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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, discusses Avery Bradley and Free Agency. 7-3-14

Jul 3, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show to talk about the Celtics contract with Avery Bradley and their inability to court big names in free agency.

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Joining us right now from ESPN Boston to discuss. Is Jacqui McMullen -- our attention come around for the fourth weekend and I can't have gone on their role playing Jackie. You just suck it down like some I don't wanna. I give him as the -- they asked about. We -- getting is this Avery Bradley thing for years 32 of the -- that's the mark my question is I guess that's the market. Well they're afraid of some political 99 and half. Well it included just not in a position to even have to worry about that it you know so this is the free agency period right. And all these -- the lakers all the other teams that -- did struggle the latest Celtic did our very active in free agency they're going out signing. Or at least courting big name free agents. And you know this topic to start in a position to do that so. Did they overpay for Avery Bradley of course they did but you know what it two years from now three years now natural saying that. He's 23 years old. I think he's really got a bright future the question is obviously can stay healthy. Let's see if he can't. I saw and still they did this they I think they had to overpay in good faith with him. You know it just but boy it's just one more nail and it is in Rondo Rondo leading content -- thank. Well yeah that they saw sense -- -- one thing I question about the two years three years from now on misses where Lewin angler and a half on Comcast last night as two years three years from now he's. Not a crucial part of the team and they wanna move -- because they've gotten better in other areas is that contract to be too restrictive to -- when will they be saddled with the bad deal. It's SharePoint to pinpoint him but you know it's funny about Danny and I it's -- -- and make some of the assets that he acquired at times could be like well -- Dylan bit. And down the road two years and Allen -- are gonna continue to escalate to do they usually do. Someone might find Avery Bradley the next piece you know the last piece because the one thing about Avery Bradley has. Whether or not he becomes the office -- player we think he may become he's already just such a good defense to -- and that's not gonna change that's not gonna change two years from now. So he could be very very fine piece for contending team that might not mind -- that eight million. If he's the last piece let's say for them to win at all. I Jacqui let's talk about Carmelo Anthony because the Houston Rockets started giving away Jeremy -- -- number at a I caught a Kobe Bryant -- slide out from Europe to meet with Carmelo out in LA you know. -- I don't know -- the ball's gonna come out for the Chicago Bulls are what they need to do there. I can you make any light of this is this what do you think this is going to end and how is it going to end. Well. I thought all along that it was a two horse race I thought it was between the -- Benedict. The bulls really do have a great. I think situation to offer him he went their first and spent the whole day there. And by all accounts talked to someone there to kindly yesterday they -- they feel like you went really really well. Derrick Rose originally said he wouldn't help -- Carmelo showed up because he needed to. And he did. And you know the thing with the rockets I would love it I love how honest Daryl -- -- did you huge -- about this. No I did not all it's so funny because listen. You know we make -- hurt feelings but when you're when you're going to get someone once we -- Dwight Howard we we you know we used -- Cola's number to get Dwight Howard here. I mean everybody knows that if we're gonna get Carmelo Anthony we got a trade Jeremy Lin and Omar -- I mean I just love the honesty just never see that. The only executive they ordered back to on the eighty -- partisan that you you are high on the team's young picked correct I am not now what what does that mean to me because I if he's going to the three mean. -- -- kind of guy rollers you think that if he's a big long to guard or do we talk and small lineup with him at three. Yeah I think I think personally eighteen little. He's eighteen years old he's still young went on went to that press conference yesterday. It just was striking to me how young and and then he's just saying you -- near developed that what he's going to be. So I just don't think you could have a major role this year any help plagued minutes because still you don't want lady young guys. But have you done a position yet to be a starter anyway -- I don't even if he has a big deal at this time. Jack you were involved minister and Boston this year on 90% of UEI middays with NFP. You referenced the precursor for the final nail perhaps coming soon in the coffin for Rajon Rondo staying here in Boston Jackie but right what do you think about the other moves that might be happening with the Celtics and know your believer and we've gone down this path before we talked about how. Some later in the summer moves might be the bigger ones the remember we remember coming up for this year still feasible are now. I'm sounding -- you hear this stock that they've contacted Isiah Thomas who is. Sort of the antithesis of market Smart markets -- pass first shoot second point guard Isaiah Thomas is the opposite about a shoot first -- second. Point guard you know a guy that really would very much and the -- hit a terrific year last year for Sacramento until you wonder is this. Then sort of laying the ground or to try to make a sign and trade with picking who we know have great interest and Rondo