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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington on the state of the team 7-3-14

Jul 3, 2014|

Cherington joins us after a brutal three game sweep against the Cubs. Ben also talks about the recent struggles of Xander Bogaerts.

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These front office report is brought to you by noon turf care to -- business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us. On the AT&T hotline -- strolled to do -- this morning ensuring that the Red Sox general manager good morning Dan. Good morning yes they are targeting the option of root canal colonoscopy are coming all of us this morning I I guess I remember when number three on that wish list with a fair to say. You're aware are so there at. Hi -- -- as you know it's a restless Red Sox Nation is that he restless angry front office and ownership nation and what's the plan. -- Yet. You know it's sort of accommodation. That frustrated. -- supported and yet. You know it's still very optimistic about our -- -- its. So some of what happens. Because here is a little -- -- it is the maker problem worse either. Some of the what's happening. We can point to and explain and -- That are routine and you know these improvements are not working him. Things that -- -- be improved and so it's it's hard to explain you know we come off. If you -- in the New York then come home and get office. Characters the end of it costs such as schedule and arms are stricter or immediately and also -- and we also -- Such an estimated start with the momentum. It didn't happen and so I'm. One and I think all their readers that. You know -- So optimistic about the future. It isn't in and serve bigger picture are so there. -- by the president we -- middle click here the president as well we need to and we need to do better. A -- all the maddening aspects of the individual failures anatomy individual people but individual aspects is runners in scoring position the most maddening. And they pay you hear it at -- so. This is again patent leather coasters that -- that happened throughout the year. Yeah there at -- It's sort of it's a little bit our reports that our sources and every team does that your rerouted within that sequence but it. Certainly time -- -- -- -- You don't just -- additional threats are -- bats or -- you seeing from your address box office so. And you know again it as some of it so hard to explain that I'm. You know it -- I think there's. That would -- -- when things don't go as well unless there's some adversity. Sometimes there's a little bit. Or send their particular. Maybe somewhere that's. Happens. You know sort of summed it sometimes looked down -- or -- But here -- -- then. We have many analysts he had in any sort of consistently. As part of that's who -- and you know the numbers you know better than anybody but -- -- Bogart's over his last 43. Thirteen for 96. In June 27 strikeouts is there an explanation as to why he struggled so much lately. -- I don't have a definitive explanation I think it's not. It's not atypical spurt we either really -- -- you know where Alexander's struggle. After an initial. Citizenry comes up last year. When he came up and obviously you'll minor league still isn't competent and I think you'll split conscious and are you here not the dugout here are either thinking about what you're hearing out there and learn. Serious. Maybe a little outburst you can do it well the first time and then. And certainly everything and going through Cincinnati's. He's actually actively working on things that we think. Earned a program. In the right direction and it just two hours for the the continuing. So it for the time being we -- -- skeptical of them stay alive and has been really good player for a short aren't. Going to go through a -- such. -- clearly there are psychological and physical aspects of the game that lead to either successes or failures do you think any of the fact -- shortstop a third base. -- had some sort of psychological deleterious effect bombs and a Bogart's. Although our our stations and M eastern looks as though and Laura. Like getting the conversation. I think it I think. I think what I think the whole team the city. Adversity and coming not. Such -- normally last October and he'd get back in dispute as a team we get back into the Serbs reality of the peaceful here. You know full report -- a certain. Things don't go well and losses are losses -- travel through all the all of the reality base -- And we've we've got to that a typical -- You know getting are pouring into it and Indians and ultimately that's. And you know just -- -- figure out. The way to do it I think the expected to navy base in adversity this year. Last year. But we ought to be good enough. Still be competitive. Spirit of the chancellor and we just we haven't done sure. Now then I know your friends still at Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer and I would think if -- anything like my friends at a time like this where they just got the best you and it's kind of a low point in and you need you know some some friendly advice. That there would reach out to meet and make my life a living hell. -- have you heard from them are they as they've been supportive are they brought in your nose and it. The