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Producer's Podcast-Episode 2

Jul 3, 2014|

Sam and Zach discuss the US Loss in the World Cup, the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast, NBA Draft and Free Agency, plus a new sponsor!

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-- to the -- it's crazy. Jack yeah home. 11. -- going to -- -- -- isn't enough that's one credit. There's still don't the -- being formed. Well it seems it's natural natural connection how has come in a row is asking people for crack. Offering to do things for the crash and it's a slate. We had a guy smokes like -- -- -- -- together and then when he put it that way and like I'm clearly. Too crazy for boys town in -- crazy road to much of a boy for crazy -- yeah I mean that's. Kind of natural goes about thing I couldn't change my -- -- effect because it's fits yours is just variations on crack team. In apps that tied to production. -- variations democratic theme would be like a really good name for your experimental as an issue that a current team variations on crack -- -- jazz notes your mental who. Album yet you can just let go go forward. I am in my in my given ago. Well this is. Second show producers podcasts that do says we call -- let us to another one. Airline we do another in this home we -- -- in just recently. World Cup still growing in. The US eliminated. Devastatingly -- not really devastating kinda devastating any of those terrible terrible game. If we got over and yet destroyed but we are fighting at the end field. The American triangle college Americans for which is you start to lay and you fail. They'll completely calm impression last time. We called her. We won an American crime syndicates to -- really care about the spore in murder where the scapegoat was centered in the the only reason for people come back. Well leading to find out who that person is and where there's a clear person needs this clear scapegoat that needs should be oft easy executables person and it's clearly you wanna Chris won the last mr. Obama asking what was it 92 minute. In -- don't walk off the what do NF. Put the ball right on us for at virtually open that -- that. Just boots in and he didn't look that upset about it if you like really like I've seen some soccer players. Greg gets crazy emotion and stuff like that it's really get upset tears everywhere he is kind of looked. My I was shocked I wish I guess if you wanna be a real soccer country. You gotta do you soccer thing ever it's like a wide doesn't it take off in America wise and it not as popular in America or because our. Organized crime is now willing to go the extra link. Not everyone. Straighter than they're not even like that even concerned they get that's happened in a Latin American country Chris one though. And in his last and one that one olasky. He when he can be allowed to an existing more and I he'd. The shaggy haired dude he has probably wearing -- in stocks somewhere please champion picked -- laws have been on a real -- lot today. And probably just hang out -- on the beach is going to have to strange this time -- I would come back to sirens. Model don't stay in Brazil. This looks terrifying. Yeah especially they should uncle game racially. Flyover views and like local -- -- and then like just to the right -- Tons of shanties. Four fellas -- uncle Cooper goes yeah they're crime ridden her hall and a horrible places to live it's terrible. So maybe that's the -- voters -- electricity is put him in just one of those viola and to see how long weakening. -- -- -- -- If you think Brazil lost in that. Shoot out there -- I don't think they'd kill me Margaret if some -- someone less than name -- has some doubt as recognizable as -- immediately dead. Derby riots in the streets they've been calling for his body that Brett -- and been able to -- the World Cup now they're winning -- Percy. Could be -- So where round of eight. We got a we've got your life you cry -- your team and now they have lost his mr. buy -- of cannibal. Which was awesome by the way it's fantastic. I don't think he bid them necessarily -- Amman. What he did was he. Pressed his teeth in team and I don't think he closed his bottom -- his job. He kind of put his head down and it yeah okay Fresno inviting bush he just attacked him with this is exactly first it was the -- by the second and press. So I think that's why. He denied it at first -- news like. -- -- -- There's spike marks yet say he had on -- Photoshop and by images and apparently got to -- we had a nine game international suspension for a month all slackers suspension. Apparently team in Russia I think. Like a few income over him please heed your suspension. That's such a little -- I love when -- -- Eto'o got signed by some Russian team in the team couldn't even. Practice in their home town that'd be flown in for games because the talent was so dangerous. There's