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The Trade Deadline Show with Rob Bradford, 7-3-14

Jul 4, 2014|

Rob Bradford talks about whether the Red Sox will be

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Are righty. MLB trade deadline show up rob Bradford WEEI dot com Alex -- my partner who will be my partner going forward in these -- shows which will be. Almost every Thursday off days hating on fuel July 31 which should be non waiver trade deadline Alex is on assignment tonight. There's no better time to be on assignment in July 3. At 10 o'clock at night but that's what he has he's he scouting he minor league game. Speaking of study in my league game of the quick aside this came from lodge here park -- they always to a fine fine job there and who knows someone from that field which I was watching tonight -- -- -- On July 31 before. They said this is the MLB rate deadlines shows sponsored by a New England insurance. Was if you -- to sit around and you sit around waiting for the fireworks I understand that. But he also listened to the show for good reason you sit around in front of the computer hub and the dark. I encourage you go -- and the dot com. Because you're -- final all whole lot of information there we're going to be talking more and more as the month progresses as I said this is the trade deadline shall be doing this. Once a week. Usually ten to twelve. As I think you're close to we might switch it up and get closer to these 6 o'clock hours 617. 779. 793761777979837. If you wanted to join the conversation. Via the phone or at the eighteenth he tax line 37937. Read your attacks in the wanted -- listen I understand the Red Sox are OK we understand. We we we are toll on the same board they are not a good team right now. They haven't won more than two games and grow. Other than twice this year -- seven game win streak the other three game win streak the seven game win streak came against Tampa Bay and Atlanta all teams are playing terribly at the time the three game win streak came against. Minnesota and they scored a total five runs so you get to July 3 and you have only one more than two games twice. That's a problem that's not trending in the right direction so our goal here in the trade deadline so sparked by a knowing interns. Isn't so much to say well you gotta do this or this happened or you know or break down and the double play from three weeks ago. Runners in scoring position it is or where -- the Red Sox go from here where do the Red Sox go as we head toward -- non waiver trade deadline. Last year remember they got -- Orton then two days before they get Jake Peavy we understood that we remember that. By the conversation gets really interesting starting right about now what -- doing the show tonight we're gonna talk to a few different people. Hope you enjoyed it. First one will be coming up Alex in topless Toronto Blue Jays general manager the first place Toronto Blue Jays. Who's in a really interesting situation remember the Blue Jays a team that I take every single year to be in first place. Since 2003 finally I'd jump ship on them and all -- now ball. There they are first place. Well there they are in pretty good spot. Now we understand American League east everyone's lumped together but they're pretty good spot. There is no question the Blue Jays are going to be buyers there and are going to be sellers no doubt about. So Alex and couples will be joining -- -- it later in the show Ortiz could be talking about. How he sees he market unfolding. What's available out there and and kind of comparing the Roy Halladay situation from a couple years ago did Jon Lester. Scenario which we gotta talk about as well. Throughout the -- was treatment joined this -- relic from the Houston Chronicle. Also get a call in and reason why I'm so -- trust -- doctor Avant a piece office. It's -- article. Fascinating. The leak about all the tock the Houston Astros front office had over the last ten months regarding trades. It was all -- out there. And while it's okay its an interesting conversation -- -- how'd that happen -- the -- do it -- interest in the timeline I was -- wanna talk to -- -- about. I'm like this gives this an example of how these things unfold so between the conversations with Alex and -- try to Blue Jays GM. And have a drought and Alex Spears -- going to fool leaders to break away from his assignment. We get an idea of kind of where we're at in this non waiver trade -- -- as I said these things are picking up now. I mentioned really quickly in this whole monologue suggested talking about it populace ground can all rest. -- -- -- So when we talked about the Red Sox. First thing we have to talk about with a non waiver trade deadline which again July 31 I think it's about 700 hours ago. First thing we have to identify buyers to sellers now we've put a poll and RBI dot com earlier today. It are the reds expires this everyone thinks they are going to be -- everyone right now -- the actors sellers. -- wholly understandable. How I look at it right now and I said this would be in the cup series which is. You have twelve games back then twelve games before the all star game -- played the Cubs play at your -- played the white -- that team the Astros bad team. When you get to the all star break that's when you start deciding buyers cellar right now if you had asked. Certainly trending toward the cellar. And if you gonna do that you have to integrate Jon Lester in the conversation yet have to integrate co Q are in the conversation you guys you'd never. Not would be talked about in trades before. And both fascinating conversations. Because. It's not a no brainer that out of the industry these guys and I gonna bring up Jon Lester first. Jon Leicester. To save Iraq. Well Jon Lester you keep them around and he walks you get a draft. The point is is that if you're going to trade Jon Lester you're not only have to get the right value of a player back but -- have to get the value over draft pick back go back to last year. Someone tell me. -- anybody who was traded. Who would have been a qualifying -- guys in other words anybody would trade who would have been attached to a draft pick nobody. Nobody Bud Norris no. Jake Peavy I don't think the White Sox are going down that road. That's the point that's why it's so difficult to trade a guy like that that you have to get that value back. Trade Jon Lester. You have to get back the player. Or players. Plus whatever valued you'd be losing in that draft. There are some interesting conversations today already on the race. The first one on the go back a couple weeks I do a podcast of the -- -- show. Things I find interesting maybe a bunch of people don't find interesting but I hope they do. And I talked to Jon Lester and one thing I talked to Jon Lester -- Was what if it came to the point. Where they were exploring a trade how would you feel about that. What what would Jon Lester feel if they actually were going down the road of exploring a trade. -- -- -- You know I think those. What are enters this and it and I think we all feel including -- You know give them where we are now it's here. That. I mean I think every year when you get to the trade deadline it's always a possibility. How great a possibility is I don't know is united in that room you know make some phone calls. I think obviously this year with with kind of a unique situation we we could be in at that time. You know I don't know I mean a couple of said. If if they feel like trading mean it is who's gonna make the boss -- it's not better for the future then. No hard feelings I mean it's it's been a good -- business. As Jon Lester on the -- social podcast couple weeks ago when little intro to bench. Now now the -- -- the bench Eric little taste. Old taste from this morning on Dennis and Callahan in man man. A poorly all wanna play will bench arrogant talking about Jon Lester after you order -- Lester feels about. You know I think John those. Larry enters this. It and I think we all feel putting on. Yeah yeah where we are right now the team. Yeah what what the stakes. For all of us over the next. You know 23 weeks. That we are focused on the season and he knows. In the big picture -- no longer here. You know reduce soccer. -- I thought about -- literate now up. And you know great powers will start this season. Okay. All understandable. Everywhere and say the right things. I'm gonna come back to you trades are Lester what you have to get back is the players and the value over draft pick. Now this is assuming they feeling out of it because I don't think they think that way right now. Was go back in time 2000 -- yet Tampa Bay about six or seven games out at the all star break they come back we understand it it will take. Not usual circumstance to come back in that situation but they did so we've seen other teams do. The Red Sox wanna get the all star break they wanna see where -- -- specially after the schedule then decisions will be made I feel. Now in regards to Lester -- say they're out of it it's a big start going the other way even more. Now the conversation becomes more and more and more. It makes more sense to trade Jon Lester. Well. Thing is. Is that you'd just give them away number one obviously. Obviously. And then now we also know this week. That the Red Sox won reading -- a little bit with Jon Lester. With contract now. Is that because. They want a kind of feel -- hope they wanna see where he sat. Then. If really isn't there's no common ground to be at. Did you get toward the end of July in bowl. Hey we're not to work got to deal we're gonna trade you. That's that whole hypothetical situation but when we're talking about the non waiver trade deadline which is exactly what we're talking about. -- on July 3. At -- something in night. Heading storming on into July 31. We have to pay all these scenarios. We have to pay them all. All good conversations 61777979837. As I said. -- in topless try to Blue Jays general manager will join us shortly. -- relic of Houston Chronicle the -- by the Desmond article. About the timeline that was revealed no leaked documents. And Alex -- also after the top of the chime in and Alex will be great -- about what the Red Sox have in the minor league system. To deal from who got which guys they might wanna deal which guys he might not. 6177797937. ATT tax line. 37937. The other thing I wanna talk about cup points tonight I we have a lot of gas -- lot of conversations. We talked about Lester potentially getting -- well if the Red Sox are going to deal anybody. What do they need. Okay their offense stinks we understand that all what I wanna get into -- and what I'm fascinated. I'm -- in populace about this. He came out when they made that trade with the Blue Jays and said we are making the streak if we have Encarnacion. And we have Petit stepped. We do not wanna waste those power bats in the middle of our order much like Manny and Ortiz with a Red Sox back in the mid 2000. Do not what those are the hardest things again so. When you're looking for the Red Sox what they need to debt in it's great. Buyer or seller I don't care. What you need to get -- you start have to start building some power bats. Just gonna have to start solving that problem. Because much alike in -- -- didn't wanna waste those two guys you do not wanna waste David Ortiz last couple years here another conversation would be dad. We get all too. MLB trade deadline sponsored by -- doing an insurance. Strategy first insurance last -- club. -- dot com until you go there after this break. Toronto Blue Jays GM. Welcome back to the trade deadlines shows sponsored by -- knowingly insurance I'm rob Bradford of WEEI dot com and now on the phone we're privileged to have Alex and topless general manager of the Blue Jays. And Blue Jays the first place Blue Jays and Alex thanks for joining us first -- -- -- program let him. So this is a unique time a year and I know you've gone through it a few years now and and you were heading into July. How unique is it for you being in the position that your team is. Compared to maybe some the other seasons that you've experienced. The last I think. I mean are even a look at last -- still. I don't know that any let you know your. You know 38 hours and I'm not ever -- it did you know that wish they can't get otter chip on the ground and you know maybe it's just the mindset that I was an 88 you know. They've been a little bit more realistic. And okay we have Charlie probably. Settlement. My -- that it is -- -- here. If they don't like -- chances are good. But. You know you -- flat out market and -- still locked in. It just activities at midway mark. So. I think it's a bullet very reluctant to the well and it targeted -- -- me the last minute over Ottawa. Was that dynamic QB change more last couple years Alex where. You have even more parity you have obviously the wild card in teams are bunched together in this very few teams it seems -- would you say. Absolutely we're going to be sellers is is as that changed over the last few years. Yeah I think -- very accurate they would I might burst here. You know we were we would not expect -- It got windy but I didn't. Without a doubt he didn't know them well and driving -- and false start obviously it seventeen over at the break. 34 years old at one where your political option. It didn't notice aren't that many -- traded our date -- -- brought up I've got down there have been just. Let everybody go and and you know we made a trade where we -- our Gonzales you know or. -- it start to contend. Knowingly make their trade you know -- -- to 38 times in no runs. And good balance was grit -- clubhouse was evident wonderfully in the field and as having a great opera season but we ought to go along serve peas. Knowing full well that that we we went silent anything you right now against the wild card. With parity. There's definitely more buyers or sellers. And it's completely understandable because it whether -- at bay rays or even. The Royals made a late round last year things can change fast and you know converse to that. RG yeah it is collapses well so. You'll have a chance. It you know without naming names and without identifying teams if you had to sit right here right now on the teams that you're talking to. Could you say it would be fair to say there is there is less than a handful teams that have defined themselves to sellers right now. Alia I might even say how are the top of my head. I don't view once seen. That's saying okay we're ready to make the right right now. They might just literally and much of an edge carpet in every team -- like you did a pretty good also talked to enough. Jim and so -- and -- I usually as we sit here today right could be in July before the break. It was only once it's -- to make trade at least he. I think the other or more in. It vote definitely had to deal also agree as well. You know so who who -- that said are you what are you just -- in do you just know this is going to be a lot along month because of that dynamic in that. Why you're going to be buyers you you you're thinking. This is gonna come down is just being in the month -- -- gonna come down to the very end of the month. At this -- I -- essentially. All star break I think he's done are there is a pretty big. A lot of clubs going into the break but I think once you look at it also can be expected to start their clubs. And -- it is getting dark about it coming out of the break I think it was a bit of decisions but it is quite Edwards had discussions and teams are preparing rather apply yourself. I just thought -- prepared to make the decision but they're getting ready whether it got it billion development clubs. -- it's starting some of the big -- as -- right now in my mind is doing their work and doing their due diligence. Being prepared to go both ways. And just to have the flexibility regardless of the Italian club place though. I am not as critical really I got a -- -- it I think it it would it always wrap up certainly come -- -- the break. Some of those really starts to. It took me a lot and the -- in the discussion on what he is our worst series that went. Allison's obelisk general manager -- Toronto Blue Jays who have this and Alex -- remember last year where we talked about you making the trade. You said one of them one of the reasons you want to go down that road is 'cause you have this dynamic you have being Ganassi on -- -- but he's in the -- the order you like candidate to. The Manny Ortiz this than the rarity of having that sort of presence in the middle of the order in our city here and it's really working out. It is this the hardest thing to do when baseball right now to find those. Guys who can hit the Bob -- the power guys -- -- the -- guys because to be honest with -- the Red Sox are really struggling with that and then they're trying to find -- guy may -- -- -- But Q do you see that is that if you had to get -- doesn't on the trade deadline this year it might be the most challenge and challenging thank. -- I was trying to -- you know we haven't really been in the in the market for a big power back that we would take one of what was available only upgrade but -- because we haven't really acquired have been in the market. I don't know if I have a great field. Ordinarily are beyond that it sometimes the obvious candidate guys that are potential free millions. And certainly an article -- -- those guys only become available but there are the top and I don't know that there's. Those big power back and -- available. And -- -- well it's probably been. 2000 and the emergence of comment on. -- today not a lock and it cost me any of those 44 home runs. I think part of years ago was you know little luck and Ortiz in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- emerged. And we certainly -- -- -- was voted he's been in an accident you know. You know I think it some of that and built from our standpoint that we do believe it's it's rare to have both those guys under contract. In the prime of their careers and we looked at. All these years that we've had -- and Roy Halladay Carlos Delgado Shonn Greene. Vernon Wells these guys are winners the DP he's still Ursula sluggers -- but no members. Anything other than that you don't want to look -- at -- By getting into the playoffs but do those things that anybody and numbers individual. Years. Where. Players -- years but they get to play answered immediately and so I think that -- the -- on us at all and that's partly why we -- what we -- -- much they love their young players and he left. Them the being. By the time. And here because the -- also struggled. On the