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Three For All: Teeth, scandal, single life. 7-3-14

Jul 3, 2014|

Jerry Remy loses a tooth. Jay-Z and Beyonce scandal. Fauria afraid to be single.

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Lost a lot of stuff during games and you've never at a loss to the truth on -- clearly wants the food that. Which do business on the front I hope not -- not to decide against it now gets it at all. But look this up but parents that -- good. Not little little I think it's a cap. I think it's -- happens witness who -- because it's got the pointers well and I'm gonna miss it. That's Jerry -- Jerry Remy last night from the broadcast on NASA and -- -- the Maloney Christian Fauria this is the three parole. Sponsored by and a punch at -- construction near new roof. They got you covered in new tooth you're screwed they can help you. I can actually relate to that a little bit which Jerry yeah losing its -- on the Eric until it is your Mike Mullen up which might undergo. And I can. Relate to that that happened to me and the three -- usually is where it we gotta go off. From the sports persons are -- and now something out to be very similar to that the one rebound I got my basketball career Christian. So the ball to spell your last night and -- actually jumped to two grounded in college is playing against a guy in. Five on five and guys -- -- about five foot for her -- both directions statewide poll and bald guy irate sell ice guide by my standards went -- got the ball came down. -- went right in the back of his head. Which took toothless in the almost like -- -- -- didn't Google now let's look a little bit Florence and yet he got -- trip the trip felt lost to balancing your. -- it said well I never jump that high before my -- but it know what to do when I was in the air so screaming in my mouth was open as I got the rebound came down and kill the root my tooth. I didn't realize at the time couple days later it would black there's a crack across the -- that -- so I needed to get the -- replace. Put -- facing on it lasted a few years -- -- plane bounced Walters later same kind of thing happen. It got loose went on the air that night was speaking on the air and the facing came up and you just -- Like that into the microphone I had to go through the entire rest of the show and is not like Jerry's too. You -- the front you could find out that it cracked Hathaway exactly the kind of acted yes it cracked up to those some homers glued it on air brushed. On air dentistry Shura which results still aren't with that flyers in the drill and I think that's what I needed that's I had the next if I had. Ninety minutes of radio did -- -- Sylvester the cat. It was awful. You're -- makes that much of a difference. When you talk. In your front teeth yeah -- I wish it would like you're not you know I thought I know what you your front but it makes that much of give I don't know -- lost my two assuming. I could still talk like you're on. Repeat it. If you play a big giant bore you concerts on when you speak you put it behind your teeth and a lot of occasions I've just say you have other teeth write a -- it -- between -- and I thought if there at all. But that's the just iPad and you might not found connect it to me about the no -- like 2000 and -- without -- and he brought about -- -- of the talk about Sidney Crosby on the air gap saccharin was bad I got up copycat surfers love Jerry last night I've had I was seven total empathy for now but I but it was like it was like. Get a root canal right because the two Q melt like screw it yet again. The what whatever fake tooth capped what variety -- lefty -- -- that maybe like -- are some that are writers and screwed so. -- lost the two with a demo game that's how bad it's kitten people who hasn't eaten at -- -- parents -- That is that that's embarrassing. It's -- an open. A litigated this woke up low finances into a bit later on but that there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And she's got this song like resentment. -- beyoncé does the Johnson the promise that when she sang this song she changed the words she changed the lyrics and into the crowd of Democrats over. Sort of caught on. Now in resumes talks about being lied to -- so the initial. Lines are ill Ben writing review for six years she changed that. Toobin ride with you for twelve years in. So that -- entries -- -- -- told -- that long she also changed alliances. Like I couldn't do it Felix some ministers could. She changed it to like -- couldn't do would be elected at whack. Mitch good wow if not hot they always they always some sentiment in -- building and teams he caught up on a lot of people kind of caught up on -- that maybe beyoncé sort of changed the lyrics. More proof that nice in the backyard. JG has got a little those site Andy's headless IP that's apparently a it -- pitch. Here's the life lessons for all you young. Up and coming men all eight female singers. It will -- in their notebook they will write a song about you will be as big as possible but you and all your friends will know that that song is about you. But it did it your twenty years old like would ever -- Taylor Swift no she writes a song about every guy gates. Every guy as a brick I would treated like royalty. Hopefully she thinks it's all about -- Now lastly -- we got the video up at the FaceBook page WV I go to FaceBook backs most of the eye of the hot dog eating contest from yesterday. You and Lou the ball you've got five and a half I only managed -- -- up and yet you went on to dinner afterwards anyway yeah maybe also some sort of food coma. But has ever watch with you but I'm going to the referral for everything on the table we've we've only like ninety seconds I -- For some reason I decided to role play. With my girlfriend. For some reason we are acting like it was it was a first date I know you probably. Dressed up as a sailor with a wide open and and and came out to -- -- the good ship lollipop you know at some point. Like you that. And that's what I thought -- But what else do we understand the second -- -- -- dozens -- -- like I now argue any -- thought yeah. The company would do this I think edible finished accurate directory and it's a very you know got to keep it now right here on him. Likely just a quick quickly that point is we're actually you're the first day when I realized. -- I'd never wanna be single in my life there is no way that it I can't -- that I was actually had to be on my best behavior. I could I don't think I would do it I don't think I could do it because I'm doing this whole thing. Iraq like -- first they just -- -- these were little bored over Oakland public I don't want to single animal I don't -- anything to do the tender. I didn't want anything do with blind dates -- ever want it to do with you know any dating site. It's ice build something I don't wanna have to explain it I don't -- account of witty -- to -- meet you laughed do you actually act like -- -- -- this not the point that you had to be on your -- accused this summit the end of and I guess so yeah. He not that that's that's that's that's that's bad role -- gets that spot role playing goes you do some but that's not one unit -- I don't go back to that they know you don't because you have I had no I also really I had no did -- -- this unpopular with him like vehicle back to that State's problem ballots out. I negatively when we first started dating yes exactly like this and it probably would she would probably rather have you. -- -- you about like graphic stuff boots ball well Louisville Larry shares I'll open it up dollar's value got hands never. As the 3 April deadline tonight deposit on it destruction to the top of the -- gonna get back to the Avery Bradley discussion Jackie McMullen is gonna join us. She'll be out from ESPN Boston to figure out there's a good move or a bad move it's touched a nerve with a lot of people. And note is not about 1 o'clock army -- -- -- will role play I don't object he's in -- I want to ask Tom that it shipped. -- -- -- --

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