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Jon Lester in line for huge contract. 7-3-14

Jul 3, 2014|

After a reported "low-ball" offer of $70 million over four years, contract talks with the Red Sox ace have come to a stop. Lester will undoubtedly sign a big contract at some point, will it be with the Red Sox?

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The fact that it has brought up the questions are asked that's probably commonplace for guys and his status practically having him free agency. We're hopeful and I know that every effort is being made to make sure he's in a Red Sox uniform and you know what you pound the table much you can ask you another one offering but. You know Jon Lester is had a great career here and we opened finishes here a while well I think the way John has handled this is a clear message to everyone in our clubhouse around him knowing. That his -- knowing it you know everyone is aware of the guys contracts that situation terms of what you're there and where when free agency exists. And the fact that they can witness a guy going about his work in a very professional way keeping things private as he does. He's an example by which other should follow. John early yesterday -- dale and -- can hear that entire interview on demand WEEI dot com does this are -- -- of them at B Maloney Fauria and bands here in 937 WE I -- -- turning in and or is that a hot topic discussion yesterday with us when it comes to the future of Jon Lester here in. Boston and whether or not the Red Sox should give him a potential contract of a 150 million dollars that might be what it costs to keep Jon Lester. I've got the article posted at WEEI. Dot com today. On what I feel to be the crux of the argument for a lot of people which is why athletes -- just overpaid today. We've heard a lot of back guys in the arguments that have been made against the Red Sox signing Jon Lester. That you just shouldn't give a guy too much money a pitcher. Too much money because you could spread around the hitters I disagree without -- -- if you lose your age you still need an ace. And people griping that no one players should make a 150 million dollars off. That's the market out there there's five guys could pick of their making just as much of that if not more when it comes to pitchers in Major League Baseball if you don't sign Jon Lester for that. You're still sign James Shields for a hundred million. Under fifteen million you're still is someone else he used to have to pay someone more that you probably want you to get yourself. And eight and I read your piece -- nose -- the argument the had yesterday but there's one thing in the comment. When you said that. People are mad at Leicester for turning down seventy million. You say that there my suggestion was that seventy million sounds like held a lot of money to to turn your nose up wasn't that I don't think it. I haven't heard one person. -- Jon Lester for turned down seventy. I think. Who even even the people that look at the -- -- overpaid look at NC. Yeah I understand seventy to have a lot of money governor people Zoller is the hometown discount I thought you're gonna give -- a hometown discount you heard that I have. Guys have heard that beleaguered -- say I can't believe Jon Lester turned down for seventy. I haven't heard anyone say that. I think everybody realizes that that you know that's that's not the market that's. You know I mean you can separate the that's a lot of money -- in the sports in the in the game of baseball and sports. Given what he has done and given what landscape of create she looks like. Irish haven't heard anyone upset at Jon Lester returned down point seven. Well the impression that I've gotten from people is that seventy million dollars and the overall. That could throw a lot of differ athletes on this tent is. You're making a ton of money to play kids' games sure to be happy with optical film that went the other thing but then what's the difference between seven million and a hundred million or seven million and a 150 million. At that point just becomes monopoly money anyway right. So if you're OK it was seventy million. Why would you not be okay with a 150 million tiger might only -- million dollar difference is that it's not your money anyway or if you're considering your money then like I said -- the -- They don't go to the games and helps a marketplace. One because I think that the argument is like for me out -- wanna give Joseph Lester six years guaranteed. Dollar given five or make it work for the sixth. You know the wrist in contracts is a -- years. It's not about money I've I've read plenty of people that -- give Jon -- at three years ninety million. Zones it's -- long as the years a cut down. I mean it's so. The years is where you start. You know that's the risk really builds up here that discussed although it might -- -- -- that anybody out there saying that they should go with three years -- but I haven't heard anyone upset that he returned on seven either. I'm sure there are some I am sure there some guys out there are some people of that just are just haters to begin with -- don't -- -- -- get paid more money than than they are making your but not until I. Because I think it's based on the comps and based on