option and we remind people Mike -- is -- answer is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But again illegal -- option in the growing pains and finally establish themselves. We thought the pitching that the rays because you know but it does those guys are probably stronger on the it certainly slowed -- out of that. It Alex are you know you talked earlier about the all star breaking get to that point though one of the instances and I'll never forget -- Roy Halladay. Standing in front of the locker right before restarting the game and saying I'm answering the questions about potentially being traded. Here for as long as you want and then I'm not talking about a going forward the reason I bring this up is because around here Jon Lester is a big conversation is going to be free agent at the end of the year. It just -- just tell me on what you remember about the Halladay situation in respect to. When you when you're looking to deal a top of the rotation guy or that's your exploring that. What's that like for general manager obviously everyone wants a guy like -- what was that like. Not fun at all. And I was there I was I was an aging and -- futurity. And I think it's not a pleasant other team's building I would say is at Talladega and it is very very. -- It won't speculate on players that are that are going to be free agents and we potential free agent. But -- It was eight because it was in very obvious that it would acknowledged by the club. Knowledge by everybody. That -- it was policy being shot. But it was available and I think it was made clear across the board so. No it available that the -- as well parties. Well I thought expecting a deal that happened because there were serious discussion is dialogue and there was talk to do and that's what I think I understand the age -- -- -- -- it's supposed to be a free agent -- it -- be a free -- people want to speculate and so -- but it doesn't mean that the club. Is landing country that's where having dialogue it might be completely the opposite that might be criticize them if you look at Cole Hamels a few years ago. -- -- -- Never -- scheduled to be agent. But they'll probably try to sign him and they finally did. So from that standpoint. I don't let it. The Phillies will play in you know how he -- me. We're -- it just goes about his work and I don't think enjoyed going to do that at least you know that was the feedback I got in the season but. As for Danny that we live in. And I just believe what you did it it reportedly it's. Great class very gracious but he got to the it's credit to its performance in the high level all summer everything every week. Basically when asked about it all the time -- again that was has specific because it was clear he was available it was clear. People having discussions and that was on the open we've got to -- it was aware of it. I don't know that it compared to anything else. In Dallas last question from me is along the lines of that going back to how they situation. One of the things I remember I think it was a GM meetings that you had to answer questions about was potentially. Dealing -- Halladay. In within the division. And and that's a conversation being had now -- is another guy and again I understand why you can't talk about specifics but David Price. It it if the Yankees are gonna do anything people say they'll be a regular David Price but it's not that simple because it's in the division. When you went through that dynamic how did you view -- guy in that division and maybe you don't even beyond -- how would you guard who how would you view dealing. Significant player within deserves the division. Well I think you know there's no question of injury it involving equally you know I can -- the division. Is that it might be just a hair better. In the division I don't think we talk about it which ultimately wanted to let you know what did you bet it was a division that was Halladay. We're prepared to do it as much as people made it out of -- that the best it was in the division over the past I'm gonna go down of course it was a little more complicated. Can he get an awful trade clause. He could control where he was going to go. That was right you're not right it's I -- A lot of contact here and you know they'll be present for that because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll go look at other people might lose sight of is currently dark but it certainly is even a great player. Just because you know everyone's gonna -- -- -- it -- don't want great players but as a team trading a player. It's almost an elite eight especially a player like these that make a lot of money and that was a dynamic for our audience that you really sort of break it down as. What was going it was who could afford the player at that salary because some clubs is not -- -- that that the current contract. Period and it is all the other player eliminate those clubs right there second component -- Which of those clubs they can afford to pay the players that -- -- -- able. Happy young players that you comedy you like I'm good how it was clubs that out of they can get that is that what we want you don't want diet is good and forward you know control and I remember being -- step by club. Whitney Young player that we thought had a chance. This is stick around for awhile and of the affordable minimum salary commitments so we used to -- it and it was the talent. -- can afford -- hit flatter and you know what you find that match. About that. And build that back. And forth on it yet to get a hold of the player. The players the way we see. I think it except go to a place if not -- percent sold on because he's six months away from being able to choose who want to go. When the a's all of a lot of things to think about and I -- -- you go a lot of things to think of I hope your enjoy yourself I tell you watch and you know this I've picked you guys. The wind division every year since 2003 and and I jumped ship this year so. Yeah well I think you -- It's it's the only to -- final five clubs are all clubs really. -- -- -- division -- this where respectable in the standings are well happily there things change fast we've all seen it. And Alfred Morris -- well hopefully this. You know the good trip to -- we knew going into the break and hopefully come out and play well and I just don't think it's there it's gonna LB it's going to be critical hit -- division I -- going to be you're grinding Arlen I would definitely not. Cannot any of it because right now we're just. We too much so. All great people up there and in good job so far Alex I really appreciate you joining us our credit. It certainly is the MLB trade deadline show I'm rob Bradford Alex Spears on -- cited. But he will be joining us shortly right after -- -- our breakdown. All the particulars. All of the Red Sox minor league system guys who. Red Sox might wanna trade might not wanna trade. Great perspective no one better -- Alex to do that 6177797937. MLB trade deadline shows sponsored by club knowing insurance. And need dot com. So far Alex and populist fraud a Blue Jays general managers joined thank you very much Q Alex. We've also talked about the Lester dealings -- deal him. -- -- -- And if you did deal why do you have to get back because as I said before the problem is is that you have to get the players back. What you also have to get the value -- draft pick back. Very very complicated complex situation going for it. And that's why makes this month the most fascinating month of the MLB season to me is no question about it not a waiver trade deadline. July 31 and we're going to be would view. Every step of the way every week. Once a week at least let's go the phone line again 6177797937. If you wanna join the conversation before we get the Mike you know -- a wanna -- everyone out beat out be safe out there. Fireworks -- great. Outstanding their evacuating the astronaut right now. Some severe severe weather coming in everyone please be -- take cover and not just never really really good. Fourth of July -- against his what you would call it hunkered down listened to the MLB trade -- -- -- in Oak Hill thanks for hanging in on Mike are you doing tonight. Hey good -- how are you -- -- -- yeah yeah thank you very much to get the cat -- up for nearly triple the ball is that the best. And I think at -- at -- I think if you could wave yeah -- yet that's. -- to you know. I wanna tell you get a terrific interview. -- the question. This to going back that it could you you hear anything as far as Lester. Or Lackey goes maybe in that that you publish that -- Know -- OK well first so I'll start relaxed because -- the whole lack of conversation baffles yeah I mean they're not trading John Lackey why would you trade a guy. Who as a Major League minimum and everyone says he's not -- no way you play for the Major League minimum and there's no doubt in my mind might. If you will won -- re negotiate that and maybe they will mean maybe you can get. A couple year extension at a reasonable rate because of that Major League minimum right. I'll start right there on the -- I don't think lackeys in the conversation trade deadline. But Lester. I said before Mike you know I I find it very contrasting that they want to re engage a little bit. On this contract talks at this time. And is just a hypothesis. But