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If Jon Lester gets to free agency, he's gone, 7-3-14

Jul 3, 2014|

A discussion about NBA free agency led back to MLB free agency. Dale, Holley, and DJ Bean then got into the realization that, typically, when a player reaches the end of a season with out a contract, they likely don't return.

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Our number two dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI we're talking about free agency we started talking about it the National Hockey League. And I will say this it's not quite as as silly in the NHL as it is in the NBA. The courtship of Carmelo Anthony has been almost comical to watch here and it's been going on over the course the last couple of days. Carmelo Anthony went to Chicago to visit the bulls. How to -- mentor of the facility. He -- dinner in Chicago with content and -- and half the the team everybody was there to you know tell Carmelo how much they loved him my favorite part of his recruiting visit to Chicago. Was that. Derrick Rose held a private workout for Carmelo. To show him that he was healthy and ready to start the NBA season. Carmelo -- continued in Houston they put him up on the side of the building giant. Huge picture of Carmelo wearing a Houston Rockets number seven Jersey this course the fact that Jeremy Lin actually owns that Jersey -- -- under contract reviews and. About rocket is yours is Jeremy and give doctors a little closer until Thursday that that's like in one of those like those like mob movies -- guy just to show that he trusts the guys will like kill another person for no reason in front of whatever like rule. Like what little we got a -- badly sacrificed Jaret -- are really like we want so badly that we're going to we're going to humiliate. A guy that we're paying money to play basketball for a path right what I think it's Germany and that is where Carmelo number what can -- Evidently that's if you -- Carmelo and number as a fellow at the Q what happens you -- it would it was happening with the lakers threatened by said during trending. No and no more than -- Now they've enlisted. Big game James Worthy James Worthy. Is a part of the -- now Carmelo Anthony so they got everybody involved but it makes sense to me because -- -- if -- decent team. Or a championship level team in all you have to do is spend money. To get a guy. The -- and this is not like trading for Carmelo where you have to give up an asset that you're not crazy about giving up. I sound like -- the trade to get to get LeBron James or anybody else. The these guys are free agents. You have to clear some space in all you gotta do is is sell your city's failure teams sell your general manager your coach whatever it is. And you try to get the guy I mean and I think it makes all the sense. When no -- when LeBron had the decision left Cleveland went to Miami we all remember the decision the TV show. I don't remember the courtship as well you told me Michael it was just like this you know like he was go to cities and they had big pictures up I'm up on the side of the buildings and. Remember yeah I don't -- you don't remember that the presentation people and teams had their presentations. To LeBron James and they had like. In personnel director. Is in PR people all coming in some teams had power points and trying to show LeBron James what they can do for him Pat Riley had the the famous and -- my rings are all the ratings. That's what I've done. So that's how I envisioned you you're going to be you gotta be the magic. -- Andre Andre going to be the Magic Johnson. Of this operation never gonna run here everybody's. You know try to come up with their. Their little special quirk or the low. They're they're special -- that they have you can give within the -- can't get anywhere else. Well imagine what's going on now for Carmelo Anthony in the courtship of Carmelo and all the hoops that everybody's jumping -- like -- it was it was wasn't crazy for Peyton Manning. I -- difference may work but made visit Italy media blitz and they were always telling publicize everything but it was like. It's not like in -- this is like this is like you know recruiting. The best high school quarterback in the land to come play for your college team. You know this is like record road recruiting the best college basketball player in the land the complaint Kentucky or Louisville let's what it's like now. But if this is what it's like for Carmelo Anthony. If LeBron is serious. And I'll believe it when he starts making these visits not -- agent talking to folks when he starts going to Houston and going to LA and go on this Phoenix or whatever. What little white guilt for him if they're doing the stuff for Carmelo. And here's the here's the difference. When you're LeBron James they come to you exactly they come to union -- and I'm not make on these visits and they keep quiet. -- I remember what happened. During the decision. That was on him okay it was all on him but he made that mistake. I don't think he is going to. I don't think he's got -- publicize. Anything that he's doing so Carmelo is not big enough he -- said no you guys -- and your you want talked -- money. Wanted to do I write out you want illegal I think he wanted to look around and and see what he thought of Chicago owns nobody thought of LA now after the knicks like Kevin Love coming to Boston -- exactly if -- the next -- your little. Such a little concerned that your meeting with Carmelo Anthony. In LA. In LA so it's a road game for you. We -- some readers say Anderson off the -- that he's going to be comes sit out buckets are sorry this is that some movers they're gonna be coveted out of the out of the room. There's places -- believe that despite a fighter neighborhood the guy what supporters say the signal that it. Where has never trade it trade now the book the best way of recruiting now to combine these two players is if everyone -- to go back to the heat and they -- shave off money and they wanna bring Carmelo and after all this recruiting LeBron can get the damn thing no. The text message well right he could but as I said that as a view a few minutes ago I'm not convinced that the bronze from the back did you see this story. That they're not necessarily on the same page. That they had that meeting the Big Three in the Miami victory had a meeting had a lunch meeting last week. And they left that meeting having no idea bosh and wade let that meaning having no idea. What the -- is gonna do. Explain to me why Dwyane Wade opted out. Bosh I understand the only reason -- brought and it's been been for selfless reasons rate will be the only reason he opts out is if he thinks there'll come on back right. Orient are organs get more money give more guaranteed money. But just over so they they can they can get instead of getting 42 million over two years he's gonna get 45 million over three years or 48 or fifty. Did you wind up getting he -- one that netting. 08 million more dollars. Now and they're Chris Bosh and wind up with an eighty and ninety million dollar contract he's. And he's gonna get close to the -- somewhere. Mean you're just talking about -- The Max deal that Cleveland has put together here -- for Gordon Hayward I mean of Gordon Hayward is worth the man race Chris Bosh is worth the Mac somewhere. I think LeBron gonna get his money and by the way he should be the highest paid player. It is entire eleven year NBA career has never been the highest paid player on his team -- amazing. But Italy's -- it is goofy but I mean that given all the money that he -- from endorsements they -- big -- somewhere that he makes like. Way way way more like Troy are three times more in endorsements Nixon is NBA salary I don't know. Top guys like that in Jordan with the same way -- much money as he made in salary made more so and they'll do up to return like he can still swallow his pride in its sale make cal -- and other commercial episode and if it's a pride thing work it is. It is is business. For the rest of the league right that it is that the next -- done a lot of India to them best the best guy in the league is never a Max contract guy. -- is is that good for the players association and -- fans don't care but players would. I recognized it hasn't happened before. And I can and and I can understand why they would be concerned about it. In the. Only way the way to opt out makes sense to me though is that they're all coming back which is what I thought was gonna happen all yeah. I always thought this was all part of you know we got put on a show here we can't we can't can we can't get other GMs in the leagues and what the fixes it and right. I mean they're just they're they're circumventing the salary to this. And against what they originally they -- breaking and they can read by it but they are right. I think it is her third additional we don't think it should talk about salaries then yeah about salaries -- apparently they were talking about it this lunch meeting. Hey this is what we can do is try to break it down. Apparently that yet I don't know they were talking about salaries. But if they are going to be GM's. Somebody should remember yeah yeah actually have to make phone call right because they had well I guess -- liar flowery stuff lined up and he he was gonna join them on now -- trying to deal -- -- How well you know he's part of a Man -- yeah he's supposed to be a part of the plan. I just when I look at at what's happening and I'm thinking. What we thought was gonna happen they're all gonna opt out they're all gonna take less money and they're gonna go at Carmelo Anthony that the band right well this isn't one of the places Carmelo is visiting. And oh by the way they all did opt out. Ball one of -- taken a pass one albums gonna get more not less I mean LeBron James is going to be a Max guy couple and -- it's gonna take less per year I'm not sure Chris Bosh is gonna take less per year. And if they ask him to it probably not gonna stay the whole plan that we thought was in place you know now what it is is is how assault replacing. Chris Bosh and it being. Theoretically Dwyane Wade Pao Gasol and and LeBron James says the Big Three in Miami. What if this happens. This -- this could possibly happen. There are three of the top. Twelve well I don't know what will where do you