who we is so this team what he's nine. It really doesn't compare to what he should be making. Especially when you look at the market what other guys his his -- making. So. There's a regional peace. And I appreciate what Christian yes. Here's a -- did look port though by the way there's a -- early to say what you saw that yesterday talking about Jon Lester situation. I am assuming I'm. Now it maybe that in this current effort to trying to put that you know on the cable company range of hundred million dollars gets what. That debt. You don't I'm -- with three months ago he now happily through his glad he didn't. Before becoming a free agent on top of that Homer Bailey who is defined pitcher but he's not Jon Lester got a 105 million dollars in the red. So the landscape has changed. And then that average annual is amicus -- got was 30508. But six years. Actress I think it's old boat years with Jon Lester and and new needle back. We -- -- -- yesterday as well you know five and a 105105. At spring training right now that numbers five and 125. And if you get this -- if you get the free agency that this thing gold beyond the season that nimble go to six in 15160. I mean much it creates -- that was gonna go crazy but right now it would from laundered 205 to about 121 point five that's that's what it's probably gonna take a five. And -- John Dennis and Callahan this morning also talking about Jon Lester. You know I think -- those. Weren't -- It and I think we all feel including. You know given where we are right now the team. Yeah what what the stakes. For all of us over the next. You know future leaks. There are folks are received and he knows. In the big picture will no longer and here. You know reduce -- Sure -- -- -- literate -- -- And you know great powers shall start this season. Russert had been charity and from this morning and WPI. Dot com this is how bad the season is this is how bad. This Red Sox team -- -- All Jon Lester in his contract. On Lester and what should be a -- It's it's little like a shell game it's. It's one of the hottest topics and talk about other than the Red Sox because there's really nothing positive talk about with -- -- Are you tired of the Jon Lester talked in general is cast iron and it better because it's going into law and I -- -- -- we just like I -- it. -- For the World Cup and will huddle OK Christian your theory goto all right because this is where it comes into play who wasn't that signed. -- refresh my memory. The -- assigned to in the all star break a year ago. There's some there was there was a term of one of the pitchers that. I've been thrown in this mix that's cool hand Cole Hamels from -- the buster talked yeah well it politically but saying Cole Hamels. Get a deal done or spring training yeah they got to -- all star break they got it done yes that's why it's pertinent now. Because -- they are going to do it during the season now would be a good time to do yes. Listen best preparation. Is -- and it's going to ask my point it's. We're still discussing one person's contract under contract and they literally have. Not time to figure out should have done it at the beginning of this is an issue that really made huge push. -- -- Yes it doesn't look like if they don't get it done before all star break our after the all star break. Busts are always seem to think that this is gonna happen at all on a free agency yeah I agree with that. I'll put upon us. From Basel and showered them from Vermont but I'm not but it popped -- laughter. You'll get real positive position I ministering position because I'm pitching well I feel healthy. I am not going to agreed -- -- this number averaged just grew. You -- and then the team there's nothing good even talk about. Everybody's -- terrible acoustics -- hitting game were talking about Jon Lester contract. Yes the I think -- buster -- local in the -- -- delegate therefore for the simple reason that Jon Lester doesn't wanna go anywhere. Anytime that -- a player you know leaving wanting to stay or whatever it is. You look at the guy you know everybody knew Jacoby Ellsbury was gone and everybody knew he was gone it was. Never in six years do you ever expressed that he wanted to stay. Ever -- they asked him point blank you wanna -- of it whatever happens happens. Would you would you like to stay well we'll see what happens pre agency. Tickle we do you wanna stay in Boston or not. You know on an old so let's -- you with a Jon Lester wants to stay in Jerry sandusky you're struggling a little -- well update at. And that it carries a fine attraction. Jon Lester want to stay in Boston and that is the reason why. You'll get this thing done because. So miserably -- authority but -- out of money forum there's no -- thing I've quit but this this was just a big component to this -- but but it doesn't matter because did not escalate until a year ago given one but it does it does go right it's it's. He doesn't have to agree to anything he could sit there unless they throw out if -- number let's say his number at the very beginning of spring training. For the season started his number was what Lou says that was what it should be 5125. Point when he -- some right now where in that range. If that was the case he'd be done -- price -- -- money -- all