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The Bruins have a very sleepy first few days of Free Agency, 7-3-14

Jul 3, 2014|

The biggest move the Bruins have made so far this off-season is the Jarome Iginla, who recently signed with Colorado. DJ Bean is the 3rd man in with Dale and Holley to discuss some hard cap numbers the B's are looking at, and who else could have already played their last game as a Bruin.

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-- in eleven these parts long enough you sort of expect Armageddon. And I was expecting Armageddon getting to where we work on a daily basis here in -- but. Just around the corner from Soldier Field grow up and get in here today now like after house is the -- -- I did leave plenty of time got to just be safe but dot. This is the the July 4. Fireworks on the on the promise of been you know moved today. And it'll be happen tonight but they close down soldier field road at new own. A memorial drive closes at six the bridges closed at six so. If you're headed for downtown Boston total void those areas -- dissect it's like mu college moving day in September. What you don't -- you know here's a positive. Positive way of looking at this -- being because he -- graduated from college or yesterday. Or you know I actually don't looking at places that I had to yeah exactly and -- and yeah. A member -- the are positive the positive thing. Given all these warnings -- yesterday you said it twice is that it five times. -- keep in mind store drive is going to be closed at noon in this can be closed that fixed and it's going to be closed. And still there's there will be some people will be surprised by all the activity. Everybody's going to be together it traffic. Has succumbed to -- -- honest. Any or all together. Stuck. -- -- -- -- world is at Atlanta and there I don't I don't know if you look around and just figured neighbors with a beautiful thing that's what America. -- instinct take. -- it was like DJ last night seeing Bruno Mars at the garden. It -- where you're like the older people who I would that was very weird I was just told Michael I was one of the few adults who chose to go there like there were some. Boyfriends there with their girlfriends were dragged there and there are a lot of like fathers who brought like ten -- children there but we were yeah we were at some of the few adults who said. The Google desperate Dumars concert -- -- either you love music or your creep which runners up at Iowa is not as that was one and he's a man I like. I know that all these music snobs out there who we like there indie stuff for whatever are here today and he's -- today he's like those people like. And I treated like Dorsey brutal Morris tonight and everyone was -- he's off police the worst. How do you watch them in perform in Nazi that he's great like some of these people that are really popular are popular because they're good. It is meant at a map of the wrong with being polite or exactly -- I can identify with a -- and tried to rob. All right you're popular -- as always work out that and because I'm just trying to go as long as they can without mentioning the Red Sox last night so we'll turn our attention not a Bruins -- three. Among free agency free ticket. Free agent Thursday here in India and -- ridiculous because. At the holiday. And since you're going to be in traffic likely. To do something but the smiling face a smile. Give me an opportunity that smile. At some point in this program by their pocket prosperity there I don't know. Thirty. As you are in the throes of that the worst traffic you've ever seen in your life. At least you can look forward to possibly winning them Red Sox tickets. A good idea that if they were -- I got a good news item button wedding day important that the good news is that you don't -- them I got it back to a particular -- Red Sox. But free agency in his free tickets today and free agency that it do you think about. The Bruins. And engaging -- glad -- here and really thank you appreciate per one situation. It's really scary to me. It's scary. You don't just let a guy walked out and have no replacement so that. That's where I'm very surprised and I AM like people accuse me all the time of like just it's always taken Peter surely sound and everything because generally I think he's one of the smartest -- -- league and when he makes moves they're usually the right ones. I am surprised however and like I don't hate. The whole again -- situation it's not decades it's not Armageddon -- to borrow a term from dale. But I am surprised that there isn't much of a reaction to the fact that they didn't clear about to cap space and find a way to sign him. If they wanted to would have taken a bit of a shake up there would have had to move multiple guys. But they could have gone out and found a way to bring drama in the back I'm surprised that no one's really going to want to sign him to a three year deal. I wouldn't I wouldn't live so I would be assigned here wait a minute wait I'm just asking a quest -- -- man he's got it would be your offer somewhere -- and out. One or offering here but I think the reason he went out and got that freer and I could be wrong. Is because he didn't think that the Bruins thing was gonna happen and Shirley told Don Meehan. They before free concede that it's this just isn't gonna work so I think that if they were able to give him two year deal or whatever. Then it's hard to think that he didn't want to come back here you know I think -- it was a perfect fifth his family we all know capsule loved it here. He was the type