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Rob Bradford with Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos

Jul 4, 2014|

Rob Bradford is talking trade deadline and what goes into a teams process leading up to the deadline, and are there more teams this season as buyers or sellers.

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Welcome back to the trade deadline just sponsored by held New England -- some rob Bradford of WEEI dot com and now on the phone we're privileged to have Alex and topless general manager of the Blue Jays. And Blue Jays the first place Blue Jays and Alex thanks for joining us first of all. -- -- -- -- So this is a unique time a year and I know you've gone through it a few years now and and you were heading into July. How unique is it for you being in the position that your team is compared to maybe some the other seasons that you've experienced. Don't laugh -- I think. -- not even look at last Ares still. I don't know that any you know we're. You know 38 hours and I've not ever made it you don't have a chance to get otter chip on the ground and you know -- it's just the mindset when -- -- an 8:8 -- May have been a little bit more of a realistic. And okay we have Charlie probably should. Now that I had to -- what is your general managers chair. If they like -- chances are good. But. You know you don't have to. -- it and it's still locked in. Egypt after the -- midway mark so. I think it's a bullet very reluctant to the well it's targeted -- -- -- the last minute but I don't want. Was that dynamic QB change more last couple years Alex where. You have even more parity you have obviously the wild card it in teams are bunched together and there's very few teams it seems it would just say. Absolutely we're going to be sellers is is as that changed over the last few years. Yeah I think it's been very accurate -- -- I might -- here. You know we were we were not expected needed. It -- -- but I didn't. Without a doubt he -- know them well it was having him and -- start obviously is seventeen over the break. 34 years old at one where your political option. It didn't notice aren't that it definitely is traded -- on a girl that brought up I've got down -- just. Let everybody go and -- and I'm that we made a trade where we are Gonzales you know or. -- -- start to contend. Knowingly make their trade you know -- city 230 it started in no home runs. And the Dallas was critical about the evidence wonderfully on the field and us having a great opera season but we opted to go for the long term peace. Knowing full well that that we we want anybody here right now against the wild card. Was very. There's definitely more buyers or sellers. And it's completely. Understandable because it whether it's got a pay raise or even. The -- made a late round last year things can change after the you know converse to that. -- -- collapses while also. You'll have a chance. It you know without naming names without identifying teams if you had to sit right here right now on the teams that you're talking to. Could you say it would be fair to say there is there is less than a handful teams they have to find themselves to sellers right now. Alia I might even say how are the -- Finally -- once seen. That's saying okay we're ready to make and -- right right now. It might just and it literally but much of an edge carpet every team that like you had a pretty good also talk to and Arafat. -- has taught him that I took the position here today right to be in July before the break it is only once -- occurred to make trade at least eight. I think the other or more in. It vote definitely had to deal also agree that the. You know so who who -- that said are you what are you just -- in do you just know this is going to be a lot along month because of that dynamic in that. Why you're going to be buyers you you you're thinking. This is gonna come down is just being in the -- is gonna come down to the very end of the month. At this I once. All star break I think he's done. Is pretty big. A lot of clubs go to the break but I think once you look at it is also going to look back at the start of the club's. And yes it is really thought about it coming out of the break I think it was their decision but that is part of what had discussions and teams are preparing -- by yourself. -- just so proud and prepared to make the decision but they're getting ready whether it got it billions of the clubs. They're starting some of the big lead and -- -- right now in my mind is doing their work and doing their due diligence. Being prepared to go both ways. And just have the flexibility regardless you know to our club plays. So. You know I I don't know that -- really right down the line but I think it -- it always to wrap up. Certainly come out of the break. Some of those really starts to it is certainly a lot at the bit power in the discussion of what he thought -- series that went. Allison's obelisk general manager the Toronto Blue Jays who have this and Alex I remember last year where we talked about you making the trade. You said one of them and one of the reasons you want to go down that road is 'cause you have this dynamic you have being Ganassi on you had but he's in the -- the order you like do that too. The Manny Ortiz this than the rarity of having that sort of presence in the middle the order in our city here and it's really working out. It is this the hardest thing to do when baseball right now to find those. Guys who can -- the -- -- the power -- -- middle of the -- guys -- to be honest with -- the Red Sox are really struggling with that and then they're trying to find a guy may -- -- Bogart's. But Q do you see that is that if you had to get -- -- on the trade deadline this year it might be the most challenge and challenging thing. -- as far as that you know we haven't really been in the in the market for a big power back that we would take what it. When it was available only upgrade but it because we haven't really acquired have been in the market. I don't know if so they have a great field. World and airmen are -- that is sometimes the army and the guys that are potential free agents. And certainly -- -- -- by -- those guys only become available but you have to talk I don't know that there's. Those big power back of it available. And I'd been a little spoiled into really. 