consider Kobe Bryant right now. Top 25 player and only. Probably but it's hard to say yeah you know you don't know what he's gonna -- jackass but -- three of the three of the top players in the league to -- really really good players in early may wind up in the same city. On different things I could see LeBron being a -- Kobe Bryant obviously with the lakers and Carmelo. I would -- low earth I would love for LeBron to the clippers. Like if if we're playing favorites and -- LeBron as a clipper I have for -- LeBron in dock like howdy I mean. For whatever reason people in Boston LeBron James mainly because -- basketball but that would be the best player one of the best coaches. Getter done a lot for the clippers a love but it would have to go. I mean at LeBron to the mix. What has Blake Griffin have to go. I mean think about this Chris Paul have to go analyst Chris Paul has to go anywhere. If you think about though adding that kind of a contract some folks steadily Marty's gotta gotta be got to be creative. To make that were tough decisions tough decisions. I I do think that the way they do free agency in the in. In the NBA is different than the NHL in the NHL they opened -- at you know 1 o'clock on July 1 and -- and they -- zero money or did you throw money at everybody and they just throw huge amounts of money. There doesn't seem to beat these these wars these patiently butcher a practice rink looks like I want to say Brad Richards had one that he not. Maybe couple years ago he might have cup Leo and this time he was glad to get a one year deal for exactly this year. And then you get to the baseball free agency and the whole question becomes if you're Jon Lester. If you go to free agency and accurately say this earlier today I agree with Jon Lester goes free agency two -- gone right. He's not here aren't gone I wouldn't think are absolutely. I mean other than a guy like bear attack. Who obviously didn't want -- where Kenyan name the last Red Sox player you know good player who got to free agency who didn't leave. Other reason other than America Ameritech was the one guy who made it pretty -- that one going where Cody Ross was one that he yeah. It was like -- -- -- I account he's gonna get free agency you're gonna figured out what Taylor iMac and it's David Ortiz. -- -- free agent did David he's favored to me he's favored to me that's good called and that's that's when I hadn't thought I mean usually. We always say of it if they don't -- with another one he figured he'd be back and he gets a free agency and he leaves everything about Pedro. Roger Clemens Jason Day. I don't know down counts as much out of nineties it was like he was like. Somebody that they expected to bring back to Coby Ellsbury. Johnny Damon. In a ligament damage regret those guys don't get their contract done before the season and I heard bench Harrington on this morning. On DNC talking about this and you know he he didn't say they wouldn't try to get a contract eyes -- John knows you know -- where our interests are knows how much we want him to be a part of this. He didn't really answer whether they would continue to try to talk contract during the season. They better. Because I'm telling you now if he goes to free agency and what does it it's like a ten day period you have from the end of the regular season. At a time when you know other teams can talk to the free agents there. If you don't get it done he's out the door you will not be able to keep him here. At a Texas as Mike Napoli acetylene Mike Napoli BK now free agent and he resigned here. You know this is this is one thing when when ventured -- was on this morning heard the interview. I I was thinking there's a follow up question of one of them ask him he talked about. How just how he feels about Jon Lester other organizations about Lester and how Lester. Feels about them and you know they respect him and he respects them on and on and the question is why are we in this position. And where are we in this position where we're talking about. Buster only saying it's a nine point five out of ten in terms of tension. And in the club in the club house right with a contract issue where are we in the situation we're talking about four years seven million are we talking about. Jon Lester doesn't wanna talk about it during the season when the Red Sox initially cut off. Of the discussions in spring training. Then they wanted to come back in in re engage in and Jon Lester and wanna do it if it's so. If they're both so so clear about what they want. What we hear there. How you answer out my answer I can answer with his was a table my answer isn't he wouldn't of given you this one they screwed up with the first offer yet. That's how they are where they are I think it's that -- the decision was probably made after that that. Forward where ups and figuring that so now this is even in the ballpark of what you think is gonna happen and I mean time goes on and Algeria are. I mean it in in a way it's it's similar to I'm not saying it's exactly it seems to grass -- you know what -- -- -- myself -- a problem. I'll play well exactly let's go to Stanley Cup final. And and now all of a sudden you gotta get