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Dale and Holley's Four at Four: Athletes who were also war heroes, 7-3-14

Jul 3, 2014|

Louis Zamperini passed away yesterday, sparking a conversation about tremendous athletes who fought for their country during the prime of their career. Dale, Holley, and DJ talked about Zamperini, Rocky Bleier, Pat Tillman, and of course, Ted Williams.

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Our number three dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. It is a little bit after 4 o'clock and you know what that means normally it's the four at four but it's war at four leading into the fourth. Here's what today's whole agenda is. The fourth of July holiday weekend tomorrow well technically it's arts in Boston tonight with the fireworks in Boston College maybe you could say it's. Brought forth. At four. You're feeling collected their -- and I like it I think it'll work that you're -- excited when you start to go and that goes out dark figure at four and the and theme for today. It's athletes who were also war heroes and you'll understand the -- now please understand some OK it's for a four. It's not eight at 412 -- four. We just had to come up with four or nothing in the others aren't -- we know that there are a bunch more besides the four that we come up with -- -- but week -- before that we think you'll like as well. In calling this. -- You guys. -- them for a bit more. And then -- the more than four is brought to -- by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. We talked about athletes. Who are also heroes in the United States of America that's the subject for today's fourth where it. When we get there. -- -- I want to -- like -- horn section got to hit a little bit. -- they could be the tower of power horn section yeah we'll see you then here. The quarterback. Yesterday a little easier Perini passed away at the age of 97. -- -- was famous for standing on broke in a memoir about his time as a POW during World War II. -- it was also a member. Of the 1936 Olympic track team. For the war that instinct took Louisiana careening to the 1936 Olympics as a world class runner he sprinted his last laugh in less than a minute. And I don't -- for about that talking about the weather -- for governor whether or. They're talking about my last leopard that you think factor that brought people to their feet. I've got this thing I -- Hitler was called me over but I got them into Hitler. The story that Lauren Laura Hillenbrand -- and on broken which is the biography of Louis Sam Perini. Reads like fiction. He and two of his fellow soldiers. Co pilot second lieutenant Russell Phillips and tail Gunner sergeant Francis MacNamara. Spent 47 days. In a life raft after being shot down in the South Pacific actually technically they didn't. Because one of the members of that. -- ended up dying 33 days into the 47 day ordeal that you would think that would be tough trial for anybody. To get captured by the Japanese. And was then held in various different Japanese Prisoner of War camps for two year it's tortured beaten. The things that he went through. Would have broken any net but not -- tampering. It's the story is unbelievable that's right yeah. And as as somebody tweet it out earlier today the things that he went through. Probably wouldn't allow most people to survive till they're 27. Put Gerry Callahan wrote this and Louise tampering live till he was nineties that. The story is. Unbelievable and I I actually got the book off the book -- this morning and -- -- on my porch this morning with my coffee and started reading it again. Because I thought of Louis and how he served this country and the things that he went through on behalf of the united. Stay as very well said and -- just to be clear. We'll take all of your suggestions. And we -- mention them all this is just the starting point. This is not. For that. Thank god didn't make the cut morihiro in this for an all out this other people comment because the fourth of July from USA were -- into it that's what that's what this exercise about it. -- -- -- Why as we are after great career at Notre Dame in one season in the NFL with -- Pittsburgh Steelers Rocky Bleier volunteered to serve his country during the Vietnam War. After being wounded in action and told by doctors he would never play football again flier went on to win four super bulls with the Steelers in the 1970s. And former BB Lewis. This was a year by the way this is a year after being hit with a grenade. He was in uniform player in -- never have been able to play that is. I mean all of these stories they're unbelievable. But that just blows my mind a a grenade and all the shrapnel messes up your leg and -- told that we probably don't even need -- but obviously never play football again and a year later. He's. Embarking on a prolific. Career. And it's like you know Rocky -- is. He was what he's an example of that guy. You want this when you