2000 and the emergence of the and I said the for the past. Not Tampa Bay felt little luck and Crosby any of those 44 home runs. Any part of years ago was you know little -- -- Ortiz and permanent department Jeremy Giambi in any emerged. And we certainly I don't work with those entities in Atlantic -- you know. You know I think is some of that in. -- from our standpoint that we do believe that it's rare to have both those guys under contract. In the prime of their careers and looked at. All these years that we've had -- and Roy Halladay Carlos Delgado Shonn Greene. Vernon Wells -- -- winners here MVP he's still Ursula sluggers all of them but -- remembers. Anything other than that you guys wanted to look at articulate about. By getting into the playoffs by doing those things that anybody remembers individual. Years. Where. Agree yours but it didn't answer immediately and so I think that hasn't been -- -- -- at all and that's partly why -- Italy it was a -- unpleasant he left. The thought being. By the time. And here because they almost all of a struggle. Probably option and we remind people Mike Trout is that the announcers as. That option archery is an option. But again it's an eagle of the option growing pains and finally establish themselves. We've got a good chance -- the -- because you know the but it -- those guys are probably convert on the it certainly slowed -- out of. It Alex are you know you talked earlier about the all star breaking get to that point though one of the instances and I'll never forget would Roy Halladay. Standing in front of -- locker right before -- starting the game and saying I'm answering the questions about potentially being traded. Here for as long as you want and then I'm not talking about a going forward. The reason I bring this up is because around here Jon Lester is a big conversation is going to be free agent at the end of the year. It just -- just tell me -- what you remember about the Halladay situation in respect to. When -- when you're looking to deal a top of the rotation guy or that's your exploring that. What's that like for general manager obviously everyone wants a guy like apple what was that like. Not -- at all. And I was there -- was an aging and -- through charity arm. And I think kids -- -- -- another -- -- I would -- is at Talladega and it is very very. -- It won't speculate on players that are that are going to be free agents and we potential free agent. And that was it. Because it was in very obvious that it -- acknowledged by the club in north by everybody. That Roy it was indeed shop. But it was available and I think it was made clear across the board so. -- it available at the close but no parties. Well I thought expecting a deal that happened because there were serious discussion is his dialogue and that was started doing that. Well I think I understand it living anywhere that's supposed to be a free agent as it could be a free agent civil war speculate on that that it -- that the club. Is planning country that's where having dialogue if I'd be completely the opposite that might be -- -- them. If you look at Cole Hamels a few years ago. I'm critical ever available scheduled to be agent. But they'll probably try to sign Manning finally did. So from an athletic standpoint I don't let it. Knowing who play in unilaterally. I like to be more -- it just goes about his work and I don't think enjoyed going to do that at least you know that was the feedback I got in the season. That the day that we live in. I just believe what he did it it reportedly it's. Great class very gracious but he got to the it's -- -- performance in the high level all summer everything every week. Basically when asked about it all the time again that was has specific because it was clear he was available it was clear. People having discussions and that was on the open was the open -- I was aware of it I don't know that compared to anything else. In Dallas last question from me is along the lines of that going back to how they situation. One of the things I remember I think it was a GM meetings that you had to answer questions about was potentially. Dealing -- Halladay. In within the division. And and that's a conversation being had now -- is another guy and I guess I understand why you can't talk about specifics but David Price. It it if the Yankees are gonna do anything people say they'll be a regular David Price but is not that simple because it's in the division. When you went through that dynamic how did you view -- guy in the division and maybe you don't even beyond -- how would you guard who how would you view dealing. Significant player within deserve the division. Well I think you know there's no question of injury it involving equally -- and I can -- in the division. Is that it might be just a hair better. In the division I don't think he talked about it which ultimately wanted to bet -- but if you bet it was -- division that was -- -- We're prepared to do it as much as people make it out of stop that the best it was in the division of the patent and about of course what is a little more complicated. Can he get Patrick. He could control where he was going to go. That was right you're not right it's -- -- A lot of contact here and you know they'll be present for that because. It is definitely the -- of course if it's at the end of the year and didn't get a -- -- -- They'll look at other people might lose sight of is currently dark but it certainly is even make a great player. Just because you know everyone's gonna wanna -- our -- don't want great players but as a team trading a player. It's almost an elite eight especially like these that make a lot of money and that was the dynamic for our audience. Certain to break it down as. What -- how they would -- -- afford the player at that salary because some clubs is not big on that that the current contract. Period and it is all you know about that eliminate those clubs right there second component is. Which of those clubs they can afford to pay the players that fit into -- -- Happy young players that you comedy you like Apple Valley there was clubs Adam. And they just -- that is that what we want -- we don't want guys that is -- and forward -- -- control what I remember being our step by club. We -- young player that we thought had a chance to. This is stick around for awhile and don't be affordable at minimum salary bracket has done so we used to bring it and it was the it can work -- bit flatter and you know what you find that match. Or an update on. And those that bet that component. Of what. You look at pro player. The players the earliest we see the region and I think. It except go to a place -- not on -- and so on because he's six months away from -- coaches want to go. When the a's all of a lot of things to think about and Alex and all you got a lot of things to think of I hope your enjoy yourself I tell you watch and you know this I've picked you guys. The -- division every year since 2003 and and I jump ship this year so. -- well I think you Waldorf. Yeah I. It's it's you know it to -- final fight club all the clubs really. Particular division of -- respectable in the standings are halfway there -- changed as the policy that. And -- -- well hopefully this. You know the good trip to see how we do going into the break and hopefully come out and play well and I just don't think it's there it's -- LB it's going to be critical hit success in this division they'd going to be grinding early and I would definitely not. Cannot any of it because right now we're just. We too much talent. All great people up there and and good job so far Alex I really appreciate you joining us. --

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