me signed to a contract well here's what the going rate is now exactly and and Jon Lester when he saw that offer and I'm just. Postulate your I don't know this. When he and his agent saw that first offer was like really yeah okay fine I'll show you what I can do. See an October. And I do I -- I know some people get upset when I say that he he was he was offended by he was disorders affect their I went off. Based on what the market is based on what what pitchers have gotten pitchers. Like him have gotten in free agency or even before hitting free agency yet he can look at that deal and say OK what what was what gives here it is this a it's a prank it is this a joke or they're really they're really got -- -- this my way now this is where I disagree with you and Lou. On Jon Lester going to free agency he gets there he's gone I don't believe it because he is not upset. Man he's not angry. At the point where I will never -- but then again no matter what they offer if he's not at that point. Epic and overpay but it would be -- My point is there's always going to be somebody in free agency. Will go way beyond where you wanna go out and Jacoby Ellsbury is -- and political exiles Ellsbury would have had a criminal alien who was saying it earlier like. You knew that was gonna happen because Jacoby Ellsbury never set never -- Even pretended to be the guy that loved playing in Boston want to stay in Boston. Jon Lester there's the track record there of he in Boston have a very close relationship I'd like. I'd be surprised they if they don't side and indeed things Fuller of that talks are going well even consider moving him. He's coming back I go back now if if if he really wants to make. Every single dollar. And it doesn't make sense to talk about anything now during the season -- about anything. You'd pick up backers they are John on Don Johnson script -- -- You know what five years. 127 million dollars and a bad debt that deal was there for you take Smart rejected. Does -- go to free agency. That's your baseline. Oh yeah edit it is properly and it's going to be seven years a 150. If -- and the Red Sox are gonna say when given a thirty year old pitcher a similar deal -- -- well it won't. I think that's where Larry Lucchino statement is actually accurate okay now okay back way back to. Some of the things. Some of the questions we were asked him before. Does that marry in Tokyo. Why did his statement -- statement right and Larry Lucchino statement. Before the 2013. Season. That and we kept talking about woods who's running the team. -- learned is there's been -- to run -- -- team. Is it Larry Lucchino. In the keynote give them Bobby Valentine. Answers yes and -- in one room. What's going on here. And all of those questions went away in 2002013. Obviously won -- World Series so. Everybody is is it is the is a genius. John Ferrell great steady hand. And the and the and the clubhouse and in the dugout. And big charity and all the right moves and Larry and Tom and John -- -- -- -- -- -- World Series. In this case. -- making the call -- we are asking that question who's making the call. I sure would like to know. If it's true that they made a four year seventy million dollar -- whose idea that was loose whose number was Connecticut -- all it's a great question it's -- it's the perfect question. If if the offer was made and I keep stressing that as you know you hear this hear that -- but it that was what the initial offer was whose idea was that right. That then. I mean you think Ben said well -- While we know was that we know wasn't John Farrell. -- said -- I'll give pound the table we can only pound the table so many times so clear. Who started table. Is is not the I thought the clubhouse guy is John -- he's talking about himself. So I think John Farrell would would go five years goes six years if necessary. And what they want. Was this ownership or was that the general manager. And Michael it's the perfect question I'd love to know. My gut feeling that's all I got here that this was ownership yes it ownership said to -- -- in this is what you can offer. Mean they have to sign off on any kind of contracts that -- anyway this isn't you know offering some. Some entry level deal to the third draft pick this year you know -- even -- that we even if he had accepted seventy million ownership status AEA Rene. Doesn't make sense that say how judiciary to present. If if sailor was ownership and like the only way I can wrap my brain around as if it were ownership as well. If that's what ownership set to ban this is what you can give them what's that phone call or what's that interaction like between -- to molester is -- lake. It's not OK here are like this must correct it's a talk to the always called him and yeah. Well I'll tell you what works -- how it could work when we come back 6177797. ID 37 fort fort top the hour. Athletes world -- war heroes. You guys have come up with some great ones on the text machine so far we've only got four that we're gonna present to -- top the hour and yet you've got some of those is well here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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