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Have the Red Sox Hit Rock Bottom? 7/3/14

Jul 3, 2014|

The Boston Red Sox were swept by the Cubs in embarrassing fashion. John Farrell and Ben Cherington are showing faith in Xander Bogaerts, but should they be? MFB discusses a possible demotion and other frustrations with the young lineup.

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And a few times during the season we could say the Red Sox have reached rock bottom. But the moment coming into this three game series against the being swept all three games. You can say to this point of the season this is rock -- We're so -- -- DJ there little UFO rock bottom in the background opening program today. In bands than -- -- for today. We -- rock bottom I would say it roughly what would you say guys won 37. Aren't letting the of 137 yesterday after the hot dog eating content. It took me about it honestly it took me about. Four and a half five hours recover from I'm with you and I and I was going out to dinner. Which is going to be part of my three for all today my story from my dinner excursion last night. And yet -- and I and just to be honest about the popularity contest because this is what I think you did. Tim -- and I thought today you knew you're gonna feel like rap. During after the contests. So you decided. To. Pull it down Hampshire yes I got I got answering and then not go for 'cause. I know you could be more than two hot dogs now in three and a half I don't know if you would you eat the bottom I -- -- -- We during a little jealous god so I knew I don't feed the companies like -- -- on us Soldiers Field Road on the way home I almost I almost pulled up blame I almost pulled up and said you know all I can't do anymore to -- three in them that way I knew I would feel good leaving the station. But I didn't I committed to it. Put both beat in I didn't test the water like you did I just jumped in -- big giant cannon ball at that -- -- -- error. Isn't hot topic. But I'd say you're right though it did take a solid four or five hours every time I birth there was still -- hot dog did you is that posts that we have opposed -- apparently videos of some more I've not yet -- I was told it was going to be -- -- Before the show. And it was filmed not only yes we had cameras to -- an additional camera roving camera and here AT&T didn't imminently I'm always choked electorate. Make sure everybody was safe what you didn't do is deliver the transgender. -- now tonight I did try dose for the rad and one of the guys back look for but. I don't think that was something that the station would be okay with them. But I think if they already are Hank Baskett -- yes sure I mean he put for a couple different tees and probably always a one. Now -- veto I'm I'm -- basket from -- -- cold already do one yeah you either want from the Eagles. Well and yet. What's up -- rock bottom that's -- bad guys right now now he's still not as far down as the Boston Red Sox are. After last night a six speed. -- they could play a week and outscored nine on the line now. Oh really that's that's that's a good. That's a good seven games in Iraq -- at seven games were the runs. The rock bottom sort of falls into like you know the expectation category write them and they did lose ten straight. And at the time it was like yeah you set there's that other. Above 500 finally -- -- lose ten straight. And it was like a Lester star we gave up seven runs you -- -- and even Jonathan that the sixth loss ethnic or seventh loss in that in that stretch and set up this is -- you Lester. You know it off six straight now let's just get bogged. At any rolled in the Tampa in like and it Andrew Miller at a couple of walk -- couple losses as a fifteen dating game at camp but it that was the ninth loss in a row. -- to -- all rock bottom. But after that no. With that there was always I believe these kids there's and it was -- it was it was like a month ago right ended what he's seen this month of June. As to -- it's been atrocious. So that it takes you out of the Yankees he'd come back you get swept. By the Chicago Cubs who Theo Epstein is only thing all this add on is not not the guys in the big leagues. But the prospects agreement chick got it he's got golf ball right now is it is it is minor league system is ranked second not likely team. The minor league system ever realize this is not a good team. They have two big league players you know they -- Castro -- -- delegates in my article you didn't even see an area. That somebody hit and they roll band of Fenway Park. With the Red Sox -- two out of three with thirteen to go before the all star break it actually ace eight. It -- hope five back coming into the series. They -- -- swept in the final game. Was that yet it's it's how what's happening now too it's not just the holes it's how it's happening two games they can't score than they scored nine but they yield sixteen. Eight jays get stolen on left and right the first inning rookie still obviously can't please and -- yet. At -- Gomes is yell and Adam workman's upset at the mound looked and backed it AJ after guys are run and bottom probably in part because himself. Zanger hit almost 78. Jerry's teeth -- fallout on the air our -- at all. Can you look at this team