a place -- -- murder their soccer star that's where you want play. Know Seattle -- understand. -- know Portland Timbers and murder and it was turned on -- murderer. And a play in sports in America barely a referee at the thing -- -- -- got punched in the head now known is that the World Cup is like a local Michigan. Oh in the US yeah there's things we need elements of the hasn't played that -- is not funny AP. It is trying to make some extra cash refereeing a local socket whoever's taking that local mission thug that seriously. That's who I know what -- advocated by the soccer violence of the past fifteen minutes but it's a world stage. The other local Michigan and it needs to really -- jets take you really. It's terrible the -- with the you know any of these that group that aid to the glee kids next I'm hoping I'm just imagining it was like a seven year old match it was like one of those angry dads and team on the field it wouldn't surprise me at all. That's the most likely scenario in my mind. I've only seen the headlines like couple. Little things besides that that's probably English soccer and then accents. And make cents. -- it's a back to -- you have finally get a guy has done here who has gone through in Brazil and Columbia. I Colombian Allen upset. Special in red of the Brazilian I was at the mall last night all of a ball. The Cambridge site gallery -- them Monica. And I was very close to bind at Columbia shirt just -- -- like the colors that pop. Program but it -- that was injures teacher's assistant it was just a big yellow -- sure the Colombian flag on it. And then but it -- Brazil to when he fourteen on it which I didn't really like if I just wanted to shirt that -- the country Colombia. Like that's a little bit cooler wanna be. I'm still gonna love Colombia after the World Cup I don't want -- ultimately at a place like teachers. Levinson Columbia I feel like I've always had a natural love from Columbia thousands before the world compete and -- and Mary's took. Took -- exactly what was here admiration for. The culture. The winter. Calm came natural infrastructure and no I had to do nothing to do with it. Oh yeah I like industry. Business ethics. Things -- famous horse that got yellow shirts those are cool they do pop. They do the this year it's so react on the unity and the island Colombia I'm assuming so you have to have gone into Islam Columbia are gonna have to go to Columbia. Austria France Germany France chairman should be Iran. I like that it's two Europeans. Against him and to -- Americans. Yeah I don't know I've seen any France schemes during this cuts alone can't make an educated opinion but we didn't. Earliest I've been having claimed to make an altogether candidate yet in his opinion of podcasts ago France because I've been there for -- kid of say that Germany. Else a look at but I think there. -- on the back. France yeah I've been to France once and I ate a big yet to have that day and it was a good time when you mean a big game in half a day like it to you have to they don't know again. -- again half I averaged one point 58 day there today -- as everyone just walking home in Paris he picked up their but get this like this that the way to live. So I wanted to fit in with some some cultural appropriation would you do it the other half of the big secret for the next day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just classic straight history of the French against French began as and I called French -- -- -- hope it gets. Yet this ask the people if a speaking English before ordering an English or else they'll be very upset the program. -- announces -- Teddy speak English is completely escape me. Is that the only French you know. Yep it's politics even play and was there a lot of where there are a lot of English speakers in France and again everyone everyone in Paris at least -- Wednesday with us yet everybody in every other country I think castaway iron. There language in English oh yeah and then -- -- America. I don't even have to learn marriage shouldn't hit -- -- -- If I sort of orderly on the percent. Argentina vs Belgium. And after Belgium beat us -- and I'm actually surprisingly rooting for them is they got. Bunch of guys that giant half for those. White House he hateful mean you know policy because -- Leo and we disagree on this this is the absolute worst and -- is going for coolest looking guys that's what I'm basically had he has quite there's another -- with -- dome yet that's that's I forget his -- there it's not -- but the other guys -- -- -- on point like he just came out in 1977. When they Hughes ran like a football -- rumors and just took enough. It's just her -- and it. It's phenomenal it's really well done and I compliment to report and I want him congratulations and I wish him success. Dole though if Belgium you know about them -- Belgium's well aren't we have to about podcast