it could be that they're gonna gates -- where the rat I don't think Lester wants to talk about contract right now I know that was the case when they came Adam. When this stock a couple you recently. By it it's it it might be the case of hey you know where are we can we -- yet if we get out of it is this realistic and if it is realistic maybe you'll look into a -- a little bit more. Right right if they'd decide the pulpit that I think is most would be dealt I mean if if it looks like I know that that and a fifteen days going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as far as trading -- If they do decide anything right night they do think to -- -- -- Lackey and I think exploited it somewhat of a -- right form. It'll. I don't know how they thought thought to -- -- but it'll make it to yet. Ellis Mike let's look at right maybe you say okay you have the Major League minimum next year. In -- after the year you can become a free agency -- threats likes that you don't -- will -- to a 21. And that'll lock you for another year going to be I think -- round 36 at that time it makes a lot of sense but the race but this be honest by the Red Sox hold the cards a year. You consider how upset Lackey is but the whole cart's. They did they do all the other belt on -- -- that it probably behooves them they'll let them play I'll play out the year at least maybe. Towards the end of September and then renegotiate with him. I think we can get a good deal they have penalties you want -- -- -- the flexibility. Yet I I think that too and Mike thanks for the call. The -- in the importance is in Mike brings up some good points about Lackey Lester going forward. We talked about the importance of having that top of the rotation. And having those guys and if you -- who -- what are you gonna replace some of them I've said this all along. Is this this is the value Jon Lester you know what he's gonna do in the American League east you know what he's gonna do in the post season. You know he's been pretty reliable -- pretty pretty durable throughout his career so if you have that. How much are you willing to pay for that. Because if you don't have it you have to fill that gap somewhere is not going to be Henry Owens next year. It might eventually be someone but you might have to bite the bullet a little bit and that goes to. Also replacing David Ortiz -- how these guys that were talking about you have to start finding replacements. You have to do. And that's what we can talk to Alex spear a little bit about later. Who were some of the guys in the system that. Potentially could be those guys we talked about and -- in the -- devers is -- power prospect he can explain more about him but that's what they need desperately they need a guy who can beat top of the rotation starter and even more importantly they have to start developing guys who can hit with some power. Chris in Rhode Island Chris thanks for joining it's how you doing. -- -- good thanks. I question why that on the big -- Jon -- right like it's that you know you're getting it done much keep it -- -- now -- -- money in the playoffs. But I indicate that they. Are selling. Are more kind of barber Charlie they'd be getting in I would think if you look for anything which I'm sure -- -- upper tier prospects. Particularly helped your prospects and being in the minor league did not stockpiled beats third base and shortstop our children they're extremely deep they're but as far as. Outfield they're not mean that it -- public -- productive they're trying to learn -- -- mark you know it's like. Well in middle Brooks no Brooks is well. I mean I don't think there's any question that there. Searching for some outfield. Outfielders who can it was some pop I think it's a great point if you trade Lester. What you have to get back I think it's you have to get up potential middle of the order guy remember or go back to the wil Myers conversation remember that. What way to win when it when you know Kansas City deals. -- James Shields the the deal will Myers it was a good trade for Bulls sides but the reason why Tampa Bay did that deal. Was because finding a guy with a potential wil Myers is so difficult. Is so difficult. It and Andy and Chris look at the guys who might be available in the in the open market. This well not even the open market but this month and trade deadline. Not a lot of potential out there for for -- the order bats that tough one. My my question is if that didn't -- trade proceeds. That song that you can keep it direct that look it up David Wright street and -- like you know keep getting that return. And should -- if not. You all better return. -- Yet they prove they for the call Chris well here's the thing about the price conversation compared to Lester. Price is gonna get you more and -- -- talking about the type of pitcher the the age of the pitcher. He's gonna get you more because of whatever team is trading for him is going to be. In the position to get a draft pick if you walks after the -- next year we've talked about this if you trade Jon Lester. In a team who trades for him. Will not have the opportunity to get a draft pick if he walks a team that trade for David Price. Will because a player has to be on the team for an entire year in order for that deemed off for the qualifying offer and get the traffic. These are things that you have to start committee memory. You have to start understanding but it is just not as simple as well who's battered David Price or John Leicester is just not that simple. This go to John the track are you doing John happy for. There route where are read off the top of that that I appreciate you -- you because. You work on the peak and and you -- and come right out there you know the Red Sox are that good. Been so many -- Royal are committed as I did it John you know it's. It. And I in the stat that I keep citing -- needed to member of the Red Sox in in the is just no way around it. If you have only one more than two games in a -- twice all year. Then that whenever you're doing you got to find a different -- Well it might point at this I think he got to concentrate on keep the lack. And I don't care if you practice well Colts Q you -- goal at present he. He beat you take that fact -- and what sort of up to any other team more to deal with you you're not gonna get anything better than a mid range player anyway not to get a stop or player. What that package so. I say it's stellar it and Q. You are Puerto Rico and that they know middle. No I wouldn't even. Give that guy any consideration anymore. Arms they would they had to let it work itself while. All. Bring up basket. Was good so -- to be clear. You talk about trading the other making these other moves but you want Lester is the foundation you want that guy at the top your rotation. Going for right you do not want to mess around with trading him to another team potentially go to another team and say are you know what this is -- bad. Outside of Boston you do wanna keep him try to work out a contract in the gulf war right. Yeah okay yeah I mean here in a nutshell yet. Well I mean if you come to that conclusion it left. -- -- -- -- -- Up the -- who. Stick around five years then you know suck it up some money and -- European. Hopefully -- above average team from the knowledge that you. Get played out again because in my opinion I think that you know that he -- South of fourteenth in is not going to play a lot of the metal. What your buyer or seller or whatever you do that are part of the trade deadline in -- if you're not going anywhere. Yeah I mean John it would it would take a line thanks for the car really appreciated or take a lot to go in Iran and I don't begrudge them for waiting for the all star break here. In the little bit of a soft underbelly of the schedule of the White Sox at the Astros. While book ended around Orioles year. So. Ticket you'll see what you can't see what you can do for Intel the all star break he got I think nine games -- he -- your -- go from there. And then start making some decisions we outs and -- was who was on -- this earlier cited the Kansas City Royals last year. -- the Royals you look at their record. At the all star break and then right after the all star break -- -- on his tremendous run like fifteen in two or something like that. And by VE trade deadline almost signed ball and the conversation changed god was the urban Santana trade docked and now they're lucky they were looking to add pieces. So it can change is no question about it. You have to be prepared for everything that's what makes this trade deadline so great I think. I think it's some great conversations both ways it's not just poll what should you do rule can you go out -- or who should you self. It's a wide open. It is actually wide open and in starting with the Jon Lester conversation. It's great. I mean there's so many layers of it we've waited out week we played the sound from -- we played the sound from Sheraton. So after the break or we're gonna do we did talk to Alex beer WEEI dot com will be on the show usually bodies on assignment tonight. The July 3 coveted. Simon two parts unknown scouting the minor leaguers. No better person to do it is no better person to breakdown. Who the Red Sox have to deal who they might wanna hang on to and maybe they should deal. A rate