really know at Buick and I think -- stalling a little bit on this. As long as they can anyways but getting 23 that's it's time. And I think giving them a chance to figure out what they're gonna do with their roster perp and not. It's not great shape but then again -- wasn't great either and this -- tremendous contributors just suspicious not it hadn't quite. Well but bright and -- Brian MacPherson and let's not be right after the Providence journal went. What he went in July 4 the trade -- -- -- to July 31 put to use the invasion. Any sort of move because I just the move that I look at is. Why not try and find a spot for ruby de Oro city in the rotation I mean is that something that they consider him and obviously the optimal that's in my head is to somehow it. Get rid of Jake Peavy to make that happen I mean to. Do you do you expect any type of move whether repeat major on line in the next couple days -- used -- they're gonna let this play out with the with the current roster. I think you're doing what they can't nobody saying anything publicly certainly they would want unity that Jake Peavy should make clear here shopping in what. -- -- -- so well he was up for a week after. After buckles came back and -- -- an altercation came back from suspension. I'm human the Premier League per week and didn't -- -- and what in the fall or was basically. Putting in limbo he was saying to cover that person's physical stuff they want sure. If -- prior buckle -- whatever my defense. But they that we covered so they -- -- -- -- -- -- star maker got now that you got that seem sort of like forced excuse. What what really seemed to be happening was that they were holding the Baylor in the event that trade JP. And I think there's still an element of them. Talking teams apart the publicity -- that really -- starting pitching probably want to get involved in this market David Price. But those prices you can be really I think there waiting and now little -- maybe in the -- -- waiting to see what the prices can be. And you know trying to get as much as possible candidate you know -- to auction up a little bit and it's still -- teams that are interest in the market price. Can get a better feel for what's going on there won't be until after that they say that somebody makes a delicate efforts to crack. The world we gravity Jake Peavy instead. But he may just be too early so that I don't think the fact if you can still on the -- is for lack of trying it -- since we've got to be fired. And they'd better pitchers that will be available which cheaper pitchers will be available though you know. What planet that -- out somebody before embryo transplant the currency. Well at some point doesn't need to get you need to get past the what you're gonna get in return for TV because. I guess the way I look at a move like that is one. It it sends a message that you get rid of a veteran who's close with a lot of plays in the clubhouse and his very well respected well liked. As I've said in the show he's what he's one of the boys on this team in this clubhouse but also. I mean basically acquisition there is. You put Taylor roads and give him a permanent spot in the rotation and I actually think. That's a guy who gives you a better chance the women PP at this point at some point don't need to get past the fact to get a Red Sox. Forget about the value. For what you gotta get returned to TV and maybe look at it and say Daimler -- is the guy would advertise. Well I think you still wanna maximize your value I think it's still irresponsible to just give up access for the sake of giving up an -- -- you that you probably you get that financial sector first. And they -- not shall at their first TV guide you could sultry August with the money contracts so we cleared waivers. And you can probably stomach -- an August media. -- took looked great marks the time but he would not put him all along that inconsistency. I don't know that I necessarily agree that. The -- to -- you better chance to win right now that Jake Peavy peavy than okay he hasn't been that people people talk articulate and terrible. That he has to clunkers but he hasn't been terrible. Yeah you certainly not the reason they're losing these games I think offenses so the problem with this team that they weren't too much about certain locations looking the wrong thing. You know you make sense that team in the short term and long term to trade Jake -- get regular rotation I agree with that. But certainly the first week of July not the kind of a desperate that you're just gonna you know but people I think want Jake Peavy just that it is the first time. And there are no reasons you that that doesn't make sense and you're just giving away. You know guys can be effective pitcher. Give it a week and two weeks whatever it takes for the prices come down or whatever picture for -- to decide to pull the trigger he could actually get something about. Spiegel Brian MacPherson -- the Red Sox beat writer for the Providence journal the reason I mean the reason I bring that up. I I don't know that I'm looking at the wrong thing I guess and I'm trying to I'm proud -- myself and then Sharon and shoes here we not get two days off. They're coming -- that awful series against the cubs I think something needs to be done just maybe even shake up a little bit. And sent some type of message I do they get rated TV sensed some type of message I'd I actually think that I feel more confident with -- a stroke on. Then then MTV. On. That's also because I don't wanna I don't really wanna see any sort of major move we trade -- -- Dora Lackey or yet you go the other end of the spectrum you trade major prospect. For a big -- I don't think they got a goal to either of those extremes right now. And I guess I'll take first on you know the what's the situation. Where do you see this -- here because this delusion that they've both sides have curbed the talks contract