would be good. Now. Brandon Workman one of the guys are relying on he gets to shelled. -- so every time a pitcher in Europe possible starting rotation comes out and just completely. You know drool all Lawrence helping get hold. Then Jon Lester isn't a better position every single day. So. What's my point is that were talking about thomas' contract because we can't we can't talk my direct talks anymore you talk about senator Bogart's being sent Dallas seemed -- Did you -- -- it's very -- the contract thing. Is. It's going to get done only. As you've said this if you're if you're if you look at the future you don't -- Jon Lester and and John Black Lackey decides to retire or go to Japan. Starter. Is Clay Buchholz. I -- it is that what I was saying was yes it is they don't get to the dollar -- don't it's of the don't Lester Jake Peavy is back in the National League by the day after the trade deadline. You look at Clay Buchholz -- Brandon Workman remedial roasters are opening day starter next yet -- don't wanna spend money on the open market. To go get somebody was -- freeagent. Well this very thing is if they'll never the case I mean if if they haven't you know lose Lester. They're gonna replace him the question is with -- with who and as you know it's worth and and it's going to be. Who you gonna give a hundred and million to -- that's my point is like when it comes to -- -- -- more lest it needs more mean you'd -- James Shields Randle as it works out. Exactly arrests in the columns exact -- in the commas and I bet you're gonna get more bang for your buck. Would Jon Lester at a 150. That you will whip James Shields at a 110. Go to Robin Florida -- your 90% of VI. -- -- -- Lou I hope you're able to get this thing taking care but it does have her stint of the whole Roger Clemens era would -- In the twilight of the career -- combat and going in and you get the feeling that you know especially with Ellsbury the Yankees are just waiting in the wings they've gotten a checkbook ready. They would study that and tensions right now between you know army between John Wright and that it wasn't Roger and Dan. Well not yet I mean any -- the feeling that is bad at this he's in this bad. The biggest victory for the whole year would make a year Perry signed last year especially after what's gone on now. Let up that makes the year does it especially if you're situation flashing back or I think will correct me if I'm wrong on this. Didn't was there -- tangible sense that something would get done because like you said Lester. Wanted to be here and does it make the year -- upon further review a year later you've got something done that probably should've been done a lot easier on yes it's. Whole year well I I agree it should have been done. But you know -- we also market -- 51 aggressively first offers 20250. Tell -- way to counter. And it's got the equivalent of what happened in March. 61777979837. Frank calling from Boston frank here in 937 the media. Hey guys happy happy fourth of July I'm Lil. I think there's a little slot in your logic and the issue is in my opinion there's not a lot of difference between years. And money because the issue for years -- you basically worry about overpaying him. In the Al years -- years and money in in -- in the context of this -- you are pretty -- march is likely printer at critic it eight years here. By the way. Everybody said -- I had to yield a little bit long and -- -- they'll probably be overpaying in the last couple years but so what now I think years and money for all intents and purposes. Aren't the same thing and the question is how much money did they wanted to eat out years. Well would you agree that the longer the deal the more risk because the player might not be the same guy. Well yes you know it is likely you will not be ashamed guys. At the end -- that year's it sort of made this point yesterday. They have the money does say they're paying them 25 million dollars in -- -- And he -- -- nine dollar a year pitcher so they're overpaying them by eighteen million. Fine glad -- Linda and Eric Gregg and elsewhere -- -- whatever happens here for. That's that's the issue and we will Ali -- now all have branched. And again they have the money and matched in my point. Frank Elian to -- the Yankees have the money to go. But the extended CC sabathia that was the problem they got the money -- But they extended go -- Alex Alex Rodriguez -- they've got the money but it wanna give away fifty million dollars over the -- employee enters into. We re George -- reports on that one result would expect Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter idol. On Cashman didn't wanna deal deals and locate and that was Randy Levine and market. I'm getting in the way mentioned interest -- sort of parallel for what happened to the Red Sox won marketing gets in the way. We expect to see you back yeah yep you didn't pay too much money -- -- -- this year they turned around in one out and got. -- -- And Ellen Barry and mechanics on the street they get guys out there and walked in -- -- opening day payroll of 220 million dollars the Red Sox are doing different. I and that's what my problem is -- make mistakes. All they have enough wind it -- and gushing cash another arm to keep revealed that the Dodgers