that you know what Devin Guerrero is he that good. Which they hang onto them Alex is the guy who's going to be a bullet tells better than anyone right after this. All right you're back -- rob Bradford WEEI dot com this is the MLB trade deadline so the rarest of a view this month once a week hating on into the non waiver trade deadline on July 31. Sponsored by the great folks at -- New England insurance. At a hub and go around a little bit explore. Of NE dot com I pleased. That you go there and check it out if you need to sit around that I haven't watched the fireworks great fireworks show bad weather get inside peace day. As mentioned. The other person usually who and who will be sitting in the -- seat during the show Alex beer Debbie -- dot com. Is on assignment by you break in a way from his radar gun readings and he's doing right now Alex are you say for everything all right. I think -- mostly they are very close but he randomly opting for from Corey. When -- don't go you know what Alex I've played a little Alex beard I went over last year park so -- been -- Who -- -- -- was got to throw in a hundred with the guys on there on rehab assignment on this is the quiz for. By the Mercedes guy yet you've got to use it. -- you didn't didn't touch a hundred right now. -- just warming up but it was good to see those guys it was good to see. Travis was there in the aging so it was -- obviously top draft pick for the Red Sox. But it was as always those people -- you know those people aren't great last year right. There are spectacular people and you know it's certainly it's an interest they actually like are -- more prospect rich. Group of position players have been open and than a few years. Between -- Travis in that there's there's a really intriguing it he'll make quality guy he's been playing very well. Yeah that you have to answer -- to be kind of interesting along -- a a very unheralded shortstop in very cute you -- Volleys it's we're said the unite here but it's been going pretty well the first -- gone pretty well and I look forward it would not diverted partner for Murray you -- -- -- No no not yet but view of the -- so young and are you -- you know it's yeah let's be honest real. Little worried about the you have the fireworks July 3 what's gonna happen first trade deadline so it is really good and having you want is makes it even better buy outs and pop also is it was very interesting I thought it's good collars some. Really educated -- in terms of the trade deadline and and as we were saying before the break was great about having you on and having you around is that. When we talk about what the Red Sox might deal for what they might not deal from the minor leagues you with a guy -- turn two in. And so. I wanna start talking first of law -- Emory air. It is the first what -- jumped to mind. Because we talked about the dead spin article earlier this week how that was leaked out and the biggest takeaways for me in -- you tell me if it was for you was well. Was that they were willing to deal government rarer for Bud Norris did that surprise you. You know at that point -- because remember they SF and also had Jose Iglesias your organization so they had. I meant they had an elite defensive shortstop. They were thinking in terms of Bogart's being shortstop. Third base you have the kind of crowd of of sixteen years well as sides should keep his -- middle brought. In you know kind of with with with yet here the Bogart. I could potentially end up at that position as well. So no the Red Sox had a really crowded. Left side of the infield -- there goes from holding the upper levels last year and they continued to you know -- it's it is a you know they're they're going to have. Some -- -- there's a chance at least that they'll have some very interest -- conversation. At the shortstop position for years to come. Because you know behind. Pereira there's a valiant in rookie ball at this point in -- Javier -- Through there are a number of people in the organization will tell you this I don't ever heard of him but he is look best prospect in the system. And so. You know I -- -- Marrero because you know so you have you have a couple of factors that -- in Q. On the gateway into whether or not you would feel -- in what has -- -- have alternatives to -- would be very good at the position. In the other is can he move elsewhere and B is valuable rookie vet -- moved a lot of place really valuable. -- Guerrero is I know Lee is patently I should -- AZ doesn't he's he is already defense -- Major League a very good Major League defense at shortstop. Right and -- he had a chance to be so I'll be an above average at shortstop. And an average to slightly above average offensive shortstop with a fairly straightforward projections so that's kind of like. He's been through it last year as maligned as he is now. You know that if they like him being somewhat better than what Stephen Drew was last year is the kind of production the effort that Marrero and so. That's the guy that you value and in fact there are numbers are officials say you know this this could be a championship caliber shortstop. For us. But at the same time. You know it wouldn't shock me if they didn't even as well as he's played this year it still wouldn't shock me if they end up trading. Just because they you have alternatives that position in the -- I still think that there are people in the organization who believe that they are -- -- You know would be a very successful. Shortstop you know obviously elite offense when he gets through this. Amazingly long slump that he's been and in very solid -- Alex spirit of the -- dot com co host of this show MLB trade deadline so who's on a Simon checking in and outs or play this game which is. A team comes the Red Sox -- name to be in name of a minor league your which number one and that people might not. Did not know about as much of Henry Owens or one of these other guys who have been talked about so much in a team comes the Red Sox and asked for this guy in the Red Sox say no. We wanna hang onto that guy this guy I'm legacy untouchable but we really wanna hang -- this guy some. Under the radio. Well I don't know that there -- there's a reason why those guys and up. Eating as kind of like bell and -- guys and that's because they end up having some organs you know they -- Other days they end up being -- at this point two. The baseball landscape but Owens this is you know almost surely -- the table. That almost surely officers -- -- -- Is a really interesting one who borders on optic cable. The interesting part areas that you you have an alternate candidate to be a very good short very good catcher in Christian Vazquez and you know those threats such an -- some interesting decisions about it's are two and belliard are what like Saturday who is saying -- Retained if they hoped it they they would love it its side if Varitek caught up that's as in if he would not so that it would mean it dusted. But he did swipe card would become available at trade. You would be I would have. Who would probably be a legitimate anger -- For. Almost any kind of blockbuster deal not everyone's like you're an awkward to have -- hardest thing anchor for opportune palace in Princeton. I he is really really really highly regarded as -- -- I -- out of wood Johnson expert come. -- Alan Johnson the pitcher. I Johnson did it -- yes. Well I think if they they likable but make no mistake but I. He's kind of been a stand with swift. Along with you know next to -- our noses in and be in theory about it I think there are some people think there's there's a reasonable chance that he can end -- -- -- perfectly career. I've -- those guys but it his ceiling is probably that of page number three starter. If you're able to get something that's you know it is more impact for that for a couple years I've been I think that Johnson. Armon Johnson could be consideration to. Only he's an interesting guy am I about Brian Johnson. Former first round pick either the Red Sox. And right now Portland 71173. Year. -- 23 strikeouts seventeen walks and bring a mop because you use setting the a lot of people project him at number three but right now you look at those double A numbers. And maybe you're selling at just the right time on I don't know why it made it much like -- they sold on nick -- don't. Right and and we saw what he's become. So it's it's all about selling at the right right time -- Right by you as a first round pick. And there was a perception of hard throwing lefty. And in so they sold them on the right time I mean he was -- important not the important part of that master's in -- marquis is trade. But -- an important part right so it's what my point is selling on guys at the right time. And that's why -- -- is the guy who comes to mind in that category because you're the guy who is putting up absolutely outrageous numbers right now. With Portland he was named to the futures game this week to replace rookie that's. If he is just short of having enough that that's all by. For all of all the minor league leaderboard categories. But if he did that -- come very close to the top. You know kind of a top five top ten guy in average I think -- piece built. Certainly slugging. He is he's destroying the ball in in Portland. Issue with is the issue with a guy like that