talks. Do you believe that one. True if you do believe that do you believe that they will still talk at some point at some point during the all star break of the season. No interest -- to have that you cannot say. Certainly Lester made itself last week in New York like they had are there wasn't anything going on that he didn't really -- -- -- the embassies. That you wanted to focus on what they were trying to you now. I'll -- certainly didn't. That didn't exclude it he can from talking -- the Red -- that certainly but it does sound like. Lester returned to push until the end of the season so it's not surprising that Anthony's the data. That luster in the Red Sox have kind of push back the talks are -- -- -- -- the -- camp is ready cap cushion back as I did think that they would get back in -- get back together appeal server in -- -- with -- for motivational Red Sox are. Mean it also just may be -- -- that just like the -- one just like the Pillsbury the Red Sox have a certain value for what he -- -- actual gear and apparently there. And that doesn't match what -- anticipated value being a free agent. If you look around you what's happening just early in the right now look around and see that happening it's easy to that right now -- -- not a creepy point you to think. That the Red Sox might not want to. Promised Jon Lester 23 million a year until 353 picture -- good that he's been this year is that he's been the player options for all that. They're just because he's quote unquote program that doesn't guarantee anything going forward at least human Verlander and sabathia. Nor Albert Pujols in the position player -- the list goes on on. So it could just be that the Red Sox lecture at -- let the value -- not -- -- match -- -- actually Lester back just like they wanted to Ellsberg back. But they didn't want Ellsbury back at the price that other teams willing to pay. And that may end up being the case that it. Well it and the typical because obviously the replacing Oprah has gone very well and depending on the young guys in the lineup hasn't done very well. It probably has underperformed over the slump last month. You know middle -- got hurt hadn't hadn't played very well you know when he was healthy so. It would be difficult to keep them you know if you let if you will Lester walked into the chocolate or a Red Sox team that expects to contend every year. You feel good about going and -- with the rotation that basically -- Buchholz. And it worked may be able wrote an outlet should have a lot to get an application one time. Well you know what Henry -- waiting in the wings definitely not a leading the -- you -- something went to Joba structuring that that's a lot they used in the starting rotation. They've just gone through this with all the use those in the starting lineup -- this is situation you're not saying you don't -- just equate them. But I can -- reflecting wary of doing that that's why it seemed like it may attention to find common ground Lester. -- doesn't. And then you've probably seen them at least kick the tires on that Justin Masterson James Shields -- the other big free agents out there that has pitched in American League east before. -- feeling feeling like maybe they need to bolster that just a little bit so that they're not depending so heavily. On on work somebody else will go to a 129. -- lecture the Red Sox are aren't necessarily want to do. And you know with the Ellsberg thing I think they also dot. And maybe replacement is a strong word because you know terror plot easily. To replace -- very is really not gonna happen right now but it they had guys in the minor leagues. That they had their -- on and they thought of for a couple years to say this guy's gonna step into that spot or at least they think he's ready to step in. Do you sort of take the same strategy. Whiplash there and say hey you know -- They got a big lefty and Henry Owens that the the organization has pollen untouchable maybe they think he's got to be ready to step into big role. Org and the typical because obviously the replacing a very hasn't gone very well and depending on the young guys in the lineup hasn't done very well. It probably has underperformed over the slump last month. You know middle rooks got hurt hadn't hadn't played very well you know when he was healthy so. You know it would be difficult to see them Nokia let if you Lester walked between the children there -- -- and expects to contend every year. You feel good about going and actually with the restrictions that basically. Lackey Buchholz. And had a Workman bailouts and I'll let you that's a lot of young guys application one time. Well you know what Henry -- waiting in the wings definitely not awaiting -- you know -- -- -- went to Joba structuring that that's a lot they used in the starting rotation. -- just come through this with all the use those in the starting lineup that note this is situation you're not saying you don't wanna just equate them. But I can see the Red Sox being wary of doing that that's why it seemed like it -- tension and find common ground plaster. And it it doesn't. In -- -- probably see that at least kick the tires on -- Justin Masterson came shield while the other big free agents out there that has pitched in American League east before. And that feeling feeling like maybe they need to bolster that just a little bit so that they're not depending so heavily. On on -- Bill -- Webster -- whoever it might be. Let's say they're not close the a Jon -- trade a lot -- eyebrow I think they've got to sign I think when he spoke about our hometown discount until he's genuine about that I think he wants to stay. I think at play in the game I think both sides plan again I think ultimately gets a deal gone and he stays here because this is where he wants to be. This is all he knows and I think at the end of the day you'll get a good enough deal will be happy when it. But let's