but the gamble for the kings will be. Now he he's told them I don't wanna go there until I wanted to look big market and you know he's got all these things I wanna make this much money. And I don't know that Sacramento it's Rondell bill that maybe they gambled for a year maybe they roll the -- a year and say you know what. Will cut that will convince you with the players we have around you that you don't like because I don't. I -- back in the same question over and over. Which big market team is gonna pay -- the -- I don't see it. Speaking of Max you know the rumors of Gordon Hayward -- to -- you go into an unbelievable now. Unbelievable I don't Lisovicz is at the Celtics was that was that more of putting him it is like a another piece if the chips fell Kevin Love by chance or. What would you think that that would make any sense this team now. I think they really like Gordon Hayward who would either restricted free agent and it was pretty clear that any offer made except for -- -- and reasonable offer was going to be match. And I do think they have genuine interest in Gordon Hayward but. But you know I just don't think -- that was gonna happen to them now if you wanna paint fifteen million dollars a year which is just insane. Be my guest and I guess that's a Cleveland had in mind. So speaking of Max again. LeBron James he wants a Max contract and it's it was amazing to me when I heard this jacket that he has never been the highest paid player. On east he only had as a group and now that's what he wants and now of all the Big Three -- all opted out and so where is it. Is it still going to be -- I don't. I don't see him leaving Miami of a based on other promises we've had about Jimenez and his his reputation and the perception of him -- what to look alike now. Well it's confusing to me Christian and I'd like to hear from LeBron -- so I would believe that a 100% that he he does want to -- because. Is he wants to help Miami and improved that team. Wanting to Max makes no sense. It just doesn't so I'm not really clear on -- I'm not a 100% convinced. That's really what's going on here you know until we hear from the players we don't really know if the numbers were reading are accurate or if it's. It's this team playing against this team and Ronald numbers that we've seen -- happen of course many times it's free agency. It doesn't. It on the -- -- a little worried when I hear that I'm a little worried and ended this you know LeBron we know he likes the attention right. We nobody likes the spotlight we certainly. Still is he gonna take this so far. As to say yeah you know did little blunt talk to doctors I really love and respect doc I -- -- to Doc Rivers to go out and hear what he had to say because that's. Boy -- it gained just throw to go down is -- you know here's the by any you don't want instant put on anybody's point. -- executives are that Miami Heat they have jumped kind of confused and I feel about doing weight because no one. Less at their say what you think in opting out because given the way you played less copious right looked this year. You're never gonna get that money -- given credit -- a cattle want this kind of -- -- goodness what are -- due to improve my team -- why would he opt out. Given the -- look the last two years right. Well I think he's I mean at least in theory -- what I thought when all three of them want to know what they were trying to get their team some financial flexibility. And they'll make it up to Dwyane -- though because he's Derek Jeter -- Derek Jeter. He's going to be with this organization. To the end the timing I mean in some capacity and they'll make up that money to home. On the other side and and he's not worth twenty million although that. But he's but if you were twenty million anybody would be the Miami Heat he's you know maverick he went champion he won a championship before. The Bryant got there. So -- when you when you see all these other all these players. I guess lobbying and trying to get other players team to come play for the team -- do you. He's got to roll your eyes about the state of the situation that were -- like this is what it's come to it's that it. I just kind of stick my head yeah it's it's it's college recruiting -- -- -- -- every time we take a trip to got to find a host player to events has got to come and play whereas this. Is ever going to end. I know I just is not I'm just so amused by the billboards that net you know the messages -- on the Jumbotron it is it's like. It's like college recruiting and and I know a lot of old school players are talking to Barkley he's just discuss it with it you know like you to just go out and prove within limits which he had he thinks. A lot and he's not alone it is LeBron averaged at least the -- -- that it would be just. Devastating to his reputation as the minute things get nasty turn and run you know. And I think has a lot of people that he'll let me get enough people on this case already. And you know people felt that way a little bit about Dwight Howard to and so. It is a little unseemly so to speak but the key -- is -- -- to take a look at with a grain of salt. Was it just 24 hours and everybody is talking about Carlyle is gonna come down to the point after the Miami Heat. Well you know what he -- detaining authority -- the wrapped. And so. When it's all said and done that's often what happened. Jacki thanks what's going on really do appreciate it thanks -- time and enjoy the holiday weekend OK I can't wait to see where everybody Atlantic going to be great and hopefully by Monday will -- you don't well -- agreement Chris I. The -- coming to these coasters so be careful as a traveler I don't know thank you can't have a great now. All right -- that is Jackie -- from ESPN Boston amid days with an FB rumor lawmakers and Fauria. And meets in --

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