is it there isn't track record of certainty you coming off of having to. To repeat that high a Salem and spent two full years spare. Actor and not performing particularly well right he didn't perform well out of it. -- that's just you know -- buy him. In about you know at about six weeks in Salem. And and so he was really. You know here as they. He was going to be an interest thing. An interesting conversation to what about the Red Sox would protect him from the rule five draft by adding forty man roster after the season. That is no longer the case he he's looking almost certainly likes someone. Who has to be protected by by virtue of that instantly -- it kind of almost wishes you a little bit more towards thinking well. He is someone who you would think about explored the trade value of such -- the Red Sox did. In 2011 when they don't they I mean I chi Chen Chang who had gone off in Portland that year. Into it -- it has yet at the forty man roster after that year. -- they sold high on them I mean is that the Bedard trade. Yeah I would say like sold. You know Eric. The -- I mean they gave up and in -- and so he's cute with a great arm right. Channel I'd note that was so I don't try and let all yeah so anyway -- -- but they. But they are in that deal and that Bedard deal federal rates right -- in there. Yeah yeah so Bible back. Have catchers even five who is kind of like -- a you know like a fringe rotation guy probably wouldn't have made it very far in the AL east but it had value to the Dodgers -- a certain point. And yeah they they gave up change in bed. Shouldn't there are reports piece to that that I am that I'm I'm not work. Well you know it's it's it in the reason we're having this conversation is this time years because it is great to look at. How old team you prospects follow you sometimes prosperous to build up sometimes prospects under rated. Buy it if we take a look back is that there are some interesting guys we mentioned -- ago in Richard Chang we'd be mentioned Federer over its. It there it's these guys at different points are the same as the guys were talking about now in the other question I wanna ask Alex in regards to minor leaguers. You look at the pictures the the top tier minor league pitchers for the Red -- mentioned Johnson forget him Webster Renato. Della Rosa. Who might Barnes. Okay that group wanted to see anyone I guess to throw -- in there if you want that Guerrero in that group through work if if if if if the team says okay. We'll take one of those you that you pick which one which one do you deal. He -- approach keep Workman. Further review missed both of those guys became pretty tantalizing -- -- it to the Major League level. He Johnson's long term flexibility has used up any options. I know I. I guess that you know what Pittsburgh has had to -- -- second option year he does have a pretty interest in skewing. Probably that exceed that of the other guys sort keep him. -- so for me it's probably decision. Between -- in Colorado and arms Johnson. I would play. It hit right now. Right now I would probably make that decision between bravado or arm that was probably -- Okay let's cut it. We're getting somewhere nice before you take off before you go back and assignment. Where do you weigh in on the Bogart's conversation. And this really isn't trade deadline related I understand. But. But where how how much rope you give them to give him the rest of the year regardless. Unless you see you can't you can't draw you can try and say certain things about you know oh he's up for the rest of the year because. You know -- his confidence looks just. Destroyed and you have to send him down right it's really a question of how you respond. He's the one who dictates how much -- you give him right now you -- -- -- if if he maintains the outlook that he has right now. Did you give him at the growth of the rest of the year because of you you know he's confident in his abilities he he understands that you already had. Major League success so he understands that there are a couple of of the -- mechanical issues that are going on. I'm equivalent themselves of this struggle it does appear to me at least. In May the last handful of games to magnify it's somewhat beyond that I'm who've become you know that there is. Kind of growing discomfort for for him at the plate. And you can see moments are just like kind of shaking it without that's all that over the plate. But I think that he's still in that's pretty good they were fine with regards to. You know I'm better and I'm better -- this time -- primarily it's not like it's like they -- circuits are made when you official site Mike. He does he he did not look like he viewed himself as a big league pitcher at that point yell at you know -- -- that the guy that. And I analyze all this is really the last question has -- real quick we we talked about with the slumping we were talking about the last hour Lester conversation. And this is regard today the non waiver trade deadline Red Sox go on. Keep going down this path and you had the all star break in Europe and eleven games out. And now it becomes clearly you're a cellist Buren Acela friend of mine. Do you trade heading into the last part of the month you really really aggressively try to trade -- last. Really really aggressively tried to trade note really really aggressively explore what the market is. Yes because back if you heck of a lot of clarity in terms of in terms of what his value is where it with regards to negotiations and you know maybe maybe you can find that kind of magical trade you know magical return either it would just like doing it by. With where there's. He's the guy they want to -- -- who I think -- your organization still has some believe it even though they're following up Libyan march October or suppress a dispute. They still have a shot at retaining. There's also believe that. Guys don't like to be treated in. Well it into what we are not at all and we talked about this is that. There's always that possibility guy loves it somewhere right he goes somewhere else says you maybe this isn't that bad and the other part about it is in. -- the dynamic of trading a guy like Jon Lester. Who you have the potential of getting a draft pick for that and you've said this a bunch of times you have to get the players and then you also have to get the value of the draft pick. And you'll look back last year. Since this qualifying thing. Happened. There was anyone last year who and -- been in that kind of circumstance or traded I mean there are Chicago wasn't an offer. Right well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- -- court that's another bad example but there was nobody else in that position where you say hey you know what. We know we're giving up the right to get this draft pick in -- trade and. Question -- -- right guard of the Cubs and they end up stealing that line to the Rangers. Our dogs and they end up getting. Getting you know some some legitimate prospects. Legitimate prospects back that was -- time when there was some there was some uncertainty about whether -- not. What and our cars so was -- you know the right guys you got to confer a to. And furcal playing now from some how close but it sort of -- well so there's probably been erased by. You know they they were able to get they were able to get some would put debuted at some impact prospect back like multiple. Impact prospects. We're close to the Major League. So they they were able to -- answered their mind yes we cleared that hurdle of. Players in the -- out your -- right absolutely. Alex BCA fireworks night. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are right there Alex. Lol we'll see where you're back in will be this with you live in studio next week. I am eager to be in studio rob eager I know -- -- -- -- his that the game but you were very good thank you out of I appreciate I appreciate your kind of -- It myself but I'd Alex the year this is the MLB trade deadline -- after the break. We are going to talk to avid relic of the Houston Chronicle reason we're gonna talk to -- -- of the Houston Chronicle who used to cover the Red Sox by the way. If the talk a little bit about the -- -- of the Houston front office conversations. At the trade deadline for the last ten months the winter meetings. Everything leading up throughout the last ten months in regards to deals and get his perspective on how the Houston Astros office -- also it gives us a great time line in terms of when -- clocks start to happen and how the -- momentum heading into July 31 -- -- who will be right after this this is the MLB trade deadline show sponsored by club knowingly -- Coming back -- Are right back MLB trade deadline show sponsored by a new in New England insurance. Club and doing nothing after the fireworks. All hunkered in because there is some bad bad weather coming and the bad weather. Doesn't look like is huge fans can be game tomorrow by. Don't take my word for it go to bed and wake up he was going nine by this be -- -- be -- enjoyed the fourth of July coming up. And there's no better way to ring in. The hour. Leading into the fourth of July than with the MLB trade deadline and is no better way he'll listen to via MLB trade deadline to have Evan relic. Of the Houston Chronicle on witness. -- are you doing. You