hear about. You hear about athletes who served. You would think of a heck of personal -- Iraqis okay -- Iraqi playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers either playing linebacker or running back. And being a tough reliable player that's what you always envisioned and he went exactly yeah. That's that was his story he -- that player. Your and three were to Arthur. I'm pretty. After three successful seasons with the Arizona Cardinals Pat Tillman turned down a multimillion dollar contract offer to join the US army. Along with -- brother Kevin a then member of the Cleveland Indians organization. You know my he's my great grandfather was a Pearl Harbor and a lot of my family has given up you know it has gone five wars and I really haven't done a damn thing. As far as -- myself -- line like that and so I have a great deal of respect for those who have. When Andy in that tragic tale of course of Pat Tillman is that he was killed by friendly fire read -- my name is his own. Yes the end I think it was ESPN had that remarkable interview a month or so ago -- month or two ago. About -- we have one of the guys who was involved and how he's haunted to this day. Explained exactly what happened and where Tillman was and where they worry him and how it came about. I mean you got to live with that I guess the rest your life. Pat Tillman -- practically was cut down by bullets fired by his own guys. There and as was mentioned -- think about Pat Tillman and what. What he could have done that's that's what I think people forget about -- -- -- he could have had. A new contract. With the the rams Arizona what the cardinals. What didn't didn't the rams -- -- when he's a free agent the rip I wanna see it team he also turned in a contract from the rim -- -- at brands like made -- this big car properly this was not. Some Crum -- Who was bounced around from team to team like he was a real good like up and coming like legitimate safety. And again this wasn't some guy who was like. I'm just -- -- Larry I'm trying to play in the NFL this doesn't this isn't working out as we still are present my yeah like this the guy who. I mean get big things ahead of them and he -- show I mean it's the ultimate soulful -- Pill and and the AT&T question of that today if you'd think we were in the city of Boston not -- here saw everybody knows who this women's right. Obviously we're talking about Ted Williams in the prime of his career Williams this three seasons to fight world works do you then came back and had a on base percentage of over 490s for four years hero should of won four in BP's only 12 and then. In 1951 he again that was -- call by the Marines to serve on active duty during the Korean War. Well -- -- -- -- -- mission that I am why don't they get blown either condition got to get sick and you know was. It euphoria over. But I got it going to get didn't even go. Going deeper reply is record up in those deployed. Really -- in miserable weather is Paul I'll be admitted he -- wow. So I had a good for every about every other day planet. I didn't. One run. When that I was one mission forgot it was small and did he just. He spoke so matter of fact. He gave up he gave up three years of his career. When he was 2425. And 26 hearts do yourself a favor look at the numbers. That Ted Williams produced. For his career and try to imagine. What a guy fact that it is that player right that -- became what we want to have. Put up when he was 22 he hit for a six. When he was 23 he hit 356. Anyone away for three years. Imagine anybody any sport that's the bulls -- mileage that's one. Depending on the sport just kind of coming into your prime when you really feel like getting a feel for playing at the highest level imagine. Any sport a young quarterback a of goaltender to ever just. In the years that you're supposed to take that next up. Right now you don't get to the sport of golf for three years since he would efforts to come back and still dominate crazy he he hit 521. Home runs in his career. His 162. Game average was 37 home runs a year. So realistically. Had he not serve his country for three years in the prime of his life of prime of his career I should say. He would have hit over 600 home runs. He would have knocked him somewhere over 2100. Runs batted it right. I mean when you look at the numbers their their mind boggling enough. In all of the years that he led the league and in RBIs in batting average is -- 344 hitter for crying out loud. But when you look at the numbers and you realize that at the age of 2425. And 26. He was serving our country. Richards added 22 when he hit for a six. You know we all know the story now we'll post with those stories you don't know the story don't feel don't feel bad about it we'll tell you that's -- July were all happy to support the -- -- we do you know what if you don't. If you don't know this story if you don't know the story. Well actually it's -- is five years. Texas that you forgot Korea. Apart