beauties of her open -- We're going Colombia France Belgium what's the last match. Fourth and final matchup. It is. Dutch. Yes the Dutch there's Costa Rica Peru god duke history we're gonna have. -- part ways on the podcast unity now now thread like -- sell -- on the Dutch frigate and urges better. Their anger their like the spares from last year. They got to the finals the World Cup before. -- and after that horrendous Robin floppy all of that team to root for them seems. What he'd it's. He's known for that often do nothing Medicare pictured here reform before that reform was agree -- firm before that. -- it and I mean I've always -- I've always had that -- -- formal like that Dutch and he had. Who we have fancy drug laws everyone's happy here prostitution Rondo. Well that we get a touch and at that agency. I think -- -- though that is the destination that's a vacation destination and neither -- it seems like a boundless. Both of them seem like a vacation d.'s yep it'll like wooden shoes and Windmills and I distill it to him at all and which is part of I don't that's also confusing there's also a whole system of locks in water that -- mastered water in the Netherlands. Pretty impressed like they have crazy water power structure. If they were poke -- -- they wouldn't be able -- or water based Pokemon. It was some earn a you're never -- a -- on X were at all star you are doing -- The squirrels the base the base Arizona starter starter packs that are and it became a war turtle around level -- -- and slick that teenage me in -- I wish -- Cheney's new -- he'd pick more arrests. Have you seen previous for the new team dynamics I don't favors and oh it's Michael they had in no pay them so as one of the turtles can explode. Oh April -- that are explode. Who is April rumors she's hot and random she's hot news network actress -- who April when you OK but you know who beat him up and rock steady -- who's playing in the April -- I don't know. Who would you want to have play O'Neill. Who want to play the question I got my answer. When you know could. -- from the -- bombing in music in Mila Kunis. Leaking Kunis that's -- one. Just because I -- I'm a huge mucus. And cut its. A Buick out -- and the Stan you -- she's another. Superhero girlfriend. She actually kind of fits April -- I believe those -- -- ultimately don't work. For thinking enough -- -- who Taiwan Scarlett GO. Star joked yeah consistently Geithner for two hours yet she feels too old to play April and you know -- it and throws because I'm an infinite. Stone fits and I -- to well and I kind of venture for a bit of -- Well now it's time for the podcast -- lake city. Give a little praise to our our unofficial sponsor. We've never contacted them they've never contacted us but. When when a podcasts really makes it. They tend to get sponsored by Stamps.Com sort of start this process -- Stamps.Com it's like personal post office in your pocket you never have to go to the post office yet and talk to the weird folks. You can -- postage. Oh -- beings. Anything you could do -- the post office into your home with stamps are accountable even send you a digital scale. So -- never go to the post office again we love Stamps.Com. -- have been sending letters and correspondence to each other. Past Manuel de snail mail all today and it you'd think we would go to post office of course of course not we're not humans. Where -- OK. We use Stamps.Com. Because we know what's up so I should to you go to the stance that com. And top right corner don't put in our names were not sponsored by them but -- -- a number of other podcasts RC can try them. The PS report a ruse usually is the keyword for something -- tribe gross but that's like that's a good one. Though you guys can do your research there's plenty of ways to get deal from Stanford dot com just listen to me stamps -- -- hundred times they have stuck on thousand times -- to account. Well no copy is one of the -- he development copy top of the dome solve this Stamps.Com. Television commercials -- an agent of the did those no excited here that shouldn't. Do it again they had. Actual users -- -- strike them well -- mean you yet exactly. And put on television yes America it's time everyone public sitting back and like a basket -- home at three years ago and expense and now like. Oh my god this is that the post -- as package as opposed up as pretty. Maybe we should instead of being in spots by students dot com we should come back and strikes at the post office to sponsor will borrow. A whole different game come to the post office we got terrible it pops. Government sponsors just yet I don't know if they're allowed to sponsor like probably catcher today and that's. That would that would fall under I mean it was that government legal studies major. College so I -- and that is the Third Amendment. Makes sense -- you know better than me. It's -- and I believe that the