know this is everything I worked for right when I left when I left -- in the moment. I couldn't stop thinking about was the -- that route route to invite me back on a show and I can make my crowning glory for. Turn thank you -- you know -- crowding glorious return in you you're earmarked it for 1130 at night on July 3. Now don't -- people who think well listen they pay that's not how we view this we we came into this week we saw this is a challenge. As the first MLB trade deadline show. Ten to 1210 to midnight. And we are absolutely dominating it Alex in topples came on whether it's the the second best Alex actually the first -- Alex Alex the year. And now. The first best of him. Revelations -- Well -- it so -- All right so Avant relic used to cover the Red Sox last year of mass -- dot com you not you -- Oh you mean he's from a professional simply out I think well okay WR. Well alt well I think I particularly at all you use your regret making this the switch. No I don't regret it alone I don't regret at all that had no regrets over there out there so -- -- Europe. You heard dominating Datsyuk person be on the Houston Astros are not gonna -- into the Houston Astros coverage. And -- a lot goes Hartford for test. Being the Houston Astros in in being kind of a crappy team and and being team that's covered by two different people. What goes on with you guys really. Really yeah you Sports Illustrated covers and and now. Now the reason why the reasons I wanted to have you on many reasons one of the reasons that one have you on -- that's been article game now. And chronicle ten months worth of conversations with the Houston Astros front office and everybody's you were talking trades where. So and you actually had written a story was in spring training about the computer system are right so take us through a little bit. About oh what exactly were talking about because all people have heard the last couple days. In a nutshell is so -- hacked in the Astros computer and got all of the documents or got all the time line of conversations. -- Houston Astros GM and -- front office people had regarding trades. What exactly is this computer thing -- Well it just hear your overall point about how much -- you to be in the news I think Kenny Rosenthal also summed it up really well because people in the column. And I -- line and there are simple line it's always something with this team is and it and it's true I mean it really has always been something going on with this team to put -- in the news despite help. Badly they've played good that the big league level. The ground control of the reelection -- about it was the to the Carmine. We you know how long what was the first report on -- out 2000 and adds. Or does and why I don't know -- You know Carmine everyone thought karma in what has like this this computers this one computer but yeah no I wasn't it was a system but anyway continue. While also going to Carmine existed. And into other teams have done something similar perfectly -- one that. An -- -- on the withdrawal we're the story. The ground control. It it's a web site. That. Think that in central and everything to the Astros it's kind of a clean looking but side where they could beat DePaul that may have the proprietary stats. The people video. You -- kind of have that evidence and know that. Pretty much anything you want it's there they have a trade evaluated that was of them he tried both kind of the the court is the kind of thing you see in video games right united put it in -- intelligent strategic and check mark or something like that. And they have this. And then sort of land and with the store with a photo women in the photos the -- there was visible. For those who clicked on and on line you can actually see below ground control the Coke problem right away because the F super worried. You know that somebody might try to get into it now. That could have led to perhaps somebody getting into. But what happens if somebody you have to say it was -- that somebody got -- the system and outside entity not that somebody from the inside leaked out information. But somebody somehow made their way into the system illegally. And now I know the security and yet they are investigating according to be asked of him obviously accounted the local Houston office here couldn't comment to us. The chronicle so we don't know what more about the investigation side that I talked to an independent IP expert. With -- point -- prosecuting these -- probably doesn't happen unless -- you can prove -- real monetary damages because really go after what you can show you really hurt. But maybe because as a Major League Baseball high profile situations they did the I will go after it. That's embarrassing -- should have been allowed if you'll -- when you're losing as much as you have. You have to run out -- strong PR campaign you've got to be able to convince people. How did you plan isn't. To some extent to talk to mark you are and why you're doing this get -- cover up a little bit. Over allowed a team that all of you -- technology it happened to be the one. That screwed up now you can argue and people will say that we're packing its not a matter of you know whether it can happen just a matter -- went right because somebody want to get -- -- they can get him. It's hard to overlook the irony of the Astros. The the team of the 23 century you know. Being the one that happen to be -- Okay so this is -- relic of used to chronic wartime duties he worked at -- live covering the Red Sox when I used to dominate him on the -- And -- at the so evident. One of the things about when you saw his dad's been report tomorrow. And you'd realize you just explain it close to home and you guys might be responsible for this because of that pitcher who I don't know well -- don't know who cares it's not your problem. -- -- -- And you are not -- did a great story to be the fact that you did that story. Ahead of the curve having these tremendous. So yes that it would. -- -- public realm at that point the crowd control they so nobody had written about for you absolutely much better than the Bobby Jenks Torre arrived at I wrote it just because I thought you'd be crowded nightclub in there you know you've accomplished something. And so have done -- so. You -- so weak you you look this is published in dad's -- -- it comes out and now you start seeing the the actual conversations. Is that what it would jumped out to you the most because -- here and we look at the the prism of the Red Sox. We were talking without -- about this earlier to me the government rarer thing the Red Sox actually offered. -- Marrero and -- of -- way not a surprise that rumor Marrero a surprise. So when you look at that when you looked at the transcript of what was there anything that jumped out -- you say wow I can't believe they actually did that. I I think that there's gotta write with the idea that the Correia and springer for Giancarlo Stanton which tomorrow and subsequently denied although. I can't say I've seen every response to every GM. I haven't seen any other GM say now that trade that wasn't -- the fault. -- guy yet not even -- -- the Sheraton was quoted as saying. That was a private army has basically about it. Right. I think that's -- Drake -- even today you can wonderment that we're doing great. Yeah that that sort of standout performer we're talking. About Lucas Harrell -- is sitting at -- he's he's made me to a rotation this year. For Q Lito. It was a high draft pick a couple of years ago. Which is. I did show the people start high and then and the work their way down but in terms of the one individual traits you look back into world that would have been pretty insane it would be that. Springer they have operated deal which you can understand you know if you're if you're the Marlins why wouldn't you have to adapt and on some level did you know you have to work a mind to to try to. Push forward more in the immediate moment you know why would you consider that a -- after. Though I've slowly and in you don't want another interesting thing as we. Geared towards July year July or sitting in July 3 almost like July 4 and we always try to do is to figure out when things start to -- team. And I'm looking at the time line so early some of the first entries last year 628. Paean -- cat. Said he would not do do Dillon -- the suggested Mike Wright and Pedro stroke. San Francisco Cox or -- in July 28 July 30 Pittsburgh reaches out. Then you jump to July 19 that's when Toronto gets in in. Ask what it take for Norris but it gives what it does it give you the exact idea kind of how things are unfolding right now right. Yeah yeah put it in did you did you find any that surprising. Now they'll let them through the process. I know nobody it's it's always good because. -- what we're here now I've -- is if we're here and GM's still. You know it's the work in progress nothing's really going on in. But this is really when. Then substantial conversations happening and we we have doubts and topless on earlier in the Chicago and he said really asked about. How many teams would use today are sellers right now would you classify as sellers would it be and -- and he said actually won. He's identified one I don't know maybe that's the -- -- Yeah well I talk different about the -- and first question -- have