and yankees -- -- -- dollar and at that. All right I mean -- up can you say they have -- -- -- they'd Dickens. Compete and give pay out 220 million dollars with the Dodgers and yankees and come right back consider the TV deal. But to clarify is I don't know where people might jump on you for that it's not saying that. When it comes to Jon -- their -- to go up that -- because as we've talked about the three of us on the -- many times I understand but the -- you know -- contract is a little bit easier to handle now because you're not -- -- you don't have a lot of -- -- other places with the younger cheaper -- younger -- left -- in right -- -- -- -- given thirty million a year for three years -- -- forced off the books. Then you don't mean -- me if I pay 25 for six and you are forced up the same player. It years at risk that I don't understand how you know it's. -- -- -- you ascetic out of a ten year deal up to five years you might not be that good I try to send a five year deal -- a little bit more money what I see myself in the end. Yeah they really did years that's it's a good idea for the Red Sox but Jon Lester is not Google for that right were expecting it to got a free agency -- or three. Not free agency now. Even how would take if not I've I've no idea that's the joke -- number but 5125. Mean if create she's going to be six in 115. Six and 116 going to be in that range so. Would be you know if if he let me get the free agency he's gone but he's not gonna turn down an extra year an extra point five million dollars. 617779793. Sevenths go to -- in Florida wanna go back to Bogart situation hi -- your 937. I you know I'm listening to some visits. A lot of it is completely absurd I -- wanna talk about both that he should have been sent down a week ago I mean he Michael wholly without it. Get them you know when it and then after the game it's great. Those you turn on I mean this Tim Wakefield made my whole season it's great they're a block away from you know ten game winning its. -- was awfully optimistic for a team that he's just sixteen and runs to the cubs -- We betterment Comedy Central it could be you know I don't watch the game anymore just turn on him -- -- -- get the court great. Well -- no lights in Wakefield so easily handled the whole -- situation means that naturally optimistic guys in us together into. Viewing each other would be a great. Anyway. First the ball would vote that it actually hasn't got a clue and anybody who wants to use the excuse. It's just so happened it happened you know when he was moved nobody in his right mind is gonna use as an excuse -- -- as he should be in the major leagues. Well that's kind of what I said it's it could partially be looked at as an excuse or reason why he was unsettled for shorter period of term and a less dramatic affect. 77 at bats hitting -- seven. The -- that -- -- all unless -- as the 41 year old kid in the big league. You're happy to be in the big league. I don't care how -- the -- deep down you wanna play shortstop. K and -- For this pick him up in a minor leagues -- just skyrocket right through the miners in for two years she was a prospect. And every one and I mean every one including organization. Nor hold a lead which shortstop until he proves he can't play the position. You know initially shied away from it everybody they've broken down and every scout everything else he -- guys that we know always going to be as it -- this is go play. -- a plea sure to complete thirty Kabila feel for -- over. You know who knows what this is going to be the -- this year the other -- And and and their interest and thanks Stephen Drew its Gabor says having no part of it. Is he wants three year deal they don't wanna go that far they want Stephen Drew they can't get Stephen Drew. And because these -- -- stuff -- with the completion of backup player. Stephen you accepted that off buying offer. He would be at shortstop. I'm not social war that they're convinced they used shows up for the future -- -- to promote AAA credit they're convinced he's a -- go to bat of the future. But for years you requesting opposition and everybody's just you know got to play shortstop got to play shortstop it's like you always got to deal. He's got to hit. He's got a head he's got to be at 345 hole hitter that's -- got to do I don't care for the first base. I need his bat. So whatever you got to do that's best for the -- the ability to step back two steps for whatever might be. But there are some implications remember if you do -- -- down right now you just recall governor -- -- to -- you've got middle Brooke you have four guys in two spot that's why say. I hate to know a -- mailboxes. I know we're we're seeing Victor Reno is this rehab so funny to you gotta have a little bit more time may be canceling out of this thing. 617779793. Senator text as the HTT -- -- is open 37937. You did mention Alex Rodriguez a little bit earlier on what one caller Lou and that leads us to one thing I want to bring up here before got too much further relaunch -- -- -- next -- brought up A-Rod. Alex Rodriguez back in the news believe it or not for steroids and it controversy again. We'll tell you what that is next that he threw seven W media.

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