of guy that you look you watch him play and think man if only his whole career could have been spent with the Bruins won a special player what special team this could have been. I think that if they could have found a way if they could have given him two years or something then maybe you wouldn't want to come back. But given all these guys that are coming up they had to make the decision. Do we bite the bullet now we're gonna have to lose guys at some point do we choose to lose. The aging score or do we choose to lose some of these players -- Soderbergh Johnny boy chuck who are really coming into their crime story crew -- Smith guys like that. And they had I mean you're surely makes bold decisions all the time we've seen with some of the trades he's made. Choosing to lose Jerome Iginla now rather than losing other guys whether B Kelly boy took whomever that's a bold move in and of itself. It's a bold move is that the right move that's the question out now I said wait a minute because dale I don't know where you stood on us. But I do remember. Almost vividly. Talking during the season during a great regular season from the Bruins about Jerome again -- and how he was a perfect fit. For the Bruins went Howell. They are it it makes all the sense in the world to sign him to a contract. To keep him going with the Bruins for the rest of his career so we know that was going to be a one year contract so. Rep told her I thought it was going to be a two I didn't get ready to give him but I regret the Bruins it said. And it's hard drawn regular to a three year contract you would had a problem with. Three year contract I would have hated it I wouldn't I I know what a red letter back up the tell me who you have to lose to do what could you got to lose somebody did you exactly and you've got to lose and look easy one and everybody out there driving in their cars or not driving but sitting in their cards -- is all screaming Chris Kelly. That's three million I wouldn't adopt he's making five point three that's right so Kelly on his own that would have done would you -- wanted to lose Johnny boy -- to deal. Which you'll want -- to lose. Brad marsh and to -- Instinct I I think -- luck help me out here that you guys are. Much more informed. Bruins people I think sometimes you're too Smart you're too Smart because you're not you're you're thinking. You know you're thinking like OK of course well this had to happen because the Bruins couldn't lose Johnny boy chuck. The Bruins couldn't lose. You have to think. Come on embrace the stupidity coming up later today later today property front you have to think like me okay -- that's okay that's a problem for you but you have to think like me. And the the average. Bruins. Observer. Me. I've been hearing all year long. That they're gonna resign yeah you were a little bit -- to Rome again a no brainer all of a sudden he's gone like well you go because. We're gonna lose Chris Kelly and Donna and Dick Bennett. Listening to guide you guys never told me that was the oxygen it's an excellent point I don't -- -- welcome oh. Don't common elements I don't once no insane and that now I mean we we had a conference call with Peter the other day in the whole conversation was very I was guilty of this to adjust very centered around. Journal science somewhere else it was a tough thing that happened but whatever happened. And again all season long it was in no prayer that was gonna happen -- -- new they're gonna be in cap trouble and you figured one way or another this guy had become part of this team's core. Part of the -- window which I love talking about because once chart goes once he really declines at its. This teams can be totally different animal. He seemed like he was that guy that was gonna fit in like you said for the rest of his career played their. And as you talk about the guys that they would have had to lose. I'm not sure they're dumb losing these guys are -- tile they're not the show Johnny boy technique and 3.3. Six million dollars right now. Look at some of these -- antitrust restricted free and a half yeah look at some of these contracts that defensemen are signing. A really good solid right shot defenseman who's tough plea I mean. Everybody likes the way Johnny boy took place teams are gonna look at him as a number one type pairing defensemen. If you wants to being go out there -- six and a half million dollars a year the Bruins out thicker gonna pay him that so I don't think you're dumb losing guys. In these coming years in whether that's. He leaves via free agency the Bruins may be ahead of time decide. We're gonna lose this guy who -- -- that's coming formally -- for six or younger assets but again when it comes to that. That's where you could have been able to fit in Jarome Iginla -- are we talking about salary cap mismanagement here. Made you can now I think it's more than the Chicago Blackhawks the few years and -- -- or you have days -- today good players that. These guys get paid at some point they they went for it they knew they were up against it that's why the contract for Ginn was structured as such right that it pushed some of the money on -- this year. He earned the maximum bonuses it was the only way to make it it came in last year. Which keep keep pushing it off he can't -- say all of the analyst -- the tennis said that a couple weeks ago. That and and people kept talking to one year deals with the get up but he said I don't know we can do that again next use like we got to sign. Prejudice and -- last year from from the PS from this coming season so. That to me made me think OK