some -- these next couple weeks in the decide determine what you do they had a run if you call it and can't dwell upon the sport -- repeat. In May when they're playing well. We'll look -- on the first time they've fallen off since. And they're back in my -- -- today. I was the worst 1% in the NL. I did in the front office electric consultant believing hey we deflect critical pieces we can contend this year if they run that mindset they would have had you know. What about some of their top minor league talent to movement out. Further than that I did they are ultimately felt the fear equivalent of seven. You know we're not only focused on twenty competed beyond her or the next couple years with people and make this better. But the logical thing from the dude who is to move -- reliever to write that previous -- depart with a have a little left candidate to lead at the start of the year. And public system AAA. Need to keep the -- to prepare for I don't know what there -- open -- is right now with the -- that are very good bullpen. State to never informed so -- at least eight to try to get ready and it looked it up well. He's the guy that. Make sense to trade. But on the court sided with the Astros. After being so terrible after the leaders and essentially promised they'd be better this candidates finally get to see some. Evident that there -- brother that that this planet working at the big league level and their bullpen nearly don't have today was the worst in the majors and to -- So do you trade Tony kept you trade Chad Qualls has signed a two year deal. Obviously want to be used and to some extent. Don't believe that that's the question really about going deadline at Dexter Fowler. -- talking with are different different about this earlier on line Providence journal. Yeah yeah you know eight. He's the guy you look at Ohio BP. So your way through free agency after next season created. Critical to like let collective interest -- that I would think they would if if as I understand it from afar there's a need for an outfield that -- Okay let me ask this -- all -- -- -- this -- if you're if you're gonna make you know the Red Sox organization you know the Astros organization. You can make a trade between those two teams to MITRE. You know I actually thought two weeks ago the one in my head -- Jackie Bradley junior for -- -- I don't know if it. You're the attitude after and I -- do that it's Jackie shown enough to make that. Do you want. You know I think if you put in another property to have them and I think that you have between the deal I don't want to read it would be -- second -- to the that a good. Started out while I mean I'm I'm -- you write this I'm Levy writes -- -- -- lightly for -- under the -- -- car. So I mean -- Are you were so I was always he was also in this report -- been porous well. Yeah well and then they don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Domingo Santana at the guy right now but it -- there's really no place to play cards with him I think in. He could he could see that the point in the -- he's in the -- would have been a little more simply have to I don't know where you were really. Thought I I was since I was a kid I was in when -- -- -- the we were not what we are probably we tied die you don't agree or -- -- great American. I think that was that was that story about the computer system is ground zero that was really yeah. You should take a lot of pride in that that was a good one and an obvious -- control -- patrol -- what I say ground zero aground. Can't control non control I can't come up with a -- better naming ground control it's ridiculous anyway I ain't all it's good to hear from you and. And Red Sox had down Houston pretty soon here. And really I think that series will determine the fate of other Red Sox season one way or the other. I'm sure I'll see you -- -- hurt so hopefully -- -- always overall wryly. Won't say okay August 1 and -- -- to be after August 1 of course of the Red Sox vs yankees the game which. Haven't relic is my battery mate -- them out. Thought they were ever in thanks for joining us happy 4 July route okay thank you. -- That is -- relic Houston Chronicle we go -- a little bit late here in restoring on into the midnight hours and a great show so far MLB trade deadline so sponsored by a new England's Terence. There wrap things up right after this and less reason a couple phone calls cock a little bit about trades it's been we cuts and great call some really intelligent calls so far along with. Cavalcade of stars Alex beer Alex in populist Ronald Blue Jays GM. -- -- like Houston Chronicle so we come back from the break 617. 77979837. If we -- squeeze in some calls. To get some last minute trade deadline conversation going right after this. I'd rob Bradford WEEI dot com Alex spear on assignment will be back next week for next week's MLB trade deadlines -- sponsored by knowingly -- club and the dot com I want thanks Jack LB on the glass producer because -- -- thank him now I would forget that is this the best. July 3 trade deadline so that we that -- that. As governor has been a good show right. I think so right is charity effort and yeah it's it was a lot of fun to do we've had. Could guests. Outs and topless Toronto Blue Jays gentleman throughout the year -- -- -- show checking remotely. Avant relic who I thought that was really contrasting I thought it was interesting about him explaining how that whole Houston -- -- went around it is. All we have is the -- it's been report that he actually was at the forefront of it. Before we take off heading into July 4 that we -- talk about the trade deadline -- what the Red Sox potentially you dot com back to wait. Lester conversation aside I'd think that they have to find a way to get a power bat. Somewhere along the lines at the one of the most under played stories is that what happens when Dave Ortiz leaves. And when we talk about this year not having a power bat it always comes back to Nelson Cruz why I -- the Red Sox sign Nelson Cruz this morning on DNC. Ben charity in Red Sox general manager bench Eric and talk a little bit about that. You know back to the Nazis yeah. You know we have we look at what we project that are out so to be. We -- your victory helped -- We're very good -- order -- out so early important. Reporter art -- number what is the political the he starts in right field. And haven't. And and there was a there's an inclination to keep him in right field -- and obviously -- -- before. Currently sell it. He's such also weapon in right field. We wanted to keep him there so. The current field covered. And center field -- -- in thinkers. Was circular so that -- -- laps were DH RC UH's covered. I'm in the left field we have eighty. Or off last year against good competition. Films -- not which delivered you know sort of left field production. In baseball -- and get back. For four of their combine performance roster is better than those -- 2002013. I'm so -- at all all that incident and on top of that the fact that hernia -- you know aspect for Europe it. Balances. You need to always have to get up. We just felt the match up and so. Obviously hindsight equal and -- History that our. I really can't look back on an -- and think we would have done it differently but I. I'm certainly -- Orioles credit him you know respect -- here. Am by -- sell on you go back to it and I know that game -- he's -- Nelson Cruz and and obviously delicate right now. But you do have to look at what they have left field -- now vying domes that dynamic specially now coming off the years he did. Victorino right and it may be where it would go it was misjudged a little bay is the got Victorino as a fail safe -- matters so. Now that's hindsight but the -- play point is that gonna have to find a power bat -- more year. They were he talked about in spring training so when we're talking about the non waiver trade deadline -- board. What the Red Sox need obviously they need offense but I also think we have to start -- and where are you gonna get. The middle of the order bats because David Ortiz on the would be here for a couple more years. You need to start finding some solutions into Bogart's with potential leave that guy. In May be potentially that -- but we've seen sometimes it takes a little while for a guy like that develop its gonna take these guys time. So we're gonna find them. You you talk about guys who are out there in the market some guys who've been mentioned Alex Rios. Entrusting the you have about a fourteen and a half billion dollar contract this year next year and team option. Those of assorted names that we're going to be talking about. In the coming weeks of that trade MLB trade deadline show sponsored by our good friends at Hobbs New England -- Guys back patio today once again an awesome job appreciate these guys really again. I guess -- ring in July 4 the I don't know if you do that but we're willing to get a couple minutes here to July 4. I want to wish everyone a very happy July 4 have a great time. Please be safe tolerable weather out there hunkered down and do whatever you have to do have a good time and thank you so much. For a great few hours listening -- we had a lot of fun we're gonna do it all again next Thursday however great week.

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