not just pointing out that when he. When he stepped away right or wrong but overall was -- his age was you know 43242526. That a. Prime of his career but -- for a six story. We do know. That he went into the last two games of the season the double header. The average was at 319. I mean and you know he could round up -- kind of rounded up yup and that a 400 -- He had that option. Did that kind. He said I'm gonna play. Fact on six hits. For a nice oral -- thank you very much hasn't been matched cents. Cool story that like that's cool. Little bit that you're saying if you haven't heard the story if bulls about if you haven't heard the story because every kid finds that out when they're like five years old -- should -- -- -- the ballpark. What's called for a six club. Let me tell ya wanna I wanna bet that -- it's and by the way I -- not believe me I'm not taking it away from the other two years but he served. In 52 and 53 he was 33 and 34 opposed to right those are definitely at the -- pointed out. He hit 388 when he was thirty. Arkin let the -- -- reality show so led the league in hitting when he was 39 so 3334. I think he's that would have he would have been all right. So those were -- four end and it was all kind of that the jumping off point for us was. The debt yesterday of -- -- -- a true American hero -- it got us thinking about athletes were heroes as hampering -- during the that we play. He's in the 36 Olympics the Jesse Owens the lyrics. Where after his race he has to go -- -- you're. Yes to -- great Adolf Hitler have three runs in the race he was considered and there are those who will tell -- he's one of the greatest track athletes in the history USC. To this day. There he was one of the most accomplished track athletes that USC ever Britain's. So that's what got us thinking one of texas' say you -- spot. Again our our premise here what we got four we're not saying they were the only four we can only. -- you have from earlier OK so this -- -- -- bond we -- another winner earlier who Roger Starbucks. Father and -- Jackie Robinson. We at Arthur Ashe. The one who was mental judgment. Notes I'm fortunate to throw -- earlier this morning -- powers and I went. We know there are more it is called for a four so we gave via our four. And as we just sort of cherry pick through that the different people. But if you got more feel free to add them on the list as well 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. Joseph in Rhode Island textures as their all they are all heroes and taken on the enemy for all of us. We owe them everything and then -- There's absolutely no doubt about -- also another thing about Ted Williams. He's one of the two -- three athletes that I've interviewed over the course of the years that I've been in this town. Where he walked into the room and it was like oh. I mean it just it was different. And and I can promise Bill Russell was another guy he walked into the room. It just felt dip that's what it's like when like when Bob viewers in the building at the garden it feel like different he'll walk by all these writers who exports traders. And I hate to use generalization. But I'm not really -- -- what is generally like me is like we can be miserable the -- complaining about everything. When Bobby your walks by like everyone turns her to look. At at at at that that's. Yeah it feels totally different went with some guys and I'm not taking anyway from you know the great athletes in the city of Boston. But there are some guys who when you meet them it just feels different. And the first time I met Ted Williams when he walked into the room -- that big -- citizen and it he's a little intimidating. You know it's. Physically intimidating in the -- Farrell is somewhat in autumn sand. This big. Larger than life presence. But Williams was larger than life period that is larger than life presence. 61777979237. As telephone number you can Texas if it like a 37937. It was. Johnny Pesky. What were absolutely Moe berg. Is another and come home and Ali Roberto Clemente Mohammed Ali was a a dissenter and he didn't serve the country he chose not yet but but the but it. The texture says about commentary was not a war hero -- -- hero nonetheless they could say commit the same argument for -- The fact that he. Did not. Serve the country does not make him less of the year. Nobody did it goes away from the premise we were we were putting forth here we were talking about. Athletes who were also war heroes and Mohammed Ali I'm not putting the political and on this. Did not wanna serve he he chose to dissent and gave up his heavyweight championship to do Latin panel -- But it wasn't exactly the premise of what we were talking about either. But I understand that there are people who look at him in the same way as well 6177797937. -- telephone number. Right back to the -- with you guys coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.

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