maybe they'll do a lower term maybe they'll find a way to work something no like. Four and a half million for two years or three years or whatever -- happen. I give you another win to who's on restrict are on restricted free agent after next year is David great yeah who makes five point 25 million now. So just between crate she and boy chuck they've got this coming season. On the books that's fine right you've got to under contract and then their -- on restricted free agents this year they're gonna make a grand total of almost nine million dollars between them. And with the silly numbers that have been given out over the last 48 hours in in the National Hockey League. It's unbelievable to think what what money is out there -- -- So what's gonna happen now what does this mean for. What does this mean for Bruins -- does this mean that. I trade has to happen does this mean that. Both Johnny boy chuck and David great she can't be here in 20142015. What does it mean. Well not not signing you'll have other guys are coming -- books and obviously gives them a much better shot of if they want to me who goes to Johnny -- trucks commanding. He's more of those guys who just. The rides playing in Boston loves playing in Boston I don't see him as the type to wanna go load and kind of had hunt for top dollar. With crew chief he's making five point 25 million dollars is here. What -- -- do for a huge trees right probably arrays of three million dollars plus cookies making 525 this year. Realistically. What's he gonna make six and a half million dollars it's not too big of -- so with the cap going up they'll be able to fit a guy like him in. I just wonder about boy chuck. You wanna hear this Texan. AJ detects a lot of that going off today. Rethink possible reach seven under through seven some of you party found a clearly. Talks I said what does it mean -- -- -- we're blinked. With the -- -- and all -- little edit it believe me that another short side partly as a government and now tell me. Like you come about activists. Texas there was mismanagement they overpaid too many guys gently. Marsh and Lucic Chara -- not overpay Brad martian ground Marlins making four and a half million dollars first score for 2530 goal scorer. -- about -- obstacle contract meant to Lucic six million dollars that's a tough one because it's hard to quantify. What he brings. In -- in dollar terms because he's not gonna score -- 3540 goals maybe you'll one year. But he's not -- score a million goals he's his presence. Urged his value I guess is what he does to other team's back Kelly overpaid yes right now yeah that's an awful contract that I really -- -- part of that is right just like read any can't play in antennae misses a lot of things that are at the time this makes me -- Bruins homer -- but I'll consider at that time that he signed that contract he never had an injury in his career like. Not he'd never missed thirty games in his career like he'd never been injured he'd never had something that would keep him out for more than one or two games at a time. So they weren't expecting him to to have two leg injuries in two years and for him to suddenly develop a back issue. Like they didn't see that coming three million dollars though for third line now he's a left wing that's a really back. Okay this is gonna really drive DJ being crazy and I'll deal feels about this guy and I really know how DJ -- goes -- -- so. Brake yourself we get some water there coffee whatever it is it will set. Every defeat though I'm a look at neither are you guys are not paying attention. If you're waiting for Shara to decline HS it's already started I hate to text -- He is -- liability and open ice he can be beat by anybody. O'Brien. Your guy he is a lie ability -- liability. AM on how that they don't charge you're more. That's a I don't know how that would like to have outline all of a man I wonder how many teams would love to how about liability every single team in the national hockey. Yeah every single one -- gonna tell me that by the time he gets to the end the contract in 20172018. The -- the same player he probably won't play eighteen minutes a game by by the way his take -- down to four million dollars the right here. If you're gonna try to tell me that hit that he's a defensive liability now. Then I would suggest you don't know -- talking about right when. When something's wrong with him and I say this all time. When char is not great the Bruins are good end Chara wasn't right late -- Montreal series we all saw -- certainly the most. Under. I guess appreciated aspect of the Bruins run to the Stanley Cup finals last year was third two seasons ago. Was how bad -- shape Charl was in by the end of it not physical it's not like he was in bad shape I mean that he was hurt. His -- was so messed up that by the end of that series. The Blackhawks meet -- -- flipping a switch. Be realized they can go after the sky and that he wasn't moving well and again and they did and that's -- -- once daily cup the deep found a way to. Exploit. The guy who generally -- who. Who is that I always forget his name O'Brien pickle. Chara in the first like to three games of that series Brian -- started off as a first line Winger. With the Blackhawks. He's playing with values playing with that Toews in Chara had turned him into a fourth -- they're playing him on the fourth Feinberg has charted totally taken amount of that series. By the end of the series pickle scores that tying goal of one of the first of the two goals and seventeen seconds. It's unbelievable how different -- team the Bruins are in how different