say they are far pod to the Red Sox and detained before July 31 it to trade lest you think. You actually -- -- -- if they're far behind. In the American League east -- far behind the wild card and basically there still are -- if it'll gain ground they still are in Amman where they are now. And they're not going anywhere they're already be under 10% to make the flaps -- a lot of the projection system. This is they're not good place they're behind too many teams that you are back all the things. So things need to change dramatically for the feel good about contending. And then eat it too far apart with -- that -- can it get any closer want to get free agency that's so they can add to that point construction creating offers. But right now they're not negotiating against anybody out there now they -- picking up somebody. Bachmann got better so they're out of contention and they don't see the light at the end of the tunnel -- Jon Lester. It on the team had. At a price that is palatable to them I think you have to start thinking that especially look around back aren't treated -- achieved strong prospects. And Michael since AG Edwards and he'd get backhand return for the Red Sox if you're not going anywhere this year would probably be irresponsible not to at least think about. -- did people talk about -- bold gutsy struggle and obviously and it's tough to watch. But this idea that they could somehow think about send them back down the -- to me it is absolutely ridiculous. Mean it it depends which isn't the problem because -- relatively shortly immediately -- And that's not something you're gonna fix the minor league but it -- something overall the problem with who we keep shifting his weight and swing the problem mechanics of the swing. And I could see an argument or. Get him back down their -- is -- -- working not trying -- much because nobody else scored on either because there's certainly an element that. Especially when it sitting near the top of the lineup putting too much pressure on himself. And just letting the mechanics of the swing that a lack. -- maybe even mildly are better placed six I don't see that happening and keep him staying up big. And they're. They don't have enough good players as it is there's nobody is screaming out replace them anyway it's not like there's no we automatic carriage he. Has been fine -- Huckabee not exactly you know. Pounding the door down for -- His Nokia with under 700 there slugging 335 I think that's not. The purpose or caddies they will be he clearly going to be better then bring him -- -- You know will then Roberts they believe that -- -- lot and I believe it is maturity and approach. And a lot of people -- freaking out let them months and months what. Started -- long slump and specially players and I think you're a text do you believe it in his abilities figured out and get vaccinated what -- here. I've brought finally. Biggest question of the day question of the week question of the month can the Red Sox get back into this time. I think I mean they're gonna have to show us something we haven't shown yet and it they don't show anything we have -- -- -- waiting for weeks. That's for them to -- Cilic in the opposite capability. To match that they've been doing have a certain Turkish side politics somebody coming back. You know I think it was a little demoralizing -- Shane -- sat back and geeky guy who could come back at a given moment shall. The extent to trade away somebody gets something at least a rental player in the land you know what players are gonna kick this thing anyway itself. -- things really really have to turn around it happened before it seemed to go on runs that he'll -- break before but. We've seen a trash talking for three months they've been that same team that it can't really hit for three months and I think you'd be very very optimistic that it's something we changed now. With no changes relate to personnel. Over what you seem to last street. I brought it -- listen I appreciate it -- -- time there on the holiday on fourth of July to join me great stuff as always and authorities don't. I -- Brian MacPherson. Jack about Providence journal Red -- big right. The Providence journal great stuff right the end given us his insight on the Red Sox team I can save us. If you wanna strategy here. -- -- He kitchen that's at any point saudis and may be looking at the wrong place by talking about the -- talking about -- -- But if you keep pitching good chances to win every night. That's the way I look at it one -- at a time one at -- with a runner in scoring position at a time. And may be a hope that a couple of the big dogs in the middle this lineup get hot. In those spots and you can make some average pitches -- especially in her own ballpark early when you have runners in scoring position in those games. And if you can keep pitching and you got a chance again I you know I get the problem is offense -- At least if you can keep given the offense opportunities to maybe do something -- man. You can win 21 game you can win three to two games they get that they haven't been able to do that yet. But at least in your kitchen staff. Do everything you can or if you're the front office to everything you can to put -- pitching staff in position to help the offense when the little scorned. Keep pitching that's my message. But -- you gotta make a move to make sure that rotation is as good as it could possibly be -- -- somehow find a way to get Baylor roster update. If it means get -- Jake Peavy. And send a message that team in the process by getting rid of one of the more popular guys in a -- -- and certainly a well respected veteran. Then make that -- make that happen hasn't happened yet. I just think it seems to be pretty logical that it should. I'm buoyancy 61777979837617. 7797937. On Danny ricotta filling in for bill Raleigh Sports Radio W yeah.

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