and not be frustrated. About now guys how would have a feeling that frustrate thing to it. It -- to rejoice -- And and -- you know you don't remains so like it's it's. You've reached rock bottom and now he's he's been hot read the last exit like 600 I think in the last 45 games and and he'd just an even then you just got swept him waiting for those guys got to show up be it 600. The last whatever stretch and didn't you get swept. No it's in the in the biggest optimist you know sorry but you know he rolled in here earlier Monday to defy back. Right now there's there's no reason other than the fact that the division is still the same has been all three months last three months the division sucks today. So that would be the only reason the problem is the Red Sox. The reality is right now that one of the worst teams in baseball. And offensively they are one of the worst teams in baseball record what -- one of the worst teams in baseball I mean that's who they are at this point that there's there's some talent there. But the way they play it's losing baseball. That's the question here for Red Sox fans can it get worse. Do you see it getting worse 6177797937. And if you see it getting worse. Where and how do you see that happening. I do see the potential for to get worse and the reason why is. Based on some of the body language things I was talking about yesterday that frustration. Is bubbling up on the field for all of us to see. It kind of started with a whole Ortiz yelling at the score keeper thing. But neither seen Jonny Gomes gesture angrily -- -- -- doesn't always do it out there on the Dow bounced off the wall. -- -- I don't of -- is Brad three shelf or worker was Mattie. Of getting the guy maybe he's not himself because he slowed home I don't know but it is. Manifesting itself in terms of other alright -- except a few dollars I. Julia I -- going to get worse all right what a bailout and plays at the rays are going to. Are going to take him over the eagle rays -- cash. Was it for weeks ago we are talking about how bad the -- war. And we were we were discussing how. Close the Red Sox were to dating back into the discussion they kept kind of creeping around creeping round then they'd they'd win a couple games and go on a ten game losing streak at seven game winning streak. Guys are getting help the -- marketing healthy. Here's I feel about this. This is a slow death we're all going to be a part of they will continually. Knock you down let you back up hey it's okay and we still believe in the cute all right Mac Telekom can't watch as it support us look at my a buy it again. I am not Q output too late from from underneath you and if you realize how bad this team is. And now you start to see it. So there start to get frustrated players gonna start talking about each other -- older guys going to be yelling at the young guys. You still have contract issues John -- getting frustrated with what it is. This whole process. So. It's public at worst it's gonna get a lot worse it's going to get a lot worse the and. And that is where the leadership I don't think you know. And they jump throws better leader and then Bobby Valentine. Soul I think that party kind of have covered but public gets worse as you on the the Houston Astros at 36 and fifty Red Sox 3847. The problem is Houston Astros -- so ecstatic. The B 36 and fifty I mean their look and it's a hip hop and we are actually competitive are actually -- -- -- is gonna win the MVP this is the world we're heading in the right direction. The Red Sox guys in that locker room despite what. -- some people fans media whatever think that they they they think they should be winning a lot more than they are. They feel they have the talent and they do the count to be better than what they are right now that they'd just won the World Series. They're not gonna sit back and accept this and as you mentioned Christian this is when. You did you know if the continues this is when more talks about Lester contract. This is when you start hear more stories about John lackeys contract. This is when you start hearing may be some of the the stories inside about some frustrations about certain players maybe AJ Pierzynski. So this is where you start to get now the in house fighting. The the this is what happens when a team that's expected to be better than they are. Plays baseball all the way to doing right now. There's no Lou but when things are good. People or -- players are willing to put up with much anything. You notice things are going well while would you wanna be that guy to rock the boat they were winning games you're not gonna what watch do it even if you're unhappy with that you know you don't wanna mess with a good thing. As soon as the pendulum starts to swing the other way. You start to see these guys say they did they don't wanna put up a bit anymore watt. Listen I'm -- take less money but we -- winning and I don't wanna rock the boat now that we now we're we're -- and we sucked in nobody support -- and coaches yelling at me and it's not in my all. People start point fingers. You know so the leadership will be tested. The locker room the mentality of the clubhouse will be tested who will stay in line -- will. Keep their hands on the road who will let go all the rope cool just