a team their opponent can be. When -- as the top of his game vs when there's something wrong with them. The last two exits from their policies and Antonia how to do with turn up. Have you found DJ and view from Dielman geyser. In in contact of Bruins fans all the time whether it's on Twitter. Whether it's you know emailing emailing you or -- by tweeting at you as well DJ you do you find that. The majority of Bruins fans are mad or is that he buried vocal. Minority of Bruins fans mad about the way the season ended in mad now about looking happens all the time. What you have what the heavily a bad team or great team went free agency opens and your team is on the sideline and everybody else is making moves. -- jumping right particular nervous something's got to spend money. I don't know what money we spend money like Peter -- agree GM -- up and you guys are you hearing from people were mad. Which they very vocal minority announce our prize and again it gets back up point of I'm surprised that no one stock in the -- the fact that they didn't find to way to clear space and bring it in the back but it's a very vocal minority like. Every now and then I'll get someone -- say that that surely is an awful GM and he mismanaged the cap and everything. But I mean I wrote some that a vote just exploring the idea of what they could've maybe done to bring regular back in all the response I got on Twitter were. Love again -- thanks -- for the contract Michael. I'm very surprised by how many people -- cool that I you know and again we're dealing with text here in and will be with phone -- minute. But for instance this person says talking about -- he's done. -- mean it's just go free to think well I'll hockey acumen. They get cute too Zdeno Chara is Don Don Jose down as an dot leaked. Another one and here he's no longer number one defenseman he would be number one defenseman on. 2728. Teams and try to think of from yeah -- of army teams would not have among their first Perry. On first pairing he'd be in the first parent every yeah and National Hockey League I'm saying the number one and -- -- -- having. The Norris trophy was dunking -- say he'd been he'd be number one over Zdeno -- if you want. You come up with a model and yeah I mean I so I a current NATO player not a Bruin. Told need to when Patrice Bergeron was getting all its attention her heart he finished there -- aria officials -- yeah yeah Giroux. Details. But. A current NHL player in on the Bruins said. It's great that Bergeron getting a lot of attention people are finally realizing. What an impact this guy hasn't team however. Why doesn't -- ever get any part consideration. Do you do you talk to players throughout the league men. They see each our whole lot different than these fancy Chara debut did that they view him as an absolute monster I always remember -- first -- covering the team and -- was up for. Norris and I -- Dennis Seidenberg just look at -- -- easy quote of keeping the -- is under appreciated because in this town the capsule is. In Seidenberg said. Talked to anybody who's played with him or against him -- -- -- that question. Like. He and -- demand. There I don't think it is this is the story of Chara. You know Chara being done chart not being elite. You know that's the story of this is a story of leaving the playoffs to -- well it's just -- and well it it it builds the -- and builds the anchor and dammit where PS stay in this team will to act well closest -- you like in make up is the team that won the Stanley Cup should almost alleviate some of those concerns for fans. -- leaving the playoffs too soon it's -- in the playoffs too soon the start of free agency and at the start of free agency. You knew going into the going to the free agent period and I know we're not we're not. As fans were not thinking about the Bruins cap situation is thinking about what they need as a team so you leave the playoffs. Were you can't score. You're having a hard time scoring against the Montreal Canadians and the. The first thing that happens to you when -- these little you're leading goal scorer vet the story so how do you replace that. How do you go into between 142015. Season. -- -- credible. Scorer on the first why would consider this -- question whoever whoever plays on that wing with with scratchy today I would guess Louis Eric -- -- that person like. Obviously you could stick -- preacher there if you want to and you'll score 20/20 five goals I think playing on that. On the -- so you'll still get that type of production you won't get the -- where you do own. Like you can only be on the ice for -- against these guys for ten seconds tech package which room in the brings. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T text line that DJ won't look at is 37937. Michael and I will look at it however were not a feared. -- on that you'd like to its consider this at least a start today a little summer cooler. You know it's hot and humid out there and there's nasty weather on the way and maybe a little hockey talk -- off a little bit although I will say most of the hockey talk we get is probably gonna be little hot. Under the collar. There was a great piece by Damien Cox written on the sports net website it was written yesterday and I just wanna give the opening line. He says the temptation is always is to confuse activity. With the improvement. Yeah it's and that's exactly what's going on the National Hockey League we'll talk about which you look at some other things as well it's dale and -- and DJ being Sports Radio WEEI.

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