didn't hear it down so -- talked. With a little bit. The other technical terms. No actually -- you know I think. I think. I think we -- I think and you assume you are. Working. Our offices we. You know we release certain that they -- we have enough respect for. Just -- Serbs narrow the -- are in the you know when things aren't going lower or probably even view of their friends product and you. But diluted itself with. Which -- -- There are doing their thing and they get some good young players government. And I think there ought to be done. So -- is not taunting you want -- on the text. It likened the football we are now. They I'd be remiss if I did not ask this and I had an idea which are going to say it will attempts. Be made to sign Jon Lester during the season or is that BB tabled until after the season ends. You know I think those. What are actresses. It and I think we all feel including. We're given where we are right now the team. Yeah what what this speaks. For all us over the next. You know 23 weeks. There are folks -- -- season. He knows. In the big picture little longer here. You know orders soccer. Return Carla hall clearing -- up. And you know the great powers folks pharmacies. Then they're clearly is a dearth of right handed power in Major League Baseball. Watch Nelson Cruz she's got 26 on runs and I say why did the Red Sox going after Nelson Cruz. This go back to that whole process for what was and what are your mind. It's and figured -- we can certainly go back. So you know back to the opposite him. You know we have we look at what we project that are out -- to be. We we victory helped her out. A very good seat and they're -- gallery so early important. Live where are you a number of ways to go to the the fence in right field. They have done. And and there is there's an inclination to keep moderate -- emerges with groups -- -- -- Aren't we sell it. He's such also left and right field. We wanted to keep them there so. The current field covered. Better -- -- in thinkers. Was circular. -- -- were EH RC EH is covered. I'm in left field we have eighty. Her off last year against live competition. Films are not which delivered you know sort of about but still production. In baseball last year and aggregate impact. Perform their combined with our sponsors better than they'll smokers who wasn't 2000 -- -- -- so -- at all all that incident and then on top of that perspective -- -- you know aspect of it through. The side and. The sort of the balances. Neither will we got -- it up. We felt -- match up and so obviously I let people and let alone. Security that our. I really can't look back -- power and think we would have done it differently but I. Certainly to oral credit and did not respect here. And the and I think you could use all the friendly advice you can get on this would help yet the team so much but just there's a revenue enhancing idea. Your run this by management and see -- I suggest you guys start selling Jerry Remy commemorative teeth. I yeah broadcast the -- and you -- it ignited. Not a moment. But I did notice something. -- -- people that. -- leave you let's go with this at times like this job Ben is job one to watch the game. Not sitting next to Larry. Now that you know what it's been. We actually met yesterday didn't -- there's two -- You know the ownership regulars it's it's really just. We're distract. Reserves figure out that that the next rate decision are so it's. We know this is not or your would be in. The delegate -- in -- opinion there -- Or lose focus start out there who wants Iran -- or -- -- and. If the truth be told is John Ferrell when you're behind closed doors with him as calm and as measured as he is when he's in front of the press corps. Or does the tone and tenor changed a little bit. I mean you know he's an intense competitor. He. He wears a lot so hard that we all do I think certainly. How far after the game. We're all or ought to start so we have our moments there. The next day he shows up there. These that it. It is exactly that so we are very little I have to begin to be so little a little bit. And then. You know he -- extent -- announcement it's these. He got a -- -- thirty players coaches. Trainers -- doctor immediately so that so you have a choice but that. To get himself back up I can that you are important. -- -- let. And I work. Elect had announced that more like this sort of thing -- -- on. You know reliable as a at the end elementary Izturis. These Red Sox GM bench Harrington wasn't as bad as the root canal or -- austerity and -- -- -- a lot of time anyway thanks Ben appreciate the time. -- necessary that witnessing talent on the AT&T outlined the front office report is brought to you by noon turf care. The -- business solutions and New Hampshire Motor Speedway like -- said. It makes you feel better than you were built eyes. You rather adamant -- recognize. I'm Joseph Torre said goodbye to her friends on Essen and inviting them to join us on the FM flight 93 point seven. For the final hour Dennis and Callahan Caplan mark nick -- and -- all the top Red Sox baseball and at some point in the next half -- Jeremy shot. Will tie up loose ends on the American the USA team USA's. World Cup efforts with something I've. Borderline shocking from Klinsmann.

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