perfect segue into. The recent drafts. Allen sic her -- physically but it was a segue from landscape designers that -- last week that we nailed into the draft. Lot of -- -- lot of preparation lot of talk lot of -- really kind of bored -- and nothing happened. -- pretty much every -- was picked. We -- trades we knew what was gonna happen most of the trades happen after the -- well that's the nature of the NBA draft but he in the treatment that exciting. Now the biggest excitement was like logic tree before the draft that and do that. Yeah but who do you think improve themselves most of what. Prosperity must XNC. On their new team is like yeah I wanna teacher Mark Parker but I don't watch -- -- Right -- alive to move back in the box -- that beacons. The latest box opting. Into -- shortstop Jason kid about his injuries are doing it Jason Kidd. Stormed into the big Russian. Office that Brooklyn nets went. -- book hero for local broker off. Say to him poker -- broker. Again. And demanded to. He in charge of -- well operations total power play which only like four coaches in the league. An app like pop. Steven guy and he's just got it Doc Rivers has. Someone else a few hours. Choosing who is too stupid to think he can do this he's soda -- That's how I referred Jason -- -- -- exactly and -- the -- want them. -- -- And I mean he's very he's had better than wager religious tear up but that Buxton -- -- dirty. Yet these native -- for the coach and then fired them and tell him anything was going on -- had here in the media that he was about it fired that's rough I feel like that's what happens all the time now. With the media. People -- down Twitter that the intrigue. Yet the media is too quick strong will because they don't spend any time to verify and one source in the -- go. Could they think they can always acted. First moment that nesting on the trip it was Chad for Tweety tragic. The I think it was the sixers draft -- -- and dated and trade for a -- but he was wrong and for that moment I felt better. They wasn't as slow slow burn because he wasn't he wasn't wrong. I hope to do what did he say after the trade anything he says well I was kind of rate is like. Yes it's important to the drafted the tweet of the draft root for you could argue over -- Well that load Joseph has like two picks ahead on my return -- Twitter for the Celtics practiced and it didn't wanna know all I was doing in planet miles -- planet Mikey that night. And so we were gonna break in for every pick and just play the silver saying the picks of the -- was on the world Joseph Twitter feed. And we had a like to pick certainly socially what's the point of -- what's the point of televising the event it's terrible well hello Joseph and now look at Twitter. Motorola's like 25 at thirty years and he was awesome. How does one reporter Dominic partly came in -- purchase -- aren't imagines like angered basketball play either -- I don't even know what it looks like units. I think he's like I figured well gracious is in his last name. Diligent ASCII -- that is a pretty good basketball last name is an that you you know coaches the sushi yes he note he used to play for -- coach -- market. I think it's -- also will now has that interest him. -- Former home. To legally mine he'd Dwyane Wade. Our let's get -- drag them X and by the way is the program sixes and a yet as to these Austria I don't want us and his misdemeanors. And yet that's what I'm saying I wanna see him play -- -- posting here is he's so young. And offseason it was very interest in this draft real quick Adam a lot of these teams seem to draft for two or three years -- line. The sixers neither earlier full panic -- and you wouldn't like Jeff exited the -- makes it. It's dope while they're gonna get Maryland's who has hope has still has a flat to up he's he's become a bit late yeah academically the last four months with these are willing to point though. There's no point -- -- play exactly it's too so they got and beat again. The six is going to be good three years mark words the Houston masters of the -- exactly and ultimately they -- and all of there -- there internal documents. What do what do flub. I was. And that and their their everyone's like deny imaging -- it's like why wouldn't she talk about and we can talk about it let's Woodward talking without any substance for like twenty minutes now somewhere around almost 23 minutes exactly don't need substance just tell us talk. That's the problem with like my problem with -- on the radio is like. These callers -- -- people call and expects -- the host it was is the part of the broadcast truly complain about our jobs -- -- expect like -- be on point with information is is like no -- on live radio while I can just speak. They're about the effects later call and correct me -- don't criticize me for being wrong. Let this thing about seeing me like I've ever been on -- on -- -- assistant