packet and and start your trying to figure out where they had to go to the off season. Here's a bench Arrington said this morning on dancing talent and when you join the guys they were talking about the state of the Red Sox and turn two and had a response about well. Panel were talking about an accurate or. And start the momentum. It didn't happen and so I'm. One -- I think all the reasons that. You know we're so optimistic about the future. I'm in in in this sort of bigger picture are still there. By. The president -- middle click here the president as well we need to and we need to better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or did it should be I mean if they're dead last in runs. Me they're behind the Houston Astros now in runs in the American League. If they're middle of the pack. I don't know where anybody's projections for a lot of people felt that this was a 500 team. But did you feel you gonna be middle the pact -- Egypt really to be dead last in Owens. Did you feel that the offer is gonna be this bad if that this office wasn't fifteenth. If they were eighth. The they would be maybe a game out of first. Place in this division even a batter Red Sox team should be last in runs -- on and why did that they're on pace to score 611. Runs and it's not just generally all those parks in the AL east you should not be last -- -- 611. Runs that's what they're on pace for -- -- 156. Typical back in 199290. Always a strike shortened. Year and got close to 611 to play -- 115 games. 1992. They scored 500 in 99 runs. And that team was 73 and 89 and 23 games out. Well 78389. Rate now. Sounds about right. And and it's just it's amazing. How inept they all are like offensively. In this a -- it's -- last night. Obviously Workman got actually shelled he couldn't find anything you can keep the ball down like depended on it seemed like Beaulieu one bad start a series got next time out but. They had that -- big getting the starts. -- -- -- -- the starters are letting them down I mean that. They've given up one run two runs three -- runs is still given the chance that this team to win. You just can't get it done. It's like I think about things that. Need to happen and these -- these tough decisions that you need to make now Zander Bogart's is horrible decision imported at that. Should not bring it up now we're glad well. It's time to make a decision on him he's had a mental health day we've gone over that. He came out -- it right he did but it needed it needed to kind of find himself by and his swing whatever anybody loses something in baseball and then basically -- Right but little. What's wrong. With sending him back down to Pawtucket sending him to AAA and allowing him to just get some confidence we talk about it with other players. Would it be such. A fried. Squash seeing. Issue to send him down to -- so he could find his way. I mean is that why would Ferrell not even considered that. Why don't we just these its -- consideration. No deal Ali but. It'll start being one. You know I mean there's. Guys these are sky six or less 77. Getting sick in 78. General PS of 239. To 39 that's like a bad batting average loans slugging plus on bass. Com. I do think that you need to watch him in the next week or so. And if he can't get himself -- of it and yeah I mean ended there has to be some kind of conversation. With it now. Because -- six or 77 you can look at forty at bats and they are we got to figure this thing out you know whip. He has to be figured it out it's like the same mistakes continue to happen. And I don't think it would crush him and we're still talking about it okay this 21 of these -- some guys point 11. That's the same thing. Was to erupt here. Not only did do was look to Mike Trout and -- might drop came up this first year UT two point we set him back down AAA. As a matter of fact the following year he started. In AAA. Neil what they hear what he started to play in a second elite MVP voting. Don't know. Relax you know this -- -- that they don't need to. This isn't something and it's always going to be like you know this is devastating now we're trying to take a step back the take two steps forward I wouldn't do it tonight. But -- -- is here at belt entry that all star break. -- -- -- -- -- -- Enough that the four days to 340s who -- gonna have popped up here. If I get time to those that he can play data tucked his -- separate repealed it differently 00 less days off I need to get some at bats here I think the Canon gained some -- -- -- dispute. -- sure John Farrell did say it dale and -- yesterday. While wanna cares and it -- frustrated absolutely. You know this again that that takes a lot of accountability for his performance and Forrest worked. And when it doesn't -- -- you UC. A young player wanting to do better. One to feel and certainly talks about and acts as though. They -- I feel like I'm letting people down because my performance we we just try to continues stay focused and even keel. Because we do play every day of of what is the work of house of preparation leading -- up to game time and know that over the course of a long haul some of these -- about actually you know morsel. Insurance and is well on DNC on the Bogart's topic. The united I don't have a definitive explanation I think it's