general media understand the quote unquote general me. My thing is if we're -- picket bitch and moan. One callers calling in in just talked to US the call screener. I just want you to hear this it's like. I don't wanna hear I got a call but I don't wanna go on AM but I wanna tell you what to whom I wanna tell you that I disagree. Sweet buddy -- got things to do. I got to be looking at Twitter right now Giguere. Are you looking for sweet YouTube clips to play -- by my -- music bumper because I'm sick of all the music that's in the system currently stuff. Wolves with the new system the and a do some manual transfer rumors that it. In some Debbie -- That happened in -- -- one time on the Lonnie show. Some -- called in bitching about -- So what was LEQ as you say -- like touch little girls and stuff and realize. Ozark Cali like now your run he kinda work at a some concert venue. Around here in -- was there three year four times ninety's -- you know that the -- -- told that you -- we definitely dropped him ground fifth sixth grade all the did this cranking out hits he would hit machine I was able -- -- -- to our show only -- -- For awhile has agreed to -- it was like. Is it going to be Nellie or -- rule who -- the greatest rapper of all -- -- and I was so split beat guys. As much hits as many hits as Nellie was -- -- -- was there to. Says their battle -- now I think are over definite place jostled or -- -- catcher this one it is. As overdue and ultimately -- of the USA in honor of July 4 in them. That patriotic and I think we need to market be listening to businesses and then July 4 and I think -- and Joba rules celebrate. America just as much as Bruce Springsteen does you'll see if they have any. America songs and who -- -- let's get back we were gonna talk a little bit. About MB free agency and the reap most recent report I saw is that Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh had no idea what the bronze in the two which. I want LeBron to do something crazy not tell anyone. I want the heat to resign Dwyane Wade for lake. Fifteen you -- what do you need to opt out. He's an idiot he is no where near getting paid what he would what was he 1212 and half million next year no I think it's a million here when he. -- -- It's absolutely absurd so confused if you're like just plain NBA two K and had no. This is a purely basketball based decision would you ever re -- Dwyane Wade would you offer McConnell right now -- and that I would have signed Kobe does that. Well average if you -- of the lakers listed there's no reason he should -- jointly agreed I do it at some point I rarely the approve of that sign him for what they did for us. It's -- I tell me it's. I can deal with it. Like Jeter. I can deal with it is baseball is more acceptable like. Most of the time I do not like paying for what play if you're a salary cap sport you can't do that. Like that's just hurting your team. -- -- So where do you want LeBron ago. I think he's gonna stay in Miami because he said he wants a Mac I don't know insecurity I think. We're we're gonna want to -- an -- one -- should be phenomenal. Philadelphia. Minimum -- Philadelphia. But the only young talent around him. Unreal is that the worst team he could turn into an instant contender to any team in automatically make Clinton and Dave but the cavs. To a championship. In the better now cookies if you put him on the box with a box and he says the finals and not not what Jason Kidd. But based LeBron will be the coach. Jason Kidd won't allow that member of his deal with like francs or never. -- to the bucks couldn't make it with LeBron but iPhone thanks. Do you think the -- that the casket definitely they have enough talent has that -- every team has a couple. Real talent he should just go to Orlando. Build up bobcats. Charlotte Bobcats are existing hornet's. IDC in the new court the hornets yet that at some guy who uniforms are sweet sweet. We go back to more ninety's uniforms and -- More people to your member. Back when -- her four years old and Larry Johnson was on the hornets in the -- -- a grandma ma. More NBA people need to do trick is what -- good argument for right now if LeBron James started doing. Graham Hamas style advertisements -- -- -- That sounds like. If you went lectured tablet paired. -- Medea goes to oh with the -- if you did decision to -- -- and and like -- taken time. I would no -- -- not big controversy at all in the media would not care there'd be no articles about that whatsoever. That would be fantastic. News. Yet on -- -- here and and bump. That producers podcast. Ghosts that -- -- to -- -- -- the dues yet it is. I am Sam Packard you can get me on Twitter at tech guy. -- Zach Galvin. -- exactly held on Twitter had to finish. We ended on people's vote again I don't understand why it seems too -- yet. -- back. -- -- -- --

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