not. It's not atypical spurt we either I don't really caused -- Alexander's struggle. After an initial our citizenry summed up last year. When he came -- obviously -- -- -- in my early feeling confident and I think you also it conscious and very unique here not I doubt it here -- -- thinking about what -- gearing up there. I I I'm I'm I'm for sending him down I am -- for sending him down now. I feel like you would get more out of him sending him down letting start all over again and having him figured out with big. It's a lawyer now on I'm kind of curious on the on the timetable Shane Victorino -- -- batting also are watching it all now. If it doesn't exist only reason why is that you know if if if Vick. You know I don't know if Vick is five days seven days eight days away nick comes decision time. You know it's okay what he would do -- and rookie bets down. War you say you don't want to note let's keep rookie bets -- ticket welfare and from the -- -- that there we're gonna put put brought COLT that -- -- You know let him play and then we will will gives in her little breather. With the with the intention of maybe just a couple of weeks no big deal you know it's it's happened to. Some of the great players in this game and it's not easy you come up and this is why it takes. 23 years and -- on a lot times three years for a lot of young players the are the exceptions. But there are more guys like this that take time to figure I don't still don't doubt the town I don't doubt he's going to be three years from now. Four years denies QB three hole hitter he's 125 bombs can beat 300 hitter accurate positioning place. But right now it's it's a little about should be looked at as oh my god given up on the -- -- play devil's advocate for just a second -- based on what John Ferrell admitted to two days ago. They're the biggest problem with him right now is that he's getting out on sliders and everybody even weeks lighters are giving him problems that sound sexist that though. OK but -- want pitches and not get all -- going with that is. Does he need to get better against Major League pitching and if he goes down and gets that against minor league pitching is that going to equate to Major League success of its. All lesser. Abilities there is already shown. Showed last year the biggest stage he showed a -- the main. When he was here the big -- he was too young to know better it's it's there though you know the abilities there you know we can do it. Com this installment -- right now is right zero conference whatsoever. And he's going up there and he's trying to get you know four hits every at bat. Any pressing Annie wants to do once he's as -- elect guys down -- saying he's trying to do too much he's just right now is at a stage where he might need a little. Either another mental day off but I do think -- victory owes it to -- I don't know that situation. What about this I heard this as far as just moving him farther up in the lineup. To give him more protection to give her more -- maybe there's not as much pressure was MB. Up in the lineup knowing that Diaz Ortiz behind a Pedroia behind him -- no matter of moments that was that you. -- -- -- you gotta throw as much at him as possible which he can't work himself out of it. Is that a possibility in it if so why not. He's the problems are out of its dramatic pitch in the same -- You know on me I just think the other he steps and blocks all lol you know -- -- if you sit in sixth. This is how we were attacked in a Bogart's. You know we attacked him go with it ahead fastball away because he's not at that pitch at -- we expand the zone was sliders. And that we just keep the ball away from keep the ball soft fastballs away. What ill he's third in front of Ortiz. -- -- approach it now well as -- third of the matter is he's been barely get a -- men now they got a no matter where it's a lot of bright now. He's not control -- on behalf. He's susceptible to change ups sliders anything off speed it's not aware -- its annual water instead of attacking with the same game play. That's a Red Sox fans we come back and -- answer one of two questions like even both you want to number one is what should they do Zander Bogart's is it time to demote Zander Bogart's or should they stick it out and let him try to figure things out here on the big league level. Willing Christian -- BP it is time to send down. I think it might be Smart just decide yet. Quite within a week now -- -- and I got a bus pass what time -- send down I would say that. You wanna sit down now yes gas and an apple in his acquittal -- I'm -- stick -- out even longer it is I think he needs to get better against Major League pitching mounds and -- -- himself against Tripoli -- -- not gonna -- -- -- is gonna -- tolerance -- golf when he takes 6177797937. We have three varying opinions on this topic we wanna know what yours are. Also with the Red Sox can it get worse and if so where do you see it happening. We gave you our thoughts on that front as well and wanna hear what you have to say when we come back. Plus things have gotten so bad for the Red Sox even a compliment to a successful player I don't looks like a negative. -- table we mean when we return this is night 37 WEI.

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